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Pick N'Roll Cast! O podcast sobre NBA!
Veja aqui quadrinhos, séries, jogos on-line grátis, dicas, tutoriais, downloads, baixe programas, joguinhos do orkut, jogos em flash e muito mais.
The Front Porch
Join Matt Pettry and Mark Casto on the front porch for conversations about devotion and life in the kingdom.
The Movie Hour
Join Greg and friends on "The Movie Hour" as they apply their bias to everything motion picture related. From classic films to upcoming blockbusters, fine film to utter crap, real actors to Ben Affleck, nothing escapes their sarcasm. New episodes each Thursday. Files are about 25MB each in mp3 form.
Fortitude Fitness
Podcast by Coach John Casto
Hash Define Electronics Podcast
This show is for anyone who is interested to hear and possibly learn from an embedded engineer turn contractor. Theme-wise, it's Embedded electronics with a bias to robotics and humour. **Warning, this show is essentially Ronald's logbook and just like anyone new to the world of logbooks, the ration between doodles and graph will eventually settle to a nice stable balance. Until then hang on for the ride because this might will be bumpy.Hosted by Ronald Sousa from Leeds, UK
Mormonism and Masonry by GOODWIN, Samuel H.
The edition of the book published in 1921 explored extensively the reasons why Mormons were not accepted ("are" at the time of publication) into the Masonic Lodges. (Summary by Chiquito J. Crasto)
Thinking as a Science by HAZLITT, Henry
Written in a conversational style that will appeal to the younger person as well as seasoned professional, "Thinking as a Science" is timeless classic. Through eleven chapters, the last being a descriptive, annotated bibliography, Henry Hazlitt systematically takes the step-by-step on the process of introducing logic and context into the thinking process. The rather long chapter on "Reading and Thinking" clarifies several notions on where one needs to understand where mere knowledge acquisit ...
Thinking as a Science by HAZLITT, Henry
Written in a conversational style that will appeal to the younger person as well as seasoned professional, "Thinking as a Science" is timeless classic. Through eleven chapters, the last being a descriptive, annotated bibliography, Henry Hazlitt systematically takes the step-by-step on the process of introducing logic and context into the thinking process. The rather long chapter on "Reading and Thinking" clarifies several notions on where one needs to understand where mere knowledge acquisit ...
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A - App Marketing, Business & Promotion with Steve P. Young
Today's guest is Sean Casto, the author of App Secrets: How to Create a Million Dollar App. We talk about two of the seven pillars including the biggest mistake app creators make (hint: falling in love with their idea) and his 4 step process called the 10X revenue model. The post 619: The Pillars of Million Dollar Apps with Sean Casto appeared ...…
Tracy Real Estate Podcast with Ron and Eva Cedillo
Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding the new tax law. Today, we’ll be answering some of the ones we’re asked most frequently. One of the main questions we’ve been hearing is, “How will this law impact investors?” Well, while we cannot give tax advice, we can certainly guide you through some of the key things you need to k ...…
In Episode 89, we welcome legendary market veteran, Blair Hull. We start per usual, with our guest’s background. In this case, long-time Meb Faber Show listeners may think they’ve heard it before. That’s because Blair’s background shares an interesting similarity with that of Ed Thorp – the card game, Blackjack. It turns out Blair made a consid ...…
In Vancouver, BC Tune in every Wednesday 6 – 7 PM to CFRO – 100.5 FM Anywhere in the world by Stream, Satellite, TelusTv - How to Listen Only last 10 shows are available to listen to for free - REGISTER NOW. Supporting Members have unlimited access to this and hundreds of other life changing programs - Click Here to sign-up This week Tasha and ...…
Fired Up with James Carver
Late edition of Fired UP but worth the wait. Myself and Francisco talk about the Yukon and tools being stolen Saturday the bullshit system that works against us and designed for the criminals. We talk about our extra spots for WWE upcoming dates shady gear makers and his training in Florida.
Transcript: Good to see you guys back. At least half of you came back. I'm sure the rest ... Tim just totally torpedoed me. Right in the middle of the session he just starts dropping wisdom and, you know, marketing his upcoming class right in the middle of mine. We are going to pick up where we left off and again, if you missed this morning you ...…
Transcript: Organizational transitions and what organizationally and as your church grows, complexities and things happen, [inaudible 00:00:20] and you're going to have plans, and those plans are going to change, because you're not in control. The faster you realize that the better it's going to be for the church. [inaudible 00:00:30] I'm going ...…
There's one brain bias that affects 80% of adults and it has a familiar name you may not expect: optimism. Not always thought of as a cognitive mechanism, the optimism bias leads people to overestimate the likelihood of positive outcomes and to underestimate the likelihood of negative outcomes. It can be hugely helpful in our social lives and i ...…
South West Baptist Church Sermons
Steve Withington examines God's call to impartiality and mercy, and how this ties in with God's bias to the poor.
