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The Gamer Heroes podcast is a series that focuses exclusively on video games and gaming. We'll cover topics ranging from current and future generation consoles all the way back to the ones that got the industry off the ground. This series includes reviews, in-depth analysis, opinions, rankings, and more for the PC, home console, handheld, and mobile gamers of the world. Gamer Heroes is part of the Heroes Podcast Network.
Console Yourself
A weekly gaming podcast that tries to keep things positive and inject some whimsy. Each week our chats episodes will fill you in on all the gaming news you could ever need from Bubsy to The WonderSwan, while our HIT-POINTS specials offer an in-depth look at a specific title. Also we have Australian accents, hopefully that's a deal maker not breaker.
From the creators of Halo Nerds..Each Week we look at a new game on various game consoles, including the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, X-Box and X-Box 360. We talk about the games we are playing and gaming in general. Watch Marshal, Wayne and Chad play through everything from the retro classics to some of the hot new releases! All shows are recorded LIVE and have no post editing done. Voicemail with Skype - ...
Console Obscura
Console Obscura is a podcast dedicated to video games and the people who play them. Ephemera, nostalgia, absurdity, history, culture, arcana and trivia are all fair game. Welcome to the best damned video game podcast in the world, suckers.
Age of Gaming is a podcast where we discuss the games we're playing and looking forward to. We discuss PC, PlayStation 4 and other console games.
☕Coffee, Casuals & Consoles☕ ? Your host *Mel*? ✮✮ NEVER Expected, but appreciated ALWAYS? ?
Retro and modern gaming chat with Trev and Stu
Consolation of Philosophy (Latin: Consolatio Philosophiae) is a philosophical work by Boethius written in about the year 524 AD. It has been described as the single most important and influential work in the West in medieval and early Renaissance Christianity, and is also the last great work that can be called Classical. Consolation of Philosophy was written during Boethius' one year imprisonment while awaiting trial, and eventual horrific execution, for the crime of treason by Ostrogothic K ...
Electrocuted console of entertainment.Hip-Hop/Dance.
Hack This Console
Weekly audio show focused on things to do with a gaming console that it never was intended to do. If it can be hacked, modded, or emulated, we'll talk about it. News, tutorials, general overview of the community, and much much more.
Join Jeremy, the St. Louis Video Game Console Examiner and as he reviews video games from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox One and Playstation 4!
Console Me Gaming
Join Mark, Irv, Gary and Craig every someday to discuss the world of gaming - past, present, future and fourth dimension. Uncut. Unspecific. Unrelated. Undeterred. "THE GREATEST GAMES PODCAST IN THE GALAXY." - Chad Fett, 2166.
No Consoles for Old Men is a monthly show that discusses all things related to video games (Yes, even consoles occasionally). It is a virtual walk down memory lane from the time of video games earliest days to all the news about what's hot now. You'll hear our thoughts on the different genres of games, specific game reviews, themed discussions on the effects of gaming on our culture and much, much more. Mostly we're just going to have a lot of fun talking about our favorite hobby (addiction? ...
Console Crusade
Video game news, retro games and the occasional goof, hosted by EJ Olson and Nick Durheim.
Podcast by Christ And Consoles
There are no console wars here. We try and stay neutral. Hence the name. We are a video game focused podcast, host by CJ & John, that sets out to cover all video game consoles equally(except for maybe PC).
Console Wars
Episode 1
Console Cowboys
The Console Cowboys take the world of gaming and bring it to your earholes. Each week the Cowboys meet up to discuss and review a new game and to bring you news from the far reaches of the internet.
Two brothers (and their friend) bring their professional (they aren't professionals), well-researched (they have Google) and thoughtful (they are a bunch of jerks) opinions on the video game news of the day, new releases, old releases, and poor eating habits.
Message de circonstances
Idle Thumbs
Idle Thumbs is a video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity. Between overly-enthusiastic dissections of their latest media experiences and baffling phonological explorations of Jeff Goldblum's name, the cast has managed to find a regular audience of dedicated readers. Scoop up the latest episode and hear us extol the virtues of whatever we've just watched, played, or read—then attempt to answer reader mail before getting sidetracked about robots.
Get the latest news for Console Discussions and Consoles along with movie reviews and other random stuff.
