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Vittek Tape Chile
indie music
Marlene, known for her ability to engage all listeners of all ages is one of a kind. Her dynamic approach to any topic is legendary. Not only has she maintained her ratings high in her radio career she has also been able to conduct Interviews with the chart topping artist. She speaks from the heart and is relatable by all women of all sizes. Get ready for "Al Chile" conversations from: Sex Talk, News and the Best Interviews with the Hottest Artist... "Al Chile" is "Straight to the Point" y " ...
Chile Sauce
English radio that’sall about Chile presented by Zen Delaney Monday to Thursday, 5.30pm local time on 106.9FM Dixifm
The Chile and Paul Wall discuss the events that happened during the week.
Ooh Honey Chile
A pretty sweet podcast brought to you by #RealSisters KC and Whit. If you know red kool-aid is the best flavor, every line from The Color Purple, and what a “pocka book” is this show is for you. KC and Whit will dish on entertainment and offer their 2 cents on family matters, all while trying not to kill each other during the process
GREEN CHILE SCIENCE: The Santa Fe Institute Education Podcast that mixes green chile with complexity science.
YDNM now has an official podcast dedicated to all things millennial in New Mexico. Join us for interviews with policy makers, non-profits, and some seriously talented young individuals living and working in NM.
Flash Fm Chile - The Best Music Today's
Welcome to the Higher Conversion podcast, where amazing sales happen daily.
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
Mysterious World
A hypnotist and a psychologist on different sides on the globe share their knowledge and experience with mysteries of all forms. Mysterious World is a place for lovers of all things unusual and magickal. Pablo Amira and Stuart Palm are also both performing Mentalists.
Learn Latin American Spanish in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network
Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig: Where I interview entrepreneurs doing startups across borders and the investors who support them, with a focus on companies that have some relationship to Latin America.
The podcast featuring hot sauce and barbeque reviewer Scott Roberts that covers all things BBQ, grilling, hot sauce, chile peppers, salsa, buffalo wings, chili con carne, fiery foods and all other spicy stuff! Subscribe to the podcast, and savor the burn!
35 West
The CSIS Americas Program podcast looks at the politics and policies of the 35 countries in the Western Hemisphere. It especially focuses on U.S. engagement with the region, whether on trade, diplomacy, or security issues like drugs and terrorism. Guests include top policymakers from the U.S. and other countries.
Rock, Ska, Reggae, HipHop, todo en español la música nueva como antigua para todos los gustos!! desde el nuevo mundo al viejo la mejor música para escuchar y conocer.
SportzAddix delivers various sports topics and engages in video, audio and blog mediums to deliver a clear, professional and entertaining product.
Join Chilean director Pablo Larraín in conversation as he discusses "No," his film about an ad executive who develops a campaign to defeat Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s 1988 referendum.
electric music crafter. melodic storyteller.www.aerotekmusic.comAerotek is an eclectic multi-genre electronic music producer and DJ. His style is characterised as an inspiringly melodic yet euphorically energetic blend of Progressive House, Progressive Trance & Electro.His ability to compose rich, immersive soundscapes and uniquely emotive melodies is a testament to his sonic philosophies, which has lead Aerotek to produce music for several Pop artists, international brands, TV, and film.www ...
Sermons taught by Steve Chiles.
EGO NetCast
EGO NetCast show with Martin Lindeskog, Numismatist, Renaissance Man & American in Spirit. Chile-head & tea enthusiast @TeaPartyNu. Blogger since 2002.
Discissions about leftism with people from all over the world. Hosted by Mio "azureScapegoat" Sidén.
Wandering Nature is devoted to discovering nature’s wonderful, strange, and fascinating organisms and ecosystems. Because these ecosystems are in exotic and wild locations, it’s also about the adventures, joys, and challenges of travel abroad. The project is made possible by a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which provides funding to recent college graduates to pursue a year of independent, non-academic study abroad.
Masyga's Podcast
The best sessions of Dj Masyga Ibiza
Welcome to Feel The Sunset Podcast. In this podcast you can listen balearic, house and trance sounds every two weeks.You can visit my website here hope you enjoy,Follow me on Soundcloud: greetings
Podcast del programa PuroJazz que dirige y presenta Roberto Barahona para Radio Beethoven de Santiago de Chile
"The Tech Maniac Show" Showcases that crazy unique Stana sound you can only really hear from Stana himself! Playing so many different styles packed full of energy! Comment what your favorite track is and what you think of the show!
J.A Music Chile Podcast Show
Filmmakers Mike D and Cameron B. Chiles convene weekly to discuss pop-culture fixations and get the skinny from fellow creative folk.
History podcasts of Mexico, Latina, Latino, Hispanic, Chicana, Chicano, Mexicana, Mexicano, genealogy, mexico, mexican, mexicana, mexicano, mejico, mejicana, mejicano, hispano, hispanic, hispana, latino, latina, latin, america, espanol, espanola, spanish, indigenous, indian, indio, india, native, native american, chicano, chicana, mesoamerican, mesoamerica, raza, podcast, podcasting, nuestra, familia, or unida are welcome here. If it has to do with the history of America, California, Oregon, ...
