Best colubrids podcasts we could find (Updated March 2018)
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Reptile's Reptile Living Room
Herpetoculture interests brought to every week. Interviews and How to podcasts for those interested in keeping reptiles, amphibians, and insects in a healthy captive environment.
Corn on the Pod
The world's best (and only) podcast devoted to keeping cornsnakes. Hosted by Donovan Winterberg from Children of the Cornsnake, Corn on the Pod features weekly interviews and discussions with influential leaders in the cornsnake and colubrid community.
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From The Ground Up Reptile Podcast - Where we talk everything cold-blooded (Snake Podcast)
This week we have Dave Perlich from Morelia Evolution. Check out his blog ya filthy animals Melissa was gone so we rambled on... about anything and everything. We talk carpets, scrubs, Asian colubrids, North American colubrids, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Much fun was had.
This should be a fun episode. In an effort to cover some of the more obscure species out there, as well as tap into some of the non-Corallus species, we've teamed up with Ryan Martinez this month to discuss Baron's Racers. These are a beautiful under-rated colubrid species from South America, we'll be diving depp into their husbandry, behavior, ...…
Herpetological Highlights
In episode two of Herpetological Highlights we delve into the world of frogs and how they deal with noisy environments. Followed up by a pair of radiotelemetry studies giving us a glimpse into the lives of two North American snakes. We have two Species of the Bi-week, a ghostly snake from Madagascar and a rediscovered Monitor Lizard from the di ...…
Episode # 243 In this episode we are joined by Ryan Rumbley and we wll be discussing colubrids. He works with a variety of species and we will be breaking down what he has going on. This is a step outside of the morelia world that we are used to but the passion is going to be the same.…
This week we welcome Jereme Brace on the show. If you have spent any time in some of the cornsnake groups on Facebook, you're probably familiar with him. He is definitely someone who has great future in this hobby and a breeder that I personally look forward to doing business with. Be sure to let him know how much you enjoyed this episode. Spon ...…
Nothing is more important in cornsnake keeping than what you are feeding your animals. One of the newest and most interesting products (as well as most misunderstood) is ReptiLinks. I really think this product will revolutionize not the reptile hobby. Who better to talk about it than the founders, brothers Nick and Tyler Helbe. For more informa ...…
On this week's episode of Corn on the Pod we have a surprise guest all the way from the North Pole! Affiliate links: Herpin' Time Radio Gecko Nation Radio Be sure to like Corn on the Pod and my other pages on Facebook: Corn on the Pod Colubrid Country Children of the Cornsnake Drawn to Scales Ophidia Media SerpenTees Social Media: My cornsnake ...…
Our guest on this episode of Corn on the Pod is Dan Krull. While Dan’s main passion is for western hognose, we won’t hold that against him. Dan also works with corns snakes as well and is just a fascinating guy to talk to. Dan Krull on Facebook Affiliate links: Herpin' Time Radio Gecko Nation Radio Show Sponsor SerpenTees Be sure to like Corn o ...…
Herpin Time Radio
Scotty Littrell has been gracing the pages of facebook with some amazing colubrid photos for some time now. Now he's coming on the air to talk snakes with us.
In this episode of Corn on the Pod, I have my good friend Ian Curtis. Ian is not only a cornsnake breeder at IC Corns, but is vice-president of the Kentucky Herpetological Society. Ian has recently confirmed a new population of cornsnakes in the state of Kentucky. Ian Curtis on Facebook IC Reptiles The Kentucky Herpetological Society on Faceboo ...…
Morelia pythons radio
In this episode we are joined by Scott Eipper as we discuss his adventures herping in the Outback. Scott has conducted wildlife surveys, relocated problem reptiles, has gathered genetic material for various institutions and musuems. Scott has written a number of papers, articles and the book "A Guide to Australian Snakes in captivity- Elapids a ...…
Alabama Herp Radio
On this episode, Colby Nelson of Bushhill Rodents will be speaking about breeding Old World ratsnakes and other colubrids. And if we have time, maybe we'll squeeze in some talk on breeding your own rats and mice. Don't miss this episode of AHR!
Tonight, Shane Johnson of will speak a little on his experience with keeping box turtles, and perhaps touch on some of his other projects involving colubrids.
Alabama Herp Radio
This evening, Jenea Wood from Guardian Reptiles will be sharing a little about the wonderful world of hognose snakes! We're goin' whole hog. If you're into these endearing little colubrids, be sure to catch this episode!
Scott Powley takes the time to chat with us about what it’s like to be in the Green Tree Python realm of the herpetoculture industry. He shares with us his early trials and success’ as a breeder and explains that Green Tree Pythons are not actually the hard python to take care of that most people think they are. He reveals some tips and tricks ...…
Ecogeeks : Untamed Science Video Podcast
The Giant Garter Snake is one of the largest garter snake in the world and its found in the central valley of California. This short ecofact is a video sent to us by Enzoology. You have to check out what Enzo is doing with his work. They have some really amazing lesson plans about habitats to go with this video. But this isn't the only thing th ...…
Reptile Radio
We're always happy to welcome the Keeper Extraordinaire to the program. Will Bird has a massive diverse collection of Carpet Pythons, Ball Pythons, Rainbows and Colubrids.
We are very excited to welcome Jason Baylin of East Coast Serpents to the air waves of Reptile Radio. Jason works with Colubrids, Boas and Pythons so we'll have much to get there in this segment. Jason is one of the few people on the planet that has produced boelens pythons in captivity. He also has an awesome Carpet python collection so theres ...…
We're pleased to welcome back Sean Bradley from Sean works with many species including Pythons, Boas and Colubrids. We'll be talking about Sean's breeding season and getting his opinion on a varity of reptile husbandry and breeding topics.
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