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Binge Dater
Podcast: Dating, Sex, Relationships, Red Pill, Game
Bedroom Business
Advice on condoms, STI's or the link between sex and drugs
Natural Habitat Podcast
Mikey Boohyah is a California native, Hip-Hop artist and marijuana connoisseur. Mikey and friends discuss nostalgia, current events, review movies and much much more all while enjoying the worlds finest strains of cannabis.Interact here:
Jonny5's Sketch Comedy Podcast
This is Jonny5's Sketch Comedy Podcast.
Yorkshire MESMAC
Yorkshire MESMAC has produced short audio podcasts on HIV and surrounding issues in an easy to understand format. The podcasts are in the following different languages: English, French, Swahili, Shona, Luganda and Yoruba. Each podcast covers essential information for Africans on HIV in five segments:- · What is HIV · How is HIV transmitted · Getting tested for HIV · Being positive and visiting the clinic · HIV and Medication Listeners are provided with contact details for the Do It Right -In ...
Thinkergirl: The Podcast
The Thinkergirls are talking all the thoughts chicks are thinking but not saying! Made up of radio besties Stacey June and Kristie Mercer and joined by a Hot Set Hottie (a celebrity gal pal guest) to talk their favourite gems (topics) each and every week! Why don't boys want to wear condoms? Is Instagram depressing you? To travel or to buy a house? Friendship breakup's and how do I have acne as an adult? The girls will have you giggling the same way you do with you besties through their vide ...
Unframe of Mind
Uncomfortable conversations without a condom Welcome to Unframe of Mind - the #1 place on the interwebs to get your mind pulled out through your eye sockets and reinserted in your orifice of choice. Do you have what it takes to have your ideas and beliefs challenged and to have an adult conversation about it? We discuss ideas, society, culture, politics, philosophy, rational ethics, critical thinking and how everything ties in together. At Unframe of Mind, we wish to challenge you to think f ...
Reaching for Lucidity Podcast
RfL is the condom for your ears in the fight against STD's (sonically transmitted diseases) that are spread by mainstream media. RfL brings you the best in podsafe music along with irreverent news, facts, gossip, humor, and the award coveted by idiots everywhere, the RfL bitchslap award. All of this is brought to you by an American city boy stuck in small town rural England, so you know it is a mess! Kick back and enjoy the show! The Schedule is as follows Rock Mix Monday Indie and Alternati ...
Weekly Dose of Diarrhea Podcast
Dave and James talking Sports, movies, comics, and video games. Geek news to sports updates. Superman to Super Bowl. We are the reason condoms are suggested.
Unframe of Mind
Uncomfortable conversations without a condom Welcome to Unframe of Mind - the #1 place on the interwebs to get your mind pulled out through your eye sockets and reinserted in your orifice of choice. Do you have what it takes to have your ideas and beliefs challenged and to have an adult conversation about it? We discuss ideas, society, culture, politics, philosophy, rational ethics, critical thinking and how everything ties in together. At Unframe of Mind, we wish to challenge you to think f ...
Juicy Bits
On Juicy Bits, we take a look at all things sex: how we're doing it, why we do what we do in bed, and the politics of reproductive justice. It's a messy, sticky landscape and we approach it with a nonjudgemental, enthusiastic attitude. Buckle in for a juicy and delectable ride down sex highway. Wear a condom.
Love, SEX and the beyond
Sigga Dogg is an Icelandic sex educator and writer. She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sexology from Curtin University in Australia. Her main focus is on a humorous and honest sex-positive sexual education with no subject too taboo, both in the public sphere via media and in private, in schools and for adult groups. She has been lecturing about all matters sexual to all ages and varied professional groups for six years, in addition to regular hosting of a stand-up routin ...
