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Café con Chisme
The Latinx podcast you’ve been looking for is finally here! Join Sebastian & Yasmin Ferrada as they discuss all things Latinx, race, pop culture, y más!email:
Erica and Nadia take a closer look at themes, characters and shirtless scenes while recapping the CW's "Jane the Virgin" from a Latina POV. What will happen when two friends find themselves on opposite sides of the #TeamMichael vs. #TeamRafael debate? Straight out of a telenovela!
Cat 6 Chismes
Podcast by Cat 6 Chismes
Choices & Chismes
Representing the Latino and immigrant millennial voice in this election. Subscribe to us on iTunes:
Slim Chism
Welcome to the Slim Chism podcast, where we talk music , my kid , music and lots of interviews with musicians and also just everyday things !
Chisme & Chill
Having the conversations we don't have at home. Candid, informative, & aveces bilingual. It's like talking with your best friend!
Chisme and Chill
Jessica, Patricia, and Vanessa are fed up and ready to break down all of the current chisme. These three amigas are bringing their comedic take on today's pop culture news and everyday chingaderas.
Spill The Chisme
Spill The Chisme is a podcast with three chismosas who love to talk about pop culture, political issues and everything in between.
Tune into "Lea County with Lindsay," discussing the people, places, events, and all things Lea County as well as "Untucked with Steve Sauceda," a 30 minute show dedicated to news, sports, politics, entertainment, social media and major stories happening in your world.
CiTR -- Kew It Up
Radio essays and travesties: Sonic Cate(s)chism / half-baked philosophy and criticism. Experimental, Electronica, Post-Punk, Industrial, Noise : ad-nauseum
Blues America
Blues America is where the blues talks. An hour-long weekly series featuring conversations with blues people who share their stories and music. Blues America is heard around the country on over 50 public radio stations and the podcast has been downloaded over 2 million times. The series is independently produced at the Chico Chism Memorial Studio in Phoenix by award winning host, Drew Verbis. It is a featured “station” on the Living Blues Magazine radio-charts.
Latina Theory
Latina Theoryis a Spanglish podcast hosted by Marisa Isa (La Boricua) & Arianna Genis(La Xicana) . We tell our stories, share perspectives, and define what Latinidad means to us. With a good mix of musica, politics, abuelita remedies y chisme!@LatinaTheory@La_AriGen@MariaIsa
Kramer and Geena are the hosts of San Diego's top-rated radio station, Channel 93.3 (KHTS-FM). Today's hottest music, pop-culture, celebrity gossip, and unique features like: Crazy Girl Confessions, Phone Scams, Kramer's Chisme, and Love 'Em or Leave 'Em are just some of the reasons San Diegans love this morning duo.
HouseTripper is recorded live by San Francisco DJ Bud Chism, currently exiled in Portland.
Dama Venenosa
Chismes, enredos, mitotes y mi opinión personal. Disclaimer: We make no warranty to the reliability or correctness of our content.
My Juicy Diary
Just speaking my mind on anything that pops in my head and anything that happens in my day to day life. From baby momma drama , family drama, and work drama. So much goes on need to let the chisme out !!
Las Brujajas
Practical, magical podcast* serving up the arts, history, culture.... y chisme. Join the coven. Join the conversation. *Mature, unfiltered content. Episodes every other week.-Cinthia & Maribel#witchpositive #lasbrujajas
The front porch of Miami w/Danny and Joey, along with Steve (The co-host on the West Coast) navigate through the headlines of the week, porqueria and callers.Its not about the sports, its about the chisme.
Artist on Art and Music with your host Oscar Miguel Santos. Interviews, exposes, chisme, great tunes and nerding about art and music with the world's greatest Artists, Musicians, Curators, Thinkers and more!
Tipsy Tías
The Tipsy Tías are here to spill chisme and life advice while working on their drinking skills. Listen while we pretend to know things about wine, life, and trying times.
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On this ep, Beyonce takes us to church, we fan girl over the royal wedding, share our frustration about Santa Fe, TX, and much more.
