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Simon Mayo considers listeners' darkest secrets and worst misdemeanours, as they beg for his forgiveness.Will Simon and his collective be merciful?
Sex: (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it—except at BedPost Confessions, a live storytelling series based in Austin, Texas. Whether the featured performers are funny, informative, political, or completely personal, the anonymous confessions from the audience are the stars of every show. BedPost Productions is focusing on what it does best - live shows - and taking a break from podcasting. Please enjoy our podcast achieves.
The world's number 1 Goth talk podcast! On Cemetery Confessions we discuss news related to the goth community, we take an academic approach to sociological and psychological goth topics, we also review music, movies and a lot more. Our mission is to further support, expand, and commiserate with the goth/industrial community on an international level.
Confession Booth
Confession Booth is a night of brutal honesty, catharsis and absolution. Everybody has a deep, dark secret —until they tell an entire roomful of people eager to hear about the most embarrassing, appalling or surprisingly touching moment of their lives.
Kinky Salon is an international organization of sexually liberated communities spearheaded by the author, artist, feminist, event producer, and professional sexy person, Polly Superstar. In Kinky Salon confessions, Polly travels around the world bringing real stories of love, heartbreak, sexual liberation, and personal and social transformation from the Kinky Salon communities.
Grant Cardone’s brand new raw-and-uncut show, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, takes you right into the front seat of Grant’s daily life. Ride along with him and his entrepreneurial guests as they explore Miami Beach. Grant manages to get each guest to confess about something personal from their past—unplanned and unedited. This show is not for the feint of heart.
Confession Radio
This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous to deep and reflective. Listen to the show that people are talking about. ConfessionRadio Twitter: @ConfessionRadio Facebook: ConfessionRadio Webs: Phone: (267) 571-7311
Confession Booth
Everybody has a deep, dark secret they keep hidden - until they tell an entire roomful of people the story of the most embarrassing, appalling or surprisingly touching moment of their lives. Confession Booth is a night of brutal honesty and catharsis.
In which we speak of our obsessions with film music, including anecdotes, factoids, and personal views on the film music world and industry.
Confessions of a Terrible Husband is a marriage podcast for people who are looking for real advice from the trenches and who are committed to taking personal responsibility over improving their relationships. Hear Nick Pavlidis talk all things marriage and life and interview people like Fawn Weaver from The Happy Wives Club, John G. Miller, of QBQ, Inc., Dan Miller and Joanne Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love, Derek and Carrie Olsen from Better Conversations, Marcus and Ashley Kusi from ...
Martial arts school owner Zach Hayden takes you along for a ride as he discusses the ins and outs of running his school. He'll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly as he works to improve his business.
If you're tired of all the buzzwords, boosterism, mythologizing, the cult of overwork in the world of startups, it's easy to feel like the oddball in the room. We're here to share the real stories of today's business bootstrappers: the makers who make their money with products and launches instead of client pitches and hourly consulting.
Confessing Our Hope will look at various controversies, books, articles and more and examine them in the light of the Word of God
Reformed Theological Resources
Whether it's because of religion, tradition, a hobby, or even too much alcohol, there is always a reason why a tattoo is gotten. We have set out to find out the stories behind the tattoo's.
Confession Session
Confession Session is no holds barred kitchen table talk where we discuss weekly highlights in pop culture, current events, and our own personal lives. Angel who is married with a child and Jhun a young professional gay male are giving new meaning to the Black American perspective. Live Episodes Every Thursday 7:30 ET
Podcast featuring vegas stories, experiences, and overall decadent behavior. We discuss gambling superstitions, history of how this place even exists, food reviews and tips on how to survive a vegas adventure...and come back with at least some dignity.
Sonia Simone delivers advice, encouragement, and the occasional rant from outside the drone of the marketing mainstream. Join her for a regular mix of monologues, interviews, and answers to your content marketing questions.
Confessions of an EMS Newbie is a weekly podcast for beginning EMS providers. As Ron goes through paramedic school he'll sit down and discuss what he's learning with experienced Paramedic and writer Kelly Grayson. Anyone new to being an EMT will enjoy getting the strait scoop and accurate information from someone who has been there over and over. Ron's perspective as knowing next to nothing means we'll keep it understandable and practical.
