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User Training & Familiarization of RAE System's Wireless Gas Detection System
User Training & Familiarization of RAE System's QRAE II Compact Multi-Gas Detector
ToxiRAE Pro
The world's first Personal Wireless Monitors for:VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)LEL (Combustible Gases & Vapors)Toxic Gases & Oxygen
Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air by PRIESTLEY, Joseph
Joseph Priestley, FRS (13 March 1733 (O.S.) – 6 February 1804) was an 18th-century English theologian, Dissenting clergyman, natural philosopher, chemist, educator, and political theorist who published over 150 works. In “Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air,” he reviews experiments with gases. A common theme in this work is measuring the volumes of gases held in glass tubes, and their increase or decrease when exposed to other substances. He also tests the effects of gases ...
Strand Gamers
The Strand Gamers are a group of tabletop gamers who play together across both coasts of the United States. We record our games and all the chaos that goes along with them. We got started on but as our ambitions grew we branched out into our own site. We seek to provide our own home to our audio as well as offer tabletop gaming advice and insights.
News From The Frunk
Tesla Motors is transforming the automotive world with its incredible electric vehcles. Join Nick Howe, author of "Owning Model S" to catch up on the latest Tesla Motors news in News from the Frunk. The ‘Frunk’, in case you were wondering, is the front trunk in the Tesla Model S (where an internal combustion engine would be, if it had one)
THE DJ BE EXPERIENCE DJ BE (Diversifiedsound / ATL House Notes) Home Base: Atlanta, GAStyles: Deep Soulful Afro House + Lounge & Soul.Much can be said of a DJ that plays to win. A DJ, much like a point guard running his team’s offense on the court, brings their A game to any environment, home court advantage or not. This is the playing field for one of Atlanta’s “hardest working house music DJs.” DJ BE, AKA BEasy, electrocutes the atmosphere with pulsating charged particles of electrons and ...
Backseat Gamer Podcast
You want video game news? A place where people give out some opinions on video games or maybe just something to listen to and laugh out loud?Well you've come to the right place! The Backseat Gamer Podcast, starring; Karl Smith, JD and David Wallace, who bring you the latest gaming news, stories and opinions. New episode every Friday, so why not give it a listen? (WARNING SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS SHOW MAY INCLUDE;Addiction to podcast,Drooling from the mouth,Increased Heart Rate,Explosive lungs,Sp ...
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OPINION: Each week, the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking The Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's how to save money on your power bills this winter. Hosted by Frances Cook. Tomorrow is the first day of winter, and along with the cold and dark, comes the annual spike in power bills.I remember all too well the misery of ...…
Our Hearts were made to Burn Luke 24:13-32 32 And they said to one another, "Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?" Question: Does my heart Burn? The Burn Series: #2 - ’The church that Jesus loves.’ 1. What is the _______________________ of our hearts? Romans 12:11 Don't ...…
Undertakings - Anderson-McQueen's Radio Show
Bailee McQueen: [00:00] Welcome to season two of Anderson‑McQueen’s radio show, “Undertakings.” John McQueen, President & CEO of Anderson-McQueen, featured here with the Bio-Cremation Unit [00:05] I’m Bailee McQueen, your guest host for today, and as always on this show, we undertake those subjects that you want to know about. [00:13] Remember, ...…
Reconcilable Differences
This week opens with some follow-up on John’s recent sauce talk, including suggestions on selecting tomatoes and sweating the iffy authenticity of olive oil. John helps Merlin understand modern peaches. Listeners are encouraged to support Relay FM and are tantalized with details of a very special episode that will soon be available for members ...…
What makes a molecule, and why do things explode? The periodic table - how atoms are organised ( Reactivity trends within the periodic table (BBC) Hydrogen is highly flammable (Wikipedia) Cool slo-mo hydrogen balloon explosions (YouTube) The Hindenburg disaster news reel: 1937 (YouTube) The Hindenburg disaster (Wikipedia) The Lindber ...…
Oil and Gas Sound Off
In this episode of Sound Off, Joe Perino discusses the often-asked question: ‘Is Premium Gasoline Worth It?’ Topics in this episode include a discussion on the difference between premium and discount gasoline and what exactly is ‘premium gas’. Additionally, Joe gets into octane, pre-ignition / knocking, RON vs MON. The refining processes that a ...…
