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Cop Doctors
A comedic vignette the explores the careers of Justin Case and Justin Time, that just happen to be cops by day, and doctors by night.
Cop Life
The Podcast From Behind The Badge. This is the show that takes an in depth look at my life as a veteran police officer and the way I balance work, home, and play….all while giving insight into the daily dilemmas and situations encountered in any given week.
Burning Cop Car
Burning Cop Car is sub.Media’s weekly music show of the dopest, hardest hitting political music out there. Hosted by the stimulator BCC will keep you pumped during your workout session, or get you fired up for your next street fight with fascists.
Wizard Cops
Wizard Cops is a weekly actual-play RPG podcast set in an American Potterverse of our own creation, emulating the style of, and paying homage to the works of J.K. Rowling. On our website,, we have posted our podcasts, lore we've created, and campaigns so you can play along! Like any Potter nerds, we've been all over Pottermore, studied the extended lore, and fantasized about our Hogwarts affiliations. This would already lend itself to an HP-RPG, but no such thing exists. W ...
Thought Cops
Thought Cops is a weekly podcast about outrage culture and mob justice in the internet age. Each week, Thought Cops Kevin and Grant discuss, analyze, and investigate the rage-inducing issues of the week that fill up the internet’s news feeds.
Suicide By Cop
In 2013, a Toronto Police Officer shot and killed a teenager armed with a knife on a streetcar. Videotaped footage showing the officer firing 9 times at Sammy Yatim caused public outrage. The officer would go on trial and be found guilty of attempted murder. But this fall his lawyers will argue before the Ontario Court of Appeal that there was a miscarriage of justice when the trial judge refused evidence that the teen was on a mission to commit suicide by cop. This podcast is written and pr ...
Call the Cops!
Law enforcement humor and weekly topics brought you you by RescueHumor and Law Enforcement WTF! Moments.
Cop Block Radio
CopBlock Radio is a weekly live video and audio podcast featuring police abuse stories from around the country. It's not all bad--we have solutions! Recording police, blogging, live-streaming your own content are all ways you can peacefully challenge the system. Hosts Severin Freeman and Matt Taylor tackle topics fresh from the headlines with a rotating set of guests from around the country.
Thought Cops
Thought Cops is a weekly podcast about outrage culture and mob justice in the internet age. Each week, Thought Cops Kevin and Grant discuss, analyze, and investigate the rage-inducing issues of the week that fill up the internet’s news feeds.
Cop Tales
Daily Telegraph crime editor Mark Morri interviews former police officers about their big cases.
Cop Talk Radio
Cop Talk with Ron and Myrle airs live on KVI 570 AM Seattle, every Saturday from 6pm to 7pm Pacific. Be a part of the show, call in live. Toll Free Nation Wide 888-312-5757, 6pm to 7pm Pacific.
The official Axe Cop podcast.
COPS - Podcast Series
The COPS Podcast Series is brought to you by the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs. Listen in to how you can become a Citizen Member and much more. Check back for new updates.
Ghoul Cop Bat Cop
Podcast by Ghoul Cop/Bat Cop
A good show by bad people - this time, on the road.
Culture Cops
We're Kabuki Andy and Tryouts Sam, here to shock, awe, and arrest you with our reviews of movies, tv shows, and everything in between. We flick 'em so you don't have to!
Nostalgia Cops
Nostalgia Cops is a rewatch podcast in which the hosts, Lynne and Evan, attempt to go back down memory lane together. Choosing off a list of over 100 different shows, the two hosts will watch and discuss different shows from their childhood. The podcast is released monthly, with episodes coming out the last Friday of each month.
Indie Cops
Tom Bell and Terry Saunders are the Indie Cops, two crimefighters that operate from their failing music shop, Dental Records These are downloads of the original Resonance FM radio show which so far has run for 2 glorious series, recorded live at Tuesday lunchtimes It's a heady mix of indie music, banter and crime-busting. Enjoy!
The Paris911 Team. Local Real Estate Agents in Southern California, Headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. That is an area where we were screwed when we bought our first home.At that time, I was a motor cop for the Los Angeles Police Department. I was a BCMC - Big City Motor Cop.Now I'm a BCR - Big City Realtor.Without causing too much damage to our real estate brethren and sisters - we have become entrenched in providing the protection and service you might have come to expect fr ...
