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An audio journey through the 5000 year history of one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.
Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.
提高英语听力水平,掌握纯正英式表达,了解英国社会和文化的方方面面。BBC英语教学播客频道播出丰富、专业、实用的英语学习节目。Improve your English skills. This weekly podcast contains some of the best audio from BBC Learning English.
Environment China
Environment China is a bi-weekly podcast from the Beijing Energy Network (BEN), a grassroots organization created to help understand and tackle China’s energy and environmental challenges. The podcast features conversations with advocates, entrepreneurs, and experts and aims to highlight innovative solutions for improving China’s environment. We explore how they do their work, what strategies and solutions they have found, and why now is the right time for real and positive progress for Chin ...
China in the World
The Carnegie-Tsinghua China in the World podcast is a series of conversations between Director Paul Haenle and Chinese and international experts on China’s foreign policy, China’s international role, and China’s relations with the world, brought to you from the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center located in Beijing, China.
China 21
China 21 is produced by the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy. We are a leading university-based think tank that produces scholarly research and informs policy discussions on China and U.S.-China relations. This podcast features expert voices, insights and stories about China’s economy, politics, society, and the implications for international affairs. Learn more at
A lively discussion on China's engagement across Africa hosted by veteran journalist Eric Olander in Asia and Dr. Cobus van Staden in Johannesburg.
The China Startup Pulse is a podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts from around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what's happening in China's startup ecosystem every week. Run By Chinaccelerator and SOSV, founded by Ryan Shuken & Todd Embley and hosted by Ryan Shuken, William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos - hackers and hustlers on the ground and at the epicenter of it all in Shanghai, China.
Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.
China 411
Purpose:The United States and China are the largest and second largest economies in the world. President Obama calls the relationship the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century. Yet the relationship is fraught with mistrust and miscalculation, with the potential for catastrophic conflict. Many scholars have written about the complex reasons behind the agreements and disagreements by taking a particular narrative. What they missed is that, on every single issue of importanc ...
China Tech Talk
China Tech Talk is a weekly podcast about what's happening on the ground in China's tech and startup ecosystems. It is hosted by John Artman, Editor-in-Chief of TechNode English, and Matthew Brennan, founder of ChinaChannel
An audio journey through the 5000 year history of one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.
I try to choose the best news articles on China and discuss them with some comparison to events in Europe/USA.
Carrie Gracie presents a series exploring what ten great lives from Chinese history reveal about China today
Podcast of 20th Century China by gives you the most vivid accounts of witnesses and historians on China's 20th century history.
The China Africa Project is a multimedia resource dedicated to exploring every aspect of China’s growing engagement with Africa. Through a combination of original content and curation of third-party material from across the Internet, the CAP’s objective is purely informational. None of the blog’s authors or producers have any vested interest in any Chinese or African position.
Q&A with Shunwei's venture investment partners, portfolio company founders, and other KOLs within its ecosystem.Founder Adam Bao has since launched a sister podcast called 'The Harbinger - China Tech & VC Podcast', which is an open platform that invites all top VCs and founders in China to share their insights.
China Economy Podcast
This show focus on Chinese current economic affairs. What happened on Chinese stock market? Should we be worried about Chinese debt level? Is China a currency manipulator? What's the situation of Chinese banks? If you are interested to answer those questions, this show inspired by Planet Money and Science VS is for you!
Biz China
China's leading business analysis and commentary radio show brought to you by China Radio International. Each week we bring exclusive interviews from business leaders as well as the best stories coming out of the changing markets in the world's second largest economy.
Shining humour, love and light on Chinese life. For those living, working or travelling in China or interested in learning about Chinese culture, expat life and foreigners perceptions. Live, work, travel, do business and have fun!Join our international team for an inside look into Chinese life as foreigners living, working, crying and laughing in China with family, children and friends.A light hearted insight into all things good and bad with a little bit of extra wit added on top. With regu ...
Party In China
One man’s adventures in a far off land. Party Parslow fulfills his lifelong dream to be an English teacher…and promptly regrets it. Told in episodic form, his epic journey to China and the hilarity that ensued.
