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Cult Comix
John and Justin share their thoughts about various topics pertaining to comics, TV shows, and movies.
Comixed Reviews
Discussion on comic related content such as trade paperbacks, tv and film.
Nexus Comix
A new take on pop culture including: the newest movies, our favorite TV shows, memorable comics, glorious games, and more. Tune in as we make fools of ourselves and have a great time discussing our favorite topics.
Audio Comix
It's pretty simple, just some friends reading and discussing their favorite super hero comics!
The Comix Arena
The Ultimate Battle of Comic Book Superheroes. Marvel versus DC Comics in the ultimate showdown of which Super Hero is the greatest of all time. So who wins? You will find out in the final episode. A lot of you may be late finding our show, which is fine, just understand that it is now over with. Sorry if that makes you sad, since you invested all the time in getting to know us, but please share the show and if we get enough interest we will bring the show back.
Royal Oak Comix Party is a weekly show hosted by Kevin Eckert and Mike Burridge, who are joined by exciting, sexy guests from far and wide.
Welcome I'm slowly getting this up and running. If you like comics, movies, cartoons, games or just hearing my opinion your in the right place.
I'm a writer, photographer, and all around talker who loves all things nerdy. Check out my podcast, youtube channel, and other media at @sixpanel_aj and let's talk topix.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Store
In The Comix
A podcast that's 'in the mix' of everything comics! Reviews, previews, news and interviews. Hosted by Russell Johnson and David Cottingham. Part of the Twenty One Network.
In a World where the movie and TV industry are corrupt with Comic Book Heroes, who will bring you update with all the news? Yes it is CoMix. So ask yourself this, CoMix and Chill?
Creators discuss the mechanics of comics with Steve Walsh.
A podcast at the inters​ection of Comics and Blackness. Join us as we chat with comic creators and promote diverse comix! Hosted by Thelonious Legend @TheLeg​endBoo​ks, Marcus Kwame @marcuskwame, Leo Faierman @LeonardoEff, and Grace Gipson @GBreezy20.
A weekly comics podcast.
Other Planes covers all things Afrofuturism from Planet Earth to the beyond. Hosted by tobias c. van Veen, Other Planes features soundposts, audio journeys, and interviews with Afrofuturists from all star systems, from emcees to philosophers, scribes to scholars, painters to poets. Other Planes covers the black speculative arts, including black science fiction, film, and comix; black cosplay and alien becomings; the black fantastic and posthumanism; futuristic black politics and remix cultur ...
"It's Pronounced Zine is a zine, diy, and self-publishing podcast hosted by Dave Baker. The show centers on local zinesters and their creative processes, the zine scene here in Los Angeles, and tips and tricks for tabling at conventions. If you have a do-it-yourself approach to life and a maniacal desire to create things, or if you just like listening to nerds split hairs about which is the best Drake album, this is the podcast for you.
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
The Metropolis Comix crew explore the hottest comics, latest comics news, and whats hot at Metropolis Comix
The Pistol & Dagger Society Podcast is hosted by Sadie “Dagger” May, Ken “Pistol” Goldstein and Adam Silverstein and features interviews and live performances with legendary musicians, globally renown artists, producers and directors, emerging talent and passionate leaders and tastemakers in fascinating and inspiring businesses. The show focuses on its guests careers, past and current projects; and what makes them nerdy. It is taped live at Jack Dempsey’s place in Hollywood California. With ...
A Weekly Comic Book Podcast, With Funny!
Earth Two
Becky Cloonan and brothers Michael & Winston Conrad take a trip to an alternate dimension where they have time in their busy schedules to talk about comics, art, philosophy, literature, film, the occult and whatever else catches their fancy.
Don't Freak!
Don't Freak is a monthly podcast loosely based on pre-internet / alternative culture. Anything D.I.Y., no-fi, lo-fi, punk rock, underground comix, tape trading, cassette culture, rock-n-roll record digging and even tape digging. Host Adriaan Mol
CiTR -- Inkstuds
Inkstuds is CiTR's answer to the wonderful world of comix. Hosted by Robin McConnell and rotating cast of sidekicks, Inkstuds explores the underbelly of the comic world, interviewing some of todays top creators. Inkstuds focuses on underground and indy comix from publishers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Drawn & Quarterly and more. Each week, we interview a different creator to get their unique perspective on comix and to discuss their own work. No creator too big or too small to be intervie ...