Console Monster - Dedicated to the Core
Consoles & Cardboard
A podcast that takes a look at games, both video (the consoles) and analog (the cardboard).
Where capes meet controllers, that's where we play.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 11 recordings of The Consolation by Anne Brontë. This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 14th, 2010.
The Console Peasant's Guide to Overwatch.
We're just two nerds who probably have no place talking to you about gaming.
Focusing on both digital and tabletop gaming, The Game Design Round Table provides a forum for conversation about critical issues to game design.
Francis de Sales (1567-1622) was a French priest and later bishop of Geneva who was revered as a master of spiritual direction and fondly remembered for his keen insights into the personal spiritual struggles of men and women of all faiths. His Introduction to the Devout Life, which he wrote especially for laypersons, and his Treatise on the Love of God remain fundamental reading for all earthly pilgrims who seek personal moral improvement and strive for spiritual perfection.Pere Huguet has ...
Showcasing the best in Video Game music and the Remixes inspired by them.
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
Good Games Podcast
We strive to bring you the latest and greatest in video gaming news and other hard hitting issues regarding Video Games!
Spawn On Me
Coming straight out of Brookago, the premier show about gaming featuring people of color.
Uncorked Gamers
video gaming podcasts
This Nintendo Life
A Nintendo based Video Games podcast with your hosts Nbz and Bally! We bring you three 30 minute segments every 2 weeks, talking about everything from what we've been playing, to the lastest Nintendo Direct news, listener mail, feature topics and more! Hope you enjoy!
The Blessed Angela of Foligno, T.O.S.F., (c. 1248 – 4 January 1309) was a Christian author, Franciscan tertiary and mystic. She was noted not only for her spiritual writings, but also for founding a religious community which refused to accept becoming an enclosed religious order that it might continue her vision of caring for those in need. The Divine Consolation is divided into three treatises. In the first, Blessed Angela talks about her conversion. The second is her teachings. And in the ...
A high-level podcast about games and gaming technology. Current trends, game development, console/PC gaming, we'll talk about it all. No casuals.
The TD Gaming Podcast: Podcast on recent gaming news, opinionated game reviews and game history.
Cranky Gamers UK
Toz is joined by community members Steve and Rikki to deliver you gaming news, reviews, no holds barred opinions, community events and competitions.
Cameron Harris and Sean Shannon, two self declared geeks and gaming experts, talk about the latest games, news and ideas that every gamer should know.
Media Mavens
This is Media Mavens with Pam and Riley - a biweekly podcast where we discuss our favourite, or not so favourite, movies, shows and video games.
Thirtyish Gamers
Three gamers around the age of thirty sit down to talk about gaming in all its forms. Console and PC games, RGP, tabletop, and even board games.
This is a show about videogames, The people who play them and the people who make them. Each week, a guest on the show talks about the games that have shaped their life in one way or another. Games that have inspired them, games that forged connections with others and games that have soothed wounds. Checkpoints!
Join ex-game journalists Chris Johnston, Phil Theobald, Greg Sewart and Ethan Einhorn as they talk about console/portable/PC games, raising kids, and the meaning of life.
Idle Thumbs
Idle Thumbs is a video game podcast full of in-depth discussion and absurdity. Between overly-enthusiastic dissections of their latest media experiences and baffling phonological explorations of Jeff Goldblum's name, the cast has managed to find a regular audience of dedicated readers. Scoop up the latest episode and hear us extol the virtues of whatever we've just watched, played, or read—then attempt to answer reader mail before getting sidetracked about robots.
Would you like some video game news with your Comedy? Well, STR CAST is real gamers, nerds who have gamed their entire lives. Beings who exploded from American vaginas with dice in one hand, a tit in the other, and the glow of bits in their eyes. These are the men and women who close their eyes at dawn. This is STR CAST.