Herbert Allen Giles (1845-1935) spent several years as a diplomat in China and in 1897 was appointed Cambridge University’s second professor of Chinese. His published works cover Chinese language and literature, history and philosophy. This series of lectures, published as “China and the Chinese”, was given at Columbia University in 1902, to mark the establishment of a Chinese professorship there. The lectures were not intended for the specialist, more to urge a wider and more systematic stu ...
This is a show where local China-based experts give practical advice on how to promote your business online in China.
Crash Course: China
*The course Understanding Chinese Politics was offered to CSIS staff and interns in July of 2014. Lectures were given by Christopher K. Johnson, Bonnie Glaser and Matthew Goodman as described by the topics below. Supplemental materials have been included with this iTunes U course for additional context and knowledge. China’s Domestic Politics: Chris Johnson, CSIS Senior Adviser and Freeman Chair in China Studies, analyzes Chinese President Xi Jinping’s rapid consolidation of power and its im ...
Letter from China
MaryFroning Non-fiction Family Friendly ISBN: 1-4140-2682-X
Buddhism and Buddhists in China is an anthropological text describing Buddhism as practiced in China at the beginning of the 20th Century. Interestingly, it also compares and contrasts Buddhism with Christianity with respect to or in response to missionary work.
This program, History and Story of China, covers some very good Chinese stories from which you could learn something about the history and culture of China. I hope you like it. I invite you to leave your idea and suggestion here, which means a lot to me. Thanks for listening. 中国历史故事涵盖了许多很棒的中国故事,在欣赏英文故事时,理解中国历史文化。希望你能喜欢 。如果你有什么好的建议和提议,可以在这里评论。谢谢收听。
Hear the ins and outs of sourcing, procurement, product development, and brand building as two international entrepreneurs based in South China share a free-flowing conversation and bring experts on the show. Hosted by Michael and Rico, both of whom have lived and worked throughout the world before ending up in the world’s largest manufacturing hub, which is Guangdong province. Besides sharing their expertise in sourcing they focus on online & social media marketing, crowdfunding campaigns, ...
The leading management consulting firm in Greater China
In this weekly podcast I pull back the curtain on influencer marketing in China, speaking directly with top influencers, marketers and brands who share their experiences and reveal their strategies for success. On this podcast you will learn about: Weibo, WeChat, live-streaming, current trends, the growing popularity of short videos, how to go viral in China, influencers’ experiences working with brands, how to work with influencers, the cost of influencer marketing, influencers and ecommerc ...
China Path Podcast
Podcast by ACBC
laowai < Mandarin: literally, outsider/foreigner > Whether you're just settling into life in China or consider yourself an old 'China Hand', this podcast has something for you! Meet Ally Mona, founder and host of the show. After a decade in China, Ally is no stranger to the cultural and lifestyle adjustments required of a successful ‘laowai’. Her mission: Equip the masses to take the China experience by the horns and enjoy the wild ride! Ally is joined by her co-host Pete Rogers; Pete's jour ...
China MSG
China Stories
China has experienced tremendous changes in terms of her economic, social and infrastructural developments in the recent decades. She has progressed from poverty to moderate prosperity. However, prosperity is achieved at the expense of unprecedented social problems, including environmental pollution, food safety issue and moral degeneration. On the other hand, we also see the struggles of individuals. Some parents are ready to do anything to make their children succeed in life; someone still ...
Sounds of China
Chinese music dates back thousands of years and sounds different from Western music thanks to important differences in tone, musical scale, pitch, instrumentation and individual instruments. With instruments crafted from a wide variety of materials, including, bamboo, silk, gourd, clay and stone—-and played in a diverse range of styles, from single voices to richly melodic orchestral pieces--Chinese music is as varied as the people who create it. ARTSEDGE, the online arts education project o ...
Tails From China
This show is a bridge between East and West to dispel negativemisconceptions about how the Chinese people feel about animals. Offeringcredible information about the rapidly improving position of dogs and catsin Chinese society, and in opposition to negative publicity by the Westernmedia about isolated misfortunes befalling Chinese dogs and cats, the goalis to celebrate the evolution of the human-animal bond which is flourishingin the People's Republic of China,. where pet owners are eager to ...
