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Cosmo Happy Hour
The editors of discuss everything from pop culture to sex to fashion in a hilarious weekly roundtable. Hosted by Elisa Benson and featuring special celebrity guests.
Each month the Black Man Answers Cosmo Podcast will reply to the letters section of Cosmopolitan Magazine and interview interesting people.
Cosmopolitan magazine's editor takes viewers backstage at New York Fashion Week for insider hair and make-up tips.
Starting in 2006 "Cosmology Podcast" is being monthly aired worldwide. Thank you for listening to my Podcast. As it turns out, there are a lot of you out there :)Enjoy my worldwide radio show or tune into "Cosmology" live: Every Friday 18:00-19:00 on,all Thursday 3:00 pm (GMT) on, all Sunday 5:00 pm (GMT3) on / Chile, 2:00 pm (EST) Mexico, 6:00 pm Argentina, 8:00 pm (UTC,GMT) U.K, 9:00 pm (CET) Espana, every wednesday 11 am on, ...
Cosmo talks to Louise Sloan, author of Knock Yourself Up
Cosmo&Скоробогатый герои нашего времени, два по-своему ярких харизматичных представителя нового поколения, успешно реализующие себя в том, что им нравится. Они ведут собственное яркое шоу на первой танцевальной радиостанции России RECORD , являются резидентами модных и успешных питерских клубных проектов как Дuxless, LAQUE, Maestro, AЯENA3. Собственные треки и ремиксы Cosmo давно находятся в ротации крупнейших радиостанций, успевшие обрести популярность и любовь слушателей.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 different recordings of The Secret by Cosmo Monkhouse. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of November 4th, 2007.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
COSMO 2013
COSMO 2013
Cosmo twins
Welcome to the Cosmo twins podcast, where amazing things happen.
Let's just talk about the stuff in life... 🙂 Also wear headphones in my channel so you can hear me😎.
Bob Cosmo Radio
BOB COSMO RADIO: Sleepless Nights Sessions, Afternoon Sound Alternative Sessions, & Soundlab at Community Radio 88.5fm and 1390am in Denver. A podcast/radio with guests and music
Destination Cosmo Podcast is a Rick Steves Europe like Video Podcast. We bring you to Beautiful Places in HD! We bring Serial, This American Life like production to Video Podcast!!
A behind the scenes look at the creation of the return of Cosmo DNA
Cosmo Show
This podcast is about the big bang theory and evidence about the redshift of galaxies also telling the history of the proof in the discoveries and the relation to the big bang
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In our 21st Episode we talk E3 and debate what is considered creepy when dating and buying TVs.
Under The Floorboards - June 9th, 2018Mark HeaneySun RaBill FrisselPaperbarkrbenybardo pondrainer and menref shoof
Sound Lab Sessions - June 9th, 2018wu-lupink navel ft sb the moorbusdrivercities avivashley koettget alongeno and hyattlike a villainpharoah sanders
We've got special guest, YouTuber, Katie Yancu. She's going to try to tell us how to live our lives, and we're gonna tell her to shut up. Enjoy!
Standing On The Corner - Off A Little Bit - Standing On The CornerTeaser Mal Devisa - Teaser Mal Devisa - Teaser Mal DevisaThe Milk Blossoms - Tell Me Something - Dry Heave The HeavenlyAshley Koett - White Book - Call Me - EPYaeji - Feel It Out - Remixes, Vol. 1 - SingleVarious Artists - Ring The Alarm - Tenor Saw - VP RECORDS 20TH ANNIVERSADie ...…
Under The Floorboards Sessions with Eraserhead - May 12th, 2018Headlock - Headlock - The Full Magical WandBrotherhood Of Machines - Set at Fort Greene in 2017 + Youtube ImprovElucid - Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act - Valley Of Grace
Ye VS the People..aka Erik and Chris discuss Kanye West and then answer the letters section of Cosmo as usual. Free MAGA hat to everyone that leaves a comment.
Catching up with the crew on what's been happening the last few months. Alex shares his vacation stories and we find out that Chris cheated on Erik.
SoundLab Sessions - April 14th, 2018Cities Aviv - Dimming - Raised For A Better ViewJon Bap - Queen Chimera, Pt. 1 - Yesterday’s HomilyPacific Yew - Japonica - (((trees)))Khruangbin - Mr. White - The Universe Smiles Upon YouAbstract Rude & DJ Vadim - Sumtymez (feat. Myka 9 & Aceyalone) - The Owl's CryDandu - Stu Fish (feat. Calm Alone) - Caught ...…
Under the Floorboards Sessions - April 15th, 2018 - Bing & Ruth FeaturedElucid - Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act - Valley Of GraceDr. John - Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya - Gris-GrisHarmonia - Watussi - Damaged Brains 2 (The Best Of Krautrock)Kamakaze - Bridge 95 - DJ Hotday Present Lost & UnreleasedBing & Ruth - Reflector - Tomorrow Was The Golden Ag ...…
Nerdsync and Stewdippin join us to talk Jessica Jones Sex Tips, Rise of the TMNT, Fortnite, dating advice and a bunch of other things that should probably be segregated. Find Scott: Ricky:
This week we talk YouTube screwing Chris, series that we would watch again and St. Patty's Day. And your mom.
