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The Daily Complaint
The Debt Show and The Daily Complaint discuss intimidating topics and complaints relating to consumer debt to provide hope and optimism to consumers struggling with debt issues and to empower with consumer rights knowledge and simple attack strategies
Namaskar, Complaint
નમસ્કાર, કંપ્લેન!! "Namaskar, Complaint" is how my mother greeted me when I used to call her at work, back in 80's. She worked as a telephone operator in India. She conveys her academic, spiritual or social learning through her sweet voice renditions. I hope to share her likings with others using the medium that is re-becoming the convenient one. I believe that the beauty of expression in mother tongue cannot be replicated in other languages. My efforts here are to make the language that we ...
Letters of complaint
Introducing a new podcast from City of Sydney’s history team: Letters of Complaint. Part live-action, part discussion, Letters of Complaint is a lively exploration of Sydney residents’ grievances in the 19th century. Join City of Sydney historian Dr Lisa Murray as she delves into the city archives to reveal the best, worst and most bizarre letters of complaint.
Effective Complaints Resource Blog
A solution-oriented consumer advocacy resource for writing effective complaints.
List of Complaints Podcast
Don’t like long lines, it’s on the list. Hate electronics packaging, it’s on the list. List of Complaints Podcast is a podcast dedicated to, you guessed it, complaining. Hear what's on mine and my guest's List of Complaints.
Random bits and complaints
Email: with comments suggestions, and ideas.
DJ Mike Nelson Presents: Noise Complaint Podcast
Noise Complaint Podcast is a mix series that features the hottest dance records and remix blowing up the clubs. It's great for your work out, driving in the car, at work, or before you head out to the party.
Thank You For Calling!
A look at the world of Customer Service: how to solve (or avoid) horror stories and make life better for everyone involved.
Open Mic Gripe Podcast
The place where serious and silly complaints come to chat!
Navigating the Customer Experience
Join host Yanique Grant as she takes you on a journey with global entrepreneurs and subject matter experts that can help you to navigate your customer experience. Learn what customers really want and how businesses can understand the psychology of each customer or business that they engage with. We will be looking at technology, leadership, customer service charters and strategies, training and development, complaint management, service recovery and so much more!
No Holds Barred WWE Podcast
A monthly radio show that gives you a recap of the previous Sunday's event and the following night's Raw. The hosts and panel will share their opinions, hopes and predictions with you and you will have the chance to chat, or call in and as the name implies "No Holds Barred" if you have a complaint give us a call and let us know. If theres a gimmick or storyline that you absolutely love right now guess what? We will take your call too!!
Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens
Originally published in monthly installments between 1855 and 1857, the novel focuses on the various forms of imprisonment, both physical and psychological, while also concentrating on dysfunctional family ties. Accordingly, Dickens avidly criticizes the social deficiencies of the time including injustice, social hypocrisy, the austerity of the Marshalsea debtors’ prison, and bureaucratic inefficiency. The novel kicks off with the introduction of William Dorrit, the oldest prisoner in the Ma ...
Veritas News Network - Truth is Trending
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
The Psalms are the Israelites' songs of joy and sadness, contentment and complaint, happiness and suffering---but most of all, praise. King David is the most prolific contributor, but there are also psalms from his son Solomon, the sons of Korah, the worship leader Asaph, and even one from Moses! (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
Stop Your Bitchin'
The show that finds the interesting, stupid, or just plain annoying about different topics. You're invited to join Keith and rant about the show's topic of the day, or send in a complaint on anything that you choose. All cynics and whiners are always welcome here.
The Trough Podcast
Hi, I'm Francis Keany - author and broadcast journalist.Welcome to The Trough, your daily news feed.This podcast is a bit of an experiment - a daily ten minute bite-sized wrap of all the political stories you need to know before you get to work each morning. It's something I've been keen on doing for some time and I hope you guys will love it. I'll be running this for the next few weeks as I explore the world of freelance journalism.For those wondering about the name, The Trough is a nicknam ...
