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Crimes & Treasons is a 2 hours of new uncensored music. Every Tuesday Night at 8pm-10pm PST. With DJ's Homeboy Jules, Relly Rel$ & Horsepowar Issa Arrian, Jamal Steeles & Introducing Malik Ali Aka Yung Avocado.
Join the movement with Synchronicity: Talk Radio for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Host Marie Benard is in service to a happier world. The show delves into the topics of personal growth, happiness, love, relationships, psychology, life skills, empowering ourselves, and creating a better world for all.
Pacific Pickin' brings you the best in bluegrass plus its roots and branches: old time, classic country, rockabilly, western swing and whatever jumps off the shelves at us. Most shows have an artist feature and a gospel set. Hear the historical recordings and the latest releases right here.
Sweet treats from the pop underground, since 2006! With your host, Duncan
Sweet treats from the pop underground, since 2006! With your host, Duncan
CiTR -- Dave Radio
It's Vancouver's go-to hour for local independent theatre, film and music and it starts right now. Don’t touch that dial...
Live from the Jungle Room in his Top Secret Eco-Pod complex high in the Cascade Mountains, join radio host Jack Velvet for an eclectic mix of music, sound bites, information and inanity. Not to be missed!More Fun than a Boatload of Bimbos - President Bill Clinton. He Looks Marvelous! - Pope Francis II
host: anita bee
Real cowshit-caught-in-yer-boots country
Every show is full of electro bleeps, retrowave, computer generated, synthetically manipulated aural rhythms. If you like everything from electro / techno / trance / 8bit music / and retro '80s this is the show for you!
The best mix of latin american music
The Morning After Show with Oswaldo Perez Cabrera every Tuesday. Playing your favourite songs for more than 15 years. Eclectic show (Ska, reggae, shoegaze, indie pop, noise, etc) with live music, local talent and music you won't hear anywhere else. The morning after what? whatever you did last night.
Hello hello hello! I am Russian Tim and I play new, international and local punk rock music. I also interview bands sometimes. Broadcasted in broken-ish English. Great Success!
CiTR -- copy/paste
If it makes you move your feet (or nod your head), it'll be heard on copy/paste. Vibe out with what's heating up underground clubs around town and worldwide. A brand new DJ mix every week by Autonomy & guest DJs.
Dan Shakespeare is here with music for your ear. Kick back with gems of the previous years.
Punk Rock and Hardcore Since 1989. Bands and Guests from around the world.
Informative and entertaining program in Russian
Skalds Hall focuses on entertainment through the art of spoken word, from story readings, to poetry recitals, to drama scenes, established and upcoming storytellers join host Brian MacDonald. Have an interest in performing? Guest artists are always welcome, so contact us!
A mix of the latest house music, tech-house, prog-house and techno + DJ / Producer interviews and guest mixes.
Thunderbird Radio Hell features live band(s) every week performing in the comfort of the CiTR lounge. Most are from Vancouver, but sometimes bands from across the country and around the world are nice enough to drop by to say hi.
The Arts Report on CiTR brings you the latest and upcoming in local arts in Vancouver from a volunteer run team that likes to get weird! Based primarily in Vancouver, BC, your hosts are on the airwaves on CiTR Radio 101.9FM, Wednesdays from 5-6pm. The Arts Report also uploads special broadcasts in the form of web podcasts on their Mixcloud ( and blog ( Get your daily dose of the latest in the arts and culture s ...
Host Issa Arrian, introduces you to his various interest through his unique lens. From news, pop culture, to sports. Issa will surely have an interesting take, that is undeniable.
Join Nardwuar, the Human Serviette for an hour and a half of Manhattan Clam Chowder flavoured entertainment. Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!
CiTR -- Powerchord
Originally conceived by veteran heshers "Metal" Ron and Gerald "Rattlehead" in 1985, Powerchord is Vancouver's longest running metal show! And the torch is still burning with contemporary hosts Coleman, Serena, Chris, Justin, and Ian, covering all sub-genres across the harsh landscape of heavy metal. New releases, local bands, the obscure, the classic, and everything in-between.Two hours of absolute brutality every Saturday from 1-3pm.
