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A weekly podcast made up of a series of informal conversations with creative people who are either working in and around Dundee or have ties to the city. It's run by Ryan McLeod and gets released every Wednesday morning.
Genuine Chit-Chat
Honest Conversations With Interesting People
Chit Chat Across the Pond is a weekly interview show talking technology. It was originally part of the NosillaCast podcast (for the first 406 shows!)
A podcast for listening. We love trash content.
Eat Chit & Dice
Join us while we talk about board games, food, and what Jared has backed on Kickstarter recently.
You may know me from youtube, where I'm an ASMRtist (CalmingEscape) or an overall a content creator!(CanaryCryCreations)This platform will be used to share my new Chit Chat With Cass Podcast! ASMR YT - YT Channel - - -
Nintendo Chit Chat
A fun and informative podcast all about the latest Nintendo News and content from
Chit Chat Across the Pond is a tech interview show that's part of the Podfeet Podcasts. This Lite version is the bi-monthly lighter, less propeller beanie episodes.
Chit-Chats with Offspring Education's Founder Lara Jennings about all things Early Learning and Childcare
Yoga Chit Chat
Informal yoga discussions with Los Angeles based Anusara Yoga Teachers, Phoebe Schiff and Keric Morinaga
Podcast by chitchatthat
A daily dose of Chit Chat about fashion creation. Sewing, pattern making, design, fabrics, tools, machines.. of it's related to fashion creation, it's fair game!
two wild, weird and lovable girls discuss life's little oddities, the latest in celebrity news, and throw in the occasional guest to keep things spicy. Jane....the Philly chick with the heart of a fighter and a sense of style that would leave even Tim Gunn in awe. An actress and lifelong lover of all things quirky, silly and hip.Tosha...the Southern chick who lives to write, thrives on creativity, earning degrees and majoring in snark. A lifelong lover of Godiva chocolates, so hide your swee ...
Chit Chat & Tings
CHIT CHAT & TINGS is a fortnightly podcast hosted/presented by myself Maeva. Different topics and guests in every episode, bringing you laughter as well as awareness surrounding social issues.Please email for any enquiries and requests Keep up with me on the socials!Twitter: & Maevamorelle#ChitChatpod
Get Your Chit Together is a Spiritual Lifestyle podcast dedicated to providing a platform for following the threads that connect us all to Universal Consciousness. Through meditation, self-care and various spiritual practices we will discover how to move through the crystal web of life with awareness, grace and gratitude. Join me on this beautiful ride supported by the divine feminine, laughter, growth and powerful teachers along the way. Twitter: @ChittogetherIG: GetYourChitTogetherStitcher ...
The new show "Ex-Pat Chit Chat" out now!A bunch of guys talk about life as an expat in Germany, the things we love, like and hate about this wonderful country.Starring James Jones of OGM of and David a Frankfurt based actor.
The Chits & Giggles Podcast is a weekly discussion on all things board and card games. We want to help people who are new to the hobby to find out what undiscovered games might become their new favourites.
Hops 'n Chit
A weekly podcast for the people and by the people of craft beer. We review the hottest beers on the market, squabble over beer related news, and interview industry leaders who accidentally show up to our studio.
Chit Chat!
Weekly Chit chat from the boys, Ed, Shmed and Aidan about common and current sports news (and some occasional side convos)
Hello World! This podcast will be about life hacks, the best stores-food to try, dating & love advice, taboo topics, celebrity news, and anything that’s trending in the world around us! LET’S TALK IT OUT!
Chit Chat
I’m here to share my thoughts and feelings about the world around us. Dope music. Crazy news. Encouraging messages. Anything I feel other young dope individuals would like to hear. I got you.
This is a podcast where topics are discussed in regards to what is going on in the real world. This podcast is not for the easily offended and it is not tailored to any political group. It's adults talking among each other in a respectful civil manner and coming together with good ideas to move forward.
Welcome to the Léa podcast, where amazing things happen.
Blue Chit-Chat
Blue and Azure talk about all things Blue.
Cards And Chit
Podcast by Cards And Chit
Running Chit Chat
Just some chit chat on running, from tips to news
Welcome to the Chitting ‘N Chatting podcast, where amazing things happen. Our sessions include a wide variety that may just have you Chitting ‘N UrPants!
Podcast by Calvin Staffieri
The "Chit" Chat
A monthly board gaming discussion that will strive to feature videos that highlight an open and honest discussion of interesting board game topics! The cast will cover the overall hobby, news, and community discussion and the channel will also feature reviews, how to play videos, short segments, and game-play/strategy footage separated out into playlists for your convenience. Each main cast will also feature a viewer contest with real prizes! Thank you for watching and enjoy the hobby! Host/ ...
