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Ever watch a historical movie and thought "what the heck are they wearing?" We've studied real historical clothing, and we love to pick apart Hollywood's idea of period costume. But it's not just about history, it's also about symbolism, style, and more. Grab a cocktail and join us to bitch about crazy costume movies and TV series, fabulous historical costumes, and what it all means.
A visual selection of Halloween Costumes from each category at Costume Cauldron.
A look at every Daredevil comic from Daredevil # 1 to #500+, stopping off at pages from The Amazing Spider-Man, The New Avengers, What If? and more.
Explanations of Western European trends in men and women's fashion from prehistoric times to the Victorian Era. (Summary by Libby Gohn)
Home of the Costume Station Zero Podcasts
The world, if we choose to see it so, is a complicated picture of people dressing and undressing. The history of the world is composed of the chat of a little band of tailors seated cross-legged on their boards; they gossip across the centuries, feeling, as they should, very busy and important. As you will see, I have devoted myself entirely to civil costume—that is, the clothes a man or a woman would wear from choice, and not by reason of an appointment to some ecclesiastical post, or to a ...
Old Hollywood REALNESS is the podcast dedicated to celebrating all the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. Join Kathleen Noll and Philip Estrada as they gab, gush and recap all the classics. Join us as we journey through Hollywood History, from the mad cap black & white flicks to the technicolor dreams that Hollywood produced in the heydays of studio system.
Each episode features Paris & Kelly Michelle and they discuss costumes from one movie, T.V. Show, play, or music video.
Not Real Runners
If you're the casual runner who would rather have a fun time than a good finish time, we're the podcast for you. We're the type of runners that run for pizza, are more concerned with our costume than pace, and stop to pet every dog. Join us as we make our way through the world of running in the back of the pack.
The Geek Girl Crafts Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by geek girls who like to talk about geeky topics (like SF/F, books, conventions, cosplaying, technology, etc) as well as their crafting life (costuming, cosplaying, fiber arts) and how those two play together.
Behind The Lens
Join noted film critic debbie lynn elias and a line-up of talented co-hosts and informed guests each week as she goes BEHIND THE LENS and below the line with in-depth looks at films and filmmaking with the movers and shakers and up and comers of the industry, along with movie reviews, interviews, box office round-ups, awards, festival coverage, specialty segments like Tech Talk, Legalese and Classic Corner, and more every Monday at 11am PT/2pm ET - only on Adrenaline Radio!
The Set to Screen Series is your chance to learn about filmmaking from Baz Luhrmann, director of Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet. Baz and his production team will take you behind the scenes of their upcoming movie Australia--and inside the creative process. The Set to Screen podcasts will allow you to explore on-set still photography, costume design, scoring, editing and more. Please subscribe to receive the most recent podcasts from now through October.
A Sydney based podcast discovering the story behind different Instagram users through interviews about their posts and creative outlets, the things they make and the different things they collect.
Craft and Geek
A show for geeky makers! Hosted by Jackie from Jackie Craft Cosplay (and the SyFy TV show Cosplay Melee) and Eric from Coregeek Creations, two makers with love for all things creative, cosplay and geek life.
YIP Podcast
Your source for all things bellydance!
The Official Podcast of the 501st Legion International Star Wars Costuming Organization.
Join Leland and his cast of always rotating friends as they sit down a few times a month to discuss the best holiday ever: Halloween! If you’re a fan of all things Halloween, horror, dark humor or just the macabre then this could be the podcast for you!
Flash TV Talk
A podcast dedicated to The CW hit series, The Flash. Every week hosts Beau and Beall get hyped for The Flash with segments that include: The Rundown, News Flash, Flash Facts, and Flash Points From Around The Multiverse! “The Flash” series is developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and airs Tuesdays on The CW. The Flash is a costumed superhero crime-fighter based on the DC Comics character of the same name and stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen AKA The Fl ...
Join Katt and ChinMo as they explore conventions, fandom, and all things pop culture.
Stephan Watson sits down with creative individuals in cosplay, costume design, prop making and more. Sharing origin stories and methods of creating costumes and effects.
Bits of pop culture, tossed into a blender, turned into a slurry, and served chilled.
A Podcast about contemporary issues and life in the dance community
Prop: Live Podcast
Bill Doran teaches you how to create your own props and costumes!
A podcast for cosplayers by cosplayers! Featuring discussion, tips, tricks, and tutorials.
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
the OFFICIAL podcast for the short film NOTES FROM THE ROGUES GALLERY - Premiering online, Christmas 2006!
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth about the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
We intend to watch every single episode of the 80's hit series 'Alf' and give commentary and reviews, all while one of the hosts wears an Alf costume.
