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Tune in to discover how the electric cig can revolutionize your smoking experience.
with A Clean Cigarette
Podcast hosted by Todd Hayden. Conversations about rock bands and music, girls, dating, current headlines and life's problems. Includes comedy segments.
Data Spike
Founded in 2015, Data Spike is a Star Citizen community podcast which follows the development and happenings of the PC space-sim Star Citizen and its companion Squadron 42 by Cloud Imperium Games. Remember! All it takes is one good hit with a data spike, and this could all be over!
The Vape Stores Directory PodBlast is the first Vape and ecig podcast dedicated to getting the story out for vape store owners, ecig store owners and anyone providing services related to the e-cig industry, e-cig manufacturers, ejuices and vape industry information.What’s your vape story?Request to be professionally interviewed by our Podcast talent!Learn about electronic cigarette stores, electronic cigarette sellers, e-cig shops, vape stores, vape lounges that match your taste and style.Co ...
Inkwell Society
A Livestream Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in Eberron. The Neon Noir adventure Dungeon Mastered by Ruty Rutenberg. Cast: Kyle Vogt, Noura Ibrahim, Cig Neutron, Kai Norman, Satine Phoenix & B Dave Walters.
Star Citizen Podcast
This channel is specifically for podcast-esque content from Cloud Imperium Games/Roberts Space Industries. This content has been slightly edited from the Star Citizen you tube channel to make it more conducive as a podcast. Content will be added to this channel as soon as possible from shows like 10 for the…, Loremaker’s Guide or RTV and other podcast-esque content when uploaded to you tube.*This channel has no affiliation to CIG, Cloud Imperium Games, RSI, Roberts Space Industries or any of ...
Vape Radio is the only voice of the vape space where you'll hear from thought leaders and vapreneurs on the ever-evolving e-cig/vaping industries. Hosted by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors.
Chivalry is Gone
Chivalry is Gone! But we're bringing it back! CIG is a podcast focused on bringing back chivalry, courtliness, and gentleman-like manners that are sure to improve your relationships, work, and way of life. Tune in with George and Tito as they teach the lost art of Chivalry. Warning: Smack talk and testosterone included with the price of admission.
Duranged Individuals
Zach, Ryan, Eric, and Keith taking a break from there games for a cig or two and talk about the random things that come to mind.
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Ian, Adam and Chris take a look at the different vape devices you can get. From Cig-a-like devices to the more advanced mech mods. We go deeper in later episodes but give a general overview of the basic starter devices you will be looking at as a new vaper.
Our guest this week is actor/singer/songwriter Joe Gillette. Together we talk sleep loss and sleep deprivation, the growing trend of sleeping less and how it negatively affects our overall health, recreational sleep loss, and other scary stuff. Daylight Savings causes heart attacks. Go to bed or you'll die! We're afraid of Fancy Bear the Russia ...…
E-cigs, vapes, whatever you call them they have been touted as a safer alternative to tobacco and even a way for people to quit smoking. But recent studies have found that perhaps they’re not so harmless after all. So who’s right?
The second installment of our interview with Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman of indie band Diet Cig. Among the topics: why it's hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt. Subscribe to Rockin' the Suburbs on Apple Podcasts/iTunes or other podcast platforms, including audioBoom, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn. Or listen at Subur ...…
Roger Bray begins the first of two vision weeks considering how as God's precious people we might go deeper in our relationships with each other through Christ's power.
Thanks for tuning in this week guys. This week on On The coast Podcast I got model/actress Lucy Cardona. We talk about the hardships of being a realtor and balancing that out while following your dreams. Also commercial acting and theatrical acting and how we all have our niche. Also getting Spanish actors more noticeable in Hollywood. She even ...…
We have our first wiener! In this week’s episode, we sit down with Matt Massara, also known as Broccoli _Boy. The La Croix was flowing while Matt gave us insight of what it’s like to be an artist in Columbus. Matt clues us in on what his art means to him while also talking about how he fits into the art community. We all acknowledge our vices w ...…
By (Radio K (KUOM) University of Minnesota).
Things we talked about with Diet Cig: - staying healthy on the road - being a DIY band - Alex's Guy Fieri fandom - expanding to a 4 piece band on tour Thx for the chat Alex and Noah!
Dr. Gilati has a patient story, discusses a Starbucks bladder infection, E-Cig's, and has a veggie review.
In Colossians 3, Matt Aroney considers how we can clothe ourselves with Christ in order to live out our most authentic selves.
Download: Live This Month: February 2018 (Podcast #422) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. This month's episode features a whole bunch of artists performing at the 26th annual Noise Pop Festival, which will be taking over local venues from Feb ...…
Roger Bray concludes the series 'Known by God' exploring how the gospel hands us a new identity and name.
Mike Hastie considers how God remembers all about us and can yet continue in relationship with us through Jesus Christ.
Weekend Edition • Encourage Courage • Improving the Sound • Alligator v Python • Cig Smoking Squirrels • Polo josh • Joshes Welcome • Late freestyle • Grizzled • Sweat Hogs • High-Speed Rail • Ambient Noise on • ¡Daiquiris! • Be Neighborly • There’s Always a Next Time
D.C. History lesson, cigs, donuts fucking suck, Tesla, bike lanes, fart chambers, hangovers and literally everything in between. Song: Velveteen Curtains by Izzy Dominguez (Cale).