CEIBS provides China knowledge within a global context. Our CEIBS Knowledge podcast features the latest research & insights from our faculty. New episodes are released on iTunes Podcast, Stitcher and Blogger. Find the video version on iTunes and Blogger. Headquartered at its largest campus in Shanghai, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is mainland China's leading business school, with three programmes globally ranked by the Financial Times.
Wellness in China
The Wellness in China podcast speaks with the top movers and shakers in the booming Chinese health and wellness industry, with host and Doctor of Natural Medicine, John Vallis.
Made in China
MADE in China is changing the world view of Chinese business. We deliver you business owners and corporate leaders who have "MADE" their careers in China. Listen to our experts relive their mistakes, processes and decisions that spawned their success story in China.
Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler discuss the strategy used by the players in Survivor China
As part of the Thomas Davis series of lectures, different experts give their personal take on various aspects of Ireland - China relations over the centuries, opening windows of wonder into unexplored worlds.
An overview of the religions of China, beginning with Fu Hsi, B.C. 2953-2838, and continuing through the 19th Century.
Welcome to the Black Life China Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to exploring the lives of black Americans living in China. If you are planning to travel to China or just curious about how it would be to live in China as a minority, listen to this podcast.
Welcome! And thank you for joining me for my very first podcast series, "Not Your: China Doll."The purpose of this series is to promote the voices, stories, experiences, and perspectives of Asian-American women within white-America. For too long, mainstream America has depicted us as the model minority (silent, submissive, and conservative) and the perpetual foreigner (asking us, “But where are you really from?” or “What’s your real name?”, assuming we are all Chinese and related, and mockin ...
China Arts Podcast
A conversational podcast interviewing people involved in China's creative industries.
Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler discuss the strategy used by the players in Survivor China
Come along for the ride as Matt Kowalak and Jamon Yerger talk about manufacturing in China, product sourcing in China and all types of business ventures in China. You want a podcast about flawless business ventures in your standard how-to-do-it-like-me format? You won’t find that here. But if you’re looking for a podcast run by a couple of entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid of taking calculated risks, partying a little, working a whole lot and bringing you the goods, this is the place to be.
China Doing Sweden
Ruijie Li from China and Dennis Strömberg from Sweden is a couple which are living in Stockholm, Sweden. Confusion, misunderstandings and cultural clashes occurs all the time with us. How does a Chinese see the things happening in the western World and what is really going on in China? We talk about the difference we see in culture, media and among our selfs.
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Patrick Moorhead and Ryan Shrout walk through the latest AMD processor release and what it indicates about the company's execution, how Huawei is changing things up between the US and China in tech, Intel's FPGA integration with Dell EMC and Fujitsu, news out of RSA from Microsoft (including a Linux device!) and Intel (GPU-based security scanni ...…
Panny shares with me a portion of her journey and how she found new life in Poland. Even as she grew up in an atheist home in China she says, deep down she has always known there was a God, there was something more than just us. Listen in to hear how she discovered what the something else was and how her discovery is changing her from the insid ...…
podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_5509859d702bb2ca7e9257e72ee794eed1a17dd1", {"show":{"title":"Feuillet\u00f6ne - Kultursendung f\u00fcr Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur","subtitle":"Die Kulturmatin\u00e9e mit w\u00f6chentlichem Wohlsein f\u00fcr Augen, Ohren und Hirn. Wir besprechen Musikalben, B\u00fccher, Filme und Serien. Wir verkosten Whisk ...…
Gabrielle Guthrie is the founder of Moxxly, a company that is redesigning the breast pumping experience for the modern mama. In this episode, Gabrielle shares her personal and professional journey into becoming a designer-founder who has thrown her life’s mission into building a product that re-humanizes the experience of breastfeeding for wome ...…
The cannabis industry is exploding right now. There are amazing opportunities out there if you find the right deal. My business partner Ben Hoskins is here today to talk about the ever changing cannabis industry and some of the opportunities that are out there right now. We talk about the different markets, supply and demand, and what states ar ...…
GUESTS Segment 1 - 2: Steven Mosher Topic: China and its Dream for New World Order Segment 3: Jim Daily - Focus on the Family Topic: AB 2943 Segment 4: Brad Dacus Topic: AB 2943, what should people be doing?
podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_084b8715cbc3d557a8ad4218005fd7aa22a7b124", {"show":{"title":"1337@kultur:~$","subtitle":"Kultur aus der Nerdperspektive","summary":"The podcast is about culture from a nerd perspective. Most episodes are in German.","poster":"https:\/\/\/podlove\/image\/68747470733a2f2f313333376b756c7475722e64652f77 ...…
Having lost control of their lives, Adventure Boys and self-proclaimed idiots, Conor & Oisín, attempt to comfort themselves by reading children books and choosing their own adventure.The boys have chosen their next adventure and Oisín will be leading Detective Conor on his search for the lost jewels of Nabooti.Along the way, the boys live their ...…
-Copenhagen, Denmark: Parliamentary Hearing Condemns Forced Organ Harvesting-German Newspaper Reports on Group Practicing Falun Gong in a Park-Ontario, Canada: Falun Gong Warmly Welcomed at York Regional Police Event-Twice Imprisoned, Woman on Trial Again for Her Faith Calls for End of Persecution-Turkey: Raising Awareness of the Persecution of ...…
It’s hard to change a habit, even if there’s a good reason for it. And comedian Nato Green thinks he has a pretty darn good reason. I’m one of the great comedians of our time. But I’m also dumb. Because I’m not a vegan. Even though I claim to believe in science and the science is overwhelming that the best thing we can do for climate change is ...…
To start what's been a very discordant week, Christopher harmonizes with the Chinese Government over its recent rule changes on international venture firms. As China puts its economy and citizens first, is it helping or hindering its own future development? Find Extempolitik on Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Facebook and m ...…
Welcome to the 44th installment of the Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, a weekly podcast that brings you the most important business stories of the week from China’s top source for business and financial news. Produced by Kaiser Kuo of our Sinica Podcast, it features a business news roundup, plus conversations with Caixin reporters and editors. Th ...…
Amitav Ghosh, a best-selling author whose work puts Asia at the center of global history, culture and environmental challenges, lectured on campus April 4 as part of Vanderbilt Asian Studies' 50th anniversary. Before his talk, Ghosh joined Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos on The Zeppos Report.Ghosh, whose books have been translated into more than ...…
1) Sonar & David Torn "Waves and Particles" (Vortex, 2018, RareNoise Records) 2) Sonar & David Torn "Lookface!" (Vortex, 2018, RareNoise Records) 3) Groeni "Evergreen" (Nihx, 2018, Project: MoonCircle) 4) Groeni "Unrest" (Nihx, 2018, Project: MoonCircle) 5) Eels "Rusty Pipes" (The Deconstruction, 2018, E Works Records) 6) Eels "The Deconstructi ...…
This week: Three members quit the Swedish Academy over sexual assault allegations, the top feminist book is going out of print, a major magazine publisher lost key parts of its digital staff, an Oklahoma student uses the same textbook a country star used 36 years ago, JRR Tolkien's son releases a new book by the late author, the story of four t ...…
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China and the united states
The longest running construction projects in history is Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, and Petra. Stonehenge and the Great Wall took 2000 years to build and Petra over 850. Talk about a long drawn out process. Often we never know how long a project or change will take, but today on Chewing the Frat, we look at Luke 14 that gives us some guide ...…
Danny Younes from High Probability Investing discusses how the markets have been affected by the Trade Wars between US and China, Facebook's privacy issues and how to manage your trades to profit that have gone against you in these volatile times.Danny discusses trades that have gone against him and how he has significantly reduced his risk by ...…
From IMDB: “An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you’ve never heard of.” That’s the opening description for a new documentary titled “The China Hustle” (2017). Today, Michael talks with Director Jed Rothstein about the back ...…
Please join us for a panel discussion of a new CSIS report regarding China’s infrastructure development initiatives across the Indo-Pacific region.This event is made possible through generous support from the Government of Japan.
