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Cleft Club Radio - podcast for cleft lip & palate community
First podcast for the cleft lip and palate community. Find out the latest in happenings in your neighborhood and around the world. Send in events, personal stories, comments to be read on the air. And most important, have fun!
Basket of Thoughts - a personal podcast of everyday life and hobbies
A personal podcast about my everyday life and my varied interests such as cleft lip and palate, classic comedy (from Charlie Chaplin to the Smothers Brothers), being a liberal Christian and learning about other religions, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, music (classical, rock, jazz, ragtime, soundtracks, etc), pc gamer, history buff, being married and raising my daughter, playing some indie music, and whatever else I feel is interesting to talk about.
CleftCast is a podcast dedicated to helping and informing the cleft and craniofacial community through real-life stories and information.
All About Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding with confidence|inspiring stories|expert advice
Lori Jill Isenstadt from All About Breastfeeding is on a mission to normalize breastfeeding..... all around the world. Learn from mothers who are actively breastfeeding, sharing their personal stories of breastfeeding with ease and babies who just know exactly what to do. Hear intimate stories from mothers about their struggles and pain with breastfeeding. Everyday moms sharing extraordinary stories of what life was like behind their breastfeeding doors. Get help with common concerns such as ...
Cleft, Uniting Families
We found out our son had a cleft lip at birth, it was a shock but more shocking was the ammount of information that there was out there and we didn't know.
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Operation Restore Hope is a charity that surgically repairs cleft lips and palates for underprivileged children in the Philippines. This is the 20th year in which a team of NZ medical staff will head there. Dr Tristan De Chalain is a paediatric and cranio facial surgeon who has been with Operation Restore Hope on every one of its 20 missions.…
Description Applied Learning sounds intriguing in concept, but what does it look like on the ground? … brass tacks? Is it applicable to the classroom, really? Well, today we talk with students of Concordia’s Social Entrepreneurship Applied Learning class. These students run a business, from product development and design, to financials, to mark ...…
In January 2017 Sanjana and Nandini set out to raise money to support the need for a cause they were passionate about, funding cleft lip surgeries across the world. While still in high school, they set out on a mission to sell bracelets to support the cause and formed Side By Side Smiles. What started as a small initiative quickly took a turn t ...…
Lion Heart Living EmpoweRadio
Today’s episode is expanding on what is Lion Heart Living and who is this guy Spencer Dearing? I talk about a birth defect I was born with called Cleft Lip & Palate. As well, I get into how I want to give back to others. Get to know Me and my Brand, have a listen!
Learn how you can help with our Christmas soldier outreach Sermon Notes: Soli Deo Gloria Introduction: Probably when you hear the phrase Soli Deo Gloria you think of the Christmas song “Angels We Have Heard on High.” The chorus goes: Gloria, in excelsis Deo Gloria, in excelsis Deo I’m sure many have wondered what those Latin words mean. While n ...…
Recorded at Dr. Olack's Office . In this episode Birdman chats with Dr. Olack about options/decisions if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and reconstructive surgery after/with mastectomy. Video @ If you have any questions, contact the office: (928) 537-6767. Office is located at 2450 E Show Low Lake Road, Sui ...…
Facial clefts occur in nearly one out of 600 births in the United States and are the most common birth defects treated by pediatric plastic surgeons. Clefts of the lip and palate are complex conditions, which affect not only the child’s appearance and self-esteem, but also a child’s ability to breathe, speak, hear and eat properly. Because of t ...…
Las Vegas Rotary Club Weekly Speaker
The post The Wheel for August 10, 2017 appeared first on Las Vegas Rotary Club.