DC Chit Chats
Dallas Contemporary is a non-collecting art museum presenting new and challenging ideas from regional, national and international artists. The institution is committed to engaging the public through exhibitions, lectures, educational programs and events.
Ryan and occasional guest chit chat. Talk about what comes to mind.
Christian Chit Chat
Christian Chit-Chat is a podcast where we take a look at a variety of real world issues and problems that many of us face and try to tackle them from a Christian perspective. This is not your “typical” religious program however. Our Promise To You 1) We will not be “preachy”. Not that there is anything wrong with preaching, but our style is more of a casual conversation approach. 2) We will never judge you. A big reason why many people tend to tune out Christianity and other religions is bec ...
We talk tcg and tcg lifestyle
Aspiring Dj & music composer in the process of making. Feel free to comment, like & Share. If you would like to show support or use any of my tracks for personal use please feel free to checkout my bandcamp @ get in the loop and enjoy #getintheloop
Trilby Johnson and Brenton Grosser-Czech sit down to chit chat about the things that matter in life and maybe even take things to a new level. Join them on FaceBook to leave your comments - Trilby's website at Visit Brenton's website at http://www.brenton-consulting.orgStart up music 'Warp Dimension' by Linda Irwin. Contact:
Chad and Jake discuss randomly selected topics.
Mat and Tim have been friends for over a decade. Tune in and listen to them discuss gaming, film, tv, comics, books, life and pop culture in general. They also are easily side tracked and can often be found reminicing or day dreaming. ADULT CONTENT!
We will talk all things business start-ups from platforms, best practices, what to avoid, fear, success, relationships, and have a ton of laughs!
Chit chat and debate about politics and culture in the US and UK, with Host Roifield Brown and guests.
Serving the entire tri-planet area.
Design Review
No chit-chat, just focused in-depth discussions about design topics that matter. Jonathan Shariat and Chris Liu are your hosts and bring to the table passion and years of experience.
A podcast hosted by comedian Andrew DeWitt. Every week he has his friends on for a good old fashioned chit chat.
Ready Player 2 is a podcast, where we just chit chat about the world of gaming or play silly games for your amusement. We also post the occasional review/rant/rundown of games and broadcast live streams of multiplayer events. May include swears and funnies.
Our Hen House
2015 AND 2013 OFFICIAL HONOREE OF THE WEBBY AWARDS! Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals. Jasmin and Mariann get to interview some of the grooviest, most insightful and inspiring activists and changemakers around. And, in addition to some idle chit-chat, insightful commentary, and a bit of gossip, they review new hot products, companies, and media. Tune in to get the vegan skinny. 912842
The official blog of The National Pastime
CiTR -- Radio Zero
Less chit-chat. Hook it up.
From the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community. The Full Circle Weekly News is a short podcast with just the news. No chit-chat. No time wasting. Just the latest FOSS/Linux/Ubuntu news.
This show is an offshoot of the CraftLit podcast, bringing you all the book-chat and audiobook audio with none of the personal and crafty chit-chat you find on CraftLit. If you like audiobooks and you WANT to like classic literature, then this show was designed for you. The show is on semi-permanent hiatus. If you're looking for more books, checkout CraftLit. At the beginning of each episode you'll hear a timecode for the end-of-crafty-chat and the start-of -book talk so you can skip to the ...
Two blokes chit chatting about pop culture and stuff. You know, Stuff.
Podcast by Chit Talk
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General Chit chat about our current games being played, talking about the Game Awards and a discussion on whether Fortnite might be changing too much too quickly!
Super excited to share this 100 Episode with you. We have almost 20k downloads so it would be awesome to get there with this podcast so if you have a work colleague or friend that needs to hear this be sure to share it with them. Sharing the Shine as an Educator podcast keeps me > Reflecting > Motivated > Invited thought provoking and heart wre ...…
Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their dis ...…
Talking about a doctors appointment, Labrador houses, and much much more.
Join Eddy and co-host Samantha Lienhard for NCC MGN - Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News Ep 13!This is a broadcast discussing Nintendo and the latest news from the past week. We'll delve into discussing some of the articles, interviews, and other original content found on
An impromptu Friday night chit chat where we talk about Mondays, multitasking, pride in our kids and other stuff.
