Best commodore decker podcasts we could find (Updated February 2018)
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The Name of the Pod - A Babylon 5 Podcast
Synopsis: In which Commander Sinclair’s past bad decisions catch up to him as an Earthforce colonel with a score to settle and his pet telepath come to the station. We’ve raved about Space: Above and Beyond before but seriously, it’s one of the better seasons of television that either of us have ever seen. ...…
Trek Geeks: A Star Trek Podcast
This week, we continue with our wind down of the celebration Star Treks 50th anniversary with one of the very best episodes of them all - "The Doomsday Machine!" As you may recall from our last episode, this one ranks #4 in Bill's all time favorite TOS episodes, while Dan had it ranked as his 3rd favorite. Any way you slice it, it is a PHENOMEN ...…
Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
The Commodores of The Original Series. Several episodes in The Original Series introduced a fewhigh-ranking and "intrusive" characters that shared onecommonality: the rank of Commodore. From the Ahab-esque Matt Deckerin The Doomsday Machine, to Robert Wesley who was in charge ofthe M-5 Multitronic System proceedings in The UltimateComputer, to ...…
Donate now! call in: +1.604.822.8648 during regular broadcast hours.1. National Association of Broadcasters: Theatre of My Mind (unknown) 2. Erik Richter: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (Harvey Birdman OST, 2000) Adult Swim3. Antonio Sánchez: Doors and Distance/Night Chatter/Schizo (Birdman [or the Unexpected Virtue o ...…
What is nuclear war good for? “The Omega Glory” tries to answer that, and the answer is… Christ, I don’t know, look, this is one of the worst Original Series episodes, let’s just move on to “The Ultimate Computer”, where we learn that computers are not adept at starship command. Plus! Is Spock McCoy’s little brother? iTunes Google Play RSS…
Welcome to this week’s Trekabout, where we give you a master course in Christian theology. In the beginning (“The Apple”), God was there with some guys and gals, and then Satan (Kirk) came and gave them the knowledge of good and evil (sex). Skip ahead a while (“The Doomsday Machine”) and God (Starfleet) sends his Son (Commodore Decker) to atone ...…
Star Trek CCG: The Game Show
Matt Kirk from La Mesa, CA faces Commodore Matt Decker from Massachusetts in our first semi-final episode.
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