Confessions (Latin: Confessiones) is the name of an autobiographical work, consisting of 13 books, by St. Augustine of Hippo, written between AD 397 and AD 398. Modern English translations of it are sometimes published under the title The Confessions of St. Augustine in order to distinguish the book from other books with similar titles, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions.
Follow a complete newbie through Paramedic School
Interviews and headlines related to Reformed Baptist Resources
Each episode welcomes a new "professional" whose job deals first hand with life, death, sex, violence, and/or crime.
"My Confession" is a brief autobiographical story of Leo Tolstoy's struggle with a mid-life existential crisis of melancholia. It describes his search for answers to the profound questions "What will come of my life?" and "What is the meaning of life?", without answers to which life, for him, had become "impossible." Tolstoy reflects on the arc of his philosophical life until then: his childhood abandonment of his Russian orthodox faith; his mastery of strength, will, power, and reason; and ...
Podcast by Koereyelle
Amerigo Film
Video & Audio production services in Los Angeles, California
Anti-prohibition show dedicated to the many fine American breweries and distilleries. A little history, a lot of brew and fun.
Chairlift Confessions: A Podcast dedicated to candid interviews with professional mountain bikers, industry icons, and legends of the sport. Hosts Natty G & Trey Clay explore the story behind the success of these athletes and headliners.
On "Caravan Confessions," Eric Simon of The Broke Agent listens to real estate professionals from across the world reveal their craziest experiences. Sometimes hilarious and always bizarre, these stories will make you question the rationality and sanity of the human race. This podcast will provide endless entertainment for the inevitable downtime of real estate agents and anyone else who wishes to discover the irony of this wacky industry.
The Confessions of a Fit Chick Podcast features authentic conversations about want it's like being a part of today's fitness industry, and offers education and resources to create the most healthy lifestyle possible... in both body and mind.
An unfiltered look at the hustle and heart that goes into building your empire. We’re here to show you the girl behind that Instagram feed. The girl that puts everything she has into building the life of her dreams.So join us for a peek into the life behind some of your favourite girl bosses that often gets missed on social media.Whether you’re a seasoned girl boss looking to dig deeper and expand your business, a baby girlboss trying to build from the ground up or someone who just appreciat ...
The one of a kind podcast that's exposing the guarded secrets of the banking and investment industries for everyone to benefit
Radio Free Satan is a network of podcasts and online streams covering Metal, Comedy, Rock, Industrial, Ambient, Noise, Rockabilly, Gothic Rock, Punk, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Electronic Music, and Horror Movie Commentary all brought to you by members of the Church of Satan.
I interview people suffering from eating disorders particularly Binge Eating Disorder! I also interview doctors to gain their insight!
Let’s talk about all the scary moments that add up to "success" - however you define that word. The successful entrepreneurs that you admire are just like you & I. If my guests can achieve success, so can you - even if it means breaking the so-called "business rules" & making your own. Running your own business is hard, but doable. Fear is a natural part of the equation. You've got to carve your own path. Do things your own way. And unapologetically share your work with the world. For more i ...
BC Confessions is a show that brings Business Chemistry to life by applying it to real-life situations and circumstances our audience can relate to. Each episode will feature a confession and an overview of how Business Chemistry could be utilized to help.
“It was just a simple computer prank. How could I have known that it would almost get us all killed?” When sixteen year old Cai Peterson poses as an online troll to relieve the boredom after being grounded for drinking at a party, he tangles with a cyberstalker who’s not only willing to make his virtual life miserable, but his real life as well. As Cai searches for the stalker, it seems like nearly everyone in his sleepy Texas town has something to hide. Surrounded by suspects, Cai has to na ...
True Confessions
'True Confessions' on Warm 98
Confessions of an Agile Activist is a podcast about agile software development. The Agile Activist shares his experiences in managing and selling agile software development and Scrum.
Occult Confessions
Occult Confessions uncovers the mysteries behind occultism's forgotten heroes and brings them to life in order to discover the truth behind the paranormal.
The latest podcast feed searching 'WESTMINSTER CONFESSION' on
Get up close and personal with Dan Peña, the 50 Billion Dollar Man! Take a ride with him in his Rolls Royce Extended Phantom and get some behind-the-scenes about the QLA Seminars and insights on how high performance people think.