EGO NetCast
I am a Numismatist, Renaissance Man & American in Spirit. Chile-head & tea enthusiast @TeaPartyNu. Blogger since 2002.
Language Murder in Nepal, exclusion of migrant children from Education in Jordan, systemic violence to Mapuche peoples in Chile
Starting in 2006 "Cosmology Podcast" is being monthly aired worldwide. Thank you for listening to my Podcast. As it turns out, there are a lot of you out there :)Enjoy my worldwide radio show or tune into "Cosmology" live: Every Friday 18:00-19:00 on,all Thursday 3:00 pm (GMT) on, all Sunday 5:00 pm (GMT3) on / Chile, 2:00 pm (EST) Mexico, 6:00 pm Argentina, 8:00 pm (UTC,GMT) U.K, 9:00 pm (CET) Espana, every wednesday 11 am on, ...
Matt and Nikki Javit had stress free lives in Indianapolis. They loved hanging out with their friends, spending quality time with their family, and making new connections in their vast network. They were both considered very successful in their careers, and they loved their bosses and co-workers. But the desire to travel full time was always on their minds, and they knew the window would be soon closing to turn a dream into reality. So on February 21, 2017, with their single backpack each, t ...
It's summer in Chile, Danilo Perkelman Spend your holiday in your homeland Viña del Mar, is the best Season of the year summer 2017, do not miss the Chilean Dj & Producer Danilo Perkelman live, Every afternoon at 16 hrs of chile (GMT-3), Summer In The Mix 2017 in the Best Club of Viña del Mar and Reñaca Prepare your bathing suit and let's go to the best beach club in Chile
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This was a Road Scholar trip to Chile, including Easter Island(Rapa Nui). 669 still images from this trip can be seen at:
This was a Road Scholar trip to Chile, including Easter Island(Rapa Nui). 669 still images from this trip can be seen at:
This was a Road Scholar trip to Chile, including Easter Island(Rapa Nui). 669 still images from this trip can be seen at:
This was a Road Scholar trip to Chile, including Easter Island(Rapa Nui). 669 still images from this trip can be seen at:
This was a Road Scholar trip to Chile, including Easter Island(Rapa Nui). 669 still images from this trip can be seen at:
Estuvimos en el estudio con dos integrantes del grupo local Lagunas Mentales (en la foto) que lanzaron hace pocas semanas su álbum debut homónimo, vía BYM Records. También hicimos un especial de Fauna Otoño a menos de un mes de su segunda edición, revisando las carreras del proyecto norteamericano de Mark Kozelek Sun Kil Moon (que está promocio ...…
Flashy, grotesque, but tropical and charming. Welcome to Miami, a city like no others where a hooker can be your real estate agent. Built on a narrow coastal ground between the swamps and the Atlantic ocean, Miami barely existed 100 years ago. Its growth has always been fueled by the real estate boom and immigrants looking for sun or fleeing op ...…
Nicolás Jaramillo, Senior Innovation Product Owner de Banco Bci, explica del proceso de desarrollar MACH, un nuevo app de pagos. Bci lanzó el producto en 2017 con la meta de convertirlo en el app dominante de pagos en Chile. Aunque el país ya tiene varios nuevos apps de pagos, hasta ahora ninguno puede identificarse como líder del mercado. Nico ...…
It's time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Every Day Live! Join us for a week of new content, covering everything from Diaper Problems to Sophisticated Marketing Tactics. And enjoy four episodes this week alone with Ben, as he takes over the Live Cast for a brief spell. Here's the breakdown: 50. 20 March | Happy 50th Anniversary! | Tuva ...…
Birdcall video audio introduction • 🐦 birdcall video on FB I found this video on FB posted by a friend named Carl who posted his friends Susannahs that’s not the right spelling but…Susana Garces Lopez’s post in the groupViajeros por el Sur De Chile
On this solo episode, I have some fun with the bizarre side of Christianity, or the spiritual realm in general. We look at the worst prayer ever uttered in human history, the Pope apparently saying there is no hell, and a witch who believes only she sees "entities" that trouble every human being on earth. Oh, and I include tips on laying sod an ...…
Taking Slow Travel to an Unbelievable Level In 1999, Ian Coates set out for an adventure that was supposed to be just four months. But, he got a bit sidetracked and was a few years late. He had no plan, no map, just the desire to explore and experience, and a positive, easy going attitude that literally took him places. He experienced cultures ...…
@thechile and @paulwallbaby talk about President Trump wanting to ban Transgenders out of the military, also about music festival promotors not booking local acts for Inbloom festival.
