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River of Life
Deniable plausibility.
Live recording from the worship services held at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (WELS) in Belmont, CA
Reformation Underground Radio is the official radio show of Reformation Underground: Dead Theologians Society. Examining the dead to better serve living!
-- Remembering the promised rest during life's journey. --Episodes feature devotional segments by pastors and teachers serving in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) along with church history, mission news, and music by artists who support our teaching.
Lutheran pastors Todd Peperkorn and Scott Stiegemeyer talk shop about ministry in the twenty-first century.
A Podcast By and For Confessional Lutherans
Sunday Sermon Of Pastor Jeffrey A. AhonenSt. John's Lutheran ChurchLadysmith, Wisconsin
Refreshing Truth
Sermon and Bible Class Audio from St. John's Lutheran Chicago
Sermons preached at Peace Lutheran Church, Oelwein, IA and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Independence, IA. This is a dual parish of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. We use the one year, historic lectionary.
Sermons from Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Detroit.
Conversations on confessional Lutheran theology between a Pastor and layman from Crestview, Florida
CLC Radio Cleveland
Christ Lutheran Church in Cleveland Ohio brings you liturgy, hymnody, prayer offices, Sermons, Bible studies and more.
Christ Crucified
Christ Crucified podcasts are the recordings of the Divine Service at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Walnut Illinois. It is here where He calls and gathers His precious flock to hear His Word and receive His saving Sacraments. It is through these sacred means that our gracious Lord kindles and strengthens faith in the hearts of sinful men thereby bestowing everlasting life. May your heart and mind be opened by His Holy Spirit that you might joyfully receive His gifts of forgiveness, life, a ...
A prayerful family of Christians who live, study, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of His Word and Sacraments.
The full service of Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, IL (outside of Chicago), a member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS). Our church is a confessional, liturgical Lutheran church with excellent music focusing on Christ crucified for our sins.
Christ-centered, scriptural, and confessional Lutheran sermons preached at Trinity Free Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, ND.
Our Savior Lutheran Church is a growing, confessional Lutheran church that serves Birmingham, AL.
Women Pastors?
Women Pastors? is a Confessional Lutheran Podcast where Jake Zabel interviews theologians concerning the issue of Women's Ordination
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Do Penance. Now. It’s Lent after all. Or maybe not? Pr. Riley and Pr. Gillespie dig deep into an exhaustive treatment of Luther’s Christology. Our Text: Sin and Confession on the Eve of the Reformation by Thomas N. Tentler Show Notes: Sam Harris I can now attest that the experience of grappling with an expert is akin to falling into deep water ...…
A common question that's asked in the TheologyGals facebook group is, “What is Reformed?” When someone asks this question, it is answered with a variety of descriptions. One reason why this happens is that the understanding of what it means has evolved in recent years, and now has a far broader definition than it once did.Historically, the adje ...…
This is a long but important conversation, time stamps for the conversation are below: 0:00 - 5:15 Show intro, G3 preparations, 4th quarter players5:16 - 9:05 What is Pirate Christian Radio9:06 - 10:24 How to handle large doses of heresy and foolishness10:24 - 12:17 The necessity of discernment and polemics ministries12:18 - 14:09 Doesn't God w ...…
On today's program, I began a new series on the Lutheran Confessions. In this first episode, I discussed the importance of confessions of faith, and the history of their use in the Christian church. I then briefly introduced the Lutheran Confessional documents.
Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics SeriesWith guest Robert BennettToday's program is an encore from April 10, 2015.Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics SeriesThis dogmatic resource is based upon the outline and thought pattern of the Lutheran Confessions. The series is strictly and consciously confessional in its presentation of doctrine and its assess ...…
We examine the impact of the tendency for modernization to foster a creeping secularism in the 19th C. The title of this 145th episode of CS is Liberal. The term “modern” as it relates to the story of history, has been treated differently by dozens of authors, historians and sociologists. Generally speaking, Modernization is the process by whic ...…
We examine the impact of the tendency for modernization to foster a creeping secularism in the 19th C. The title of this 145th episode of CS is Liberal. The term “modern” as it relates to the story of history, has been treated differently by dozens of authors, historians and sociologists. Generally speaking, Modernization is the process by whic ...…
The title of this episode is Faith in the Age of Reason, Part 2. In our last episode we briefly considered Jakob Hermanzoon, the Dutch theologian who’d sat under the tutelage of Theodore Beza, John Calvin’s successor at the Academy in Geneva. We know him better by his Latin name Jacobus Arminius. Arminius took exception to Beza’s views on prede ...…
The Title of this episode, is Faith in the Age of Reason. Part 01 After the first flush of Reformation excitement died down, the Protestant churches of Europe went into a long period of retrenchment, of digging in both doctrinally & culturally. This period lasted from the late 16th to the later 17th C. and is referred to by church historians as ...…
In Part II of a two-part episode, Josh and Scott discuss the policy of closed communion adhered to by confessional Lutherans.
In Pt. II of a two-part episode, Scott gives his story of going from Reformed to Confessional Lutheranism. Download
In the debut episode, Josh talks about how he travelled the road of being decidedly Reformed to Confessional Lutheran. Scott will give his story in the next episode. Download
Scott and Todd discuss the theology of the call from the perspective of the pastor receiving a new call. Scott also pushes his streak of not talking about the Pope to three episodes, and Todd completely messes up the title of a book. LINKS AND OTHER STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT Dr. Robert Preus, "The Doctrine of the Call in the Confessions and Luthera ...…
…and do you know who it is? It’s THIS GUY: Oops. I mean…THIS GUY (the old one): In this episode we dive into another “Swimming the Rhine” testimony and this time it’s our very own Levi who shares his own shocking journey from Non-Denominational/Calvary Chapel/Evangelicalism, through doubting the faith, temptations of Rome, and finally coming ho ...…
Before I began this series my intent was to do a series of episodes on the Reformed understanding of the Christian use of the moral law as the norm or rule of the Christian life. Confessional Protestants (Reformed and Lutheran) call it . . . Continue reading →
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