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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Leadership Interviews
This one-day, two hour seven lecture series provides a basic understanding of how to recognize common drug names, understand the basic classifications, and quickly memorize them for exams. The print, e-book, and audiobooks these lectures are based on, Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach, can be found here ...…
Something Positive for Positive People
Cassie, 29 year old St. Louis resident, food service working, heterosexual HPV & HSV2 Positive female . . . . There, I think I covered it all in a half-assed sentence (lol) shares her personal experience living with HSV2 after being diagnosed at age 17. IT, the Clown, is a perfect analogy for what stigma does to us. In IT, the clown was most po ...…
A Seat At The Table Podcast
Welcome to A Seat At The Table, the fresh new UK Podcast where we discuss UK music, everyday topics, relationship discussions and much more.#OpinionsNotFactsIn this episode we discuss your partner unknowingly giving you herpes, Are condoms a must? Should you invite girls your dating to the same house party? New years resolutions and Mans Not Ho ...…
Did you know that Genghis Khan was a great golfer? Well, here at Downtime with John and Emily, we strive to provide our listeners with only the most factual and carefully researched information. Because we're just that great. In this episode, we're showing you How to be the World's Greatest Dad because we want you to be prepared for dadhood at ...…
Happy New Year!!! The guys sit down for the first time this year and recap their new year festivities. Crooked shares his epic night and how he doesnt remember half of the stuff he said to the fellas via text. Neva explains how he missed an opportunity to DJ overseas for new years. The fellas discuss how underrated 2 chainz is.…
Free Pharmacology Course Podcast
Hi, I’m Tony Guerra, I teach college pharmacology and I created the Free Pharmacology Course Podcast to help you recognize, understand, and memorize pharmacology and drug names on the run. This first seven lecture series provides a basic understanding of how to recognize common drug names, understand the basic classifications, and quickly memor ...…
Gooch, Pete, and Jozalyn discussed Joz taking the long way to a gig, the real name for amputee porn, Teddy Atlas, Pete loves Asian speak, the top 5 Stephen King loves scenes, filling up a condom, and so much other assorted nonsense on this week’s Rise To Offend.Website risetooffend.comEmail us ...…
Rise To Offend
Gooch, Jozalyn, and Pete recorded another show in front of a live audience and things got crazy. Jozalyn talks about she hurt her tricep masterbating, Bobby Wayne Stauts talked about the time her and his girlfriend went to a swingers club, Jozalyn’s mom played guess those cocks, and Penny Poison and Jason Krychek came on the show and swallowed ...…
A Special Set from Krish Mohan's exclusive Bandcamp Dispatch. A Stand Up Comedy Set from Richmond, Kentucky! Subscribe to the Bandcamp today!
Growing Healthy podcast
Lets talk about sex....and all the things that can cause trouble to make it challenging for men! right after this quick reminder...... AP: The Growing Healthy Podcast and website is meant for general medical information only. this does not apply to every situation. If you have questions, or if you have received different advice please contact y ...…
You're Such a Sex and the City Podcast
Bust out that white wine guys, because we're bringing you S1E11: The Drought with special guest Marty Wurst. On this hilarious show we discuss if you should fart in front of your partner, if we've ever watched our neighbors have sex, and the last time we played the game "Don't Check the Condom!" We also get a visit from Jeff Goldblum and Silves ...…
Ethical questions seem to multiply as medical science advances. Dr. George Delgado takes listener calls about the beginning and end of life and about the proper use of medical technology.Questions Covered:14:10 - A doctor recommended a special type of drug for teens that could be sexually active. If I allow my child to receive this vaccination ...…
In case you missed it.In one of the most scathing political attacks that one has heard or read from him, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has accused Narendra Modi of setting a “dangerous precedent by his insatiable desire to tarnish every constitutional office, including that of the former Prime Minister and Army Chief”. This came afte ...…
The usual shit with a lot more people :)Let's Talk Not Argue - PodcastTHESE ARE NOT MY OPINIONS. JUST BEING DEVILS ADVOCATE.This podcast is meant to take these controversial topics and put them on a round table where they can be discussed on an intellectual level where everyone has a voice and opinion. The more we hide from these topics the mor ...…
Burns - George FitzgeraldSmart CondomsApple Sex Kit4 Ways of Becoming an Outside DogOffice Christmas PartiesHooking Up in the Office
JOAT is back in classic form with more fun topics than one podcast should be allowed to have. This week we start with an in depth look at Net Neutrality and why it’s so important. Side note, F**k the FCC. We then jumped into coverage of the ‘flat-earther” who wants to launch himself in a home made rocket to prove the flatness truth. Elsewhere w ...…
Plant Fitness massage chairs Holidays lights Sciatic Nerve pain Florida mall condoms Food stuff
Minutia Men on Radio Misfits
EP76 – Rick and Dave discuss smart condoms, German parenting tips, mustard on pop tarts, Prohibition at Wrigley Field, and Rick’s brush with British Royalty. The post Minutia Men – 12/7/17 appeared first on Radio Misfits.
