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WPC Corvallis Sermons
WPC is committed to Biblical authority and evangelical proclamation of the historic Christian faith. For those local to the mid-Willamette Valley, we encourage you to visit us for Sunday worship!
Calvary Chapel Corvallis
Bible studies given at Calvary Chapel Corvallis.
St Mary Catholic Church, Corvallis
Homily recordings from St Mary Catholic Church in Corvallis, Oregon.
Westminster Presbyterian Church | Corvallis, OR
Children Of The Gods
Children Of The Gods
Doxology exists to introduce a city to a Person. The city is Corvallis, Oregon. The Person is Jesus.
Inspiration Dissemination
Produced by Orange Media Network
Acts - The Acts of the Apostles
Sunday sermons from the pulpit at Corvallis Community Church in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, Corvallis, Montana.
Christ Central Media
Media for Christ Central Presbyterian Church. Please visit our main site at
Perspectives with Joe Wolf
Produced by Orange Media Network
Oregon State Science Pub
From Corvallis, Oregon, home of Oregon State University, we bring new ideas and insightful lectures from leading researchers and scientists to a pub full of inquisitive minds every month. Recorded live at the Old World Deli and other Corvallis locations, these episodes cover everything from the science of marijuana to black holes and beyond. Science Pub is brought to you by Terra Magazine, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), OSU and our generous sponsors.
Northwest Hills Community Church
Weekly podcast delivering the Sunday message from Northwest Hills Community Church in Corvallis, Oregon.
Inside Creative Writing—Weekly Podcast on Craft & Technique for Writers of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
The podcast is a weekly audio discussion of craft and technique for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction. Every week we examine a different specific element of craft through examples, insight, and weekly writing challenges. The podcast features guest interviews on specific elements of the writing craft and incorporates listener feedback in the form of topic suggestions, responses to previous episodes, favorite quotes and advice on writing, and questions.About ...
Life Community Church
This podcast is made available from Life Community Church. Corvallis, OR
Labourwave Revolution Radio
Labourwave is based in Corvallis, Oregon and centers around revolutionary ideas and activism both local and transnational. We feature interviews and discussions - as well as some rad tunes when we are live.To tune in locally, catch us Saturdays at Noon (PST) on 88.7 FM, KBVR or stream online us on Facebook at andContact us at
End of Life Podcast from Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care
End of Life is a podcast series produced by Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care in Corvallis, Oregon. It aims to share the many voices and perspectives related to all aspects of hospice and end of life care.
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Living your KonMari lifestyle includes a focus on health, wellness and self-care. Our guest today is Eastern medicine practitioner, Brodie Welch. Brodie Welch is a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, holistic health coach, and self-care strategist. She’s the founder of Life in Balance Acupuncture in Corva ...…
Dave and Bil recount their first encounter in Dave's condemned home in Corvallis, a duck story, some recollections from 3 weeks of the dummy under the car and the flight of the monster orbs. Producer / Editor: David Anderson Intro/Extro Recording: Awkward Pause Audiosocket Track ID: #152434 Artist: Brian Curtin…
Calvin Presbyterian Church
Sermon preached March 5, 2018 by Zach Washburn at Calvin Presbyterian Church.The sixth commandment is an invitation to live well in humility.Calvin is an Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. We aspire to be a people who follow God by being children, being brothers and sisters, and being neighbors.…
Shacker Podcast
Sup Shackers. We're live from Corvallis, Oregon with another installment of this great adventure. Email us at or DM us on twitter @shackerpodast with any advice you may need. P.S. I love you
We'll be talking in-studio with Emory Colvin about trans issues in Corvallis/Oregon State and the surrounding area. Emory is a PhD student in nuclear engineering at Oregon State University and secretary-treasurer of the Coalition of Graduate Employees (AFT Local 6069). A...