CiTR -- Parts Unknown
Co tydzień
Parts Unknown, an indie pop show that has been on Mondays on CiTR from 1pm to 3pm since 1999. It's like a marshmallow sandwich: soft and sweet and best enjoyed when poked with a stick and held close to a fire.
Australia and Canada share vibrant independant music scenes where perhaps a similar cultural history, sense of geographic isolation, and vast touring distances, breed particular kinds of musical creativity. Join your host Matthew for a weekly mix of exciting sounds, past and present, from his Australian homeland. And journey with him as he features fresh tunes and explores the alternative musical heritage of Canada.
CiTR -- Pop Drones
Unearthing the depths of contemporary cassette and vinyl underground. Ranging from DIY bedroom pop and garage rock all the way to harsh noise and, of course, drone.
CiTR Sports interviews UBC's premiere athletes, discovers the off-field stories of the Thunderbirds, and provides your weekly roundup of UBC sports action with hosts who are a little too passionate about the T-birds.
Hosted by dj Smiley Mike and dj Caddyshack, Trancendance has been broadcasting from Vancouver, BC since 2001. We favour Hard Trance and Epic Trance, but also play a lot of PsyTrance, Acid Trance, Deep Trance, Hard Dance and even some Breakbeat. We also love a good Classic Trance Anthem that's been heavily remixed. Current influences include Simon Qudos, Nick Sentience, Fabio Stein, Save the Robot, Vision Control Digital, Impact Digital and Reset Records. Older influences include Union Jack, ...
For CiTR’s special programming blocks, off-site broadcasts live from the field, and everything else that can’t fit under the hood of a single show, check out CiTR’s Special Broadcast Page!
Formerly on CKXU for years, Canada Post-Rock now resides on the west coast but is still committed to the best in post-rock, drone, ambient, experimental, noise and basically anything your host Pbone can put the word "post" in front of. Stay up, tune in, zone out. I mean if you had a radio show pbone would probably listen to your show.
CiTR is proud to present one of the best jazz shows in Vancouver. It has been hosted by notable jazz musician Gavin Walker since 1984. He features Jazz music that is respectful of its tradition and influential to the future. Every 11 o clock an album or an artist is featured and explored in depth. Walker's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience as a jazz player has made this show one of the most listened to in its genre.
CiTR -- La Fiesta
Let's get your party started with "La Fiesta"! Tune in every second Sunday from 3-5 PM with your host DJ MIXXX. Listen to internationally acclaimed Radio Latina Caliente that makes your body move and your heart beat. Lose yourself in the sounds that will fill your soul and get you ready for your night out! La Fiesta - hot, sultry and all you.
Now in its 31st year on CiTR, The Saturday Edge is my personal guide to world & roots music, with African, Latin and European music in the first half, followed by Celtic, Blues, Songwriters, Cajun and whatever else fits!
Broadcasting Healing Energy with LIVE Music and laughter!A multi-media variety show, featuring LIVE music, industry guests and hopefully some insight. We consider the material presented to be therapeutic relief for the global community, in order to unite and share with honest human expression. We encourage and promote independent original, local live music, art, compassion and community building.
In the airwaves since 1988 Breakfast with the Browns plays all the best new and old downtempo- electro- pop- lounge- core in an exciting eclectic blend of aural delights. Join the Browns every Monday morning and "ride that rainbow to cloudsville".... strictly squaresville.
CiTR -- Code Blue
Code Blue plays the blues... All the blues, all the time. The blues is changing, like everything else. PAUL NORTON, JIM BURNETT and ANDY BONFIELD are your three knowledgeable hosts, bringing you the latest and the greatest, from the classics to the newest and bluest notes.
CiTR -- Randophonic
Randophonic is best thought of as an intraversal radio program which observes no particular genre, political or even space-time boundaries. Though we do often fix our focus on long running series, the latest of which we're calling The Final Countdown (aka the 1,297 Greatest Records of All Time Right Now Right Here). And we're not afraid of noise.
Rockers Show / Playing the best in roots rock reggae, Dub, Ska, Dancehall with news views & interviews. George Reggae Barrett Celebrating another 336 years Rockers show on CITR 101.9 FM Radio Host Dj, Concert Promoter. Sound system Operator.Born and raised in the oldest inland Town in Jamaica, Bath St Thomas, about 45 miles from Kingston. My passion for reggae music came at an early age. My home where my mother runs the family business was next door to Robert Night Club and Tavern. On the we ...
