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Cj Sends Word Podcast
The strength and health podcast dedicated to spreading ideas that matter. Featuring expert interviews and training that will give you the tools to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit for purpose. To help you get your sh*t together. This show is hosted by Cj Swaby, an industry respected Coach, Strength Athlete and Writer, who is based in the UK.
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The Raspberry Ape Podcast
I sit down with strength coaches Andrew Marshall and CJ Swaby. In a relaxed and unplanned podcast we begin talking about men's health week and soon spiral away from there.
Cj Sends Word Podcast: Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition To Get Your Life In Focus.
Beyond Weight loss. Beyond Emotional eating. In this provocative and insightful episode Cj Swaby explores the 5 common traps of emotional eating, and what you can do to overcome them. He highlights the little known facts about the impact both physically and psychologically that occur when we neglect to identify our relationship to food and subs ...…
Cj Sends Word Podcast: Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition To Get Your Life In Focus.
In this episode Coach Cj Swaby shares his own personal and professional expereinces around grief, and practical steps for living when a loved one has died.
Cj Swaby shares his own personal health challenge that he faced in 2013 that almost ended his life with co-host Lina Akbar. He covers the 5 Step process he used to reclaim his health and turn it around. PLUS how you can take charge of your health, and what you should do if you and your doctor disagree. Plus why a positive psychology is so impor ...…
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