We interviewed Dr. Jose Antonio Orosco, professor of Philosophy, director of Peace Studies, and co-founder of the Anarres Project for Alternative Futures. Dr. Orosco spoke with us about the importance of the Mexican Revolution, describing it as a "confluence of liberal, grassroots anarchists, and indigenous peasant organizing," for informing ou ...…
I invited today’s guest on today to help you understand Chinese medicine and how it fits in with other integrative health modalities. We also discuss what your body, including your skin tells you from a Chinese Medicine prospective. My guest today is Brodie Welch, a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, gro ...…
We interviewed Mark and Alex from the Burgerville Workers Union about the efforts to build the first (and only) fast-food restaurant union in the United States. Mark and Alex gave our listeners an overview of the unionization campaign at Burgerville, the real working conditions of Burgerville employees, guilty consumption habits from supporters ...…
Leadership Portraits is a conversation created to inspire the leader in you!In episode nine of Leadership Portraits, Kristen Wilson shares with us some very powerful truths about leadership from her life and career with years of leadership experience in both the real estate and church industries. Kristen is an internationally recognized cultura ...…
Andrea Anarchy and Person X were On Air Dec. 12 2017 and covered a wide range of topics including the class warfare manifested in the GOP Tax Bill, discriminatory hiring practices against women perceived to be overweight, the meaning of political economy, and our dreams for a radical 2018 political movement. We also played an excerpt from our i ...…
We interviewed Katherine, the host of Friendly Anarchism based in Eugene, OR and spoke about the definition of anarchism, anarcha-quakerism, mysticism & egalitarianism, the Quaker influence on anarchist organizing,The Movement for a New Society, leftist hostility to religion, accepting spirituality as anti-racist work & the devaluation of the s ...…
Good, old-fashioned goats and the ancient Hindu practice of yoga are two things that don't seem to go together.Yet, last year, a small farm in Corvallis, Oregon started offering classes that combined the two. Goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of yoga in the presence of goats.And then the unstoppable force of goat yoga locke ...…
Mail Tribune senior sports reporter Kris Henry previews Saturday's Class 6A football state championship between South Medford and Clackamas at Reser Stadium in Corvallis
The following is an extended interview with host of Alternative Radio, David Barsamian. We discuss prospects for a new labor movement, corporate media, resistance, and solidarity in the age of rapacious capitalism. David Barsamian is the host of Alternative Radio out of Bolder, Colorado. For over 32 years AR has brought to listeners radical thi ...…
No guest this week, but plenty to still talk about as the Sun Devils head to Corvallis in search of a 6th win of the season. The boys also review the UCLA loss and whether or not play calling was to blame.
Today on the Oregon Brewery Running Series podcast, we’re talking about one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world, Laughing Planet. If you’re not from the Portland area, Laughing Planet is a small chain of local, quick service restaurants in the Portland Metro (also with locations in Bend, Eugene, Corvallis, and Reno, Nevada). Laughin ...…
SHOW NOTESINTRODUCING ABBEY DUNN!Meet the 2017 Montana Star in agribusiness, Abbey Dunn. Abbey has been raising her own cattle since she was 11 years old. Her parents helped her get started, and then through her work and reinvestment she built the herd over the next seven years. When it came time for college she sold the herd back to her parent ...…
Aaron Zapata interviews Jill Schuster, a top performing real estate broker at ReMax in the Corvallis area of Oregon. She has a growing team that will close more than 75 transactions in 2017. Topics include being the “nice guy” in real estate, serving Relocation clients, delivering excellent customer service, being a perfectionist, Vendor apprec ...…
On this episode of LabourWave, we speaker with writer/activist Kevin Van Meter, author of Guerrillas of Desire available at We discuss how organizing should not presume working-class people are unorganized and apathetic (therefore making the job of the organizer to organize and activate the wor ...…
Beavers radio voice Mike Parker joins the show to discuss the crazy week in Corvallis with Gary Andersen stepping down at OSU.
Rip City Mornings
IT’S FINALLY HUMP DAY! Nigel Is back from his trip to Corvallis to meet the new interim head coach Cory Hall and nothing but good things came from the meeting yesterday. Nigel says the Cory Hall knows what he wants, and is great with the team as a whole and connects with the team on a different level, which is what they need right now. Bad note ...…
It's midseason stock report time and Mitch wants to know if Braden is buying or selling. What happened in Corvallis with Oregon State? Week 7 doesn't have huge ranked matchups but has lots of intrigue on the undercard. The Red River Shootout takes center stage in the Big 12 while Miami, Stanford, Tennessee and LSU host big games around the country.…
Vegas Stats & Information Network
Mitch Moss (@mitchmossradio) & Pauly Howard (@paulyhoward) call up the great Pat Forde (@yahooforde), Yahoo! Sports National College Columnist, to get his opinion on how many undefeated power 5 teams we'll see this year, who is the best 1 loss team right now & how difficult it is to win in Corvallis.…
Outside linebacker Derek McCartney, running back Phillip Lindsay and head coach Mike MacIntyre preview their upcoming contest in Corvallis.
Rita and Sofia are the guests on this week's podcast. They bartend at the China Delight Lounge, one of Kriste's favorite spots in Corvallis, Oregon. They talked about multitasking, not taking things personally, and the Food Channel. Kriste's ice problems are solved.
On this edition of LabourWave we speak with Dr. Barbara Muraca, Professor of Philosophy at Oregon State University and a prominent thinker in the DeGrowth Movement which poses as a radical critique, and alternative, to green capitalism and mainstream environmentalism. We also discuss upcoming events in Corvallis including:Oct. 9 4-6pm Indigenou ...…
Friendly and Sahand join Nate to throw some paper towels at the Gameweek 5 card including big games in Corvallis & Tallahassee.
