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Jose Spinnin Cortes' Official Podcast
The best electronic dance music, mixed live from Iberoamerica by Jose Spinnin Cortes / La mejor musica electronica de baile, mezclada directo desde Iberoamérica por Jose Spinnin Cortes.
Isaiah Cortes' Podcast
Corte de Carlos IV, La by PéREZ GALDóS, Benito
La Corte de Carlos IV es el segundo de la primera serie de los 46 Episodios Nacionales, escritos por Benito Pérez Galdós, que es considerado el mayor novelista español después de Cervantes. Galdós narra la continuación de las aventuras de Gabriel Araceli, al servicio, ahora, de una rica dama bien relacionada en la Corte del rey Carlos IV. La Primera Serie 1 - Trafalgar 2 - La corte de Carlos IV 3 - El 19 de marzo y el 2 de mayo 4 - Bailén 5 - Napoleón en Chamartín 6 - Zaragoza 7 - Gerona 8 - ...
Robin Cortes' Podcast
Steven Cortes' Podcast
Cort Fitzer's Podcast
Half-Cort and Mid-Raynge
Half-Cort and Mid-Raynge is for and sometimes by Joel Sherman. It was originally conceived as a way for Joel to have some entertainment as he ran the Boston Marathon in 2014. Since then, we’ve been tearing up the airwaves, bringing levity and/or philosophical pessimism to all of the newsiest NBA news.
Cortes & Garcia » We Are The Night! C&G
Every month Stefano Cortes & Gio Garcia presents: We Are The Night Podcast Sessions
Right At The Fork
Portland Food Adventures founder Chris Angelus and morning show host Cort Johnson invite the region’s most prominent tastemakers to discuss how they got from there to here (including their "Right at the Fork" moments"). Long-form interviews with the unique people who converged in Portland to make it a great place to eat and drink, along with soundbites and restaurant reports make this the podcast to listen to if you're into one of the most happening food scenes in the world.
Nerd Fight
Whoever said opinions can't be wrong...they were wrong. Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts and Mikey Neilson sit down with an expert group of nerds to hash out the real issues and decide once and for all the correct answers.
Modern Macho
Hosted by Claudio Cortes and Sir Liggins this is a gentleman's exploration and guide to being a man in today's society. Subscribe on iTunes »
And Then the Town Took Off by WILSON, Richard
The town of Superior, Ohio, certainly was living up to its name! In what was undoubtedly the most spectacular feat of the century, it simply picked itself up one night and rose two full miles above Earth! Radio messages stated simply that Superior had seceded from Earth. But Don Cort, stranded on that rising town, was beginning to suspect that nothing was simple about Superior except its citizens. Calmly they accepted their rise in the world as being due to one of their local townspeople, a ...
RadioActive - The Podcast
Rebels Risk Takers Change Makers and the Human Price they PayWhile there are many discussions in the world that talk about what we can learn from failure, RadioActive is the only show that focuses on what it actually takes to succeed - with an honest view of the human toll it takes on our lives. RadioActive is Jamie Mustard, B Scott Taylor, and Kevin Carroll’s defiant perspective on innovation and entrepreneur-ism. With entrepreneur, founder, artist, innovator and pop culture interviews acro ...
Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and recording schedule. Audiences in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America have been exhilarated by his heartwarming sounds in many prestigious venues. Linus brings a distinctive yet versatile quality to a variety of projects. He has shared the stage with, among others, Cesar Camargo Mariano and Oscar Cast ...
SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK: VOTE FOR ME ON THE DJ LIST: BOOKING: --------------------- Giving you the best Disco-Funk Fueled House & Techno! Performing at Mixer Bar, a real bar/club in ”le Marais - Paris”, where he becames artistic director in 2008. Participates at the 2002 National Championship DMC-Pioneer, where he ranks 3rd in fin ...
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Petty Ass Podcast
We discuss Cort's indecisiveness on loving Ques, Charlottesville and Usher's L's.
Nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics with Nilit… Judy Russell, Global Marketing Strategist for Nilit (a privately owned, international manufacturer of nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics headquartered in Migdal HaEmek, Israel – (bio)) joins Samanta Cortes, Stephanie Benedetto, and Rob Sanchez on location at TexWorld USA in New York. Responding t ...…
We honestly couldn't think of a better title for this episode because things got dark and right off at the top of the episode. Not our WayHaught! Don't do it, writers. We can take them fighting and even other people in their lives, but don't take Nicole Haught. Thankfully, they didn't but these days you never know. The episode picked up right w ...…
There are many organizational and leadership consultants out there. But real leadership is something most of them don’t know anything about. That’s because they are focused on things like performance and data without taking a serious look at what brings those things about – the inner world of the leader. Cort Dial is an exception to that rule. ...…
In Episode 3 I am letting you get to know me and a little bit of my story. 45 minutes barely starts the scrape the surface but you’ve gotta start somewhere! I take a series of gay questions from some popular youtube videos and answer them myself! So buckle up and learn about how South of Nowhere changed my life, what I would tell my 14 year old ...…
We're talkin' Thrones on this week's episode! Plenty of podcasters have joined the Offensive in the studio. Our guests include Justyn Cortes (Reel Talk Radio), Loren Peterson (Nerds On A Roll), and Andy Thompson (We Were Gamers, Wannabe Wonks). It's a deep, alcohol fueled, tangent filled discussion about all things Game of Thrones! #JOINTHEOFFE ...…
Hello, Earpers! Our Black Badge crew is back this week with an all-new episode. A very, pregnant Wynonna and cross-fit badass, Waverly, show off their best moves right at the top of the episode. Doc finds a perfect (read: creepy) painting for the baby's room. Wynonna blindsides Doc with a very unexpected proposal (not that kind...unfortunately) ...…
Before we get started, let's all just take a moment to appreciate Smax Candy. Without them, would any of us be here? Who's to say? All I know is that this stuff is everywhere in Blood Drive, along with Kox meat apparently. Which is clearly the main sponsor of the entire Blood Race. Or it was. But everyone tastes the same on the grill.Tune in as ...…
University of Oklahoma Percussion Professor Lance Drege talks about getting to OU (with a detour teaching high school flag corps) (01:50), nearly taking the University of Houston job 20 years ago (19:35), the pressure to continue the legacy of OU Percussion (27:25), growing up in Minot (ND) (45:55), growing up playing sports (53:20), going to S ...…
Souls Church Princeton, Mn
God is not impressed by our success, but by our faith through out the process. In this conclusion to the series, learn how God grows us, by growing our faith through the "ups and downs" of life with Guest Pastor Isaac Cortes!
