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Best ColdNorth Productions podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best ColdNorth Productions podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Disapointing our parents since we picked up a controller HardReset is the only podcast from DoomCat Productions where we discuss video games inside and out. Check out the rest of our content at www.doomcatproductions.com and join in on the conversation by following us on Twitter @DoomCatTeam and do all that other social media junk as well. And of course don't forget to RESET!
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The game awards nominees were announced and to Ben's dissapointment Red Dead Redemption 2 wasnt nominated once! See everything we do all in one spot over at ColdNorthPro.comBy ColdNorth Productions
For the first time in ten years the answer to the question of Half-Life 3 is not an unequivicabal no! www.coldnorthpro.comBy ColdNorth Productions
Delay claus has come to town and brough bad news with him. Also Fallout 1st is the biggest disaster for Bethesda since Fallout 76! ColdNorthPro.comBy ColdNorth Productions
This weeks news in just a few minutes and our discussions on whether video games are best adapted as Movies or TV shows. Listen up!By ColdNorth Productions
This week we discuss the news but more importantly we decide who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of video games! Check out Eleven 17 Studios on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCobFVtivdSxqXdtXQv6OUxgBy ColdNorth Productions
Handheld games are great for being antisocial. So Listen in to our discussion on which handheld console we think is the best.By ColdNorth Productions
Sony was kind enough to put on a State of Play just hours before we recorded this podcast.By ColdNorth Productions
Jack becomes a demigod and we discuss what will happen with him in the future of gears during our spoilercast of Gears 5!By ColdNorth Productions
We all played Control this week and discussed it for about an hour, you should listen to that.By ColdNorth Productions
GamesCom so hot right now! Discussing the news this week and GamesCom announcements!By ColdNorth Productions
Video games are disappearing from store shelves and you should be concerned about it! ColdNorthPro.comBy ColdNorth Productions
It's been 100 episodes of HardReset and as a result we are putting together the list of the five games everyone new to gaming should play...also Ben is beligirently drunk.By ColdNorth Productions
If you could wipe one game from your memory to play it for the first time again which would it be? Also a bunch of Nintendo Switch news.By ColdNorth Productions
Half way into 2019 and its time to check in on Game of the year watch!By ColdNorth Productions
Square Enix's Avengers game didnt get a whole lot of love at E3 this year. Listen in as we discuss what it could possibly be and what we think could make it work.By ColdNorth Productions
Listen in for our thoughts on E3 2019.By ColdNorth Productions
It's that time of year again...E3 predictions! Listen in for a hot take on the new nintendogs about caring for house plants coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii! See everything at ColdNorthPro.com see Evan's channel over at eleven 17 studios. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCobFVtivdSxqXdtXQv6OUxg…
Its long overdue but here are our thoughts around some of the spoilers of Red Dead Redemption 2...also this weeks news!By ColdNorth Productions
Discussing this weeks call of duty news, playstation production, PS5 backwards compatibility, and the unholy union of Sony and Microsoft finally coming together.By ColdNorth Productions
State of Play and discussion around the news over the past week. Listen up!By ColdNorth Productions
Listen in as we discuss this weeks news and some of our most unpopular opinions!By ColdNorth Productions
Weeklly news round up including Switch 8.0, Dreams news, GTA 6 leaks, a Saints Row movie, and our reaction to the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer!By ColdNorth Productions
Our discussion on this weeks news and Nathan's wildest dreams!By ColdNorth Productions
Whats up in the news! Listen to our thoughts on the news over the past week and where we think the line should be drawn when it comes to censorship in video games.By ColdNorth Productions
Time to discuss the weekly news and what we have been playing!By ColdNorth Productions
Google Stadia is coming and we are here to talk all about it! Also some news.By ColdNorth Productions
The Nintnedo Switch turned two this week! Listen in to hear what some of our highlights of the first two years of the Switch have been and what we hope to see in year three!By ColdNorth Productions
Spoiler talk for Resident Evil 2 remake. What we thought of this weeks news, what we have been playing, and our in depth conversation on RE2. listen up!By ColdNorth Productions
We love Apex Legends and we are here to discuss what the game has to offer and what it can do better moving forward!By ColdNorth Productions
Finally the end of the launch title showdown! Will the GameCube pull off the big win or will the 360 walk away victorious? Will Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 finallly get the respect it deserves? Find out this week on HardReset!By ColdNorth Productions
The thrilling second round to our randomized bracket of console launch lineups happens in your ears right now!By ColdNorth Productions
Launch titles can make or break a consoles life early on. Listen in as we discuss our brackett to determine one of the best launch lineups of all time.By ColdNorth Productions
What have been some of the biggest missteps in gaming history? Tune in to hear what we think and join us for some news in this weeks discussion.By ColdNorth Productions
What video game trends would you like to see make a comeback in 2019? Listen in as we discuss which memories of yesteryear we would like to relive.By ColdNorth Productions
What sequels did you want that never happened? Listen in as we discuss why there was never a Star Wars Droidworks 2 and other missing games.By ColdNorth Productions
What were the best game of 2018 and the best games we played in 2018? Tune in to find out! Also listen to Andrew rant about Subnautica multiple times per episode.By ColdNorth Productions
Some of the worst video games of 2018 deserve discussion. Listen in as we discuss Agony, Shaq-Fu, Metal Gear Survive, Battlefield 5, and Fallout 76! Reset!By ColdNorth Productions
The PlayStation classic is super disappointing so we did Sony a favor and made an entire podcast about the games that should have been on it. Sony when you make the PS2 classic hit us up.By ColdNorth Productions
It's that time of year again! Time for all of us to argue about what will be winning at The Game Awards, listen in to hear our predictions and how we predict God of War and Red Dead will win everything even the categories they arent nominated for.By ColdNorth Productions
PSTV was a terrible product that should have been great and I wanted an excuse to rant about it for several minutes so we did an episode on micro consoles. Listen up!By ColdNorth Productions
We spend a lot of time with controllers in our hands so its worth discussing them in depth and thats exactly what we did!By ColdNorth Productions
Do you like sex? Do you like video games? What about sex in video games? When you see sex in an application do you write yes please? Listen to us talk about protesters, Hillary Clinton, and other various topics regarding sexual intercourse in video games!By ColdNorth Productions
Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold a few copies. Listen to our thoughts and initial impressions of the game. Also some news and shit.By ColdNorth Productions
Music has the ability to make a good video game a great video game. Listen to our intimate fireside chat where we discuss music in video games.By ColdNorth Productions
We discuss all the spoilers that we feel like with regards to Spider-Man PS4. Spoiler alert it's a good game.By ColdNorth Productions
Are you nostalgic for shitty video games? We sure as hell are! Let us know what youre nostalgic for.By ColdNorth Productions
Listen to our first impressions of Spider-Man the guy who does whatever a spider can! Also cornholio needs TP for his bunghole.By ColdNorth Productions
Video games based on movies have a notoriously bad reputation, our conversation on them was fairly positive. Dont defecate in fish tanks.By ColdNorth Productions
Any dormant game franchises you wanna see come back or should they stay in the dark hole they've crawled into? Ben pays $14.99 per month for apple music.By ColdNorth Productions
We discuss the news and the best reviewed games on metacritic. Also Andrew is a dick.By ColdNorth Productions
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