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Christ aCross America's Word on Wellness with Chris Hughes
For everyone seeking the "Abundant" life, join Chief Wellness Instigator Chris Hughes of 10:10 Wellness and Boe Ellis of Christ aCross America for a super-fun, faith and fitness-filled, wellness Podcast with new programs available every first Monday of the month and with the occassional bonus shows ixed in!
Pinche Podcast
Dosis semanal de humor y actualidad
Aspectos Culturales - Conducido por Roberto Mondragón
Aspectos Culturales is a bilingual New Mexico culturally based weekly one half hour radio show. The program deals with various aspects of Hispanic culture in New Mexico. Our culture is composed of various aspects, which include: language, values, beliefs, history, folklore, and much more. At times the program includes Spanish or English articles from Semos’ monthly magazine, AMIGOS. Sometimes appropriate songs and music are included between the informational articles.
DTN Prophetic Forums - Dreams
A podcast of prophetic dreams and forums set in context to a group discussion. Each podcast sets out to encourage the Body of Chist in it’s mission to faithfully sojourn unto the Day of the Lord.
Corito Urbano The Podcast
Temas, Entrevistas, Chistes y mucho mas
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¿Tenés ganas de jugar Unstable y no terminás de entender las contraptions?¿Viste las criaturas con augment y no tenés ni idea cómo jugarlas?¿Creés que entendés cómo funciona X? ¡Por suerte Jueces en Vivo tiene una solución! Estrenamos el horario de los lunes y les traemos las mecánicas de Unstable, este nuevo set medio en chiste medio para draf ...…
Radio Matera: Bilingual Radio to practice Spanish and English
Español abajo. In this program, we tell you what you need to know to tell a joke in another language, visit the colorful state of Louisiana, and continue our investigation of the Qom people of northern Argentina. En este programa, te contamos lo que tenés que saber para contar un chiste en otro idioma, viajamos al estado de Luisiana, y continua ...…
We have a wonderful future as the people of God. We belong to Him and He belongs to us. We have an eternal relationship with Him through Jesus our Redeemer. One day the heavens will open, and Jesus will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the dead in Chist will rise, then we which are alive and remain will be ...…
Lake Jennie Covenant Church
Christ's Church Chosen and Saved Ephesians 1:1-14 Pastor Douglas Pierce
El chiste de la familia Correa en Japón
Llegan Don Jediondo y Risaloca de La Luciérnaga con los chistes actuados
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