The Crisis Intervention Team Minute brings you education, conversations and perspectives on behavioral health and public safety from the CIT Inc. It also features recording from the CIT ECHO connecting public safety (law enforcement) with providers. Listen in for a look into programs, training, awareness, and initiatives in behavioral health. This is part of your Crisis Intervention Team Inc. (, a 501(C)3 non-profit. Subscribe for ongoing lessons and discussion to keep you and ...
"Talking Cops; Cops Talking" is hosted by Corene and Lenard Wells. "Talking Cops; Cops Talking" is the only podcast in the nation featuring retired African American Peace Officers willing to tell it like it is on the streets and behind the badge.
Geek and the Cop
The Geek looks at the movie. The Cop looks at the police work in the film. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.
A podcast about everyone's favorite police procedural crime drama cop show musical.
Listen as Mike, Brandon, and Steve dive into the world of buddy cop films in search of the best (and worse) the genre has to offer.
Nerd Cops' Podcast
A UK based fella watches a movie then rambles on about it for a bit.
We are a podcast dedicated to talking about anything in the nerd spectrum of this universe! Like, subscribe, comment, and more importantly ENJOY :DFind us on iTunes by searching Nerd Cops! You can also find us on most podcast apps!If you want us to talk about a certain topic or us play a game together leave a comment!
Join executive producer and actor Kevin Bacon for a discussion and Q&A about Cop Car. The throwback thriller follows two young boys who stumble across an abandoned police car hidden in a secluded glade and take it for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the county sheriff (Bacon) and leads to brutal consequences.
This addictive and informative, one-of-a-kind comedy podcast details crime and court activity in New York City. Hosted by Pat Dixon.
Podcast for Program: What Do You Do When You Know the Truth? - The Trial of the Cop Who Killed Oscar Grant Begins and the Life Story of One of America's Most Radical Lawyers, William Kunstler In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Aidge Patterson talks about the opening of the trial, the shocking developments so far and the fight for justice; Bob Avakian, the Chair of the Revolutionary Communist Party, talks on the nature and role of police brutality; Emily Kunstler, who co-directed the f ...
Join Mike Dolan and Kyle Brauch as they watch every episode of the hit TV show, COPS. MAKTAC is a (semi) weekly comedy podcast with show commentary, random stories & pop culture references. All listeners are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Author: John Allen Author ID: tvguyjohn Category: Horror/Comedy Author Website:
The year is 1990. Having just come off of two massive network hits with Hill Street Blues and LA Law, Steven Bochco finds finds that he now has enough money and industry sway to bring to life a truly unique passion project. Having been touched by the divine spirit of Thespis himself, Bochco envisions a radically new and bold take on the stale police procedural format.Calling in every favour, he produces the world's first gritty, streetwise, police drama MUSICAL.Cop Rock, the resultant series ...
Podcast for Program: Wall St. Starves Millions, Cops Get Another Green Light for Murder and the Provocative Truth About Israel In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Fred Kaufman, Contributing Editor at Harper's Magazine and author,talks about how Goldman Sachs uses the Commodities Index Fund tostarve the world. Clyde Young, Revolutionary Communist Party, and Aidge Patterson,October 22nd Coalition and LA Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant, talkabout the verdict in the trial of the cop ...
Liam S. Smith & Regan Lloyd love a good mystery, there’s no case too big and no case too small. Every week they recap and discuss a police procedural, murder mystery or detective drama and try to crack the case before the fictional detectives can. Join them on their journey to become the world’s best TV-Detectives.
Sense Memory
If our memory is the thing that shapes and defines us, that informs who we are at our very core, then God help us all...for memory, is a wicked and deceitful wretch. Thrust into a search for his own sister's killer, Benjamin Cady flees Colorado and the only world he understands to scour the streets of Los Angeles, plagued by headaches and memories of murder. He quickly discovers that L.A. is not unknown to him, and as his memories of his sister's death become clearer, so does the possibility ...
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The creators of My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Worst Idea of All Time review the film Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 every American Thanksgiving from now until the end of linear time. There is no escape.
Crime stories from the golden age. Old Time Radio is filled with cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear these great stories again!
Shots Fired is a monthly feature in POLICE Magazine where the author takes real police reports involving shots fired and brings the scenarios to life.