Podcasts - Megasequin
We like skating and we like stories, so naturally we like skating stories. But we like certain kinds of skating stories. Not so much the comeback kid stories or the "I worked really hard and then did really well" stories, but more the stories we hear told around our skating community, in reflection, maybe after a few glasses of wine. Why you ask? Because they are often weird and hilarious. Why else? Because they remind us that we are part of a pretty funny community, this skating community o ...
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth about the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
News, Opinion, and Insights About Original Movie Props and Costumes
Hello thereWelcome to the first episode of Jake's Adventures in cosplay. We start with the introduction episode, go through some basic questions and as always a story or two.
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth about the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
How to Shakespeare
Bringing you exclusive coverage of Great River Shakespeare Festival! Interviews with directors, performers, designers and more. We also give you insight into each production, background on the plays, and explanations behind the text. Get carried away with Great River Shakepeare Festival.
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
We talk movies, video games, comic books, girls and more!
Convicts Convention Podcast is a show about pop culture conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon. We attend the shows and give our impressions of how the show was ran and highlights or lowlights of the show. We will also feature convention groups and celebrity interviews. Costuming and cosplaying are our passions and many of the shows will discuss getting the most out of your cosplay experience at a con. Join us for tips and advice about attending and navigating the world of con ...
High Desert Meowzings
Purr-fectly delightful tales from the high desert.
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
Video reviews to help spread word of mouth on the beauty and magic to be found within live theatre
The X-Men TAS Podcast follows along every episode of the classic 90s X-Men cartoon! With hosts Willie and Sonia, delve deep into the world of X-costumes, X-egos, X-romances and X-ploits!
We discuss various geeky topics: board games, minis games, video games, cosplay, RPGs, etc.
Crafting, Sewing and Costuming Podcast
Arrow TV Talk
Hunter Camp and Justin Vactor (those guys from that Gotham Podcast) review and recap each episode of Arrow from Season 4 to today! “Arrow” is an American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.
We cover the costumes, the drama, the fancy-men of yesteryear from the exciting perspective of two millenial white girls
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What if Pamela Anderson had starred in Wonder Woman? That's just ONE of the questions Daryl, Jay, and special guest, Cate Esera, go back into the world of the DCEU's Wonder Woman. This time, the focus is on costuming. What did you think of Wonder Woman's costume? And how does costuming impact geek stories? We're digging deeper into those very t ...…
We chat about this character that has gone through many changes in the comics but is finding new life in the SyFy Channel series. We fan boy out on the costumes, sets and Brainiac. Special thanks to SyFy.
Jose can't handle the bad costumes, pap morality, and smug tone. Mike considers the age of the intended audience a mitigating factor but largely agrees. A Wrinkle in Time inclusively opens the big-budget Hollywood fantasy film to new audiences, but while we agree on the positivity of that aim, we find the film flawed and overly simple.The film ...…
So you're're alt right? Alt left? Is there room in-between anymore in our increasingly polarized political theatre for moderation and compromise. Has political correctness gone too far? Is there a free speech crisis on college campuses? Join the Thunk Tank crew as we discuss the state of modern political polarization in America . G ...…
Episode 204: When a Play Goes Wrong Have you been there? The cast is fighting, no one knows their lines, maybe the flu has swept through the entire school. There are times when opening night is approaching and you are sure you won’t be ready. Drama Teacher Lea Marshall shares her experience with the play that went wrong, what she learned and wh ...…
Artist Social Repose talks about his unique aesthetic, and shares some tour stories with us.
Who knew there was more than one Warmachine game? For those that were hoping for an episode dedicated to one of Bryan "Xtreme" Mitchell's favorite games, Warmachine by Privateer Press, you are in luck! This is it. Grab some popcorn and listen to Jonny P ask questions and Xtreme answer them. Hear of his journey much like a young Daniel LaRusso, ...…
On today’s episode we sit down with some of the Protean City Comics crew, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, James Malloy and Elsbeth Denman, to discuss character creation as well as how the process went in MASKS: A New Generation, the Powered by the Apocalypse RPG created by Brendan Conway! Timestamps: 00:00:34 - Introductions 00:07:47 - D20 For Your Thou ...…
On today’s episode we finish creating our group of superheroes for MASKS: A New Generation, a game developed by Branden Conway. We are joined by some of the Protean City Comics crew, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, James Malloy and Elsbeth Denman! Timestamps: 00:00:34 - Recap 00:01:17 - James’s character continued 00:06:02 - Amelia’s character continued ...…