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show series
Brian Hibbs of San Francisco’s Comix Experience invites listeners to Free Comic Book Day and to join the Graphic Novel of the Month Club
In a galaxy far far away, lightsabers lightning and high jumps. This time we go over the powers of the force our favorites through the verse and we rate all the movies.
Artist/Writer, Alex Schumacher, joins Kev to chat about art, comics, and more! Is Alex part of THE ‘Schumacher’ problem? LISTEN TO FIND OUT! ABOUT ALEX SCHUMACHER Alex Schumacher has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum-wage jobs and underground comix longer than he cares to admit. Currently he produces the weekly webcomic Decades o ...…
Hey podcast fans! This is a pop up RARE (Random Ass Riffing Experience), where Lu and Wilson are reviewing Forward Comix Nowhere Man - a detective based superhero drama created, written, and drawn by Jerome Walford (friend of the show). Forward Comix has an ongoing Kickstarter aimed at producing the final volume of the Nowhere Man series, so ou ...…
We explore the ins and outs of Netflix’s Punisher series and Frank Castle’s furious foray into PTSD and kill crazy rampages.
In the Creator Series, we interview people who make comics about the comics that inspired them. This week, Justin and Jacob talk to Steven Andrews, production editor for TO Comix Press about webcomic Demonology 101—a young adult fantasy by Faith Erin Hicks. They chat about the form, its drawbacks and how Steven was inspired to become a self-pub ...…
I have to ask, is this REAL-ly our second episode?! Yes it is! And we’re taking a mind bending look at Legion! As we anticipate season 2, join us for a look back at season one of the Noah Hawley helmed FX masterpiece.
Daniel and special guest host Mani speak to Schawannah Wright (Director Community Programs, BAM), Tim Fielder (Matty's Rocket), Kwanza Osajyefo (Black),Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (LaBorinquena), about all things comics!
Freewheeling discussion of Netflix's Iron Fist season one as well as The Defenders season one.
check out this weeks geeks of the square table geeks of the square table ep188 The post geeks of the square table ep 188 appeared first on Comix City Too!.By WaveAtTheBlind.
What's up, what's good, what it do Comicidal Cabal! Wilson and Lu are here again for part two of their Gwan Anthology What's Up Wednesday series! On this installment they're rapping it up with Marcus Kwame Anderson and Leonardo Faierman who contributed a fantastic piece in the Gwan Anthology titled "Coming in From the Cold". If you haven't chec ...…
OKIE COMICS WITH JEFF PROVINE This week the boys are joined by their good friend Jeff Provine to discuss his adventure in publishing the Oklahoma based comic publication, Okie Comics Magazine. Okie Comics Magazine is a bimonthly anthology publication showcasing the talents of Oklahoma creators with story featuring Oklahoma. This issue has it al ...…
This week we feature another interview from Julian Chamblis for his Beyond Impossible Segment. Julian speaks with artists and designer Arie Monroe about her various projects, which include the work she does to run and operate Draw Like Crazy Studios. Monroe is originally from Kansas City Missouri. She received a BA in Studio Art from the Univer ...…
Hey guys here is my coffee table book review of Black Comix Returns by John Jennings and Damian Duffy.WANT TO PURCHASE? - CurtissKingBeats-------------------------------------------------------------- ...…
Shawn is joined by Nicole and Hugh from Ad Astra Comix to talk about their work, as well as the current state of activism and the left. Buy ‘The Beast’ and see...
Shawn is joined by Nicole and Hugh from Ad Astra Comix to talk about their work, as well as the current state of activism and the left. Buy ‘The Beast’ and see Nicole and Hugh’s work! Theme song by Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp Submissions for the contest can be sent it through the voicemail feature on our contact page. Sign up for Insider Srsly Wrong co ...…
check this only slightly delayed (sorry) episode of our weekly podcast geeks of the square table ep182 The post geeks of the square table 182 appeared first on Comix City Too!.By WaveAtTheBlind.
video Block Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more We have Skype issues and content issues, but it was fun. This is the last episode of FBC for Dave but the show will go on. Find links and contacts at Visit our sponsor and use the code: FORGETBEINGCOOL Retro Game Treasure Music Comix Bubbles From O ...…
“As long as one can walk one can protest,” Trina Robbins explains, over the white noise of a nearby espresso machine. “And as long as i don’t have to take too many hills, I can still walk.” The cartoonist’s assessment of the current political climate is equally pessimistic and hopeful, as the actions of the Trump administration have caused many ...…
check out this weeks episode of our weekly podcast geeks of the square of table ep 179 The post geeks of the square table ep 179 appeared first on Comix City Too!.By WaveAtTheBlind.
