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Gold Star Classroom
Trivia for your brain, laughs for your gut.
A candid look at the new big ideas that are transforming classrooms everywhere from a practicing teacher's point of view.
Houston Public Media classical music librarian, Dacia Clay has a secret: she knows next to nothing about classical music. But she wants to learn! Luckily, she's surrounded by classical music experts every day. In each episode of the Classical Classroom, Dacia's colleagues and some local classical music luminaries take turns giving her classical music "homework assignments". You'll learn about everything from bel canto aria to the use of leitmotif in the score to Star Wars. Come learn with us ...
Classroom Crush
Classroom Crush is a podcast hosted by Rebecca Bulnes about the heartbreaking, embarrassing, formative memories of childhood crushes. Every week Rebecca talks to an interesting guest about one of their most memorable crushes from elementary to high school, and also one of her own crushes because she needs to figure out when/why it all went wrong.
There's a rumor going around that classical music is hoity toity. At Classical Classroom, we beg to differ. Come learn with classical music newbie Dacia Clay and the music experts she invites into the Classical Classroom.
John Spencer is passionate about seeing schools embrace creativity and design thinking. In this podcast, he explores the intersection of creative thinking and student learning.
Mark Jones is a creative Children’s Pastor with practical ideas to champion Kid’s Ministry by encouraging and resourcing leaders.
Classroom Q and A
An award-winning English and Social Studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., Larry Ferlazzo is the author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves: In this show Larry pursues practical answers To Classroom challenges.
Classroom Master
Dedicated to helping new teachers, substitute and anyone else who is in charge of a classroom.
Classroom Teaching
A weekly podcast with reflections and strategies for budding Jewish education professionals.
The FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Classroom podcast brings together experts from across the industry to teach you cutting edge real estate investing tips and advice. From leaders like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisors and leaders like Michael Blank, Greg Reid, Nate Armstrong, Kent Clothier, Matt Andrews, Matt Theriault, Jason Hartman, Justin Williams, Duncan Wierman, Larry Goins, Tom Krol, Todd Toback and many more. Whether you're new or a veteran real estate investor, and whether you're ...
The FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Classroom podcast brings together experts from across the industry to teach you cutting edge real estate investing tips and advice. From leaders like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisors and leaders like Michael Blank, Greg Reid, Nate Armstrong, Kent Clothier, Matt Andrews, Matt Theriault, Jason Hartman, Justin Williams, Duncan Wierman, Larry Goins, Tom Krol, Todd Toback and many more. Whether you're new or a veteran real estate investor, and whether you're ...
Travel Nursing Classroom provides unbiased travel nursing advice from professionals across the industry. No selling or recruiters here. Just Travel Nursing Info.
Teaching is hard - there is no doubt about that! Whether you are a brand new teacher right out of the gate or you have put in many years of service - we all feel the pressure to be successful. On those hard days of endless meetings discussing ever changing standards, more rigor, testing, behavior issues, and calling parents - we can lose sight of why we became teachers in the first place. And when that happens, it makes it much harder to do our job. Memoirs of a Classroom is a weekly reminde ...
Classroom 2.0 LIVE
Archive and Resources
School for frustrated Tennis Elbow sufferers – Break your vicious cycle!
The Drug Classroom
The Drug Classroom is an educational resource focused on drugs, drug policy, and related areas.We cover a range of topics, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and history. Since drugs are never going to leave society, it only makes sense to provide good information about them.
Providing Accessible Internet Resources around the globe.
This podcast is full of lesson and activities that teach math with technology. With the use of programs such as Google Earth, Youtube, Logger Pro, Grapher, Geometer's Sketchpad, and Notebook just to name a few teachers can make math come to life.
Classroom Geeks
The weekly Classroom Geeks podcasts discuss everything of interest to teachers using educational technology, from websites to email,from overhead projectors to PowerPoint, from word processing to spreadsheets, from PCs to Macs.
John Gleason presents...UNDERGROUND CLASSROOMA look into the thoughts, struggles, and successes of elementary students.Recorded somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.All music written and recorded by Jeremy Benson.
Classroom Videos
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Lecture Videos.
Classroom Chatter
The hottest podcast on campus.
A film studies podcast by teachers who wish they had majored in film.
This is a feed of pages for Classrooms of Tomorrow
Edtech news and how-to’s for the 21st century learning environment.
The Drug Classroom
The Drug Classroom is an educational resource focused on drugs, drug policy, and related areas.We cover a range of topics, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and history. Since drugs are never going to leave society, it only makes sense to provide good information about them.
