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Concussion Talk Podcast
Concussion Talk Podcasts will feature interviews with; doctors, physiotherapists, who work in the field of concussion and brain injury, others in the medical field, athletes, trainers, coaches, others in sport, athletics and exercise (such as Pilates and other exercise instructors), and community brain injury and concussion groups, and others!
Heads 'N Tales Podcast-Talking Sports Injury Rehab, Prevention, Perseverance & Concussions
We interview people from all walks of life who have experienced setbacks and ultimately persevered.
Faces of TBI
A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
The Clint Cronin Show
Clint Cronin is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, entrepreneur, technologist and on-air personality. With nearly 12 years of jiu jitsu training he has had the opportunity to meet and learn from me of the best instructors and competitors on the planet. This show is about Clint's journey to live life on his terms. He shares his experiences and introduces you to some interesting people and show how Jiu Jitsu has changed their lives as well. He is stepping out of his role building the systems re ...
Whistle and a Clipboard- the coaching communities resource
Whistle and a Clipboard interviews successful coaches from the past, present, and future allowing them to share their coaching failures and successes, tips, drills, and skills, along with practice do and don’t to help youth coaches everywhere better coach the kids in their communities. Your host, Jason H Oates, will also interview other professionals discussing current issues related to youth sports among these, strength training, speed and agility, concussions, and arm care.
FOX Soccer
News, rumors and analysis of the world soccer landscape including English Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, FIFA, Serie A, Champions League and more.
Bone Docs Podcast
The Bone Docs Podcast serves up practical health tips, sports medicine, aging and myth busting. We discuss common health problems and the best ways to prevent and manage those issues.
Is There More?
Podcast by Is There More?
Seahawks Nest Podcast
We are a collective of Seahawks fans that enter year 4 as the hardest working Seahawks podcast in the game. Join Eric, Kevin, Nathan, and sometimes but not often Brett as we discuss America's favorite sport. Really we just hope for less concussion risk, protect yourself please.
Social Villains Podcast
Top NYC comedians & up-and-comers sit down with neurotic fancy boy Mike Coscarelli and unhinged contrarian Gene Getman to tackle race, politics, comedy, and social issues with the sensitivity of Archie Bunker suffering a mild concussion, while holding a mirror to the politically correct culture plaguing modern America.
Ask Doctor Gil with Gil Winkelman ND, MA: A conversation about integration of Heart, Body and Brain.
Dr. Gil Winkelman ND of Ask Dr. Gil discusses topics of natural medicine and healing. He answers your questions of the integration of mind, body, and spirit. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Gil has successfully been treating neurological and psychological issues success over 10 years. While he focuses on the body and mind as a physician, he believes that to better access intuition, or spirit, one needs to balance the body. Patients with autism, anxiety, depression, Parkinson's, ADD/ADHD, OCD, ...
Local Singles in Your Area!
Hosts Zach "spongey" Conn and Stavi "periwinkle" Garcia tackle life's greatest mysteries and get concussions.
Latest Brain News with Experts
From concussions to zika virus to how sleep deprivation can eat your brain, hear world renowned doctors weigh in on the latest in brain news!
Bruce the Sports Doc
The goal of our show is elucidate the link between sports and medicine, with an emphasis on sports injuries such as concussions and spinal injuries. Our guests will include present and former professional athletes, high school and collegiate athletes and thought leaders such as researchers, administrators and healthcare professionals such as neuroscientists. Dr. Grossinger will use his medical training to make the issues surrounding sports injuries easily accessible you as a listener and par ...
Bruce the Sports Doc
The goal of our show is elucidate the link between sports and medicine, with an emphasis on sports injuries such as concussions and spinal injuries. Our guests will include present and former professional athletes, high school and collegiate athletes and thought leaders such as researchers, administrators and healthcare professionals such as neuroscientists. Dr. Grossinger will use his medical training to make the issues surrounding sports injuries easily accessible you as a listener and par ...