On today’s episode we start to create a group of superheroes for MASKS: A New Generation, a game developed by Branden Conway. We are joined by some of the Protean City Comics crew, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, James Malloy and Elsbeth Denman! Timestamps: 00:00:33 - Introductions 00:05:30 - What’s in a Game? 00:05:42 - The setting of MASKS 00:07:20 - ...…
Have you ever wanted to embrace your inner superhero or dress up as your favorite movie, tv series character, or fandom creature? This week Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay share what they would cosplay if they could from anywhere they can think of! A cosplay meet-up lets people who roleplay and dress as characters from their favorite places see o ...…
The Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit ends April 7th, 2018! Make sure you go see it before it goes away until next year. It's located at the FIDM Museum in Downtown LA. (Open 8am-5pm; closed Sunday's and Mondays.) This exhibit is a must see. Not to mention the amazing small historical curation the museum has.Here are some pictures I took wh ...…
#RoseanneReboot and How Network Television Will Respond To It as KOP shows historically why this should shake up what pilots will come out going forward. We also look at the current crop of pilots made to be progressive or repetitive or rebooted. Plus, Snoop Dogg tops the Gospel chart, and hatred for iHeartRadio. Support the Creative Not Corpor ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Arrow edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Arrow. In this episode, hosts Linda Antwi, Carolina Bonetti, Matt Marr, and Olivia deBortoli break down episode 16. RSS Feed: ABOUT ARROW: Arrow is an American television series developed by writer/produce ...…
Unless someone has a wardrobe malfunction on the ice, it's rare to hear an announcer talk about a figure skating costume. Yet they're a vital part of a skater's competition. We wanted to know more about the clothes, so Alison spoke with figure skating dress designer Pat Pearsall, who gives us the scoop on the dresses she designed for two-time O ...…
A study of suffragette fashion and the history of Victorian and Edwardian costume.Thank you for listening to the Same Shit Different Century Podcast.Follow us on instagram: @the.suffragette.cityContact us on thesuffragettecity@gmail.comFind our charity t-shirts at
Shred Kelly is my guest today and Tucker couldn't have been any happier! Tim, Sage, Ty, and Jordan joined me to talked about how four ski bums from different small Ontario towns all moved to BC and ended up forming the dance floor commanding, banjo driven Shred Kelly. We also talk about punk rock, planning and filming their amazing music videos ...…
We’re talking all things film. We’ll be revisiting The Wachowskis 1999 classic The Matrix and seeing if we can discern its influence beyond last week’s discussion of tiny sunglasses. We’ll be discussing the probable impact of Call Me By Your Name on your summer wardrobe – a film that i-D has written about approximately 60,000 times since its re ...…
This week Mark and Cruz kick off the podcast discussing Marvel's Runaways comparing the TV show to the comic. Cruz gives his review of the Black Panther movie and then we dive into Amazing Adventures 27 from November of 1974. This issue has everything, it introduces us to a great new character, we get new enemies who bought their costumes in bu ...…
Until I can get the RSS Feed setup for this Podcast via Itunes it will go here. Chris talks the mobile game Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes (SWGOH) BB8 event tips, R2 Event tips and CLS event tips. Update on March 27th developers blog concerning monthly login reward calander changes for April. Upcoming Nerd Parties: ...…
Small update with some really cool news regarding a trip Chris, Yen, Addie, Rob and Zach are taking to NJ next week to sit down a learn more about the art of podcasting with Jedi Master Ming Chen. If you are interested in learning how to create a podcast or perfect a current one, head to and sign up for a class. Upcoming ...…
Jeremy Madix joins Craig to talk about boundaries, ladies, blunts, Jax's tenderness, Sandoval's passion for costumes, Ariana's protectiveness, Billie's charms, Stassi's feelings, and the amount of yelling that typically goes on each season. As a bonus, John Hill drops by to recap part one of Vanderpump Rules - Mexican Trilogy.…
Hattie McGill: Hand Embroidery Artist Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast, Hattie McGill shares her life as a hand embroidery artist and freelance embroiderer working in fashion, costume and film. Listen as Hattie shares her embroidery journey and how she balances her own art for sale and commission, with the typically unpredictab ...…
The Bulge boys and their new NPC pets / hostages head to the Spirit Halloween costume shop to bolster their Halloween spirits before confronting Bitch Middler and her sisters. Will they put a spell on the witches and recover the Necro Karma Sutra? Can you decapitate someone with a tetherball? Can you decapitate multiple people with a tetherball ...…
In this episode, Curt and Kevin conclude their trilogy of Marvel origins episodes with a look at the comic book beginnings of everyone’s favorite mutants! Then, they gear up for the new season of FX’s Legion with a look at the issue that inspired a key moment from the show! First, the comic that started it all: X-Men #1! Who are these mysteriou ...…
Twitter wars, stoned gun slingers, where NOT to look for costumes, 3D movies in 2D and Clown!