Maria was pregnant with her son Chase, and during a prenatal ultrasound doctors found a cleft lip and some umbilical cord abnormalities. After chase was born, testing revealed Chase was missing part of a chromosome on the Q branch. Chase is the only known person with this condition in it's severity in the whole world.…
Doctors told Lacey throughout her pregnancy, that her unborn son Christian had many complications. Once Christian was born, doctors diagnosed him with Tessier Cleft lip and palate with Micropthalmia. Lacey says although it can be difficult when people stare, or give her looks filled with pity, Christian has has brought them an incredible amount ...…
H.O.T. House of Truth's Podcast
“God does not want our affection, He wants our love. God does not want our lips, He wants our heart. When your love is where it supposed to be, affection will happen automatically. So you won’t need a date night with Jesus (Sundays meeting). It will happen naturally. “I am trying to love”. Stop trying and just abive in the vine. Love has power, ...…
Special Edition: Conversation w/ Jedidiah Ballard Jedidiah Ballard was the 2016 Men's Health Ultimate Guy, he's a former Army Ranger, current Emergency Physician & was even voted "the gold standard for apocalyptic boyfriends." However, you may remember him best as one of the number of impressive men who went home night one, during Rachel's seas ...…
Dr. Nguyen is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Nguyen completed his graduate studies at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, followed by full general surgery training at the New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital in New York City where he served as the acad ...…
Off The Chain
Sherry Rentschler is a multi-award-winning, multi-genre author, writing coach and speaker. Currently, she has authored one photography book (I Wish You Joy), three books of poetry (Paper Bones, By Light Betrayed, Poetry of the Vampires; The Book of Now) and Midnight Assassin – A Tale of Lust and Revenge, a dark urban fantasy novella. Her most r ...…
New Testament: Acts 8: 21-40 20“A curse on you and on your money,” Peter exclaimed, “for thinking that God’s free gift can be bought with gold! 21You have no share or part in our message, for your heart is not right with God. 22Therefore repent of this wickedness of yours, and pray to the Lord, that, if possible, you may be forgiven for such a ...…
The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast: Running Tips | Running Advice | Running Interviews | Running Inspiration | 5k |10k | Half-Marathon | 26.2 | Marathon | Couch to 5K | C25K
Alright, goal crushers in this episode we talk with Chris Holley. Chris is a 4-time Ironman finisher, adult swim coach, and triathlon coach. In this podcast, Chris talks to us about who he is, how he went from 400 pounds to 4-time Ironman finisher, and lastly, he gives new runners advice to help them crush their goals. “When you change the way ...…
Rooster Radio - Business & Personal Growth Insights & Stories from Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Business, Health, Tech & More
Professor David David, the world’s leading craniofacial expert, has spent three decades restoring dignity for thousands of patients from all corners of the globe.Professor David performs “everyday miracles” for people who would otherwise be facing conditions that are limiting, debilitating and often life-threatening - such as distortion of the ...…
Iowa City Public Library - One of a Kind
Ellen Buchanan interviews Dr. Janusz Bardach, international pioneer in cleft lip and palate surgery, and retired chair of the University of Iowa Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology.
Iowa City Public Library - One of a Kind
Ellen Buchanan interviews Dr. Janusz Bardach, international pioneer in cleft lip and palate surgery, and retired chair of the University of Iowa Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology.
The night sky this month
Northern Hemisphere Ian Morison tells us what we can see in the northern hemisphere night sky during March 2017. Highlights of the Month 1st-4th March - after sunset: Three planets and (on the 1st) a very thin crescent Moon. On these nights, Venus is 12 degrees down to the lower right of Mars, both in the southwest, and between them lies Uranus ...…
In the United States, nearly 6,800 babies are born with oral-facial clefts annually. The Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Institute at St. Louis Children's Hospital, established in 1978 as part of the Division of Plastic Surgery, is the largest and oldest center of its kind in the Midwest. The team has treated more than 4,000 patients with cleft l ...…
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr Genecov has been practicing in the orthodontic field for many years, and the enjoyment and thrill of achieving excellent results are always very exciting to him. He feels very fortunate to be able to help the people in his community gain confidence and self-esteem, as well as a smile they can be proud to show off. His commitment to patients ...…
Mending Faces is a Colorado based organization that goes on yearly missions to the Philippines to provide cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for children. The Philippines has one of the highest rates of cleft lip and cleft palate in the world. The team travels from all over the world once a year, paying their own way, to help these children a ...…
"Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you." - Unknown. Holly Knutsen has learned the depths of meaning in this quote as the mother of a child born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. Her son, Brock, was born on February 22, 2014, an otherwise healthy baby. In this episode, Holly shares the sto ...…
PRS Journal Club
The PRS Journal Club and special guest moderator Dr. Maurice Nahabedian to discuss the following articles from the January 2017 issue: " Risk Factor Analysis for Capsular Contracture, Malposition, and Late Seroma in Subjects Receiving Natrelle 410 Form-Stable Silicone Breast Implants,” by McGuire et al. "Late Surgical Site Infection in Immediat ...…
PRS Journal Club
The PRS Journal Club and special guest moderator Dr. William Adams, Jr to discuss the following articles from the October 2016 issue: "The Profunda Artery Perforator Flap Experience for Breast Reconstruction” by Allen et al. "Fully Awake Breast Reduction," by Filson et al "Barriers to Reconstructive Surgery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: ...…
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