Fairewinds Energy Education Podcast
Supporters of atomic power, who are not scientists, have been able to broadcast their opinions to the public with hellacious titles such as Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Putting Indian Point Hysteria in Perspective by attorney and lobbyist Jerry Kremer for the Huffington Post. In an effort to combat misinformation and keep you informed, Fa ...…
Clean Power Planet | A Renewable Energy Podcast
This is an historic episode of Clean Power Planet. It’s historic because our featured guest is John Perlin, author of Let It Shine: The 6,000 Year Story of Solar Energy. It’s also historic because Clean Power Planet is one year old. John Perlin – Author of Let It Shine: The 6,000 Year Story of Solar Energy So, happy 1st birthday to Clean Power ...…
This episode couldn't get any hotter as we welcome back Spencer Curry of FRESH Farm Aquaponics on the show. Listen in as he discusses TLUD stoves and all about the smokeless, double burn which is simply genius! TLUD stands for Top-Lit Updraft Stove. Today's show is primarily on biochar, why TLUD stoves rock, and how to make one. We’re talking a ...…
Joel Willson is the violinist of the Baton Rouge chamber folk band, Minos the Saint. He’s also one of the organizers behind Spontaneous Combustion, a live event that creates unique musical experiences and artwork based on the input of the audience. He came on the podcast to discuss his music outlook and his vision for the Twisted Oak Music Fest ...…
We start with a discussion of jail time. Jail. Time. And…147 MPH. Yeah. Eric tells the story. And then we hop into our show. Present Doomception: How modders got Doom to run inside of Doom Doom was open sourced in the 90’s. Folks have gone nuts porting ...…
The Origin of Urantia*(651.1) 57:0.1 IN PRESENTING excerpts from the archives of Jerusem for the records of Urantia respecting its antecedents and early history, we are directed to reckon time in terms of current usage — the present leap-year calendar of 365¼ days to the year. As a rule, no attempt will be made to give exact years, though they ...…
Podcast – Motorbike Mondays
Episode 18: How Motors Work This show is all about motors. 4-Stroke & 2-Stroke motors. The kind we all use on our motorcycles. In this show we describe the important components in a motor (we’ve done shows detailing most of these components you can refer to), and how they interact to complete the strokes that keep a motor turning. Make sure to ...…
It is largely accepted that our society will have to face the reality of climate change. The repercussions from shifts in our climate arguable include alteration of crop patterns, increasing sea levels and severe weather conditions. The process of global warming is believed to be exacerbated by anthropogenic (human) influence, mainly the combus ...…
It is largely accepted that our society will have to face the reality of climate change. The repercussions from shifts in our climate arguable include alteration of crop patterns, increasing sea levels and severe weather conditions. The process of global warming is believed to be exacerbated by anthropogenic (human) influence, mainly the combus ...…
GreenplanetFM listeners this week have a rare opportunity to get their heads around carbon trading. Is it just a bullshit scheme carefully designed by left and right western governments to get corporate polluters off the hook? Or ought we to give the market approach a fair go? Or have we waited too many years already waiting for carbon trading ...…
Dennis Frank interviews Kiwi biochar advocates Graham Smith (an Aucklander) and Trevor Richards (who lives in Kuala Lumpur). Biochar is a carbon-negative soil improvement technology that takes at least 25% of organic carbon out of the cycle and converts it into solid mineral carbon that remains stable in soil for thousands of years. It increase ...…
Conversations with Heroes at the Watering Hole will feature a discussion with John Astad and Justin Clift on Combustible Dust Hazards that are unknowingly present when emergency responders respond to combustible dust related fires and explosion in the manufacturing, non-manufacturing, utility sectors. In the past, fire-fighter fatalities and in ...…
I, Cringely . The Pulpit | PBS
My first car was an Oldsmobile, a red 1966 convertible I wish I still owned today. It was big and heavy yet somehow managed to average 18 miles per gallon in an era when gasoline cost 35 cents. Detroit and the U.S. automakers ruled the world when that car was built, yet now the companies say they are on the skids, bleeding money and headed for ...…
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