On today's episode of The Waterproof Sponge we talk Black Panther, the #metoo movement and Fergie.....what?!?
Today the gang gives up on drinking alcohol or at least Chris does. Meanwhile Alex is late and Erik tries to keep it all together.
SoundLab Sessions - January 13th, 2018 - RUMTUM in StudioLooks as though the file started 15 minutes in, sorry for the first 15 minutes of this one being lopped offScallops Hotel - Whereareewe - Sovereign Nose Of Your Arrogant FaceRUMTUM - Good Places - Good Places - SingleSole - My Head Hurts - Songs That Went TinThug Entrancer - Death After L ...…
Under the Floorboards Sessions - January 13th, 2018 - Illanoid in StudioIllanoid for an hour
It's 2018 SO LET'S RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH ERIK AND CHRIS...Talking about life, change and loose change.
Hello everyone of 12/22/17 • Carol of the Bells- David Foster
Welcome to Cosmo Entertainment Radio Station #2 • Faeries- Mannheim Steamroller • Coming up next....... • Carol of the Bells- William Hill Artists, Winter Solstice IV • Trivia Time Folks- EASY!!! hopefully... • Frosty the Snowman • My pick now... • Dear Santa- Jay Brannan • Request for ACDC • Hells Bells- ACDC • Hells Bells- ACDC • Cosmo Entert ...…
Hello Everyone 12/21/17 • Cosmo Entertainment Productions
This is the first of the radio station fase..... right now it's mostly Christmas music....😎🌲🎄🎉🎑
This is how the radio station will work.
Remember to call in for song requests! 🎶🎙
I talked about what band is like to me and the sounds of it 🎺
Please give me ideas, tips, requests for a radio station🙄
Help me get some ideas for a radio station..
We touch on how music and what makes it good. Also what can make it bad. Cosmo Entertainment Production...
Heads up! I will make another Cosmo today 🙄
We talk about the Sunday Blues and why school?
Sound Lab Sessions - December 9th, 2017 - Skyrider LIVE In-StudioZeroh - Alldayeverything - Alldayeverything - SingleFour Tet - Madvillain - Money Folder - RemixesThndrthf - 071809 Wild - Posting While HighSkyRider - Rosemary - Ghost DanceNorty - We Were Nearly There - We Were Nearly ThereCeiling Demons - The Rose - Nil…
Under The Floorboards Sessions - December 9th, 2017 - Brother Saturn LIVE In-StudioHamilton Isaacs - Hamilton Isaacs - Hamilton IsaacsBrother Saturn - Arcmin (Sound Echoes) - Apollo, Can You Hear Me?Dave Audé - Holdin' On (Ecotek And James Egbert Radio Mix) - Holdin' On (Radio Mixes) [feat. Elijah] - EPIrreversible Entanglements - Enough - Irre ...…
Miles Davis - Song Of Our Country - Sketches Of SpainSisyphus - Calm It Down - SisyphusGonjasufi - Candylane - A Sufi And A Killer (Bonus Track Version)PJ Harvey - The Wheel - The Hope Six Demolition ProjectKondi Band - Thogolobea (Lv Remix) - SaloneDear Rabbit - Travelin' Traveler - They're Not Like YouMac DeMarco - Moonlight On The River - Th ...…
An interview I did with Milo on November 30th, 2017. It was in preparation of his December 2017 Tour "Milo on a Horse with no name." Special guest co-host CURTA( you enjoy it, and buy milo/scallopshotel music.BC
On this episode of The Waterproof Sponge (or what we call in "the biz" WPS) Alex and I talk about the NFL, CRAPPY-CRAPPY Justice League movie and other ish. You know, another episode of THE GREATEST PODCAST OFF ALL TIME!....that's not true. We're sorry.
Dataline Yaga SetActress - Boiler Room Set & OrchestraAndrew Broder
Sound Lab Sessions - November 11th, 2017 - iiwii and CURTA LIVE in-studioTrue Cuckoo - Lilybird - Lilybird - SingleNah Raised - Nah Raised - Nah RaisedHam Sandwich Shabazz - Ham Sandwich Shabazz - Ham Sandwich ShabazzAndrew Broder - Slicing - Cousin Mask - EPOdd Nosdam - Untitled One - Burner
Brotherhood Of Machines - Fort Greene 2017 SetATRUC - Fort Greene 2017 SetChromadrift - Optical - Temporary EscapeJames Wolf - No Letter - That
Under the FloorboardsGel-sol - Torus - TorusPaperbark - A Stones Throw Away - Forgotten NarrativesSoundlabUsendme Bitsutra - Usendme Bitsutra - Usendme BitsutraMilo - Take Advantage Of The Naysayer - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!Height Keech - Dead Rider Ride On - Dead Rider Ride On - SingleCars & Trains - We Are All Fire (Intro) - We Are All ...…
Under the FloorboardsGel-sol - Torus - TorusPaperbark - A Stones Throw Away - Forgotten NarrativesSoundlabUsendme Bitsutra - Usendme Bitsutra - Usendme BitsutraMilo - Take Advantage Of The Naysayer - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!Height Keech - Dead Rider Ride On - Dead Rider Ride On - SingleCars & Trains - We Are All Fire (Intro) - We Are All ...…
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