You've recently had a baby, and sex may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it's important to consider your contraception options now or your fertile body may think your baby needs a sibling sooner than planned. What are your temporary and permanent options when it comes to birth control? Today we're talking all about pills, patches, ...…
Call Outs, Think Fast, Condoms On The First Date and How Dennys Rates Uber Drivers (ATS Starts 2Hr 17Min 18+ Only)
Call Outs, Think Fast, Condoms On The First Date and How Dennys Rates Uber Drivers (ATS Starts 2Hr 17Min 18+ Only)
They say the third time's the charm, but unless "charms" are mounds of rotting male prophylactics, that seems questionable. This is a particularly NSFW episode, so make sure anyone listening is either over the age of 18 or under the age of 1.Rubber Club video: on iTunes:…er/id13181 ...…
We are in Philly with Jimmy, Steve, and the entire Afterburn crew!! Midge starts us out with an inspired reading about giving fucks… We have some technical difficulties, but get through them pretty quickly… We talk about the Hollywood Babble-On from the night before at The Punch Line in Philly and all our daytime shenanigans. Before our first b ...…
Lawmaker files bill to exempt Florida from daylight saving time, Police in Lincoln, Nebraska respond to report of Bigfoot on I-80, Worker used potato chip bag as a 'Farady Cage' to hide his whereabouts during work, New 'smart condom' will give insights into sex life that you probably didn't want...
WE DID THE MASH. WE DID THE PODCAST MASH. Meaning we mashed our little comedy tallywackers togethers until a funny dripped out. We get mad spooky on the 13th episode. We being TOM FUCKING SANDERSON, local gig pig, comedy auturd. Topics we chew on include such disasters as 'Ska Music' 'On Fire Crocodiles' 'The state of the movie industry' 'The s ...…
We also get an update on Lisa's advent calendar, and talk about a mystery condom.
Oprah’s Cookout/ Ghetto VS Freaky/ 4 LOCO’s/Lion Sexuality/ Naked & Brave (No Condom)/ For How Much?/ Fear Factor XXX/ Sneaker Hustle/Album of the Year 2017/ Underground VS Commercial
A big day in the fight against HIV in New Zealand.Pharmac has announced it's planning to to fund the HIV prevention drug PrEP. The drug reduces the risk of catching HIV in unprotected sx by 90 per cent.Last year there was a record number of new diagnoses in New Zealand.But AIDS Foundation operations director Joe Rich told Mike Hosking this drug ...…
Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back for another episode. This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts, Jason Lee and Giovanni Watson and the ‘curve queen’ Melissa Ford get into today’s juicy hot topics!