Join us for ClobberCast 8! Wow, 8 already! Mad things are happening here at ClobberCalm! Another informative cast is in store with special guest Anthony, joining us from Shockoe Atelier in Richmond, VA.Covering brand heritage, design, values and general chit chat! This is another cast we're super happy to bring to you! thanks for tuning in guys ...…
Have you seen Queen Naija’s video- MEDICINE starring Mr. ClarenceNyc? It is SPICY SPICY SPICY! The song is amazing! In this episode, I’m giving my thoughts on the song / video and how it came to “Medicine” being a hit! Check out her video on YouTube: Medicine! ❤️
Are you challenging yourself to learn and do new things? JoJami and Lana chit chat about their difficulties and the humor they experienced learning the technology to produce their Ladies Road Map Podcast. Who knew it could be so challenging? New endeavors are unfamiliar and can be trying but also invigorating and rewarding once you get a handle ...…
OCS Trains and Chits/MPLS Matt RPGs Blood Clot Men of War Coldest Winter Four Against Darkness Angola At Any Cost Metz
My childhood best friend Conner and I sit down for a nice little tipsy chit chat. Anything from 1994-2018 is fair game, so crack one open and listen in!
OMG OMG OMG... Baseball season is back, and so are preseason predictions from Battery Mates Nation. Matthew and Toby waste little time on chit-chat and jump right into listener submissions to find out what will happen in baseball this year—division by division. So grab some peanuts, say a few prayers to the baseball gods, and let's kick this se ...…
The Disclaimers mix it up with all new people and discuss using a mobile app to recover from a break-up and how to avoid giving off mixed messages when starting a relationship. Listen for some good unfiltered chit chat from:@xoshantsox@Raelondon__@Martzunstopz@itsmetai/@taiwo_tweets
This week we talk about some of the scratch building methods we use when we are creating some of our unique to us and prototype buildings. We also go over the new and fresh restart for our basement layout. And as usual, we talk about the different tools that we love, some detail parts and the music we're currently listening to. If you're lookin ...…
After a small hiatus, we're back with some interesting topics that could take your performance to the next level.What is Dragon's Eye Meat?Benefits of Cold & Heat ExposureChit-Chat about FastingPowerful Effects of Coffee ConsumptionTianma for Mood Enhancement and NeuroprotectionSupplementing L-Dopa for Healthy Individuals: Good or Bad?Nootropic ...…
An intense travel schedule and even more intense exhaustion bring the guys of Relationsh!t back for another Wednesday full of laughter and relationship insight. Marko and Tony chit chat about their upcoming plans and whether or not Marko should visit his doctor for the chronic fatigue. Either way, there is A NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSH!T, and tha ...…
A bunch of cool games were talked about recently at the GAMA trade show in Reno, Nevada. We checked out a few of them that we thought were really cool. Several really cool upcoming games! [Note: several of the games featured in this episode were made up by us for April Fools Day!]
We all have mixed feelings about being friends with someone and adding sex into the mix! Some of us can handle it and some of us can’t! Give me your feedback on Can you be just friends with someone and have sex with no strings attach? Leave me a comment on here or my Instagram: Chit_Chat_About_This_And_That…
Just a moment of gratitude for those Shadow moments in our lives that hold beautiful uncharted landscapes and unimaginable possibilities for transformation within their folds.Ase,Mira
We all watched Perfect Blue as a potential start to a weekly bit where we all watch the same thing and discuss it! Also B: The Beginning, The End of the F***ing World, live-action Japanese shows, and TRASH CONTENT galore! Hostility erupts due to TV-watching habits! Tensions flare between parties during our first very LIVE eppy!Music:Good Mornin ...…
Jay, Harris, Mike and myself have the discussion on whether is it Parental delinquency or teenage delinquency that is causing a shift in our American society.By Gerald.
With two weeks until UFC 223 I invited my good friend Austin over to do a podcast with me. We shoot the shit and I ask him the deepest Would You Rather known to man. We had a lot of fun and talk about everything except MMA. Enjoy.
Episode 12 is all about Empire Strikes Back, with my Dad as a guest! WARNING Star Wars SPOILERS!
Join Eddy and co-host Samantha Lienhard for NCC MGN - Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News Ep 12!This is a broadcast discussing Nintendo and the latest news from the past week. We'll delve into discussing some of the articles, interviews, and other original content found on
What is Palaeontology (or Paleontology for you Americans)? How do we find fossils today and what do they help with? Did giant insects exist on earth, and if so, how? All of these questions and many more are answered in this week’s episode of Genuine Chit-Chat! Mike speaks with his Palaeontologist friend Wayne, where they also discuss dinosaurs, ...…
Ladies, Have you ever wondered how what men are thinking, feeling, or saying! We all do at some point! It would make situations so much more understandable! Leave your comments ladies and men on this episode on here or on my Instagram: Chit_Chat_About_This_And_That ❤️
This week the Fife friends go very topical and bring you a special all about Russia. We talk about the recent Russian Presidential Election, the Nerve agent poisonings in Salisbury and how Russian Politics sort of work. It’s quite serious chit chat this week. However don’t despair, Things get silly once we step into our Russian Nonagon for a lo ...…
In this Friday’s episode, Johnelle and Sofia both cover the creepy disappearances of D’Wan Sims and Jason Jolkowski. Lots of chit chat about possible theories, Dragon Tales, an upcoming Unqualified Special and a story about how a bishop performed an exorcism on Johnelle when she was seven. Another question for our audience to ponder: Do two yea ...…
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 is finally here! Tim and Tyler discuss the challenges, untucked, and toot and boot the runway looks! Please like, review, and subscribe to Bring Back My Girls! wherever you are listening! Tweet us at @bbmygirls or email us at!By (Tim and Tyler).