Blues came a callin' at an early age in my Grandfather’s tobacco fields. Granddad’s help would sing work songs and field hollers as they primed tobacco walking bent over in the long, long rows of those tobacco fields. That’s where my fascination and my appreciation of Blues music began. The spirit of the music has been with me ever since. Living, Loving, Fighting, Forgiving, Ruin and Redemption are the stories of living life. Blues Music encompasses those stories in song. And those songs spa ...
I must confess, a podcast from the Journal of Student Psychologist Confession.A podcast about doing psychology from the perspective of those learning to do it.A chance for provisional psychologists to share their journey.A forum to say things you may not feel comfortable saying to colleagues, supervisors and peers.Or even your friends and family.It’s anonymous. It’s candid. Listeners, post your topics here:’s confess…
It's time to rise up from heartbreak & free your soul
Professionally, Phoebe's got it all... a fancy degree and her dream job. But her personal life... It's a train wreck.
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals exists to call the twenty-first century church to a modern reformation that recovers clarity and conviction about the great evangelical truths of the gospel and that then seeks to proclaim these truths powerfully in our contemporary context.
"Three farmwives, escaped from the farm and lunchboxes and small children (mostly), having a conversation where we got to finish all our sentences, as if we were real grown-ups. It was pretty awesome!" -Holly Spangler
Nerd Confessions
Video Games, Board Games, Shows, Movies, Technology
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Charles Swift is director of the Dallas-based Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America. He led the defense team in the month-long Orlando trial of Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen. Swift has an enviable record of success in securing justice for unpopular clients. As a Navy judge advocate general, Swift was a ...…
By (107.9 The End).
Today we're talking about finding your niche and staying true to who you are in a saturated market!Join the conversation in our Facebook group:
Mark 1:2-8 - The gospel is the good news that God has kept his promise to send a Messiah, the one who will take away the sins for those who believe in him. This is the message of John the Baptist, Jesus’ strange cousin and the last in the line of the Old Testament prophets. In this sermon, you will see how John’s message still echoes across the ...…
Find us online at: Come to a service and hear our sermons live and in person Sunday morning 9am and 11am in English and 12:30pm in Spanish at 93rd and Broadway. Readings for this week: Isaiah 50:4-9a The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. Morning by morning he waken ...… episode 29- intentions for weakness Shelbi Confessions Podcast make every intention to empower yourself in the representation of strength not weakness I do not own rights to music
Jacaranda FM — With some relationships, the reason for the break-up is so ridiculous, you just have to laugh!
AP & Hondo sit down with JAGA to talk about his new EP ".Wavpool" his top 5 dead or alive, Circa Survive, his upcoming headliner at Barboza in May, a background in choir and AP confesses he's JAGA's biggest fan. This episode is brought to you by Heady.Watr. Find JAGA online at and @JAGAworldwide on Twitter. Tweet at him to sin ...…
On this Episode, I interview Benjamin Bunn. His journey in the military and how he found a passion for fitness. Tips for anyone struggling with PTSD. -U.S. Veteran-Green Beret -Former Paratrooper -Cigar City Crossfit (owner+coach) -Certified Badass -Soon to be dad -Philanthropist
Mackenzie, Warrenton, Virginia - Pastor Carl, Our 20-year-old son came home from college and revealed that he was a homosexual on July 27, 2017, to my husband while I was away. My husband responded harshly that it was the most ignorant decision he had ever heard, he told him that he was disgusted with him, and in no way could he live that type ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Trinity Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Infallible Rule of Interpretation of Scripture Subtitle: The Westminster Confession Speaker: Samuel Johnson Broadcaster: Trinity Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday School Date: 4/1/2018 Length: 47 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Trinity Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Examples of How Scripture Interprets Scripture - 2 Subtitle: The Westminster Confession Speaker: Henry Johnson Broadcaster: Trinity Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday School Date: 4/15/2018 Length: 53 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Trinity Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Examples of How Scripture Interprets Scripture Subtitle: The Westminster Confession Speaker: Henry Johnson Broadcaster: Trinity Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday School Date: 4/8/2018 Length: 48 min.…
