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Seek the Truth
The aim of this podcast is to introduce people to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Only repentance of sin and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ can secure the peace and salvation for which people are thirsting. This is not to be found in a church, a religion or by being an outstanding person; it is found exclusively in a person - Jesus Christ. The Bible says in Romans 5:1 'We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ'. Presented by Stephen Baker
Help with My Social
Help With My Social Security is hosted by Jim Saulnier and Chris Stein, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in retirement planning. They developed these unique podcasts to teach people little known tips and strategies of Social Security planning. If you like the information presented here, please visit our blog, Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dea ...
Tejas & Lil Stevie
Tejas & Lil Stevie is a sports and entertainment hybrid talk show. Originating on Marquette Radio, hosts Steve Rebeiro and Chris Steiner give you hot takes fresh out the oven on everything including football, basketball, television, politics, and everything in between. Featuring segments such as "Beef of the Week," "Go Home," and more.
At the Villa Rose by MASON, A. E. W.
Harry Wethermill, the brilliant young scientist, a graduate of Oxford and Munich, has made a fortune from his inventions, and is taking a vacation at Aix-les-Bains. There he meets, and immediately falls in love with, the young and beautiful Celia Harland, who serves as companion to the aging but warm-hearted Madam Dauvray of Paris. All this is observed by Julius Ricardo, a retired financier from the City of London, who spends every August at Aix, expecting there to find a pleasant and peacef ...
Victory Faith
Nathaniel Baskett Jr. is pastor of Victory Faith Church of Winston-Salem, NC. Prayer, Praise and Worship is lifestyle for Pastor Baskett. His vision is to see the lost come to know Jesus, the believer come to full stature in Christ Jesus, the sick healed and that they each come to know God in a greater and more personal way. With a combination of teaching and preaching, the Word meets the people at their need. This ministry stands on Matthew 19:26, "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.'' Pastor ...
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Scala Gemeinde Magdeburg
ohne Freiheit können wir kein Christ sein egal welcher Domination er angehört.
Predigt vom Sonntag 29. Mai 2016 - Timon Hofmänner - Ich elender Mensch! Wer wird mich retten? - Warum Paulus in Römer 7 nicht vom Christsein spricht und was das für uns bedeuten kann.
P. George Elsbett
Christsein stellt uns vor einer Entscheidung: willst du alles, oder willst du nichts. Die Frage ist, was ist ALLES und was ist NICHTS wirklich? Wie wählen wir was? Die Predigt von P. George Elsbett bei der BeFree Messe am 13.6.2015 im Zentrum Johannes Paul II. (, 11. Sonntag im Jahreskreis, Zyklus B.Sound am Ende: gratis istock down ...…
Wie können wir lernen über Gedanken und Umstände zu herrschen? Römer 5, 17 sagt, dass wir herrschen sollen im Leben durch Jesus Christus, INDEM wir den Überfluss von Gnade und Gerechtigkeit empfangen lernen. Christsein bedeutet, zum Ende gekommen zu sein und Gott nichts mehr bieten zu müssen, sondern stattdessen total aus SEINER Versorgung zu l ...…
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