CiTR -- AstroTalk
Space is an interesting place. Marco slices up the night sky with a new topic every week. Death Stars, Black Holes, Big Bang, Red Giants, the Milky Way, G-Bands, Pulsars, Super Stars and the Solar System.
4 solid hours of fresh generative music c/o the Absolute Value of Noise and its world famous Generator. Ideal for enhancing your dreams or, if sleep is not on your agenda, your reveries.
African Rhythms has been on the air for over twenty three years. Your Host, David Love Jones, plays a heavyweight selection of classics from the past, present, and future. This includes jazz, soul, hip-hop, Afro-Latin, funk, and eclectic Brazilian rhythms. There are also interviews with local and international artists. Truly, a radio show with international flavor.Genre: Dance
Strange and wonderful electronic sounds from the past, present and future: house, ambient, vintage electronics, library music, new age, hauntology, fauxtracks and other obscure genres I'm just going to make up as we go along. Music from parallel worlds, with inane interjections and the occasional sacrifice.
This program showcases "new music" - contemporary classical and experimental music, especially highlighting Vancouver's local performers and composers of new music, to uncover a new musical niche to the broader public in a friendly and accessible manner.
CiTR -- CabaRadio
Host Teddy Smooth & co-host Eroc bring you the inside scoop on the Cabaret, Burlesque and Performance Community in Vancouver and beyond! Enjoy bits, skits, upcoming events, musical guests and a few surprises every week! CabaRadio, it's your ultimate Radio variety show! Email or find "Cabaradio with Teddy Smooth" on facebook.
CiTR -- HotMess
With banging beats of rock, funk., electro and more music from the beautiful DJ Blonde Tron and entertaining banter from some of Vancouver's most seasoned hosts Handsome, Jay and Eddy, HOTMESS is a HOT MIX of party and? well, more party.
An unusual mix of melodic delights that include trance, spokenword, house, punk, ska, reggae, thnorock, swing, pop, blues, world, the new, the old, the weird and more.
Scanning the globe for boundry-pushing sound pioneers, audio-artists, musical eccentrics and plunderphonic pirates. DJ Bleek pays tribute to several surreal broadcasts on experimental radio programs heard occassionally over 30 years of radio enthusiasm. submissions welcome.
CiTR -- Career FastTrack
A show specifically designed to educate and inspire you to Land Your Dream Job! Join host and author Philippe Desrochers as he offers practical success tips to put your career on the FastTrack. The priciples covered are based on the powerful V.A
CiTR -- The Rib
Explore the avant garde world of music with host Robyn Jacob on The Rib. From new electronic and experimental music to improvised jazz and new classical! So weird it could blow your mind!
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show series
Zena Harris, President of Green Spark Group and Creative Director of the Sustainable Production Forum.By CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver.
episode 181, a palindromic episode. clairvoyance through symmetry. capturing the spirit in the air. seeing into the future...By CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver.