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What a couple of weeks it has been with Cricket Australia finally reaching agreement with the players, FIFA and the AFC trying to act as a mediator with the FFA and the stakeholders and the ARU deciding to dump the Western Force. On this show our interview is with a man who embodied the Western Force, Matt Hodgson. Hodgson is a man who has spen ...…
Donnie is a legend in the sport of motocross who was on top of the world in 1982. He had just won the AMA Supercross Championship and the 250 Motocross Championship. As a result, he was asked to be a member of Team USA in the Motocross and Trophee Des Nations. While training and preparing for these important races in Germany, Donnie suffered a ...…
Brockville farmer struggles with the wet weather; Top 10 invasive plant species; Organ donation policy; Litter becoming an issue at Peterborough-area causeway; Banning junk food ads targeting young people; Concussion conference; Belleville Bigfoot flickBy
Concussions Are we doing enough to keep athletes safe? What do you need to know when it comes to head injuries & concussions in sport? As NFL preseason games get underway, college & high school sports are right around the corner, and we hear the rumblings of preseason NHL, I wanted to revisit head injuries and concussions to see where we are at ...…
Fight The Sadness Podcast
If you don't take a selfie in the gym, did you truly get a workout in? The answer is mostly YES - people commonly make fitness, and many other approved life tasks, without documenting it. However, if you're attending a concert and need to tell your lame friends all about it, you should certainly film the whole thing on your phone or tablet. In ...…
In this episode of The Straight Outta Hitch Podcast, Alec and Darryn dive headfirst into the NFL's concussion problem and the future of the sport for this week's Spotlight Segment (0:55). They then discuss Josh Rosen's candid comments on student-athletes (27:45), LeBron James' subtweets and the Los Angeles hysteria he has been creating lately ( ...…
In the third episode of the podcast, Graeme Beaton speaks with University of Waterloo graduate student Kelsey Curran about her research in the neuroscience stream of Kinesiology, and about the ins and outs of graduate school.
Ageless Hockey - The Over 50 Player
Welcome to the Ageless Hockey Podcast for the Over 50 Hockey Player. My goal is to encourage men and women to start, continue or resume playing (like I have). This Episode covers why I’ve upgraded most of my equipment. I’ve included the brand and model numbers, plus the prices of what I purchased. What is different about equipment today? It’s m ...…
Follow-up Episode 4 Foxic: winner of an fight ft. terrible live commentary. Episode 5 Welding and working with Aluminium. The original Heat E lineup ft. excellent detective work. Reopening the Jellyfish engineering wound. (skip to 30mins to avoid. We won’t blame you.) The engineering mindset & formal education. ‘Solved’ problems and best practi ...…
It's Fun Finds Friday, where we share the best of TV, movies, entertainment, tech and more! Today we've got the a great book on the issue of concussions in the NFL and Dan's pick of Mad Max: Fury Road.
"The Pride of Camden" undefeated boxer Vidal Rivera joined the Heart of Sports in Studio and then hear part 1 of the interview Dr. Bennet Omalu, the doctor who discovered CTE and was the basis for the character played by WIll Smith in the movie Concussion.
The Rantz and Burns Show
8 PM: Consumer Reporter rescinds their recommendation on Microsoft Surfaces, NV’s crackdown on pot tourism, Princeton course fights fat phobia through dance, Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist and expert in the study of the effects of concussions, says letting kids play football should be considered child abuse. Brock Huard, from 710 ESPN Sea ...…
Something Cheeky: Movies
Spider-Man: Homecoming - Part II Rosanna and Nikki discuss common sense versus experience, call Peter a baby spider learning to use all 8 legs, discuss Auto Ironman and Stark's daddy issues, compare their concussion history, put Peter on the Junior Varsity Avengers, Rosanna declares herself a mutant activist, and they have a discussion about re ...…
Neurosurgeon Lawrence Chin, MD, explains a glioblastoma diagnosis. Pediatric onocologist/ethicist Amy Caruso Brown, MD, talks about how social media affects medical decisions. Cardiologist Harold Smulyan, MD, takes a historical look at what killed Guglielmo Marconi, the so-called father of radio.