Configuration Manager pros, find out what went down at Microsoft Ignite: co-management, AutoPilot, 25 years of ConfigMgr, and more! Ami Casto is both co-host and guest, as an Ignite speaker. Johan Arwidmark joins us as well. Yes, they did just get married (gratz!!), listen to find out where they went on their Honeymoon!…
Omer Trajman is a proponent of total operational visibility as the cornerstone of digital transformation, inspiring CIOs to realize new ways of delivering value to their organizations. He has led teams responsible for some of today’s largest modern data management deployments, and worked with customers and partners to identify where Big Data te ...…
Eliza and Michael met in the most unexpected of ways. Michael was an inmate at San Quentin State Prison. Eliza was enrolled in a psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She volunteered for a program through CIIS to help prison inmates process their actions and their traumas. San Quentin was her first assignment, and ...…
Buzz comments on the potential for media bias to influence people's travel plans. Some of the best travel experiences we will ever have are when we step further away from our comfort zones. Interview Hazem from Travel Trails tours about Egypt and his world travel experiences. You can find the Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher Radio, Podbean, Google P ...…
Vernon interviews Marcella Charles Casto, Assistant Principal and Career Technology Education Administrator at Mingo Central High, Vernon and Marcella the Simulated Workplace Program, other programs she administers at Mingo Central High School, and how cooperatives can be incorporated into the academic programs to further enhance them. The simu ...…
After graduating college in 2012, Cian Fahey started his own website called which featured football analysis that was and is unique from traditional coverage on TV/radio. He started by researching cornerbacks on every snap they played not just when the ball was thrown their way. The work from his site created opportunities for ...…
Here's exactly how I beat my loss aversion bias (bug in the human brain) to get more wealth, better at sales and marketing... Humans are hardwired to be risk averse, but you can beat it.“Want to connect on facebook? Add me on Facebook: A lot of people are affected by loss aversion. It is just a way our ...…
Joe is joined by Derek, Killian and Cian to talk cheesy social media videos by clubs this summer and Raf makes a brief cameo
Awaken Life Church Podcast
Pastor Rick Casto brings a timely message about how to relate and interact with Jesus!
Stephen Docherty CIO of SLAM at the 2016 Innovation Leadership Summit. Picture by Vicky Matthers, Icon Photomedia From Bedlam to patient led innovation, Stephen Docherty CIO of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust in London told this title’s Innovation Leadership Summit how the mental health care trust is pioneering ways of creating a collab ...…
Ian Marchant associates the landscape at the mouth of the River Lune with his friend and musical partner, Chas Ambler, who died nearly two years ago. In this personal exploration of his connection to the life of the river, Ian talks to poet Paul Farley about how to value un-romantic landscape. He meets Fiona Frank, one of the founder members of ...…
Mind of a Football Coach
Podcast with Bryce and Zach Casto
Recently, Mark preached at Hope Chapel on a Sunday morning. In this message you will hear how the announcement of sonship to the culture is the demonstration of God's power.We believe the greatest outbreak of miracles, signs, and wonders is going to manifest in this day! It will be an announcement to the culture that God and man are one again.…
In another big week of news from CPA Australia we go deep and wide to find something to talk about other than the Alex Malley exit parade. David finally sees a useful example of AI in tax research and Paul finds a way to actually use it. CAANZ offers a helping hand to disgruntled CPAs and a handful of CA's act very gentlemanly about helping out ...…
Insane Growth With Mitchell Harper
Whether we realize it or not, we all make decisions based on certain assumptions and limiting beliefs we hold. Some may be valid, but most aren't. We also use confirmation bias to trick ourselves into feeling that the decisions we make are right - even when we've never made similar decisions before. In this week's episode of Insane Growth, I'm ...…
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Rap Lovecraft
Spontaneous Workflow and why life after HS is so much better than I ever thought • Eliminate Bias to become independent, or not... • #OptimismChallenge Update. My life is a daydream. | Make your own podcast:
A genius at the CIA figured out a way to steal free junkfood but paid the ultimate price after a sting operation.
10pm Central tonight, #sonoflibertyradio returns to discuss the CDC's report where the gateway myth gets destroyed and the lie that the industry is targeting youth to hook an entire generation to resurrect smoking but predict the collapse of the #vaping industry without the youth market.WHO continues to flog a dead horse as science proves that ...…
Strategies@Work Podcast
Management must recognize the bias to sin—the inclination to think and act contrary to God’s standards—in all people and, therefore, in all stakeholders: owners, managers, workers, associates, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and regulators. One way to detect the level of sin in anyone is to listen to what he or she says. Wise managers are ...…
LIVETHEFUEL - Health, Business, Lifestyle
Your Fit Business Mindset Co-Host:I met today's Fit Business Minded co-host at DreamCon 2017. We were both scheduled speakers at this charity focused event. Now through the successful energy of this new event, we ended up adapting our speeches on the fly, to focus the power of Mindset. Coach John has spent most of his life helping people create ...…
On today’s episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, Sharon Salzberg joins me to discuss her new book Real Love which will be released on June 6th, 2017! In her tenth book, Sharon Salzberg provides a pathway towards more sustainable and authentic connection by offering a creative toolkit of mindfulness exercises and meditation technique ...…
Argument Ninja: Critical Thinking as a Martial Art
A bit of a departure for episode 018. I hope you enjoy this interview I did with Jason Vidaurri over at the StoryHinge podcast. He was kind enough to let me repurpose the audio of our interview for the Argument Ninja podcast.On this episode I answer questions about my story, my approach to philosophy and critical thinking, why critical thinking ...…
JC Gaillard, Simon Goldsmith and Stephen Deakin sift the data and discuss what organisations must be aware of before the 25th May 2018 deadline. Image montage by Matt Gore using graphics from the GDPR portal By Mark Chillingworth As the countdown begins, technology leaders discuss the implications of GDPR jQuery(document).ready(f ...…
Everyone that’s trying to decide whether to give the power to their sales or their marketing teams need to stop and give this one a listen. No matter how hard you try, or which side you’re bias to, you need both of these teams in your org. Marketing folks take flak for spending a lot with a few large successes, and the sales teams working lots ...…
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