Live studio performance from the band Anybodys!By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Election day on Monday! Make sure to vote. Especially if you're progressive.New music from Rapport, Black Marble, Cult Babies and a look at the Peter Ivers comp.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Election day on Monday! Make sure to vote. Especially if you're progressive.New music from Rapport, Black Marble, Cult Babies and a look at the Peter Ivers comp.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
We started teh show with Serra's review of the VIFF film Marriage Story and a few shoutouts to First Pick Handmade Home Decor, and the dance show Spooky Action. We then had an interview with Sarah Leavitt about her new graphic novel: Agnes, Murderess which was a fascinating read. And we ended the show with a number of film reviews recapping VIF ...…
Noting the Canadian Federal elections coming up on Monday, October 21st, Arthur decided to play some songs reflective of his mood surrounding elections in general. Remember to go out and vote! We also have lots of new music this week and some birthdays to be celebrated.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
This is one of the many great bands that drummer Art Blakey led. In honor of his centenary: Blakey was born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania on October 11,1919 so tonight we pay tribute to his Birthday Anniversary, This particular edition lasted from 1961 through to mid 1964 with the same personnel and they achieved a greatness few other groups posses ...…
J.O.M.F.; Julia Kent; Brambles; Windy and Carl; Pan American; Jonsi & Alex Somers; (ph)authers; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Minor Pieces; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Mt. Rave; Majical Cloudz; Brasstronaut; Hollie Kenniff; Peppermoth; Moth Mouth; Francoiz Breut; Jerome Miniere; Frankiie; The Organ; Brian Eno / Karl Hyde & Son Lux.…
news and musicBy CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Ian is back once again on 101.9 CiTR to help you celebrate your “Thanks-give’r” with a cornucopia of new music from Unleash The Archers, Blackwater Holylight, Noisem, Lacuna Coil, Slough Feg, Sheer Mag, Waingro, Gatecreeper, Yellow Eyes and more! We’re gonna preview the big Immolation/Blood Incantation/Auroch show at the Rickshaw this Tuesday, ...…
Pre-recorded show to be aired while I was away at the Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton. Featured music from many of the artists appearing there, plus concert previews and new releases, and a tribute to Cream drummer Ginger Baker who passed away last weekend.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Western Gold Theatre's new artistic director, Tanja Dixon-Warren and Joanna Rannelli and Hillary Filliar of "The Morning After with Pam & Paula".By CiTR 101.9FM Vancouver.
Newly-released Arthur Russell, Jenny Hval, Big Thief & Loving, also: previewing Stereolab and Thrush Hermit's return to the city.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Newly-released Arthur Russell, Jenny Hval, Big Thief & Loving, also: previewing Stereolab and Thrush Hermit's return to the city.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Hello Hello Hello!New songs by Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Good Riddance and SNUFF. Preview of Off With Their Heads and Dead Soft shows.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
UBC football has won, and really, so did everyone else (except for women’s hockey). We also cover volleyball, basketball, rugby, golf, soccer, field hockey, and rowing, all of whom performed well over the weekend. Also we talked to UBC rugby's Shoshanah Seumanutafa as part two of our rugby interview series.…
Issa talks about how we are going back in time to 1937, how we should really be thinking about how we continue to evaluate who we vote for in elections, and get my man back his GD Wheelchair
We started the show with a review of the film Staff Only, and then we had a review of the incredibly funny comedy Birds and Bees. Silvana then talked about the really cool event Sound House which happened at MOA and will have more editions in the future. We then had a few reviews for two other VIFF films: Bacurau, Blood Quantum, and Divine Love ...…
In honour of her birthday, we are featuring the lovely Lynn Morris in our artist feature segment. Plus we have more birthdays to celebrate and lots of new music!By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
This overlooked album was Monk's fourth for Columbia and of course featured his wonderful quartet with his right hand-man, Charlie Rouse on tenor saxophone and two fresh faces in the bass and drum department who would remain with Monk for four years. They are Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums. The Monk Jazz Feature is to honour his Bir ...…
FALSE ALARM!!!!! I AM JUST AN IDIOT!!!!!By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Rapoon; SubtractiveLad; Burger/Ink; Mt. Rave; Michael Brook; Bing & Ruth; Sarah Davachi; Rapoon; 2562; Telefon Tel Aviv; Ami Dang; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Mercan Dede; Tor; Laurie Anderson / Tenzin Choegyal / Jesse Paris Smith; Sink Sinck, Sing; Moth Mouth; Penelope Trappes; Josephine Wiggs; P;ano; Ensemble; Lolina; Neko Case & Out Hud.…
Picked up some new electro house tracks just before the show and mixed 'em in with some old faves.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
news and musicBy CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Coleman and Ian co-host a show chock full of 2019 4th quarter brutality with new music from Bolzer, Vastum,Gatecreeper, Blut Aus Nord, and heaps more.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Looking ahead to next week's Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton, plus previews of concerts here by Mari Boine (Norway), Skerryvore (Scotland), Jontavious Willis (NYC), and The Small Glories (Winnipeg). New releases by Lakou Mizik (Haiti), Kacy & Clayton (SK), and Manamba Kante (Mali) as well.By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
Interview with Weyes Blood (Doylestown , PA) Doot doo !By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver.
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