Small Business Spoonfuls with Lisa Smith
Hi, I'm Lisa Smith. My hubby and I are small business owners kind of like you. Between our businesses, my consulting work, and my work as an auditor, I am bringing over 25 years experience to this podcast. I'm also a pretty big case law junkie. I read this crazy legal stuff to the point of exhaustion some days. Why? Well, because I love the whole story and I want to share the nuggets I uncover with you. I have also sat in the seat of the business that is being audited due to an employee comp ...
Jane and Steve Show - Comedy to Offend
Offended easily? Good!Jane and husband/gay friend Steve take on everyday news, relationships issues and anything else they find funny. If you have ever been too afraid to speak your mind, they will do it for you.Join them in their scope for live interaction during the show. From Steve's journey to loose 60lbs off his fat ass so he can get his Skydiving license , to Jane's journey to DJ-ing, while running a nation-wide company, to having a family with 9 kids and a live-in Dad, they have a unc ...
Bible (KJV) 19: Psalms by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)
The Book of Psalms, commonly referred to simply as Psalms, is a book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible. Taken together, its 150 poems "express virtually the full range of Israel's religious faith." They each have a poetic character with frequent use of parallelism. In addition to the title of the collection, which translates as "song" or "hymns" from both Hebrew and Greek, superscriptions (or headings) in many of the Psalms provide musical references and some direction, in some cas ...
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Clinical Nutritionist Martie Whittekin, author of "The Probiotic Cure," joins us for a discussion of GI health. We review a new study, the first of its kind that links infant gut bacteria to smarter toddlers. How to select the right probiotic? Is it a numbers game? What are post-biotics? Why is diversity the key to GI health? What can summer tr ...…
Clinical Nutritionist Martie Whittekin, author of "The Probiotic Cure," joins us for a discussion of GI health. We review a new study, the first of its kind that links infant gut bacteria to smarter toddlers. How to select the right probiotic? Is it a numbers game? What are post-biotics? Why is diversity the key to GI health? What can summer tr ...…
LI's Scaramucci, Trump's plumber, doubles down on complaints of leaks (from @AP) Read more >>
(Reuters) - Australia's consumer watchdog said on Wednesday it has started court proceedings against Ford Motor Co's local unit, accusing the company of engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct when responding to customer complaints. Ford refused to provide a refund or replacement vehicle to customers reporting transmission problems that inc ...…
Catch up Fire Fire Fire Fake News Skill based gambling machines Women/Men punching Pell ‘Em Spicer Healthcare Attorney general Army man Citizenship Culture Corner Last Chance U Ozarks The Good Lie Table 19 Comic Convention Simpson Series Feedback -;; @byallaccountspodcast on instagram…
In this episode, special guest and founder of Audience Ops, Brian Casel, shares with us his experience of building a virtual team of content marketing specialists and how you may not always get it right the first time. Brian reveals that in order to grow a successful business in today’s constantly evolving marketplace, business owners must rema ...…
It has begun! The bum wine challenge. Part one of the challenge features the infamous Mad Dog 20/20. Courtney takes the challenge like a champ and manages to finish the whole bottle through the course of the episode. But, not before throwing Daniel under the bus and voicing her opinions on various topics.Tune in for the continuation of the chal ...…
This episode is packed with great information. Jay spends time with Gary Vaynerchuk and is a five times New York Times Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, co-host of Social Pros Podcast (named Best Marketing Podcast in 2015 in Content Marketing Awards) and the President and Founder of Convince and (Named one of the fastest growing ...…
Hope for Healing and Faith for Living...