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Full show notes can be found here: ------------------------------ Frank and Alex find out it's that time again where they must suffer for their craft. The planets have aligned and they are powerless to stop it. Another 66 episodes have passed since the last incide ...…
This week, we introduce you to the forgotten 3rd video game console mascot! He's a caveman... or a cavebaby? That's right, it's Bonk time! And we decided to go all the way back to the original Bonk's Adventure and play it the way it was meant to be played... on the original Turbografix-16! Along the way, we discuss Bonk's strange evolutionary b ...…
Eric and Leslie take a look at the history of video game consoles
Sega is in the news but leaves a lot to be desired in the information department. Shenmue I and II will see a rerelease for modern consoles. Sega Ages has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. A new Sega Genesis Mini has been announced. Kingdom Hearts will feature 20 plus mini games heavily inspired by an old Nintendo product. SNK announces a ...…
After Impact Winter made the journey from PC to console, we sent Thomas into the icy unknown to play this survival adventure from Mojo Bones.
We caught up with Holospark CEO Russell Williams to learn more about co-op romp Earthfall that's about to exit Early Access and release fully on PC and consoles.
This week, Matt, Mike and Unoclay talk about Uno playing Chibi-Robo, crazy cab fees, and Nintendo hardware changes between regions. This week's GoAT fight is Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption. - Game of All Time Tournament - Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption18:10 - Matt - Dishonored 2, Metal Gear S ...…
Jamie-Lee and company meet with Emily Harnett to discuss her LitHub piece, "When Art Cannot Console Us in Death."
Buy an ~official~ Nintendo Fun Club Podcast shirt and be the coolest geek-punk at the skatepark! News: Sega Announces AGES For Nintendo Switch, Mega Drive Mini Console SNK 40th Anniversary Collection announced for Switch Games we’ve been playing: Karate Kid, Dragon Blaze, Tengai Music: Converge - A Single Tear Rilo Kiley - accidntel deth Suppor ...…
We're back to spin you the tale of the console wars, take you inside europe's lamest prison, and then chill you out with a little bit of hula. This week's subjects: List of Sega CD games, La Sante Prison, and Ray Fonseca (hula dancer/instructor) Theme and Interstitial music by Apache Tomcat Email any qu ...…
This week Alex and David talk about Uber's fatal autonomous crash, Myer's financial troubles, perfected bolognaise and the origin of phrases. Follow-Up Ataribox Update Fatal Autonomous Uber Crash Commerce Corner Myer's $500m First Half Loss Russell 2000 Cooking Corner Slow cook pork Slow cook lamb Alex's Low-Fuss Bolognaise Guinness Stew Lingui ...…
In Episode 26 of Quickwatch; Nolan, Riley and Jared, talk about who they’ve been playing this week, then go into all the announced content from the upcoming Archives: Retribution event. The episode wraps up discussing the potential changes the upcoming balance changes will bring. Overwatch Archives: Retribution: ...…
Action MMO Tera has made the move to console so Sophia spent two hours with the game to see how the game takes to it's new home.
Colby returns this week for one of our more bizarre podcasts. While we did have a serious plan going into this one it fell by the wayside as we reconnected like long lost brothers. While we did spend some time trying to figure out where Xbox fits in the current console environment, things quickly took a turn for the stranger side. Either way, t ...…
The Ode to Games crew is back to talk about two exciting announcements for this upcoming September! They also each talk about their favorite console of all time.
Taylor, Anthony, and Andrew are rejoined by Aidan, as they talk about Atari's new console, GPU prices, Switch Ports, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more things.Tune in every Saturday 3pm PST @ us on Facebook at – our Facebook Forums –…180179249227660/Fol ...…
Today we talk about the amazing Pico-8 — a retro-style virtual 8-bit game console that lets you play games and/or make them! It's a game platform and a game authoring platform at the same time. We're fascinated and quite smitten, and we think you will be too.
In this episode, Geoff, Faqz, & Nay-Nay tackle their very first 80's Nostalgia Fantasy Draft! Which 80's video game console, video game, movie, song or TV show will go in the first few rounds? The Atari 2600? The Nintendo Entertainment System? Breakfast Club or Back to the Future?Listen up and decide which host has the best line-up! Follow us o ...…
By the tender age of five or six I had become utterly convinced of the doctrine of total depravity. I didn’t know the doctrine yet by that name. I had memorized bible verses about all sinning and falling short of the glory of God, none doing righteous, none seeking God. But even in those early years it wasn’t merely conceptual for me. I knew no ...…
Our devotion this morning comes from Philippians 2:1-5 (NKJV) Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, ...…
The Holy Spirit's ministry as Consoler to those who are in Christ Jesus...