Cathy from Corvallis correctly guessed the Secret Sound and won a trip to see Niall Horan in Nashville, TN
By 2040, the world will also practically double electricity production from nuclear fission, and for good reason: nuclear power is a reliable source of carbon free energy. In the United States, for instance, about 60% of carbon free electricity is generated by nuclear power. Our guest, Dylan Addison, hopes to qualify the world’s first small mod ...…
Background Lainey always loved and wanted to own goats while growing up, but never lived in a place that could house them until she built her No Regrets Farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. Lainey tried breeding first, but after one round, she realized that wasn’t the road she wanted to follow. She then began adopting and ...…
Research in Action | A podcast for faculty & higher education professionals on research design, methods, productivity & more
On this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University, where he teaches courses in rhetoric, new media, and technical and science writing. He has a a PhD in rhetoric and composition, with a focus in technical writing, from Purdue University, an MA from Case Western Reserve University ...…
We're Gonna Need More Capes
Kriste chats with Paul & Joey. They've been working together at the Darkside, Paul's independent movie theater in downtown Corvallis, for 11 years. Kriste stayed up past her bedtime for this conversation, even though late nights are her Kryptonite. Have you ever wanted a way to make meetings more exciting? Paul has a suggestion. Joey nabs the b ...…
Skylight Books Author Reading Series
Please join us as students from the MFA Program at UC Irvine read from their work. Readers include: Jack Foraker is from Davis, California. Corinna Rosendahl is most recently from Seattle and Portland and Corvallis. William Hawkins grew up in Louisiana. He is a third year in fiction in the MFA program at UC Irvine. Megan Grant grew up in Reedle ...…
Spending a weekend with a vegetarian and vegan got myself thinking about my current dinner choices. Since I am so new to the lifestyle and slowly eliminating animal products from my diet, I had to find a brain to pick that comes from the same bodybuilding lifestyle. Enter Robert Cheeke...Robert grew up on a farm in Corvallis, OR where he adopte ...…
My special guest is Brodie Welch. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, group coach, and self-care strategist. She’s the founder of Life in Balance Acupuncture in Corvallis, Oregon, where she has been treating patients since 2003. In addition to her clinical practice, Brodie helps caring, high-achi ...…
This week, OPB’s State of Wonder will be driving across Oregon ahead of the eclipse, checking out the preparations towns in the path of the totality are making. Today they’re in Corvallis checking out an art exhibit focused on totality.
Everything We Know About the American Heartland
North Korea accuses Donald Trump of being a senile old man who plays to golf. North Korea Ruchit invites Kim Jong-un to Austin while AJ lists all the cities in America that he knows. Kim Jong-un threatens Austin and in response, Austin starts the #whyaustin hashtag. Corvallis is in Oregon. Donald Trump promises not to touch an orb in Saudi Trum ...…
Click here for more information about Transformational Worship Podcast! August is Mentor Month-This super special episode (ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR PASTORS), features a mentor in my life, Senior Pastor Frank Montgomery of King’s Circle Church ( in Corvallis, Oregon, United States. … Continue reading →…
Luthor Maggot Meets The Grumpy Punk! (#63) If you just listen hard enough, you can find the forefathers of our scene in your own backyard. And when I started listening to Luthor Maggot at the Corvallis Experiments In Noise shows, I realized that this was exactly the kind of person that I’m always on the lookout for. Luthor – or Jim Whittemore, ...…
"Be a reflector, not a projector" We kickoff our first episode of Go Big Cast with a dandy. Russell Houghtaling from Oregon State will share his experiences transitioning from SID to marketer to the Director of Ideation out in Corvallis. We'll talk about telling a consistent story that reflects the emotion of the stakeholders as well as the pow ...…
Former Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion joins the show to discuss his Corvallis days and the upcoming season in the NFL.
Welcome to ‘Beery Good Entertainment’ episode #38. In this episode, Lola reviews 5 Rabbit Cervecería Chocofrut Guayaba while S0rceress0 tries Off Color Brewing’s, Dino Smores Stout. We bring you the latest info about this years Corvallis, Oregon’s Craft Beer Picnic. We find out that it could really be worth your while to volunteer this year. Lo ...…
The Yoga Health Coaching Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Wellness Professionals l Yoga Health Coaching Mentors with Cate Stillman
Do you struggle to get enough deep, nourishing sleep? You’re so not alone. We make our days longer by making their nights shorter so we can get more done. Or maybe we try to get to bed, but feel betrayed when our bodies don’t cooperate. Yoga Health Coach Brodie Welch talks with fellow formerly sleep-deprived coaches Carly Banks and Kari Zabel a ...…
TNLC Audio Podcast
Pastor Seth Trimmer from Grace City Church in Corvallis, Oregon, joins us to share how to love Jesus with everything we've been blessed with in our life.CONNECTION CARD- INTEREST- (Clayton Bell).
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