La policía alemana detiene al expresidente catalán Carles Puigdemont Putin gana las elecciones presidenciales rusas con el 76% de los votos El presidente de Perú renuncia tras un escándalo de compra de votos Bolivia pide en La Haya que Chile se siente a negociar una salida al Pacífico Miss Venezuela se suspende por un escándalo de corrupción…
Kim Jong-un North Korea's Kim Jong-un visited Beijing in his first known visit abroad as DPRK leader, and talked "denuclearisation" with China's President Xi Jinping. Kim's visit came ahead of a summit with South Korea's president and a possible meeting in May with US President Donald Trump. But Kim's commitment to denuclearisation on the Korea ...…
PT joins SJR for questions about maximizing singlehood, a man's perspective on a woman's appearance, and most importantly why you have to live from a place of rest. You're going to love it!Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
This week's (ridiculously late) podcast includes the latest movie news and a review of the recent Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film, A Fantastic Woman. Lucy and Paul also list their favorite Oscar winners in that sometimes confusing category. This show was orginially broadcast on Thursday, March 22, on WLXU 93.9 FM, Lexington Communit ...…
Good morning listeners,Today is a very special episode. I am here live with Jared Broad, the founder of Quantconnect. Jared and his team are building a platform for anyone wanting to build quantitative trading strategies and a marketplace for anyone to license their trading strategies using alpha streams. They have done the hard part by buildin ...…
In this weeks episode I sit down with Aviva Lev-David to discuss her experience being born in Chile, emigrating to Israel early in her childhood, and later as an adult emigrating to the United States. Her perspective moving across multiple cultures provides an interesting and insightful conversation.…
Groundwater over-pumping is reducing San Joaquin Valley’s ability to store water California debates new dams as drought looms California drought: Court rules tiered water rates violate state constitution California water use back to pre-drought levels as conservation wanes California's Recurring Nightmare: Nearly Half the State is Back in Droug ...…
La noche del jueves 22 de marzo tuvimos con un especial de Bonobo (en la foto) que se presenta este fin de semana en Chile. Para eso hemos invitado a Freddy Olguín, nuestro amigo y colaborador para que nos cuente todo lo que necesitamos saber de este músico electrónico británico. Además, presentamos Record (Merge), nuevo álbum solista de Tracey ...…
Amani Sheree and Ling are finally back and have so much tea to spill! Bey and Jay are on the run again, Wakanda is Forever, Bruno Mars was dragged on Twitter, Rachel Dolazal secured the bag with Netflix, and Blac Chyna is rocking the cradle, but is she the only one? How old or young are you willing to date? Sugar babies, Splenda daddies, and co ...…
In the landmark episode 10 we sit down with Allison, our biggest fan, and talk about the first modern board game she purchased; Marrying Mr. Darcy. We then go on to discuss why theme is important, as well as inclusive needs in themes. We then ask the important question "What would your dream theme be?" This episode also features an original sco ...…–-Fort-Galt-update-and-Underground-Homebirth-Movement-in-Chile.mp3 Patreon: PayPal: Please enjoy my recent conversation with Gabriel Scheare founder of Fort Galt. Herein we discussed the evolution ...…
How did I get here? After some side stepping around the fact, I realize I should introduce myself as your host. I’ll walk you all through the fortuitous series of events that lead me down here. Something pulled me down along the Pan-American Highway, and left me living and working in this small, surf town in Chile. Sometimes, I question myself. ...…
Propagate Ventures, scaling up agroforestry to every farmWelcome Investing in Regenerative Agriculture, investing as if the planet mattered.Where I interview key players in the field of regenerative agriculture, people who are scaling up the sector by bringing in new money or scaling up the practises on the ground.I had a long and very interest ...…
Many of us know what it’s like to feel stuck in our careers. We settle on a particular career path and one day we wake up and wonder why we’ve invested so much in something we don’t enjoy.The main reason why this happens is what’s going on inside of our mind.Filmmaker and outdoor enthusiast, Kev Merrey dreamed of becoming a filmmaker as a chile ...…
SoundMinds RadioWhat the Antarctic teaches us about the science of space exploration By SoundMinds RadioIt’s 2026 and you are on board the Ares. The largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built. You are on the first colonial voyage to Mars and your crew will be the first hundred Martian colonisers.This is how Kim Stanley Robinson opens his awar ...…
The first show on the road. Will is an interesting guy. He hosted Into the Weeds in his home Studio, and we are also joined by the venerable John Paul Chapman.1. "Fissures in the Crust" - Ben Sturdevant2. "Driving Steel" - Will Chiles3. "Basement" - John Paul Chapman
In this first podcast of my mini series I dive into my first college backpacking trip to Peru and Chile. Including places to stay, food to eat and where to go.
Sydney’s 40th Mardi Gras contrasts Australia’s brutal past & hopeful future; Oscar is still queer at 90; thousands demonstrate against LGBT rights in the Philippines, marriage equality roils lawmakers in El Salvador, Chile, Panama, and the Caymans, Bermuda legislators get "ballsy", a U.S. appeals court says federal laws protect trans workers fr ...…
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