New Indie finds, previews of The Menace's Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday Replay artists coming up this weekend into next week ala Dennis The Menace, discoveries from our social media followers and a few more surprises. * Bombshell Radio Tracks of the Day. Thanks to all the artists, labels and PR companies that submitted tracks this week. This ...…
The Trudeau-approved Bombshell Radio, Toronto airs the "Just Another Menace Sunday" radio thing hosted by the half-Canadian Dennis The Menace (True fact!) This week: it's 2 hours of "DTM's Faves of 2017." (Not a Top-10 or Best of - more like a test of random access memory!) Repeats Saturday 6am-8am EST #melodicrock #radio ...…
JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY - #687 APRIL 16, 2017 Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) - Mighty Six Ninety 1:05 HOUR 1: A DTM CONVERSATION WITH ZIPPER CLUB AND THEIR MUSICAL SANDWICH. OPENING SONG: Going The Distance – Zipper Club ZIPPER CLUB MUSICAL SANDWICH: Top Bread: Breathe – Zipper Club Stand And Deliver – Adam Ant Supersta ...…
Bombshell Radio, Toronto, ON airs the "Just Another Menace Sunday" radio thing airs Sundays at 1 pm and 5 pm (Pacific) 4 pm (EST) to listen. This week's show: A DTM Conversation w/ Cloud Nothings - Live in Beijing and his Musical Sandwich. + New Melodic Rock & Roll from: The Duskwhales, Said The Whale, Hoops, alt j, Bleac ...…
It's the end of the year as we know it, and I feel tired. But, let's at least celebrate a year rich in great albums, even if we'd rather forget the sulphuric stench hanging over the rest of it. Ben and Simon wrap up the year for your listening delight. Playlist Tonite by LCD Soundsystem on DFA (DFA) Bae by The Front Bottoms on Fueled By Ramen ( ...…
It's my last show of the year and so I'm sending you off with part TWO of my fave songs of the year extravaganza! Tune in and I'll see you all in 2018. Playlist Dear Life by Beck on Capitol Records (Capitol Records) Silver by Waxahatchee on Merge Records (Merge Records) Los Ageless by St Vincent on Loma Vista (Loma Vista) Go To Hell by Empress ...…
❓⚓️ • No cigs day #8
Some last minute news fills the docket for this week's Input. Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan untangle the Crytek/CIG litigation, and try to put The Game Awards in context. Discussion Topics: Crytek sues CIG (of Star Citizen infamy) for breach of contract. Patreon changes (then unchanges) its payment policies.. The Game Awards are a thing that happen ...…
Gmorning • Quit Cigs Day #5 • 🙏= 😊 =perspective.. count your blessings! • 👀Gary V , passing on what I learned.. • Congratulations
Drop a bad habit and create a good one! • Why CAN you, not why can't you!!! • #BeastTough • Congrats on quitting cigs 🙌❤️ • Good Good Good • Echo share push positivity!! • #BeastTough love you all for this! ❤️🙏✊️💯Beast • Love to give #BeastTough • Foam roller torture 😱
Matt Aroney begins the 2018 advent series considering how the coming peace of Christ's kingdom will dispel the darkness of violence forever.
The world is built on hybrids: grolar bears, maltipoos, burger rings, and e-cigs. What do you get when you cross Zophia and caller Ben? Enter the vape lounge to find out! We're weighing in on hybrid big-boy Elon Musk's BM's, Sims cheats, and food-ring proposals. The whole gang is here, and there are a whole lotta laughs.…
Roger Bray considers how to deal with idols of the heart from King Ahaziah's reliance on foreign gods.
YOUR Health Questions with Dr. Gez Agolli from Progressive Medical! - E-Cigs and Shingles Vaccine by Dana Barrett
Roger Bray considers the dynamics of sin as Ahab and his wife Jezebel are confronted by the prophet Elijah.
Free things you need to know including a new e-cigarette law, President Trump’s latest beef, and national bologna day.
Mike Hastie continues the series on Elijah considering our need to serve the Lord as God and let Him prove Himself.
We’re absolute and utter competition geeks, so we jumped at the chance to join SCA UK at this year’s first-ever Espressofest in Bristol, home of the UKBC semifinal and final rounds. Joined by some equally geeky friends – Cerianne Bury, Nick Mabey, and Jessie May Peters – we sat down with each UKBC finalist on Sunday, August 20, 2017 to learn mo ...…
We’re absolute and utter competition geeks, so we jumped at the chance to join SCA UK at this year’s first-ever Espressofest in Bristol, home of the UKBC semifinal and final rounds. Joined by some equally geeky friends – Cerianne Bury, Nick Mabey, and Jessie May Peters – we sat down with each UKBC finalist on Sunday, August 20, 2017 to learn mo ...…
Roger Bray begins the series on Elijah considering his encounter with a desperate widow.
Ep. 10 — Alex and Bobby celebrate the departure of a certain bird as the true harbinger of fall, talk about a strange thing the Tigers did this weekend, somehow manage to discuss Wiz Khalifa at length, reflect on a now-former Mets manager, and wrap it up by taking a knee with Bruce Maxwell. Links: What did you expect with Wiz Khalifa? Terry has ...…
Peter DiStefano, Musician and guitar rock guru best known for his work as a founding member of Porno for Pyros. Peter has 20 years sober from heroin and other assorted drugs and loves his sober life. Peter believes in honesty and branching off his career to include helping his fellow musicians get sober and live an honest life.With so many year ...…
Matt Aroney finishes the series 'how the gospel makes you good' considering how the kindness and love of God enables us to live as with a humble goodness toward all people.
Dick In The Weights | Found 10 Cigs, Top That | Hairy Belly Fanny Pack | Half Assed News | NEW CONTEST: Nickname Pick Game | Whatchutalkinbout | We Talk To Tea Party Drummer, Jeff Burrows About Jeff Martin's Hair | New Brunswick Banning Old Trick Or Treaters | Instant Answer Question TimeBy (Chris Biggs & Jason Barr).
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