Best chrisitian podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Coram Deo
Coram Deo is a podcast hosted by Kyle J. Howard. The aim of this podcast is to discuss how theology affects every area of life. Coram Deo was the battle cry of the Reformation. The reformers believed that there was no distinction between "secular & sacred". They believed that every facet of life was to be lived as if the saint was in the presence of God. Coram Deo is a Latin phrase that literally means, "In The Presence of God". Join me as I discuss how sound theology impacts how we live bef ...
Ken Wilson advocates a Third Way of including LGBT Christians while not excluding conservative Christians. He decribes how this conflict can be an opportunity for the church to learn the ways of peace.
Aeneas Koresh
Aeneas Koresh has been using his gifts and talents for the Lord since 1995. He is currently a Youth Minister focusing primarily on ministering to children from the local housing communities. His primary mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his ministry of music. Known for his testimonies, Koresh?s hit singles ?Walk da Talk? and ?Lately? are anointed alternatives to the southern tradition of Holy Hip-Hop. Koresh has performed with Lisa McClendon, Keith ?Wonderboy? Johnson, ...
Fat Kids Radio
Jimmy and Brandon talk about anything and everything during their hour long show. Topics range from politics to pro wrestling to movies to pop culture to religion and so on. You never know what you'll heard on an episode of "Fat Kids Radio!"
The purpose of Reason To Believe is to give you strong and intelligent reasons, for believing and following your faith in Jesus Christ.Unfortunately, today many people are unaware of the fact that there are outstanding reasons for believing in the Christian faith and worldview. Christians and non-christians alike wrongly suppose that belief in God and faith in Jesus Christ is simply an issue of blind trust that is opposed to reason. At Reason To Believe we are seeking to redeem this false pe ...
The Christian Journey Podcast: Join us as we consider the journey of a chrisitian life. From coming to Christ, to giving him your all, listen to Fredericton Journey Church's messages about walking with God. If you enjoy the strong preaching of leaders like Charles Stanley, Andy Stanley, and Chuck Swindoll then you should check out the Christian Journey Podcast.
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