Sheepdog Nation
Former Police Officer Autumn Clifford created a "home" for Sheepdogs and their spouses who want to know they are not alone in dealing with the various aspects of the job. All topics on this show pertain to the life of a Sheepdog and how to deal with its difficulties. This show is a resource for the thin blue line family.
Detective OTR
Detectives Stories, continues America's love affair with private eyes. Each week we give you "Just the facts" with all detective and cop shows. The greatest radio detective will keep you in suspense.
Inside the Law
An outsider gets inside stories and insights from cops, criminals, judges, lawyers and more. Learn about the fascinating experiences of people on all sides of the law.
Join a fervent discussion and appreciation of R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet.
Welcome to Crimetown, a new series from Gimlet Media and the creators of HBO's The Jinx. Every season, we'll investigate the culture of crime in a different American city. First up: Providence, Rhode Island, where organized crime and corruption infected every aspect of public life. This is a story of alliances and betrayals, of heists and stings, of crooked cops and honest mobsters—a story where it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Hosted by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier.
Journey into the underworld of American organized crime and the stories behind the rise and fall of the most notorious mobsters in history. From Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti, to Donnie Brasco, “Bugsy” Siegel and Dutch Schultz–Mafia explores the lives of our greatest gangsters and the cops and attorneys who worked to bring them down.
Welcome to another tale from George's Pocketbook. George is a frontline UK response officer dedicated to fighting crime, resolving family disputes in minutes that have taken years to break down and getting in the faces of the social underclass. All events are real and names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, not so innocent and plain stupid.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Breakdown podcast returns with host Bill Rankin. He's covering the murder prosecution of Claud "Tex" McIver, a wealthy and politically connected lawyer in Atlanta who shot his wife in the back. McIver claims it was an accident, and the prosecution has its work cut out for it in trying to prove malice murder. But the defendant took several actions after the shooting that made the community and the cops wonder about his innocence.The AJC's Breakdown podcast i ...
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show series; Ufology; Mario Batali's detailed rape accusation; Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and shares his racist views; NYC's mayor announces cops will stop making weed arrests; Ufology; Mario Batali's detailed rape accusation; Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and shares his racist views; NYC's mayor announces cops will stop making weed arrests
Today we welcome Emmy-winning journalist Tamara M. Banks and Ugandan foreign affairs expert Maria Nagawa. We discuss the recent spate of incidents involving white people calling cops on Black Americans for no good reason, plus a lively discussion on the pluses and minuses of foreign aid to Africa.; Ufology; Mario Batali’s detailed rape accusation; Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and shares his racist views; NYC’s mayor announces cops will stop making weed arrestsBy; Ufology; Mario Batali’s detailed rape accusation; Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and shares his racist views; NYC’s mayor announces cops will stop making weed arrests; Ufology; Mario Batali’s detailed rape accusation; Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and shares his racist views; NYC’s mayor announces cops will stop making weed arrests
Lots to talk about this month as Keith dives into some listener email and discussion description on a traffic stop last month. Keith then dedicates another episode to videos that show police officers doing the right thing in spite of outright lies and attempts to discredit them. Links from this month's episode: ...…
An Ohio man was arrested on May 13th after a traffic stop by an Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper. The officer forcibly removed the man from his car, which had handmade plates on it, with the help of a K9 after Ronald Wagner, 45, refused to exit the vehicle, or provide any information or identification to the officer. On Monday, Wagner entered not gu ...…
My testimony and things to think about when launching an outreach ministry.
After a brief hiatus, the Jon and Sam return to soak up every morsel of information from two new episodes: The Cop Car & The Grande Apologano. Here's to as many more podcast lessons are there are podcasts in the cloud!
The crew is in full force this week with the entire Slacker Pad proper - XL Middleton, Rev, Kevin, & Jonimal. Topics discussed include the new DJ Quik joint and a deep dive into his musical evolution (9:26). Does it sound right when legacy artists do the "now" sound in rap? The lady who called the cops on the BBQ in Oakland had to get discussed ...…
There’s a lot of art and technique that is required to send the perfect dick pics and we’re here to help you achieve that. Also, some stuff about running from the cops, Yahoo Answers and the Internet owes us some money. Subscribe to us on iTunes! Subscribe to us on Google Play! Source.
