Best couplecast podcasts we could find (Updated June 2017)
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Couples Cast
Real People. Candid Conversations.
Badger Cast Podcast - Your Slice of Wisconsin Life
A couplecast from the from the Badger state of Wisconsin.
A Geek and His Wife
Join a Geek (and his wife) in a weekly podcast about what's going on in their lives.
For Whatever Reason – a podcast about…
A married couple living just outside Atlanta share their lives, laughs, and perspectives on the world around them.
Sharing Everything
Joe and Cady bielecki are married and they share their favorite movies with each other and the world.
The Rise and Fall of Midwestern Civilization
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Binge Media Podcast Network
Another month down in our 2017 BMFML season has some surprising dark horse frontrunners (Team Gems), a couple casting surprises and some more movement up and down the boards. Join us each and every month as we discuss and dissect the league and talk about the year in film so far. What lies ahead, and does Disney own every significant movie in t ...…
Patience is a virtue. That’s an old saw, and though it gets mocked on a semi-regular basis in times of crisis, I believe it. Being patient shows respect for the ebb and flow of fate. It demonstrates an understanding of reward above and beyond the Skinner box model of direct input, direct output and even in a world that is moving as rapidly as t ...…
Hi, hello, what’s up and other such greetings, it’s another episode of The Podcast of Wisdom… which can only be a good thing. Coleman & Andrew are once again here to talk utter dribble about what’s going on and such. But wait… that’s not all! This time, our heroes don’t go about it alone, as they’ve brought along their better halves of Lauren & ...…
Subculture with Liz Harrison
Unless you've been under a rock somewhere, you've already heard about how Donald Trump is terrified of Megyn Kelly. Yes, there will be gloating! What would you do if you were faced with fighting a curable disease that could kill you, but you couldn't afford the treatment? Also, there are a couple casting decisions out there that aren't getting ...…
This episode of the Nannercast was a rare Couplecast with Ron and Cassie taking the helm at the last minute. This episode contains a bit of a lovely quarrel as they discuss Bren's Bloodborne live stream, their love for Silicon Valley, and some of the new movies and shows that are going to be coming out within the next couple of weeks!If you are ...…
This podcast is drenched in sickness...well, only from Ron's end. Cassie is the only other person to check in on the Nannercast, but it is still a great one. Of course, football is plaguing the Nannercast for the first part of it, but we then tackle the other issues like joking about domestic violence, Peyton Manning's Pizza Empire, the new iPh ...…
We are still running with two people at the time. Luckily, Cassie decided that she wanted to be on this podcast. In this episode of the Nannercast, we continue our Dungeons and Dragons discussions with the addition of two new people into the party. Afterward, we talk about superheroes, not Superman, and we finally come full circle with the old ...…
On this new Nannercast, everyone is either busy or just didn’t want to join in on the festivities. Ron and Cassie are the lone hosts on this Nannercast, and so they have taken over the podcast. We will warn you, we spoil A LOT of The Walking Dead from 32:00 to 39:15. Do not say we did not warn you. It’s in BOLD!!! Haha.If you would like to find ...…
4 score and 7 years ago...wait that's not right. 4 years ago (that's better), The Big Show was started. It's come from a solo project, to a couplecast, to a couplecast without the couple. There's been sad shows, funny ones and ones that I said something that made you say "oh lord I really didn't want to know that". Through it all, I've had the ...…
Thanks to Tim and Nannette from For Whatever Reason podcast for the introduction.Julie and I are back with the first offical installment of our couplecast: Badger Cast. Thanks to all of you in the Skype chat for coming up with the name. Check us out at Also email us at or call (206) 202-2008.We talk about ...…
Donttickleme Julie and I are back for another great show.... Thanks Peanut for the intro...We discuss customer service: The Good, The Bad and the Apple way. How has Podcasting changed you? We are still looking for the perfect couplecast name. Two too many years in the bathroom. Dirtiest IT Jobs.Cheesehead Spotlight: Culvers RestaurantsLink Love ...…
Julie and I discuss whether this is a couple cast? Find out our concluision and how you can help. Becoming Guitar Hero Junkies? Dale gives in and lets Julie Get the Mac. We are gong to Vegas!! The Vista / Leopard debates: Listerners overhealmingly support the Mac. We have a Republican presidental candidate. Democrats... not so much.Question of ...…
Donttickleme and the PhilosophyGuy are back from the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario California. It was a great trip. We met a lot of great people, some of which we mentioned. If we met you and didn't mentioned you, our apologies. Some topics covered:Barely getting to Barely'sTSA cattlecallThe art of the deal....Couple Casts meetupHot Pic ...…
Dontickleme joins me again in what can be best described as a "Tangentfest". I dare you to find some common thread in all this. Topics include:How I met your mother.Going to PME and takin' the cheap flight.Creating new Easter myths.Don ImusDiversity TrainingThe Pickleman: National Security Threat? New Couple Cast Directory.Music provided by the ...…
Geek.Farm.Life Podcast » All 5 Years - use the normal feed after you have caught up! » Geek.Farm.Life Podcast » All 5 Years - use the normal feed after you have caught up! »
This weeks adventure comes to you from the barn podcasting on Canada day. We’re both in town this week so it’s a couplecast again. This weeks topics: Feedback from John M and John G. Audio comment from Bruce Murray of the Zedcast. Talk about PAB2006, and riding a Honda Shadow VLX 800 miles Canadian Podcast Buffet will be playing audio from the ...…
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