S.U.R.E. Success with Andrew Gordon S-Strategize. (Set your goals. Make a plan) U-Understand. (Identify obstacles to obtaining the goals) R-Release. (Change limiting beliefs, and break negative patterns) E-Execute. (Take massive and constant action) Before you set your goals and make a plan, I want you to truly think of what you want. Narrow wh ...…
Below is an audio recording of the Good Friday service (found here). You can also find the readings for the day online. A written version of the sermon follows. When I was in middle school I watched my closest friend be abused by another student in the changing room after ...…
How good are you at spotting depression? International Flight Attendant Havii takes on the Big Red Couch to find out. Meeting with Clinical Psychologist Rachel; discussing stress and depression. Find out tips to de-stress, On and Off the Runway, on this weeks episode of KJ! We're taking off, are you #RideOrFly (please check on your STRONG frien ...…
In this backlogged episode, the boys talk to friend of the program, Brennan Dryer. PC gaming, Xbox, Playstation, SWITCH---we talk it all.By (EJ Olson).
Simone entertains us with even more Fable fables, Kyle takes us on his Sea of Thieves adventures and Lee struggles with news, in what is probably our most profressional episode ever. Playstation console exclusive Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice comes to Xbox, with Xbox One X support in tow, Doom is coming with a 4K patch and Xbox is having another ...…
We almost lost this one to the Kraken of Computer Distress. But we valiantly sailed away to victory! It’s a months worth of news so… it’s a long one. Sit back, sip long and drink deep. Show notes and links: Defiance 2050 | PC & Console Game – Shooter MMO ( Defiance 2050 Valor Program | Defiance ( “XP on Prime is ...…
It's time for another Game Snacks monthly update. We break down what you can expect this coming month from each of the major consoles as well as our first Reactions to Farcry 5! And as always, we dish out our delicious snack of the week pics and get a much needed Overwatch Update from Rickist.
Your source for all things Nintendo 3 days a week Sponsored By: OPSeat: Head over to to directly support the show, and get a fantastic gaming chair that can support you! I'm sitting in one right now, and its great. Links: Patreon — This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to you by Rock Roberge — Support Switch ...…
Sean Watson, a Senior PM in the Azure Portal team, talks to us about the thinking behind the design of the portal and shares tips 'n tricks for getting the most out of the portal. Media File: Indexed audio: Azure Portal user voice: http ...…
Sean Watson, a Senior PM in the Azure Portal team, talks to us about the thinking behind the design of the portal and shares tips 'n tricks for getting the most out of the portal. Media File: Indexed audio: Azure Portal user voice: http ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Southwest Ohio Reformed Presbyterian is now available on with the following details: Title: Great Consequences Subtitle: John Speaker: Steven Work Broadcaster: Southwest Ohio Reformed Presbyterian Event: Sunday Service Date: 6/1/2008 Bible: John 3:17-21 Length: 27 min. Overview: A. The Great Commission -3-1 ...…
Download Episode 170 Subscribe To TekThing on YouTube, iTunes, RSS! ------ Fix Facebook Security Fails!!! Facebook is under fire for their part in the data 50 million users ending up at a firm called Cambridge Analytica. Shannon's got a complete breakdown of what happened on Threatwire. Right now, let's talk about how to secure or outright dele ...…
Welcome back to episode 35 of The Goliath GameCast – Goliath’s official video game podcast. This week, Charlie (SeeJayAre) and Nick (Nick_Steinberg) discuss the Nintendo's latest Nindies Showcase, our early Far Cry 5 impressions, and our thoughts on whether Sea of Thieves is dead in the water... Here’s a breakdown of show topics: On this week’s ...…
VP of Research and Lead Analyst for AI Adrian Bowles overviews IBM Think 2018. He covers the announcement of IBM Watson Services for Core ML, part of the IBM-Apple relationship; the announcement of IBM Cloud Developer Console, which provides more iOS and Watson Cloud integration; and the update on Watson Business Solutions. About Aragon Researc ...…
If this was our last show, I think it would be a proper goodbye. There is a lot of Bromance, and that's all I'm going to say about that. We talk about the iPhone SE, its trade-offs and the possibility of an update. What was the probable reasoning behind the first one and why would Apple release a second Special Edition iPhone. The A11 Bionic is ...…
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