This week we have been discussing attitude. We’ve said that attitude is a reflection of what you believe and expect. If you are believing the best about people, about God, if you are believing for and expecting the good, then your attitude will be the best it can be. You will have a good attitude. A right attitude. Listen to the podcast: Summar ...…
What is life like for nuns and monks today? With a lack of new blood coming into the traditional monasteries and convents, Bishop Martin Shaw supports some of these aging communities in their painful final days as they are forced to leave their homes. His role as an official visitor, is also to receive the vows of any new nuns and monks joining ...…
What is life like for nuns and monks today? With a lack of new blood coming into the traditional monasteries and convents, Bishop Martin Shaw supports some of these aging communities in their painful final days as they are forced to leave their homes. His role as an official visitor, is also to receive the vows of any new nuns and monks joining ...…
QNA starts hour 2. Then Chip Scoggins checks in from Big Ten media days for more P.J. Fleck chatter. A new term uttered by Fleck has Reusse worked up, and then the Ride wraps with Daily Complaints.By
55-year-old Maria Derner spent about eight years in adult homes. The first one was Rockaway Manor in Queens. “Oh god, to tell you the truth, I really was not happy,” Derner said. “I think it added to my depression a lot more than anything else.” Adult homes are like nursing homes but typically have no nurses or other skilled staff. A 2002 expos ...…
On this edition of Bible News Radio we discuss the new lawsuit that was filed against gay activists for their deception against the public, also we discuss the number one billionaire donor to the LGBT community and more. Join our email list at
This week on Pentagonal, we talk about net neutrality. Please send any and all mail to Jake. We also have a sidebar about state budgets. Show Notes: Throttling of websites and online services might help customers, FCC says FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality complaints Google handles 25 percent of North America's Web ...…
Horribly Off-Topic
Chris and Steve reflect on being HOT for the third year in a row, replaying some of their best material from the past 52 episodes. Enjoy the show?Subscribe to Horribly Off-Topic in iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Overcast, or via RSS. Then, throw a buck or three into our tip jar. Show Notes A Slight Speech Impediment Anniversary gifts by year Ready P ...…
Ps Darin Browne @ Coast Church
In this series we’ve seen how viruses affect and infect your subconscious mind. We’ve seen how learning involves us accessing He subconscious through our conscious mind, and we found that when you consciously do an action over and over and thereby commit it to your subconscious mind, it is powerful training indeed. But on the flip side, addicti ...…
Macron And Deloris Get Unprofessionable – 07/23/17 This week’s show just features Macron backed up by supervisor Deloris. Don’t worry though because we got some classic calls this time. Yet again Macron tries to handle the business of dealing with all the Internet’s complaints, from bad fast food to missing mail orders we have it covered. No ma ...…
Literally This Week
This week: James Comey is shopping a book, but it's not a tell-all, the U.K. Government is urged to support freelancers, publishers are all in on VR even if the public isn't, two new Harry Potter books are coming this fall, a reporter has broken the silence at the White House, is American English devouring British English?, and Russia has some ...…
Grace Immanuel Bible Church :: Main Service
In today’s passage (1 Peter 4:7-11), we begin a short two-part series to study the four ways to be fruitful to the glory of God as we eagerly wait for the return of the Son. As we are waiting for Christ’s return, there is a proper way to respond to the nearness of the end. In light of Christ’s return, we are commanded to be fruitful and we must ...…
Discussion on Bixby release as well as OnePlus issues, Bad microphone discussed spotted on Geekbench weather application on Google play ...…
What does it take to construct a solid and well performing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign? How can you avoid typical pitfalls and common mistakes that many sellers make? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott sits down with Jeff Cohen from Seller Labs to go over KEY elements that make up a successful PPC campaign. You’ll hear them discuss t ...…
Cannabis Community Project - (Grind&Burn)
We are back with a full show! We talk to Josh Miller from CCX about the situation in Seattle with dispensaries being shut down.: Then we get a word first hand from Littletree at IBAKE Englewood about the harassment and threats of losing their license due to complaints.: A couple mentions about the upcoming weeks/: Music by Reason To Rebel and R ...…
The Psalms are a collection of praises, complaints, pleas, declarations, & questions. They teach us how to go to God at all times & trust Him in all things to be our God & Good Father. When we do that – we are worshippers in Spirit & in Truth.