An in depth look at the world of education
Join Trenton Goble and other educators, thought leaders, and experts for the Reclaiming the Classroom Podcast Series as they explore the most important issues facing K-12 educators today.
Classroom to Boardroom gives college students and recent graduates the valuable information that is needed to make a successful transition from college into their careers. No matter what part of the process they struggle with, we deliver expert knowledge and experience to give these soon-to-be workers the inside edge.
Digital storytelling in the elementary classroom—and beyond!
Audio and video podcasts covering the many areas of edtech
The podcast that explore how Chromebooks are impacting the K-12 classroom.
A podcast for anyone interested in STEAMing up their teaching practices. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. Check out for much more information!
Open Classroom
A compilation of thoughts and questions about education.
Highlighting Amazing Teachers and Their Practices
Through Connected Classrooms we can accomplish our mission to break down the four classroom walls, using 21st century technology to share student voice. This podcast features collaborated thinking from Boone County students along with students nationwide. Please support our mission by sharing our story.
Hello and welcome to Pineapple Classrooms, a blog and podcast celebrating the teachers of Albuquerque! Pineapple Classrooms is a collaborative project that works to bring teachers together through shared stories and honest conversations.
Beyond the Classroom is a podcast series about what 5 college students are doing outside of their college classrooms to prepare themselves for their future careers.
journalism, education, journalism education, and education journalism
"Creating Engagement in the Classroom: Understanding the challenges of the modern learning environment" explores the opportunity for technology in the classroom, from both sides of the podium. San Diego State University (SDSU) Lecturer Kevin Popović and SDSU student Ryan Vanshur chatted after class one day, identifying problems—and opportunities—within the higher-education classroom. Vanshur shared what he considered best practices from professors—what works and what works better in deliveri ...
A weekly podcast discussing and debating the structures, practices, technologies, and values of the greatest classroom on planet earth in the 21st Century: Classroom 21. Join your hosts James Simms, Marta Soteras and Mike Prior as they welcome guests and influencers to discuss and shape Classroom 21. Aimed at teachers and middle managers in secondary education in Europe and North America, Classroom 21 will be challenging, provocative and unflinchingly honest about where we are in education t ...
Chris "Shoof" Scheufele is a teacher, speaker, author, social skills educator, bullying expert, youth leader and student leadership advisor. Step into his classroom for lessons, interviews and commentaries about the issues facing the youth of today and real world solutions to those problems.
Welcome to Musings from a Corner Classroom, the latest in trends in middle school history education and a little bit of pop culture as well
Explores current issues and topics in education and how they relate to teaching and students.
Mike Fleetham is a learning design consultant, author and executive coach who works with teachers and learners worldwide to make education more effective and enjoyable.
Podcast by Future Classroom Podcast English
Those Who Can
Those Who Can is a podcast for teachers, talking through all things educational! Each week we will be interviewing teachers and getting to know the stories behind their work in the classroom. From investigating the best and worst lessons that have been taught, through to discussion about pedagogical theories and techniques, this show is for all teachers looking to build and develop their practice.
Teacher. Maker. Mom.
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Secession is in the news and is a hot topic right now in a couple of places. I'll tell you all about it here. Also, What's in the News with stories on voluntary charity, forced allergies, violent cop facing justice, cops dismissed, and UN child brainwashing. And, finally a Muh Roads segment on a man who is building a road to his business by him ...…
Today, Jason Fritton goes over the need to always remember the basic fundamentals of smart real estate investing in each and every deal you consider. Jason Fritton emphasizes the need to research the cap rates, comps, neighborhood demographics, job growth in the area. In addition, there’s also a need to research the borrower. If you'd like to l ...…
Techstination, your destination for gadgets and gear. I’m Fred Fishkin. RoboKind’s different approach to using robots for education, RoboKind has developed robots that are fun for kids to learn to program ….whether they are in the classroom…or at home. While Chief Operating Officer Dr...By (Fred Fishkin).
Weekely updates for our school and classroom.
Sam Crowell is professor emeritus at California State University, San Bernardino. He is the founder of the Masters Program in Holistic and Integrative Education and is also a founding member of the Network in Spirituality and Education. Currently, he serves as a doctoral faculty member at Cal State and is an affiliate faculty of the UNESCO Chai ...…
EyeSpyeAlex interviews voice actress Monica Rial about her work on Dragonball Z, Assassination Classroom and My Hero Academia!