Stronzo Flint is back in CT and joins the guys today. They talk about Stronzo's double hurricane experience on a tiny island, Pat's comedy shows over the weekend as well as a driver's license update from him. LIVE SHOW 11/16/17 @ Comix Mohegan Sun Go to and click Cafe Press to get your Pat Oates is Sad merchandise today Vis ...…
It's time to talk some real world history on Geekscape! Jay Wertz from World War II Comix is my guest this week to talk about his new World War II real history comic books and why it's important to tell these stories in a comic book format. Along the way, we talk about the status of the comic book industry, a ton of history in regards to Japan ...…
Las Vegas, the only time it's ok to say "too soon," celebrity deaths, the Rogue Island Comedy Festival, some podcast recommendations, a new podcast idea from Pat and more are discussed. It's a crazy episode. Give us a listen... LIVE SHOW 11/16/17 @ Comix Mohegan Sun Go to and click Cafe Press to get your Pat Oates is Sad me ...…
Independent Publishing: Why? Interview with Randy Zimmerman Media Litter Sandwich Ep 56 Randy Zimmerman talking about self publishing, advertising during a water crisis, and comic . . Flint Comix Flint Comix
There are always new titles being launched and we picked up 3 of these new titles, read them and loved them. The comics that we are reviewing are: Mech Cadet Yu #1 and #2 from BOOM! Studios. It is written by Greg Pak with art by Takeshi Miyazawa. Ghost Money # 1 from Lion Forge/Magnetic Collection. It is written by Thierry Smolderen with art by ...…
We switch up comics this week and move into the Marvel Universe by taking on Daredevil #1 from 1964!
This week we are live once again at Comix Mohegan Sun. Comedians Todd Cooper and Stosh Mikita join us and we discuss favorites tasty beverages, double-fisting, micro-penises, a woman that hates Pat, a lady learns a secret about her husband and we meet Patty the greatest audience member of all time and more. Comix owner Michael Brauth helps Pat ...…
We're back with a new retrospective, this time delving into the world of the Sega Genesis with Comix Zone. We dig into the history of the game, what makes the combat so satisfying, the ridiculous CDs that came with the game, and Dustin and Luke argue the merits of the Misfits. If you would like to follow us you can do so on Twitter @TheDustinTh ...…
Jon, Nathan and Kelsoe continue with the adventures of the Batman and read through Detective Comics 29 and 30. Please rate, review and visit us on our facebook page at
Johnny takes us through 4 books: Something Old (Tijuana Bibles #9), Something New (First Time), Something Borrowed (Oh, Mandy! webcomic), and Something Blue (Hustler Comix issue 1). We talk content, a little process, and start to share things we might like. Previews and links can be seen on the web page:…
Once again recorded LIVE at Comix Mohegan Sun, this week's episode was recorded during the day in front of a slightly older audience than Pat and Brandon are used to, which made for a fun and unpredictable show. Comedians Andrew Manning and Frank Murgalo joined us as pat ranted about going down a rabbit hole on Facebook, how black people are so ...…
Direct Download: This is the OverClocked PodCast, a weekly dose of video game music and conversation from OC! This week we hear about the things that inspire Pyre from composer Darren Korb, stop by for a Strategy Guide tip from Alyssa Menes, a ...…
We read through the first two appearances of Batman for our first episode! It's awkward, but it's funny! Come laugh with us and see where it all began for The Dark Knight.
Brett and Scott are joined via telephone by Randy Zimmerman of Flint Comix to talk about the upcoming Fall Flint Comix Fest at the Flint Michigan Farmers Market. Then they discuss the season finale of Game of Thrones.
This week's show was recorded in front of a live audience at Comix comedy club inside Mohegan Sun casino. The crowd had some crazy characters including a lunch lady, a drunk, a softball team, a hooker and her John. Jeff Wade was our guest and comedian Gordon Baker-Bone was an incredible last minute edition to the show. We had performances from ...…
In this episode I talk to illustrator and comixator Zu Dominiak. Zu is a talented artist who creates comic strips; she tells stories using words and pictures. We talk about how the interplay between images and narrative influences her work. She talks us through her planning process and we discuss the challenge of ‘killing your……
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