Gobble Gobble MotherFU%#@R !!! It's our Thanksgiving episode and we went all out with special guest Robert Corey Casler as he picks the 2009 indie horror/comedy featuring a talking killer turkey, THANKSKILLING. We're STUFFED full of questions on this one. Do they make extra small gravy flavored condoms? How does no one acknowldge the turkey in ...…
The Curious Nature of Sex
We get up close and personal with the new Hanx condoms - will they pass the dreaded condom taste test?! Hayley hijacks Rosie's dating profile on Bumble and reveals how to optimise your online dating game. We finish you off with a sensual classic - a short erotic story about the first time two lovers meet. Enjoying the Curious Nature of Sex? Ple ...…
Join us this week as we let the liquor tell it!!! Topics discussed: Broken Condom of the Week Being Single in 2017 Being a Side Piece Does Things Change When You Get Into A Relationship?
Episode Highlights:- Travis eats a pie, Fae shuffles papers, and Bishop begs for attention (in unison)- We get a cool email question and about universe and team swapping- The best Elongated Man story (on screen) ever- Elongated Man vs. Plastic Man- The Dibny/Allen Beef- Joe still doesn't wanna talk about any damn babies- Does everyone keep thei ...…
Beg Your Pardon is a podcast hosted By Alex (Cis Lord Ashy), Ramon (YoYoRamon), & Christian (Chopin) .I Beg Your Pardon is a comedic Podcast about relationships, personal experience, men, women, and the game.Episode 1: The guys discuss their most random sexual experience, using condoms or not, can men and women be only friends?, cheating, and m ...…
Contact us with your own Fact/AltFacts at or Some topics include: · The Boys Watched Rocky Horror · Disney Makes Magic · Star Wars Planet Gravity · Netflix is Becoming the Kleenex of Streaming · We Have Not Reached the Limit of Human Evolution · ICBINF – Latex Condoms Aren’t New · Fascist Haircuts i.e. So ...…
Adam farts, lots of listener feedback, Jerry pays $5 for the hotel room. We talk about going to King’s Spa and then listen to some music. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards…
Keith and The Girl VIP
With Emily Lubin - Emily on her podcast co-host's worse qualities; NYC subway racists and perverts; more Harvey Weinstein accusers; Amazon's sexually inappropriate programming chief; lost condoms; Ben Affleck and Oliver Stone's sexual misconduct; Roman Polanski's fourth public victim; Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory; 14 family members a ...…
The unwritten rules of Are You The One? are spoken, the specter of Ben Affleck (and his two Oscars) must be reckoned with, and also, where's the big jar of condoms?
Sorta Professional
What are we doing with these titles?
UML Podcast Network
On this Weeks episode, Eb is Back! We talk about:The McDope spotRich Chigga at it againAIM is DeadNelly catching cases?Kenyan Martin vs Jeremy LinDolphins o line coach ski it upNBA: new all-star formatO.J. back on the market On this Weeks episode we talk about:Raiders catching mad LsTrump wants sons of bitches firedCalling that sex line, hurric ...…
How Did This Get Made?
Rap song correlations, a mountain made of mashed potatoes, and much more on this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for The Last Dragon, Blake J. Harris interviews director Michael Schultz about The Last Dragon, and the Movie Bitches review Home Again. Plus, you’ll find out which movie we will be covering next! This ep ...…
in this episode of SAgC we talk with DANTE CORRENTE from THE ANNEX HEALTHCARE, a new clinic in longwood, florida dedicated to providing recommendations & education for medical cannabis. the week we cover all this & a lot more: cannabis as medicine & the laws about it in florida owning a yoda that once belonged … Continue reading episode 105 – m ...…
If a man takes off a condom during sex and doesn't tell the woman, is it rape?
Once again it's on!! What you think about Amber Rose SLUT WALK ? Why do hoes say "I'M ALLERGIC TO CONDOMS ? THOSE LIPS, HER DIMPLES AND HIS BEARD!!" That's the best thing going for them! DO THE CHICS AT CHIC-FIL-A WANNA FUCK BENZEL? Every week a new topic and another laugh!! Featured song this week SHOOT UP" by Calvin XInstagram: @im_calvinxsou ...…
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