“Can I say a bad word? CAN I SAY A BAD WORD?!” Patty has a new explicit saying, Vanessa introduces us to our new Summer drink, and Jess got us exposing our red flags. Who wants Pops&Bops Merch? Get in touch with us by visiting Visit our Instagram @itschismeandchill and Twitter @ChismeAndChill…
Sweet 16! In this ep we soothe your soul with our amazing ASMR, discuss sports gambling, fake tidal streams, cry over how amazing our moms are, even get weird and dive into paranormal talk and much more! Follow us on all socials @spillthechismeRate & Subscribe :)
Don’t let bitterness in. Complaining, insults, gossip are all signs of a bitter root in a person. Pull out the bitter root and plant the sweet root of giving thanks always. Una raíz amarga produce frutos amargos No le des lugar a la amargura. Las quejas, los insultos, los chismes son todos signos de que […]…
Miss us during our break? Good, we'd miss us too if we were you! Season 2 premiere has it all: Fitness (or lack thereof), chisme and Karen's favorite past time, Kayne bashing.Follow us on Twitter and Instagram:IG: @fromthebronxwithloveTwitter: @FTBWLEmail:
The US has had its hands in Latin American politics for decades. On this episode we explore the possible ramifications of US interventionism in Central and South American countries. We look at the ways 'American' media portrays Latin American countries in the context of their political climates and how the US is sometimes culpable for these con ...…
“This week in trash ass men” Patty is disgusted by Golden Salmonella, Vanessa can't stand DJ Cara de Bobo, and Jess is ready to throw hands at Zuckerflop. Get in touch with us by visiting Visit our Instagram @itschismeandchill and Twitter @ChismeAndChill
You are cordially invited to our Quince! On this ep we fan girl over Donald Glover, discuss the ending of TPS, look at a few Met Gala looks, and much more!Please rate and subscribe!Follow all of our socials @SpillTheChismeSide note: Sam is sick af in this ep but she pushed thru! Insider & Writer for Jody Demling (@jdemling) has crushed the Kentucky Derby the last several years and joins Ben Heisler (@bennyheis) to preview the field and the best picks for FSM's Jockey Challenge. Ben also welcomes Maggie Chism of Kerrington's Heart to tell listeners about how you can help children and their fa ...…
“I’m gonna fight everyone and be a cute ass bitch like always. So what’s new?” Pre-Game Bops, Weak Drinks, Flop Bars, and Tragic Nights. #KobraKweenz #WeThotWeWereSumtin Get in touch with us by visiting Visit our Instagram @itschismeandchill and Twitter @ChismeAndChill…
“I’d rather be problematic!” FBI Agents are ruining our movie sites, Vanessa’s man came through with the club bop, and people need to stop playing with our money bags. Get in touch with us by visiting Visit our Instagram @itschismeandchill and Twitter @ChismeAndChill…
In this episode the Conchas sit down for our first ever interview with Shannen Roberts of the blog The Strange Is Beautiful to discuss mind obstacles, reframing the mental illness narrative, and how creativity and mental health intersect. From her work on zines to special events like Self Love Date Night and her music as Cusi Coyllur, Shannen g ...…
In this episode we dish on everything International Women's Day and Women's Month. We delve into the basics of feminism, our feminist roots, and discuss some of the writers who opened our eyes to what feminism should look like. From Audre Lorde to the Feminine Mystique we discuss what it means to be a 'modern women' in 2018 and exactly what tha ...…
This episode is dedicated to all things Selena. We honor the Queen of Tejano, La Reina, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. She was an idol to many of us and iconic AF. We discuss our favorite songs, outfits, memories, y much much more!