Podcast 26! Mye MMA-sirkus denne gangen, og vi snakker om: -Chuck Lidell sin return til fighting og potensielle fight mot Tito Ortiz, og gud forby, Jon Jones -Floyd Mayweather og Tyron Woodley sitt samarbeid, og photoshoot med Dan Bilzerian – og hvorfor vi ikke er med i dette crewet. -Mirko Cro Cop som ny alternative til Bellator Grand Prix, og ...…
Murderer wants apology, cop asks for pretend arrest and TX gov holds roundtable on shooting
Fear is something WE all have... yet cops seem to act like they don't feel it.. or do they? Learn how hiding how you really feel can effect your life and WHY cops do this as a whole! Instagram @theladysheepdog Lady Sheepdog Movement
You have the right to remain silent and listen to this episode! Then, after you finish, tell all your friends about it. That's an order!
This week, we have a train to catch! Mr. Edwards adopted son Carl is a real idiot and endangers the life of his family’s farm animals, Laura, Mary and himself (twice) because he is the absolute WORST. Laura is kind of a liar, and Mary is… well… a pushover. Mr. Edwards and Charles are on a race against time to save the lives of their children an ...…
Was John McClane a supercop or a regular cop? Find out for sure on this week's episode of Not Movies! Rate and Review! Tweet! Binge!
On this weeks episode of the CamoGhost MMA Podcast we recapped the UFC Fight Night event in Chile headlined by two of the Welterweight Divisions top contenders Demian Maia and Kamaru Usman. We also talked about other UFC/MMA news and fight cards that entailed Wonderboy vs Darren Till in Liverpool this coming week, our predictions for that fight ...…
Jay & Marie Yates stop in to discuss their Haunting and what they do as Ghost Hunters, Haunted Survivors, TV/Radio Personalities, Lecturers, Event Planners, & Owners The COPS Crew Haunted Case Files on Destination America. Bill Hartley’s introduction to the paranormal began during childhood, growing up in a house that was wrought with unusual p ...…
In this episode we discuss encounters that we've had with cops, and then once again find ourselves discussing robots and what that means for the lower portion of society. If you enjoyed, let us know!
Amin Elhassan, BLK Tray, BIG Wos, John Jervay, Justin Tinsley and Anthony Canton III Topics: The Party and Being Washed Warriors / Playoffs Favorite B.I.G. tracks Lady who called the cops on the BBQ Amin does not like Martin??? Wos trashes Black Panther??? Mo the Monster and the N Word Hot 100 Ten Years Ago More on Black Panther & Michael B Jor ...…
Trash Katz discuss Cavs vs Celtics, Rockets vs Warriors, whether Hector should have helped Paris in the movie "Troy", childhood cereals, Mother's Day, and cops being called on a black BBQ!
Erin Gruwell welcomes you back to the Freedom Writers Podcast! In this episode, Freedom Writer Tanisha Knight talks about her family's humble beginnings, her collegiate basketball career, and how education inspired her to become a teacher. Then in our featured discussion, actor Tony Danza joins Erin on the show to take us from a boxing ring in ...…
Health officials from CDC would like to remind folks who have diarrhea to stay out of the pool or hot tub or water park to prevent spreading bacteria, Cops looking for man whop followed woman inside bathroom at Bed, Bath and Beyond then stood outside stall and moaned for several minutes, Serial poopers vandalizing luxury home sites under constr ...…
Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
Tensions escalate at the boarder between Palestinians and Israel as the the United States embassy is moved to Jerusalem. A New York Times op-ed, " The Myth of Conservative Feminism," by Jessica Valenti causes a stir about feminism vs. conservative women, and of course, liberal feminists are falsely accused of not supporting conservative women. ...…
Jerry is joined by brothers Mike, Rick, Larry and Steve to talk about their favorite TV cops of all time
In this episode we talked about what we think the best cop and crime movies are. What are your choices? Today's podcast is brought to you by audible - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at This was sponsored by Bark Box. Go to HTTP://WWW.GETBARKBOX.COM/AWESOME to get 1 extra month ...…
Kat's joins to discuss royal wedding, Colombian cop shooting a kid, baboon raping five people in south Africa etc..
Robert talks about arriving in Missouri. A new state and all new adventures. Robert stays at an RV Park where he meets a generous couple who help fix his cart. He then heads south and meets a cop who saves him from some evil unleashed dogs. Don't forget to rate and review!!