C - Spiritual Life - Video Podcast
Dr. Bennet Omalu, the subject of the major motion picture, Concussion, discusses the effects of brain injuries in athletes and how to keep children safe from high-impact sports.
Beston & Greenway Show
International Hour.Seb and Karl discuss Tom Brady’s unwillingness to disclose or verify concussions that he has suffered. They ask whether there is a moral obligation on players to disclose concussions for the benefit of the public/league. They also discuss Miami’s signing of Jay Cutler and what that means for the Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill and C ...…
If there’s a blueprint to recovery after a traumatic brain injury, Ben Fanelli is prototype. Eight years after suffering a fractured skull as a 16-year-old rookie in the Ontario Hockey League — an incident that left him hospitalized and at risk of needing brain surgery — the former Kitchener Ranger is happy, healthy, and showing no signs of slo ...…
That's Not How I'd Do It
Hold on to your funyuns, it's that time of year sports fans! This week we take a break from fantasizing about genetic engineering to fantasize about football. Well, clone football mostly. Hope you wore your helmet because some of these ideas are really, really bad. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, go ahead and tweet to us at @th ...…
What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #8 Mitch Brennan Bob Aldons: We’re going to talk this morning with a mate of mine who I’ve known for 40 years and his name is Mitch Brennan. Mitch, welcome to What’s In Your Garage. Mitch Brennan: Morning Bob. Thank you. Good to be here. Nice set-up you’ve got. Bob Aldons: Yeah mate. It’s just a chat betwee ...…
With a disease ridden Tim out this week, Mike and John discuss all the world's issues. Tom Brady and his concussions, Chelsea Handler making a fool of herself, Transgender schools and more.
How are the roadworks | First caller of the day | Kit-Kat varieties | Arm out window | Weather | White House chicken | Horn v Pacquiao | Rodney Eade talk | Haircut cost | Gas at the games | Kim Jong Un calls in | Word pronunciation | Viking connection | Oasis | Tickle Me Moyra | Rebel Wilson concussed | 2017-08-10 -…
ลิงค์วิดิโอจัดสด (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); WiTcast ep 56 Live Posted by WiTcast on Thu ...…
We are talking Alabama vs. Florida State, Jay Cutler’s lack of enthusiasm, Giselle’s spill on all these concussions Tom Brady supposedly did (or didn’t?) have, Fantasy Football, Game of Thrones and disgruntle Falcons fans. Interested in joining our inaugural season of FANTASY FOOTBALL?Register today: RATE, LIKE, FOLLOW, SH ...…
Episode 6 - AFC East Preview, Football Wives, Concussions w/ BK by Dr. Nick Coman
Take It or Leave It!1. Jay Cutler is the best choice for the Dolphins2. This year more than ever, people are ready for the NFL to be back3. Do you have a problem with Tom Brady’s concussion comments late last week
Football is one of the biggest sports people spend God knows what just to see their favorite team play from our little leagues, college and professional players. But with all that rough play, are they really okay at the end of the day? Also, Would you accept a 50million dollar professional football contract, knowing at 55 year of age there’s a ...…
Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 156: Darko the Resurrected Dan, Dave, and Mike spend WAY too much time recapping the E:60 piece on Darko. Dan has come up with a metric to determine the truly greatest busts in NBA history. We reminisce about the ’04 Pistons and WTF has happened to Joe Dumars. Tom Brady had some not so interesting comments about co ...…
08.07.17 RAD 04 Listener Mail - Rob's Concussion
Will Colin Kaepernick's NFL career fade? Plus, ESPN NFL Analyst Josina Anderson talks about the Dolphins decision involving Jay Cutler, Cutler's relationship with head coach Adam Gase and Tom Brady's concussion comments.