Sunday Morning Service, April 15, 2018, 11 a.m. Welcome, Call to Worship, and Prayer of Confession and Renewal by Jeremy Rutledge; Lord, Make Us Servants of Your Peace (D.A. White) by Choir; Psalm 98:4-8 read by Bill Simpson, Introduction of guest teacher by Jeremy Rutledge; Meditation: "Mindfulness in Motion" by Katie Zimmerman, Musical reflec ...…
Verses: Romans 9:30 - 10:21 Discussion Questions: Do you have any cool experiences of receiving a free gift from someone? Why does Israel continually struggle with the concept of Jesus being their Savior? How does legalism empty the grace from the Gospel? Have you seen people who God brought to faith even when they weren't seeking God? Are you ...…
We are dedicating Wednesday's show to EVERYONE WHO GOT ISSUES THEY NEED OF GET OFF THERE CHEST.There is also industry news, gossip, comedy, and our new segment Dark Confession Wednesday's . If you have those deep dark confessions, send all materials to Attention Confessions in the subject line, or you can call in l ...…
Episode one is available now. Host Paul Dillon was joined in the studio and over the phone for a free-wheeling discussion that took in topics like mental health and technology in the workplace, how big data is dominating the headlines, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , the Brexit jobs dividend, the fallacy that interns are some specia ...…
Wait Wha Podcast Episode 18 – “80’s, Animals, and Poop Knives” Scroll down for player On this episode of the Wait Wha Podcast, Matt discusses the movie Ready Player One and his upset over the differences between the movie and the book, Matt then grabs his fanny pack, hops into his delorean, cranks the theme to Night Rider, and floors it to 88 M ...…
Reformed and catholic - how so? No better place to meet Scott Swain for this conversation than Disney’s castle in Orlando. He usually finds inspiration there for his theological writing - I bet you didn’t know that! Scott makes the remarkable claim that in order to be truly protestant, we have to be good catholics in some sense. But don’t get w ...…
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19 (CSB) How Do I Stay Anchored To Hope… 1. Focus Intently For when God made a promise to Abraham, since he had no one greater to swear by, he swore by himself: I will indeed bless you, and I will greatly multiply you. Hebrews 6:13-14 (CSB) 2. Wait Patiently And so, after w ...…
When I first heard of this, I confess, I thought it was a hoax (fake news!) concocted by the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III types to scare people about cannabis use. And, while I do not recall where I first saw this thing, the source seemed dodgy to me – so I dismissed it! BUT, then the New York Times reported on it and I took it seriously! ...… Steve Lindsley (John 20: 19-31) The story of Thomas is a familiar one us. His “fame,” for lack of a better word, has spread not only within Christian circles but outside it as well. The phrase “Doubting Thomas” is a cultural expression, used to reference someone who is wa ...…
Episode 28- A little Compassion and Empathy Shelbi Confessions Podcast A little compassion towards others can go along way into healing ones self *I do not own the rights to music
As The Heel Turns Returns to talk about WrestleMania! Roman Reigns, Nakamura, Brock Lesnar and more! Danielle and her show Between Us Girls Podcast De Dee Sweets and his show Two People Two Podcasts Big Haired Girl and her show Confessions of a Big Haired Girl RCR Reviews and thier show RCR Reviews Podcast Frank Yeiger and his Project Sword of ...…
We're back with lots of laughs, threesome stories, talking about choice and another confession. Elizabeth/Izzy's Socials:'s Socials: YOUR RIGHTS ask: "why am I being stopped"ask: "am I free to go, or am I being detained?"ask ...…
Kim and Charley discuss what they would do in business if they had to start all over again with their skills and knowledge. To see if you are cool enough to be in the association, go here:
If you’ve ever struggled with the fact that you can’t control everything, this episode is for you. And actually it’s kind of for me too, because I am AWFUL at this. Today I attempt to tackle the topic of control. Why do humans have such a tight grip on the small amount of control we have? Why can’t we embrace or even just accept our lack of con ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Reformed Baptist Church of Tama is now available on with the following details: Title: Prophecies of the Antichrist Subtitle: The 1689 Confession Speaker: Paul Rendall Broadcaster: Reformed Baptist Church of Tama Event: Sunday School Date: 4/8/2018 Bible: Daniel 7:1-27 Length: 25 min.…
Pastor David Brighton - The Confession Of Sins And Assurance Of Forgiveness - April 8, 2018
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