We're Back! Bringing you the latest "Battle of the Beer" segment with 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust vs Toppling Goliath's Pseudo Sue. Both of these Citra hopped giants make a good case for why they should be crowned the winner, but only one will survive!
Daniel T, one half of the production duo Cosmic Kids, is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ. Daniel runs Distant Works Records along side Cooper Saver. He is an active contributor to the labels Young Adults and Chit Chat Records. With Cosmic Kids he has released original productions and remixes for Let’s Play House, Throne of Blood, and DFA Re ...…
Tim and Tyler talk more in regards to iTunes, our personal schedules, and other ways you can support us! After, we share a few opinions and Toot and Boot the entrance looks of the RPDR Season 10 Queens!By (Tim and Tyler).
Lets look at the new charrizard and lance prism star !
Introducing our first guest at Bitcoin Round Table, Kerry! We chat about banking and how using Bitcoin would change that experience. Also comparing day to day life and how using Bitcoin could change that. We use example of payment of school activities and how Bitcoin could be introduced into this system. Some great banter including chit chat ab ...…
The first of probably many episodes where I bang on about how awesome play is.
Better late than never! Hope everyone had a great start to the week. Steph and Tam chit chat about their week and some new products that Steph is incorporating into her daily routine. Head over to our Instagram this week and check out what Steph was talking about. IG: stephandtam.Sending positive vibes all week long!…
Join us for some more chit chat and ramblings. If we offend anyone with any of our views, please forgive us and get in touch to let us know your opinions at
Who doesn’t like Spider-man? You know, besides JJ Jameson and a hoard of villains and whatever friends he’s blowing off without a good explanation because secret identities need to be protected? Join Chris and special guest Paul Csomo from Varmints as they look at The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo Gameboy and some of the comic background ...…
Episode 11: Movies I F#$!ING Forgot! by Cassi
Join Eddy and co-host Samantha Lienhard for NCC MGN - Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News Ep 11!This is a broadcast discussing Nintendo and the latest news from the past week. We'll delve into discussing some of the articles, interviews, and other original content found on
Why is connection important? ~ How can we halp children to feel connected? ~ Linking with the EYLF
Warning for mailing cards
Hey guys today we will talk about the product that come with the forbidden light set.
Blessings All,Today's episode is a reminder that although at times it may seem that we are falling we are in fact truly being held. In Grace and Gratitude,Mira
Q&A Episode with Emily Schromm and Wade Killgore brought to you by YOUR WONDERFUL QUESTIONSWarning. Episode is extra explicit. My 3 winners will be announced via Insta :)Questions: -My favorite place to travel -Why did I move to Denver? -What do you do to stay motivated? -What are your thoughts on New Year's Resolutions? -How do you self-assess ...…
This episode we're talking about games where the primary mechanic is rolling dice. I cut out 40 minutes of stuff from this episode (that's not an exaggeration either) so this is probably a topic we will come back to some day. Also, have you ever noticed how many dice rolling games have exclamation marks in the names? There is seriously some kin ...…
Mike and Nick are joined by a special guest!Founder of, Dylan DeSimone sat down to chit chat about the state of the 49ers and his thoughts on the upcoming draft and free agency.The hour long chat was fun and full of interesting tidbits!Be sure to leave feedback and rate the podcast!Also, stop by the website www.nothingbutni ...…
Paradigm Shift 05 - Mixed By JesterॐJohn 00 Fleming - Spirit AwakingGuy J - Airborne Way Out West - A Sheltered Place (Phaeleh Extended Mix)Philthy Chit - Colours Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)Synthetic vs Valys - Forgotten HarmoniesAirwave vs Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic - A Simple Day Alex Di Stefano - Bla ...…
Show Notes A bit of chit-chat about finishing the bathroom remodel and some of the games we like to play in the car. A brief caveat: we speak not as experts on this subject but as spectators observing the clash of secular feminism and biblical womanhood. At the core, what is feminism? How is feminism contrary to biblical teaching? The need for ...…
Episode 1 of the new podcast. Bits and bobs. There will be inane banter, idle chit chat and some old and new features Like the competition "which ones false". Please get involved with suggestions of new content, the competition answers and general emails at !Thanks for listening and if you do like it, subscribe and sh ...…
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