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Attorney and Bravo TV Star Vikki Ziegler and Psychologist Cooper Lawrence cover the latest out of Hollywood. Who's dating who, and who's divorcing who!
Girls In Heels
Hosts Cooper Lawrence, RHONJ Twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano dish about the Bravo show, their lives and pop culture.
Girls In Heels
Hosts Cooper Lawrence, RHONJ Twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano dish about the Bravo show, their lives and pop culture.
Loose Talk
Cooper Lawrence of 95.5 WPLJ's Morning Show and Peter Grossman of Us Weekly discuss the latest in celebrity gossip and entertainment news
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Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has shared so much with her fans. But it is her struggle with depression that has her opening up to her pal Vikki Ziegler and psychologist Cooper Lawrence. Why are so many women depressed and why do so many suffer rather than get the help they need? We will tell you. Then we lighten the mood with twitter star and ...…
We welcome Marla Martenson back to the show! Marla is a professional matchmaker working in Los Angeles since 2001, helping countless couples connect with their soul mates and go on to marriage. She is also a certified life/dating coach, author and motivational speaker. She has appeared on the Today Show, WGN Chicago Morning News, San Diego Livi ...…
HUGE BREAKING NEWS, Khloe Kardashian lost weight!! The update on the Jennifer Anniston's..And all things...(cough) GLEE
Today on the show - Matt Lauer is the original Mean Girl, are Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn a real couple or a publicity stunt? And we will get the hard facts about what's going on inside Jon Hamm's trousers
Today on the show - short talk about Snooki and what's left of her, all things housewives, screw you, its for me and I adore them, and how much we all love Jennifer Lawrence (and not because her name is "Lawrence" but that too)
Today on Loose Talk, Cooper and Peter have an exclusive interview with Demi Moore's (alleged) new boy-toy, and then Cooper yells at Peter for a while about the Kardashians. Enjoy
This week, with Peter out sick, Scott & Todd interviewed Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Today on the show - Brandi Glanville continues to unravel, this time in book form and did you know there is a Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift feud? That and more TMI from peter and his personal life
Here is Part One to last week's Part Two. Yes, we know it's backwards, so of course, it was Peter's idea. *Entertainment Weekly calls it "One of the best podcasts in podcast history" and *The New York Times says, "I envy those who are hearing Peter and Cooper for the first time. Mmmm, lucky bastards!" Enjoy! (*never happened)…
Today on the show -my housewives, the ladies I love and adore in the BH, also we discuss the Taylor Swift post break up head space, which is not good and also we talk celebrity hoaxes of days gone by
Today on the show - Kris Humphries is making it impossible for Kim to divorce him and we will tell you what he's trying to do, and talk about a wacky three way. Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are in the midst of a weird feud
Today on the show Bethany Frankel's $100 million dollar divorce, what's Kim Kardashian's uterus up to? And if its a day that ends in "Y" we're talking Lindsay Lohan.
Today on the show -Channing Tatum becomes a FILF, where will the duchess and her prince AKA Kate and Wills spend X-mas, and (sorry) all things housewives!! Woot, woot!
Today on the show -we continue to watch the famous fall apart, Demi Moore doesn't care that Vito Schnabel dumped her, she already has other men in the young buck stable.
Kate Middleton's pregnancy, I guess she's still pregnant, we'll talk about Taylor swift's ever changing love life and of course, you know how I love a good twitter feud. That's a thing today.
Today on the show -we have a special interview with Betty White!
Today on the show -US Weekly scooped Barbara Walters and got an interview with Lindsay Lohan to which they say, "SUCK IT, BABS", also who is Taylor Swift's NEW new guy, and finally is Kate Middleton pregnant
Hosts: Michael "Boston" Hannon and Brad Fellers Special Guest/Cameraman: Ryan Pratt Running Time: 54:40 Music: Warcraft 2 (PC) Add some more members to your Rock Band!! Mass Effect hooplah: A Fox News appearance turns out badly EA strikes back EA Strikes back again Keighly gets fired up And someone didn't even play the game Silicon Knights goes ...…
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