The guys got into a discussion about concussions in football, and the CTE issues that have caused controversy and led younger NFL players to choose early retirement. Boomer admits he might have CTE, saying "If I die tomorrow, and my brain basically was taken, and researched and I was found to have CTE, which most likely I have." Also adding "I ...…
%CODE_UD56% A helluva a treat this week as we are joined not only by the editor in chief of The MTR Network, Kriss, but we also have the first appearance of the voice of The MTR Network, Jaxx. He talks about his new show on the Network, Ratchet and Drank, and drops some deep cut MTR trivia. We talk about all the sports matters of the day, focus ...…
WELCOME TO THE 5TH PRESEASON EPISODE OF OZKOC AND KING SOCCER PODCAST SHOW “I was scared. I didn’t know what had happened or what to do. All I could do was try to calm down, because it takes a cool head to deal with these situations.” That was Oz recounting a time when a player he coaches apparently fainted. She ended up being alright, dehydrat ...…
WRSP Radio presents the eighth episode of the second year of Weekend Sports Huddle with co-hosts Tom Pollin, Hunter Hodies and producer Dave Holcomb. The NFL held the Hall of Fame Game this past Thursday, so you know what that means? It's officially football season. And our hosts will get to a slew of hot button NFL topics, including Colin Kaep ...…
Gallant At Night
In the Nightly News: Tom Brady's concussions are his business, someone else got a job before Kaepernick and more.
Saint Louis Live!
We mentioned the Cardinals to start the show, it all went downhill from there. Some Kardashian talk, some concussion talk. We find out that Chris has suffered no less than 50 concussions. Travis tells a story about a West Virginia Governor who switched parties. Travis wishes a Happy Birthday to his idol Barry Obama. Could Saint Louis Live beat ...…
This week the guys talk about the two blowout games in the penultimate week of the regular season, and what it means for Week 18 and cementing the playoffs. Plus, Chase Risman joins in to discuss Shane Carden's season-ending concussion and what it means for the Baltimore Brigade for the remainder of 2017.…
Between The Pipes Podcast
In this special podcast, we discuss the current CBA, recent signings and retirements, and of course, how the NHL screws players by not caring about concussions.
Dr Boris Gojanovic (@DrSportSante) is a specialist sports medicine physician and a board member of the Swiss Sports Medicine Society. In addition to his Sports Medicine training, he is certified in Internal Medicine (General Medicine). In this chat about paediatric sports development, training and injuries he shares tips on interdisciplinary ma ...…
Under The Lights Football Podcast
Coach Hairston, Coach Daugherty, and myself, Coach Johnson, discuss some philosophies we have on the defensive side of the ball, some practice philosophies and the topic that threatens our sport, concussions. Nate Johnson, OC - OL IG: natejohnson27 SC: natejohnson_27 Alex Daugherty, ...…
The race for the top 8 is down to 10 teams with Penrith & Raiders still chasing finals dreams. I also touch on my thoughts around concussion and the negligence shown in our game around player safety.Bulldogs vs Eels - 1:40Dragons vs Rabbits - 6:14Cowboys vs Storm - 10:55Knights vs Warriors - 19:00Titans vs Broncos - 23:05Sharks vs Raiders - 28: ...…
GLT's Sound Ideas
A recent study on the brains of football players showed all but one in the study showed signs of the disease CTE. But, ISU Coach Brock Spack says that makes no difference to him. The changing landscape as Football copes with its concussion problem. Jon Norton talks with the coach about that and about this year's team. Congressman Rodney Davis s ...…
Doctoral candidate Karey O’Hara discusses the impact of divorce on children and families. Hospital pharmacy director Luke Probst explains what happens when people don’t take their medications properly. Social worker Chevelle Jones-Moore tells about a video project for patients nearing the end of life.…
They say it’s not about Kaepernick’s protest or blackballing him. There’s no way that the National Football League can conspire to keep someone away who brought so much unwanted attention. I know they covered up concussion research, but that was the old NFL. This one is more modern. Twitter: @LonzoHarrisJr…
Kevin Hrusovsky is Rick’s guest this week. Kevin is the CEO of Quanterix, a company that has developed a blood test that can objectively diagnose concussions. Having won funding from the NFL for its test, Kevin can shed light on why current concussion protocols often fail and why more science must be applied to the game in order to keep athlete ...…
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