With multiple days this year eclipsing the 100-degree mark and after receiving complaints about how hot artificial turf can get, KSL’s investigative team set out to take several temperature readings. Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry shed some light on the issue after they complain about fake and real grass problems. zenheadlines featuring a story f ...…
Hour 2 starts with QNA. Then the great Tom Kelly joins to talk ball. John Heidt has another sports update, then it's Late Hits and Daily Complaints.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
By All Accounts
Catch Up Website Horrors Tax Returned Satanism Fake News Green double down Home affairs Obamacare Repeal Collapse Game of Spoils Culture Corner Female Doctor Who + Daily Mail Okja About Time h Hawaii 5-0 Logan Feedback -;; @byallaccountspodcast on instagram…
RTÉ - Today with Sean O'Rourke
We heard Ombudsman Peter Tyndall on the findings of an investigation carried out by his office into the complaints procedures at the Child and Family Agency TUSLA. The investigation, which looked at cases involving historical abuse allegations, uncovered systemic failings. Fred McBride Chief Executive of TUSLA joined Sean O'Rourke.…
How do you know when it's just a tummy ache or when you should call the doctor?Tummy aches are common complaints for young children. How do you know when to call your pediatrician? What’s Normal? Infants spit up food and get constipated in early life. Make sure the child eats, wets plenty of diapers, and is growing. Symptoms should improve afte ...…
Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio
What happens when officers shy away from public scrutiny by being less pro-active in their policing to avoid complaints. Our guest says officers are changing their approach but not for the better.By
Simon and Kassia interview Stig Abell, editor of the Times Literary Supplement and former managing editor of the Sun. Stig has also reviewed books for the Spectator and ran the Press Complaints Commission. We discussed his career, his plans for the TLS, the impact of Facebook on print media and why he remains optimistic about its future.…
Irvington Bible Baptist Church
The difference in a contribution and total commitment is usually the difference in failure and success. A chicken and a hog were walking past a church building one day when they noticed the Sunday morning sermon posted on the outside bulletin board, “Helping the Poor. ” They walked a ways when the chicken suddenly came across with a suggestion. ...…
Sons of Schmidt Podcast
Season 2 Episode 1 The Sons of Schmidt return for Season Two, Episode One, the first episode since the guys have taken their writing and podcasting talents to the Hayes & Cannon section of TheOzone.Net.You can email us with comments, questions, but not complaints to SonsOfSchmidt@gmail.comThe Breakdown:0:50 Introductions1:40 The Move to Hayes & ...…
The Blaine Fowler Morning Show
Lauren is back from vacation and she has complaints about how her fiancé manages his time.
Suppose they gave a War for the Planet of the Apes and nobody came? These are the questions we're asking ourselves on this week's episode of The B-Movies Podcast, where film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold try to figure out why everyone's calling War for the Planet of the Apes a masterpiece when it's probably the least interesting f ...…
Many online communities do not allow members to upload images to include in their posts. In such cases, members often rely on third party image hosting services. Among the most popular of these, for a long time, has been Photobucket. But last month, Photobucket made a change. After 14 years of allowing people to upload images for free and embed ...…
Get Ya Mind Right Motivation Podcast | Peak Performance | Sports Psychology | Hip Hop
Today’s episode is EXPLICIT for a reason. Are you in a “slump” because life is tough? Do complaints flood out your mouth because your boss isn’t treating you fairly? Well, today’s episode is for you... (and because of you). Too many folks in this world full of complaints. Bunch of BS man… Did we forget the stories of hardships that turned trium ...…
Horribly Off-Topic
Steve has a theory about the Big Bang and the community, Chris shares news about ICP fans and Catholic celiacs, and Spider-Man does whatever a spider can. Enjoy the show?Subscribe to Horribly Off-Topic in iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Overcast, or via RSS. Then, throw a buck or three into our tip jar. Show Notes The John McCartney and Paul Lennon o ...…
The Communication Guys Podcast: Communication Excellence | Professional and Personal Success
Do your conversations at work or at home often erupt in anger or accusation? You might be attempting to connect in a toxic environment that you created without even knowing it. In this episode, the Guys conduct a toxic waste clean-up campaign by identifying 6 common conversational habits that can create an environment of confusion, coldness, an ...…
As the story begins, we meet Detective Soma Dan, a mother of two and a homicide investigator at Helison PD, and Paul Stevens, a young man living in the southern city of Lieutenia. Both are about to have their lives upended. NewAlephChapterOne CHAPTER ONE: “Your tone implies you believe him.” “My tone?” lines formed on Detective Matthew Travis’ ...…
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