On this episode we talk about Stormy Daniels 60 minute interview, recap the March for Our Lives, Aliens, flying chanclas, and much more! Please rate and subscribe. Follow us on everything @spillthechismeFor any inquires please email us:
Bust out your Vivaporu (and your tissues)! Because the Villanueva/De la Vega/Solano family has a tough road ahead. Xiomara grapples with how her body is going change after her cancer treatment, Jane goes into full-on research mode, and Rogelio tries to be there for Alba. Meanwhile, Rafael has a sneaking suspicion that Petra has feelings for Jan ...…
Ep 8! On this episode we talk about Cynthia Nixon running for governor, Blue Ivy wilding out on some art, the end of snapchat and much more!**We fixed the audio half way through. Disclaimer is given before so you're going to need to turn it down**Follow us @SpilltheChisme on everything.Rosa - RosaLaFamosaLauren -LaurenbbysusSam- Sambamb00mRATE, ...…
“Damn, she got all the taglines!” Las Chismosas meet up with music artist Louda to talk about the indie come-up and break down some music industry bonchinche. Follow and support Louda by checking out the links below. IG: Twitter: @loudamusic Get in touch with us by visiting https://w ...…
Este 4° episodio se titula, “Mártires.” Las tácticas del marketing moderno han producido, y ahora alimentan la obsesión de la cultura contemporánea de tener “lo mas nuevo.” La etiqueta de “nueva y mejorada” es una característica frecuente en los envases. Era el caso contrario en el 1° siglo en Roma. Los Romanos, y en verdad la mayoría del mundo ...…
Different - Week 4 - Pastor Tom Chism
They don't call it the Boogiedown Bronx for nothing! We share our top Grammy picks, reminiscence some old school faves and, of course, bring the chisme on this week's music episode. Songs:SZA - “The weekend” @sza Khalid - “Location” @thegreatkhalidFleetwood Mac - “Landslide” @fleetwoodmacKendrick Lamar - “Real” @kendricklamarFlor de Toloache - ...…
Speaker: Kurt Chism Text: Gen 6:13-22
A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Del Valle Central is now available on with the following details: Title: La Oración y el Perdón parte 5 Subtitle: Mateo Speaker: Enrique Sarria Broadcaster: Iglesia Del Valle Central Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 10/4/2016 Bible: Matthew 6:14-15; Mateo 6:14-15 Length: 25 min. Overview: Pedir perd-n r ...…
A Few of My Favorite Things - Week 3 - Pastor Tom Chism
00:46 - Devri Chism, Rachel Livingston, Lauren Miller, Beverly Munro, and Steph Vondell are the cast of this show that they just finished performing and will start again in about an hour. 01:41 - What is "Three Cat's Holiday Radio Show"? 02:59 - Letters from the audience. 07:54 - Favorite audience interactions. 10:29 - Favorite moments of playi ...…
When the Howlin’ Wolf gives you a name it sticks. He told Arkansas native, Crawlin’ James Yancey to stop draggin’ his tail and from that day, the Tail Dragger was born on the Chicago blues scene. He took tips from Mad Dog Lester Davenport, Lee Shot Williams and Chico Chism before soon becoming one of Chicago’s most formidable singers and hiring ...…
Join me for an enlightening interview with Marlene Chism, author of No-Drama Leadership and an expert of leadership effectiveness. We will discuss how to get to the root of drama, why it's best to not nip it in the bud and the biggest growth area leaders have. Marlene will share with us how enlightened leadership can lead to brilliant cultures.…
Las Brujajas host our first Brujis, Sammy, to talk about Transgress Fest coming up Fri/Sat Nov 10/11 at the LGBT Center OC. We also cackle over gate keeping "Davids", misogyny in the punk scene, and *chisme* in our segment "Que Es Eso".Event page for Transgress Fest 2017:…
The Pursuit - Week 3 - Pastor Tom Chism
Survivor • E5: Domestic Violence Awareness month!
What are some goals and dreams that you gave up on or felt like you had no support?
Love Matters More - Week 5 - Pastor Tom Chism
E2-Checking in and reminding you that it's okay to take time out and take care of yourself!❤️
Being socially awkward, the lightbulb moment!
Intro: what is chisme & chill about?
Jane invites Catalina to stay in their new one-bathroom apartment, and Michael feels some type of way about it. Especially when Jane starts to feel boring compared to her cousin. Xiomara finds a dance studio space that seems perfect until she realizes it's next to the law offices of her terrible ex, Bruce! Join the conversation on Twitter with ...…
On The Mic 🎤 with Stefani Vara #fbf HarveyHow you can help.How you can donate. Chisme,sports,and FASHION! Tune in!!
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