First Presbyterian Church Waunakee
Our Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:11 Speaker: David Cortes-Fuentes, Missionary from Cuba Date: 7/30/17
3° XC di Corte Franca - (BS) - MTBChannel puntata n.300By MTB Channel.
y49hbnsi The PSYOPS boys celebrate the run towards two years with a Full Franchise Fest, 5 episode run. The third episode in this run is an open discussion about the first season of Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series. Find us in: iTunes: Stitcher: ...…
Dislocation - Innovation in Real Estate
Dislocation is a podcast dedicated to innovation in real estate — exploring technology's impact on the way in which assets are planned, designed, financed, built, marketed, and operated. Hosted by David Friedlander and Dror Poleg, this episode is focused on Coliving — What is it? Who are the main operators? How do they make money? Is it new? Do ...…
First, let's celebrate the amazing news that the show has been renewed for a third season. Bring on more badass Wynonna, clever Waverly, sassy Doc, way more WayHaught, and hulked-out Dolls. We're so here for it. Especially after this fantastically timey-wimey episode.Listen in as Brad and Cort breakdown the highlights from "No Future in the Pas ...…
Aún me siento raro grabando por la calle
Counterfactual Podcast: History, Reimagined
What if the Aztecs Had Defeated Hernan Cortes? by Counterfactual Podcast: History, Reimagined
It's a first for the Cranford Dramatic Club. The CDC will be hosting the Hispanic Theatre Festival July 28-29 and August 4-5. Two one-act plays will be presented, Ana y las Langostas and Bony y Kim. Cranford Radio paid a visit during a rehearsal to speak with Joel Redmount, founder of the festival, Alicia Dolinsky, the playwright of Ana y las L ...…
The PSYOPS boys celebrate the run from 100 episodes to two years with a Full Franchise Fest, 4 episode run. The first episode in this run is The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. We have some amazing feed back and music inspired by the series to spackle this mess together and make it an episode. Find us in: iTunes: ...…
I’m dropping Summer Edition 2017 early only because 1) it’s finished 2) kicks-ass 3) I’m behind in my postings after manually getting everything switched over to Podbean 4) If I sit on it; new releases will come out and I’ll feel compelled to add on to an already long set; likely screwing it up. 5) part 2 will be released in a few weeks anyway. ...…
Welcome back to Purgatory, folks. Brad and Cort break down tonight's all-new episode, "Whiskey Lullaby" and give their reactions to last week's bombshell news. Wynonna Earp is knocked up, y'all! No wonder the show went into overdrive to keep the episode underwraps until it aired. This week jumps in with the aftermath of that game-changing news. ...…
Texas Tech Percussion Professor, Co-Director of NCPP and the first female President of the Percussive Arts Society, Lisa Rogers, talks about getting the Texas Tech job (02:05), starting “Apocalypso Now” (21:10), being PAS President and the first female to hold the job (27:10), growing up in Port Lavaca, TX and her early involvement in the arts ...…
Material technology, sustainability, and 3D knitting… Caroline Cockerham, a technology and sustainability focused textile designer/developer with a special interest in 3D knitting – (bio), joins hosts Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios. A family-inspired love of materials, mill vs. brand development, and pr ...…
Denver Outfitters Podcast
In this episode, Jill and Cort interview a renowned photographer.
2 Cort. 12: 8 Trois fois j'ai prié le Seigneur de l'éloigner de moi, 9 et il m'a dit: Ma grâce te suffit, car ma puissance s'accomplit dans la faiblesse. Je me glorifierai donc bien plus volontiers de mes faiblesses, afin que la puissance de Christ repose sur moi. 10 C'est pourquoi je me plais dans les faiblesses, dans les outrages, dans les ca ...…
Pastor Edgar VeraLa Bibia esta repleta de cosas inusuales. A veces solemos predicar sobre los mismos pasajes biblicos, una vez tras la otra y nos hacemos de la vista gorda a otros tesoros de verdades en las Escrituras que pasamos por alto. En el libro de Deuteronomio capitulo 25 hay una ley alli respecto a los pleitos entre hermanos; es decir, ...…
Pastor Edgar VeraLa Bibia esta repleta de cosas inusuales. A veces solemos predicar sobre los mismos pasajes biblicos, una vez tras la otra y nos hacemos de la vista gorda a otros tesoros de verdades en las Escrituras que pasamos por alto. En el libro de Deuteronomio capitulo 25 hay una ley alli respecto a los pleitos entre hermanos; es decir, ...…
Pastor Edgar VeraLa Bibia esta repleta de cosas inusuales. A veces solemos predicar sobre los mismos pasajes biblicos, una vez tras la otra y nos hacemos de la vista gorda a otros tesoros de verdades en las Escrituras que pasamos por alto. En el libro de Deuteronomio capitulo 25 hay una ley alli respecto a los pleitos entre hermanos; es decir, ...…
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