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Ang Dan-ag sa Kamatuoran @
Ang nga programa nga kabahin sa ministeryong bulohaton nang Thru the Bible sa tibuok kalibutan. Ang seris niana sa orihinal gidisinyo ni Dr. J. Vernon McGee ug gipanghubad ug ge-adap sa dili moubos sa usa ka gatus (100) ka mga lenguahe ug pinulongan. Gituyo kini nga mahimong 30-minute programa sa radyo kada adlaw nga sistematikong magadala sa tigpaminawan sa tibuok Biblia. Ug karon mao usab gihapon kanang mga programaha ang anaa kaninyo sa online. Mapasalamaton kami nga gipili ninyo nga masa ...
"Digital" DJ Vic - Essence Of House
"Digital" Dj VicOriginally from Brooklyn, New York I got started Dj ing in the late 80's at the early age of 13 and by the 90's I was old enough to play in some clubs. I was perfecting my craft when this new sound called HOUSE music came around and that was it I was hooked. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 and got involved in its club scene and thats where I met Nader. He was an up and coming DJ and reminded me a lot of how I got started and we became friends and started doing some gigs t ...
If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha ...
Zeru's Mix & Podcasts
ZERU's Upcoming GigsFri 20 May, 16 FESTIVAL LES FOURCHETTES SONIQUES, Parc des Expositions, Tours, FrancePowered by GigaToolsSince he started mixing, Zeru has always fought to cross black music (Hip Hop, Soul, Funk…) and Electronic music, particularly House music. Today, he keeps striving to push the sound forward and upward seeking the best in the underground culture in order to bring it to the masses.He started in 2010 and was one of the first in France to introduce the Moombahton genre. H ...
Patric la Funk's "Planet Funk" Radioshow
promos: promoplf@gmail.comBiographyFor over ten years now, the name Patric La Funk has been a guarantee for emotion-packed electronic dance music, with a diversity that spans through the whole spectrum of the genre. With tracks like “Autosave” and gigs in some of the most renowned clubs in the world, Patric has become a top player on the international music scene.Energy filled tracks and crowd moving live sets have become a trademark for the man named Patric La Funk. Gigs all over the world ...
DJ Pacifico
DJ/Producer DJ Pacifico, formerly (DJ Pornstar), has been pumping out ridiculous beats since 2004. His abilities on the decks have garnered him gigs at some of the largest Parties and with some of the most well-known Promoters in North America. He has played amazing sets at over 30 Pride Events over the years, and donated his talents to many Charitable Organizations; giving back to the community whenever he can. P0RNSTAR was rated in the "TOP 5 Sexiest American DJ's" in 2011 by Noize Magazin ...
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Trong cuộc sống, sự thất bại và thất vọng là không thể tránh được. Mình cảm thấy ngày nay phần lớn mọi người đều mong muốn có một công việc nhàn hạ, công việc đơn giản, không cần làm việc khó khăn. Mình tôn trọng việc đó nhưng mình tin rằng bạn sẽ phát triển nhất, trở nên trưởng thành nhất khi đối mặt với những khó khăn và thử thách. Và nếu bạn ...…
Here is the link to the painting we discuss if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me at the_beccaeller on twitter or by using #REToldpod. Thanks for listening!
Y Jehová iba delante de ellos de día en una columna de nube para guiarlos por el camino, y de noche en una columna de fuego para alumbrarles, a fin de que anduviesen de día y de noche. Nunca se apartó de delante del pueblo la columna de nube de día, ni de noche la columna de fuego. Éxodo 13:21-22
enseñándoles que guarden todas las cosas que os he mandado; y he aquí yo estoy con vosotros todos los días, hasta el fin del mundo. Amén. Mateo 28:20
Si tomamos decisiones sin consultar la palabra de Dios, estamos condenados hacer mal gobernados.
Tagalog Short Works - Vol. 1 by VARIOUS
Idag offentliggjordes att den belarusiska författaren Svetlana Aleksijevitj får Nobelpriset i litteratur 2015. Hon lever i Minsk i Belarus* men skriver på ryska, kallad ”Den sista sovjetiska författaren.” Omedelbart blev det politik av det. När ett så stort pris som Nobelpriset sätter strålkastarljuset på ett författarskap så är det svårt att d ...…
The Time Scoop Podcast
Our first "Extra Scoop" episode! Every few weeks we'll be doing a shorter episode outside of the fantasy draft format to discuss various topics that come up along the way. In this episode, moderator M.A. Solko discusses his origins as a Doctor Who fan and how it informs the fantasy draft podcast. The portraits for sale in the Intergalactic Trad ...…
Radio Chân Trời Mới » Thế Kỷ Của Chúng Ta
TNLT Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn Phỏng vấn cô Nani Jansen, giám đốc của Tổ chức Bảo Vệ Luật Pháp cho Giới Truyền Thông (Media Legal Defence Initiative – MLDI) về vụ án của TNLT Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn. Nani Jansen RadioCTM: Chúng tôi là Trúc Linh của Đài Phát Thanh Chân Trời Mới. Hôm nay chúng tôi được hân hạnh nói chuyện với bà Nani ...…
Internet Advisor » Podcast Feed
Show Notes: Windows 8.1 Update Has Arrived Everything you need to know about this latest and biggest upgrade to Windows 8. Justin Coffey, Tech Solutions Professional from Apex Digital leads the discussion. Biggest changes, new features, how to upgrade and more. Supersite for Windows Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 Paul Thurott is the premiere a ...…
Ang lahat ng Cristiano ay may "dual citizenship." Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Paano natin magagawa ang responsibilidad natin bilang citizens of two kingdoms? Ano ang "primary allegiance" natin?
Today in iOS Podcast - The Unofficial iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch News and iPhone Apps Podcast
Links Mentioned in this Episode: iOs 4_2 walk through iOS 4.2 improves iPhone 3G performance Stay tuned: Big announcement from Apple Tuesday - Daring Fireball: Regarding Ashok Kumar's Track Record on Apple Our Android tablet experiment has failed miserably | ZDNet Whit ...…
Tracklist:Hour 1 - Martin Grey:01. E-Mantra - Need You02. Gabriele Brunno - Red Window (N.B.G. Chilling Remix) 03. BT - Mercury & Solace (Monostoria Chillout Remix) 04. Mars Needs Lovers feat. Ange - Angel Tears (Jack Jamming ReMars) 05. Kayot - Air06. Derek The Bandit & James Nelson feat. Marcie - One (Original Mix) 07. Michael Witness - 18 Da ...…
Conversations on Cinematography
Willy Kurant, ASC, AFC is interviewed by Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC about his work on Orson Welles’ 1969 production created for French television, Une Historie Immortelle (The Immortal Story).Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC won an ASC Outstanding Achievement Award for Uprising and a Bronze Frog from the Camerimage International Film Festival of Cinematograp ...…
The Comic Book Attic
Back issue reviews of The Bull Calf and Other Tales, Atom and Hawkman #42, Life With Archie #52, and The Original Shield #1 & 2! Pat returns with a review of Action Comics #844! Special review of Plastic Farm #2 &3! Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders. (24:06) The Comic Book Attic is now on iTunes!…
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