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Same bat-duo, new bat-time! Join Ditty Dirty Coonery on their new night and time as they delve into one of everyone's favorite topics (even if they don't want to admit it)...SEX! What criteria do you follow before letting your goodies out of the jar? How do you handle bad sex? What're your views on friends with benefits? Who's on your list that ...…
Random Ratchetry, As usual.
The Ditty Dirty Coonery fam is back again with more of what you need to cure your Monday blues! This week we will be discussing the pros and cons of social networking and single parenting. Feel free to call in and chat with us at 661-467-2389 and interact with us via chat!!!
It's just another Manic Monday!!! Ditty Dirty Coonery has just what you need to cure you of your Monday Blues! Join us tonight as we discuss internet dating, when social networking goes wrong, and bisexuality. As always, you are invited to call in and share your thoughts!
Ditty Dirty Coonery on the scene again! Join the new Dynamic Duo as they discuss what makes a person a heaux. Is it the number of sexual partners? The kind of men/women they pursue? They'll also be discussing the church and its perceived and actual problems. Get in on the conversation! Join us in the chat room or call (661) 467-2389 to listen l ...…
Keeping it on the DL? Creeping? Meeting at the Creep Inn? What is it that makes you creep? Have you done so successfully without getting caught? What happened when you DID get caught? Are there rules to this "Creeping" game? Tell Ditty Dirty Coonery!!! Join us for yet ANOTHER installment of coontastic stuff that YOU care about! Call in LIVE 661 ...…
Tag team, back again! On a new night at a new time! Join the dynamic duo as they discuss setting the mood for sexy time, the use of sex toys and unusual sex practices. There will also be a "Best Sex Ever" segment for those with an arousing story to tell! COME POP IT FOR A GOON with Ditty Dirty Coonery!…
We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Join Ms. Saditty and Mr. Loaf with special guest @TXHummingbird as they discuss homophobia. They'll also be chiming in on what qualities a mate should have before one submits to them, and a special "We Ain't Shit" segment. ALL ABOARD!
We're back!!! Join Ms. Saditty and Mr. Loaf as they discuss creeping, self esteem issues, and sex. There will also be an entertainment news segment, "Let Saditty Cook: What We Not Gon' Do (Summer Edition)," "Ask Coonloaf" and take calls. Good times!!!
Introductory show "Ditty Dirty Coonery" featuring @SheSeauxSaditty and the homie @coonloaf. Featuring #askcoonloaf and #LetSadittyCook. EPIC RANDOM FOOLISHNESS!
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