Some elementary classrooms are using open badges for competency acquisition by students. In today’s show, Amy Cooper talks about how this is done, the advantages, and insights on student motivation. Show Notes: April 26 is #PowerofEcon day with a noon ET Twitter chat and lots of financial literacy resources. Sponsore ...…
According to the US Department of Education, 56% of American students will be students of color by 2024. Yet today, just 18% of teachers are teachers of color. In today's episode of Parents Engaging Parents, Altorice is joined by two educators to discuss this disparity, how it impacts student outcomes, and what innovative educators are doing to ...…
Dr. Small and Isaiah Sterling sit down and chat with educator Mark Allen. Allen takes them on a journey into student voice and choice regarding a math classroom!
Welcome to the classroom motherfuckers! In episode twelve we have Jagan talking about demons and shit...again Don't get too scared and enjoyYou can visit us on Twitter and Facebook.Let's get socially awkward!Twitter ...…
The earliest Christians thrived through the generous hospitality of others.In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy explores the top five ways we can embody the spirit of Christian hospitality in our modern lifestyles.Tracy Bejotte, Chief Operating Officer of Caritas Communities, discusses how her organization brings Christian values to afforda ...…
From a Political Science and Public Administration major to the President of a MLS club – kudos to you Tom Fox. Tom’s business career and success has spanned all sides of sports marketing – brand, league, agency and now team. He earned his stripes at Quaker, Nike, Gatorade, NBA, Arsenal, Aston Villa before joining the San Jose Earthquakes. He h ...…
Karen Bosch explains why Merge Cubes are so hot, how they are being used in classrooms, and how she’s using them to build critical thinking and creativity in her school. Join Merge Cube Mania! Show Notes: Legends of Learning has awesome free science games and activities to celebrate earth day on April 22. coolcatteac ...…
Gary, Lyn and Dee are joined by Sean Cayton. We discuss a variety of topics this week. We have a lot to say about Rep. Lamborn’s possible omission from the upcoming primary ballot this year. We discuss the congressman’s view of the military — yea for privatization, nay for the social safety net. (A large number of our young enlisted personnel d ...…
Starting Somewhere delivers insight and stories that demystify the internship landscape. Work has changed. When employers want more than a grade, and candidates are demanding as much of their employer as their employer is of them. Internships are a crucial bridge from the classroom to the workplace.
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized global, peer-to-peer file system. IPFS combines ideas from BitTorrent, Git, and Bitcoin, creating a new way to store and access objects across the Internet. When you access an object on almost any website, you are accessing the object via a location address—a URL. The URL tells you where ...…
In this episode, Superintendent Kathy Mears spends time with Our Lady of the Assumption (Lynnfield) Librarian Mary Gaeta. In this wide-ranging conversation, Kathy and Mary discuss the many benefits of Twitter, how professional development helps the both of them in their careers, and how to bring a global perspective into the classroom. Mary als ...…
In our fourth episode of the Teachers on Fire podcast, we chat with Adam Stefiuk, high school teacher and acting vice principal at the Energetic Learning Campus, part of the North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. In this interview, Adam shares his solution to the challenges he faced with classroom management ea ...…
In this episode, Denise Gagne demonstrates the value of having unpitched instruments in a preschool classroom. Example songs and chants from our Musicplay Pre-K curriculum are used, including Hello Beat Chant, Let's Play Instruments, Play & Stop, Chook Chook, Mm Ah Went The Little Green Frog, Five Little Ducks.…
Transcribed by Grecia Ramirez Almost live from beautiful San Diego, it s coverage of CSUN 2018, featuring team coverage from across the Exhibit Hall and beyond, brought to you by the American Foundation for the Blind. On the American Foundation for the Blind web site, you ll find everything you need to know about blindness and ...…
Timeline References Guest(s) Quotes Conversations Ideas Hosts Today we hear from two sides of experience on the leadership development spectrum. Our first guest is Geoff Surratt, a ministry veteran with 35 years of experience in growing start-up churches and teams, who shares principles from Jesus’ leadership we can apply to our churches today. ...…
A couple quick thoughts about copyrighted works and posting or re-using information online. This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive look at the issue. Episode image from pixabay.comSHOWNOTES H/T to Beth Holland and Richard Byrne ...…
Devon talks with poet and fellow PhD student Maya Borhani about how teachers can infuse poetry in their classrooms. Maya also shares research methodology and methods based on poetry and poetic inquiry. Tune in today for an engaging conversation with a renowned poet!