2:42 - Caulf is excited & terrified for his 2nd child. 3:06 - First Communion and religious talk. 18:57 - The kid who say's "What the heck!" 21:05 - Get your butt on the sidewalk bicyclist. 27:19 - Flipping off a cop. 34:09 - Caulfield was pulled over and gave the officer the wrong ID. 40:38 - Ever pay for a ticket?…
On our 20th episode, we give a full-blown, shenanigan-filled review of Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance! Plus, we call out the @plainwhitets Yes, we are serious. Pretty funny story. We are also announcing how you can get a FREE Super Media Bros STICKER! Listen for details! Follow us on Social Media! ...…
This week we learn that Kansas cops can no longer have sex with speeders; a woman who sent 65,000 texts after one date; woman eats endangered animals for a living; The king of dine and dash, and a lot more things that make you say "Just Kill Me." Episode 20 3:56 Kansas cops can't have sex 5:46 Portable toilet truck on fire 7:07 65,000 texts 9:0 ...…
Episode 009 of Living Our Lives: In The BasementConcerts this Summer in PittsburghSpotify "Hateful Conduct Policy" UpdateT.I. Arrested Trying to Get Into Own DevelopmentMac Miller DUI ArrestLady Shits in Tim HortonsBartender Charged for Over Serving PatronThe Royal WeddingCan Blacks be Racist?Cops Called on Black BBQing25 y/o posed as High Scho ...…
We talking about Kanye, Childish Gambino's "This is America" video, white people calling the cops on black folks, and much more.
We had a blast with Ben Cholok talking grape soda, HBO's "Barry", and the importance of shaking your Christmas tree. Ben put birds on the Naughty List which made Adam feel vindicated, and we had the biggest Criminal Cop of the Week maybe ever?
Actor John Ashton, best known for his roles on Bevery Hills Cop and Midnight Run joined the Scott & BR show to talk about his career, and the possible future of his historic show.
Actor John Ashton, best known for his roles on Bevery Hills Cop and Midnight Run joined the Scott & BR show to talk about his career, and the possible future of his historic show.
An expansion of the previous podcast, “calling the cops on you because you’re black and happy“ with another podcaster Trey V.
Your host, Jimmy Wood is joined by Danny Wolf the founder of and as always members of the exclusive alt-right Austro-Libertarian Book Club. Today’s broadcast will open with a funny song and technical malfunction but it goes without a hitch otherwise. Beginning with a few fresh memes such as the woman calling the cops on a black ...…
This Is America.... Wypipo stop calling the cops on black people for just living life ! Graduation Time! The Blackest Met Gala ever! LET US BE GREAT!
Please consider donating to our Patreon. We really hate reading ads so consider becoming a Patron! Thanks <3 Thanks for tuning into the forty second episode of this podcast. This week we have @Basedqani, and @meda_7 talk about all things from the hardest things we had to give up while fasting to getting st ...…
The Brother To Brother Podcast is back with an all new episode where we discuss what it means to speak your truth. Episode Highlights: Tempiwmf and Hiddanas feel the pain of TV Cancellation week with the loss of one of their favorite shows The Expanse. We also touch on the resurrection of Brooklyn 99. Hiddanas introduces Tempiwmf to the phone a ...…
Order a pizza with Google Assistant and have a cop from Dubai bring it to you on a "drone". Also the Orwellian future with the LAPD predicting future crimes. Superfight between: Deadpool vs Hulk and Rick vs Gandalf. FIGHT!
For this week’s episode, we feature Maggie Hoffman and her recent book “The One-Bottle Cocktail”, a collection of drinks recipes with a seasonal and culinary bent that focuses on using just one type of spirit per drink. We spoke about what ingredients can replace liqueurs and amaros and modifiers in a cocktail so you don’t have to spend a ton o ...…
To check out Josh’s new album "The Nightmare Inside You" click here: supporting us on Patreon: had a vision of where the body of Melanie Uribe might be. When the cops didn't act ...…
We have Joe & Dave in this week.. . We talk IT Horror Stories, playing video games @ work, me almost becoming a cop, Deadpool 2 double feature, our favorite Star Wars Order, Orlando City Soccer, and Rock Band. Email: Twitter: FFNShow Facebook page: Join our Facebo ...…
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