The World's Finest and Robin. Batman and Superman go on a couples cruise to stop a jewel heist. Later the Joker and Lex Luthor form a LLC. Composite Superman competes in a World's Worst Costume Contest. Comics we talk about Superman #76 - "The Mightest Team in the World!" World's Finest #88 - "Superman's and Batman's Greatest Foes!" World's Fin ...…
Michelle Bridges is a lot of things; personal trainer, TV host, author. But perhaps her most important role is mum to adorable toddler Axel. She joins us this week to chat about how her body and her attitude have changed since having a kid. And she reveals her ONE weakness when it comes to food. Yep, she's only human! MAFS has only just wrapped ...…
Michelle Bridges is a lot of things; personal trainer, TV host, author. But perhaps her most important role is mum to adorable toddler Axel. She joins us this week to chat about how her body and her attitude have changed since having a kid. And she reveals her ONE weakness when it comes to food. Yep, she's only human! MAFS has only just wrapped ...…
Survey - to find usAlTwitter - - - WaterPulseLaser.tumblr.comNateTwitter - - - - ...…
Pippa Hudson talks to Bianca Resnikov | Fashion Guru, Malikah Hajee | Fashion Designer at Costume Dept and Lloyd Kandlin | Fashion Designer at Costume Dept
One to minute 2 and lots of stock footage setting up the theme and then a whole mess of credits in an order that made sense to someone. Follow “Airplane! Minute” on Facebook, and twitter. Also check out NEOZAZ Facebook, twitter and Instagram. “Airplane! Minute” and all the work we do at is made possibly solely by the generosity of ou ...…
Mr Sargon Thomas spoke about these national festivals which include parades with traditional Assyrian costume, food, music and dances to be held in Hammurabi Centre on Monday the second of April.
Tune in to Episode 009 where we chat with Crystal Martinez, a financial trainer at The Financial Gym. Listen as we discuss: How an Anthropology major went from working at a school for international students to a financial wellness company The importance of finding the job functions you enjoy How having a mentor was crucial to Crystal learning h ...…
Desdamona has FINALLY figured out that Amesbury is The Society Swindler! Now what's a girl to DO with that kind of information? ~~~ Start your own adventure here: Send us your questions or comments at: Follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @thepemberley…
Elon Musk: ‘Mark my words — A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes’ Musk deletes Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX after challenged on Twitter NC group claims that they have evidence that Bigfoot exists Carcass of strange sea creature washes up on Georgia beach You're not tripping: LSD is making a comeback Massive asteroid likely to hit Earth? Her ...…
Mother! gets weird / Bhad Barbie is still 14 / Daves costume party / The number segment returns / Marrying kids
In the first official episode of the BJJ GOONS podcast DJ and Tim discuss: Culture vultures, The best 90’s tv shows and movies, fighting while hungover, and how they decided on their grappling style. Be sure to rate, like, share, and subscribe to us on iTunes.
GTAS 18: Bob and Adam discuss the recent hot news in the world of movie and video games, starting with EA hiring for a management position for an open world Star Wars game, Toys R Us’ owner creating a GoFundMe page to stay in business, The Rise of The TMNT Teaser Trailer as well the Deadpool 2 Trailer. The costume photos from the set of the can ...…
TKO #33 - HOW MUCH FOR A DICK PUNCH? What can I tell you about this one? First, what can I remember?? What can I separate from the real and the imagined? The hallucinations have taken over now, pushing the balance into the absurd... We go BEAST MODE for the first time as we welcome co-host of Stasis Lock, Ty Prime, or Ty Pie, if you're fuckin', ...…
Episode 153: “The Devil’s Rejects”This week Host Dave Bledsoe makes a deal with the devil for his soul, only to find out his soul already repossessed to pay his bar tab at the Nancy Whiskey Pub in 2009. On the show this week we enjoy the misery of America’s worst citizens, not the Kardashians, the other ones.Along the way we examine the travail ...…
ARTHouse is a vibrant radio arts program showcasing Blue Mountains (Australia) based creative talent. ArtHouse is aired on Radio Blue Mountains and features hosted sessions on such diverse art forms as dance, costume, and crime fiction through to visual arts, textiles, photography, music, poetry and more. Each week a panel will discuss various ...…
Marcella is proud to say that she is a survivor of 2 abusive relationships and wants to help all women. In this episode Marcella shows incredible bravery as she shares her riveting story about the second time she fell into the grips of an abuser. It is her #metoo story. This relationship sadly lasted 4 years and when you hear her story, you wil ...…
Mega-Media Mergers Create Uncertain Future as we look into the AT&T-DOJ Antitrust Trial underway, plus how does Disney CEO Bob Iger deserve to retire in a few years to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars. Plus, KOP interviews TV Producer and Sci-fi Author Darren Campo, adjunct professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business where he teaches i ...…
For this episode of Jackey’s Hand of Horror Podcast, Jackey, Rachel Jackson and Tonjia Atomic explore the world of spiders a finger at a time beginning with thumb driven movie trailer reviews for Ice Spider Tarantula the pointer finger and the on ...…
“Nocturnal Animals” [Costume Design of Susan (Amy Adams) by: Arianne Phillips]
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