Kelsey Bradley founded her nonprofit Design Cause Inc. 9 months after graduating from university. Within a year she raised $35,000, enough to build a series of classrooms she had designed while in school. With the money secured she moved to rural Cameroon for a few months to oversee construction, manage the finances, and document the successful ...…
Ben and Austin dive into a conversation with Nick Ayers. Nick is a (now former) Division 1 basketball player at Northern Kentucky University. They talk about the lifestyle, training, recovery and balance that a college basketball player has to master in order to thrive on the court and in the class room. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●To apply f ...…
I hop on the mic for a quick Liberation Library Episode about my most recent read "America's War for the Greater Middle East" by Retired Army Col. Andrew Bacevich. In short, this is a best first book to read for foreign policy newbies. Pick up a copy of "America's War for the Greater Middle East" (Amazon Affiliate Link) Liberation Library [7] i ...…
Inspired by the CCSS conference and the technology integration, I take the challenge and try some new things in class with some success.
We All Scream for Green Screens! Fun and Engaging Technology. We can't come to your classroom to set it up, but you can learn how to do it with little-to-no-prep! Special guests - Julie Smith from The Techie Teacher and Anita Goodwin from Goodwinnovate will walk you through how your students can create amazing videos using teacher-ready and stu ...…
Listen in as I chat with my teacher friend Paula. She shares some valuable insights about the crossover between the strategies she uses inside the classroom and the ones she uses at home. *The strategies that teachers use in the classroom are valuable outside the classroom. You know this. It's time everyone had access to the things teachers kno ...…
In this episode, three Kentucky public school teachers — Diane McKim, Chris Applegate, and Robert Bell — discuss SB151, the wildcat sickout, potential job actions, the 2004 Kentucky teacher strike that almost happened, and disrespect for public school teachers. Download episode 21.
Learn about virtual worlds with Western New York educator, Andrew Wheelock. Andrew is currently the PLN Leader for the ISTE Virtual Environments Network. Hear how classrooms are using this technology in multiple content areas.
In this episode I’m talking with Josh Southard about the world of Orff Schulwerk and the instruments often used in Orff classrooms. We talk about how to get kids started on the instruments, pitched percussion exploration, instrument tips and tricks, how many/what kind of instruments to purchase, some instrument care ideas, and lots more! Resour ...…
Jeff Veley is back in the classroom with a lesson about coping skills.
This week's guest is Alex Goldstein, Director of The Fridge DC. The Fridge DC is an art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom located on Barracks Row in the historic Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, DC.By (Full Service Radio).
Kim Marshall is the publisher of the Marshall Memo, "a weekly roundup of important ideas and research in K-12 education." He's been at it for 15 years. Prior to the Marshall Memo, Kim was a classroom teacher, curriculum designer for Boston Public Schools, and a school principal. We talked about content curation, teacher evaluation systems, the ...…
Rebecca Chambers is a Social Science Teacher at John McCrae SS in Ottawa, Canada. A couple of weeks ago she emailed me, explaining that her classroom was a hub of amazing student projects. She was right.She can be found on twitter @MrsRChambers and you can follow her blog at Cameron Lamoureux is a grade 12 student at Jo ...…
In 141, Phil interviews bitcoin pioneer and legend Trace Mayer to discuss the bitcoin, financial education, gold and more! John is getting ready for his wedding, so he missed the interview of a lifetime.Twitter: @TraceMayerPodcast: VERSION: CONTENT: https://www.pat ...…
Hr 1: Conservative student punished for exposing university bias. AND... Corey Duncan says every police officer is NOT on a witch-hunt trying to kill a black man. Get real! Hr 2: Easter or Resurrection Day? AND... Pastor David Hegg asks, did the chocolate bunny come off the cross, or was it Jesus? It's bait and switch. Come for the Easter Bunny ...…
Promoting Teacher Education and Teacher Development. Encouraging early and inclusive educators actors to be in the classroom and help parents and teachers with different topics in early childhood. Sara Wasserman, Early Childhood Director, Blaustein Early Childhood Center.
2:08 Kurt Wagner from Recode details how Facebook is cutting itself off from third-party data aggregators. 17:53 Carolina Milanesi from Creative Strategies compares Apple's recent education product announcement to Chromebooks in the classroom. 33:21 Andy Kroll from Mother Jones details the background of Cambridge Analytica and what led up to Fa ...…
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