Please join us for a panel discussion of a new CSIS report regarding China’s infrastructure development initiatives across the Indo-Pacific region.This event is made possible through generous support from the Government of Japan.
The US and Russia continue their game of chicken, the UK hacks ISIS and China is Top Executioner Of The World. Take a few minutes away from the news with a positive story about frogs — and who doesn't like frogs?! Good news: after years of decline, they're on the way back in Central America. Source: ...…
Dell Plugins, SteamSpy and more on this week's episode of Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST The post Infection – The SURVIVAL PODCAST Episode 169 – China China China appeared first on Infection - The SURVIVAL PODCAST.
God Bless and Welcome to Sixeyes Gospel Wednesday Night Bible Study with Missionary Ken Wolfgang and Pastor Kenneth Bonnett, where you will hear the best in Gospel music from artist like Tamala Mann, Shirley Caesar, Erica Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Rance Allen Group, Dawkins and Dawkins, Detrick Haddon, Carlett Martin, Jamie Grace, ...…
From Team NWT to Team China with Miriam who's moving to Beijing, plus Chrissie's "relationship test" road trip to Edmonton.
Fiji and Tonga's outer islands bore the brunt of Cyclone Keni overnight as the category three storm swept through their waters; Kadavu bears the brunt of Cyclone Keni in Fiji; no help in Tahiti for woman wronged by China; the Marshall Islands is on track to see a record number of women seeking court intervention in domestic violence cases; test ...…
A French Polynesian woman has been advised by the French authorities in Tahiti not to challenge Chinese diplomats occupying her mother's property illegally.
This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: The New Mutants get scary, and we want to know who you are reading besides DC and Marvel. Plus, New Super Man and the Justice League of China #22, and Gideon Falls #2! Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ...…
Partnering with Cuore I am very excited to have Yann Kai Oh with me today from Cuore. She has been helping me immensely the last few months as we have worked on strategy and design for the BOOST Health Performance Apparel line that is now live at the website shop. She is also one heck of an athlete, well known around Hong Kong as one of the bes ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
CEIBS Professor of Economics and Finance Xu Bin points out that China’s surprising 6.9% growth in 2017 has made it clear that US President Donald Trump’s America First policy won’t hurt China as much as some may fear. An analysis of the data shows that the Chinese economy has delinked from the global one, no longer powered by external forces su ...…
Last year about 26 million boxes of Northwest cherries shipped to China, making it a top export market for Northwest cherry growers. When the cherries start coming off the tree in late May or early June, it will be the first crop to face new Chinese-imposed tariffs.By (Anna King).
International model turned Health and Wellness Coach and author of 5-day Real Food Detox which promises detox without restriction – through 5 meals a day in fact! Her passion for cooking, combined with a zeal for health culminated in her belief that your body must be viewed positively first and foremost, and that nutrition and exercise should b ...…
01:00 Great ability comes with great responsibility. Why we feel betrayed by the social network? 13:00 Are you more concerned about your own personal data being exposed or the data of a mass population being exposed? We talked about regulations, comparisons between US and China, etc. 30:00 How will the news change you? Bo said no affect, but po ...…
God Bless and Welcome to SIXEYES GOSPEL RADIO SHOW with Missionary Ken Wolfgang, where you will hear the best in Gospel music from artist like Tamala Mann, Shirley Caesar, Erica Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Rance Allen group, Dawkins and Dawkins, Detrick Haddon, Carlett Martin and Fred Hammond. If this is your first time, please come ...…
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
Trump sends 4000 National Guard members to the border to strengthen border security and stop the Liberal import of illegal voters. The DOW Index gets rocked due to threats from the Federal Reserve rate hikes, and an escalating trade war with China. Trump denies knowing about the $130K payment to Stormy Daniels.…
Eric Blanc writes for Jacobin on labor movements past and present. He is a doctoral student in the Sociology department at New York University. Pavlina R. Tcherneva is an associate professor of economics and director of the economics program at Bard College. Tcherneva conducts research in the fields of modern monetary theory and public policy, ...…
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