Best couplescast podcasts we could find (Updated December 2017)
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Couples Cast
Real People. Candid Conversations.
Sharing Everything
Joe and Cady bielecki are married and they share their favorite movies with each other and the world.
The Rise and Fall of Midwestern Civilization
The Big Show
A couple cast...without the couple
A Geek and His Wife
Join a Geek (and his wife) in a weekly podcast about what's going on in their lives.
Badger Cast Podcast - Your Slice of Wisconsin Life
A couplecast from the from the Badger state of Wisconsin.
For Whatever Reason – a podcast about…
A married couple living just outside Atlanta share their lives, laughs, and perspectives on the world around them.
This And That Podcast (w/ Jeff and Gretchen)
Jeff and Gretchen's weekly comedy and audio blog podcast. Oh no! Not another couple cast? Well - Jeff and Gretchen are quite different than the norm. For starters, Jeff and Gretchen are not romantic partners. They approach their weekly show as two friends catching up over a weekend lunch. Extremely well produced, Jeff and Gretchen develop National Lampoon style comedy bits and talk about their fun lives in Dallas Texas. Topics cover politics, music, dating, relationships, sex, science, math ...
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Our first offcial couples cast
On this special Valentine's Day episode, Jean-Luc and Anthony are joined by their significant others - Lauren and Katy - to talk about their favorite nerdy things to do as couples!Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Anthony TysonSPECIAL GUESTS - Lauren Hendon, Katy GilliganSHOW NOTES - South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole Delayed (Again) - 1:53Bill Nye ...…
Andrew is joined by his better half, Amanda, as well as Ben! and his other half, Katrina! Music by Kevid Macloed (
Andrew is joined by his better half, Amanda, as well as Ben! and his other half, Katrina! Music by Kevid Macloed (
In this episode Hallie and I discuss the value of communication in relationships and unpack how we’ve improved in communication over the years. The Formula? Well, I’m not sure exactly what we decided on, but loosely we came up with: 1. Being honest about the bar (if it’s set too high) 2. Remember your partner does not mean to hurt you (unless, ...…
In this 18m episode Hallie and I discuss (mostly) positive experiences from the past 8 years of marriage. How often do you reflect on the past? How rooted in your history are you? Something we should do more often…
We’re still figuring this thing out…but loving what we’re doing here so far…
Welcome to the first episode! Just a general introduction and random musings…
This podcast is drenched in sickness...well, only from Ron's end. Cassie is the only other person to check in on the Nannercast, but it is still a great one. Of course, football is plaguing the Nannercast for the first part of it, but we then tackle the other issues like joking about domestic violence, Peyton Manning's Pizza Empire, the new iPh ...…
Pete and Janet are back. This time, marrieder than ever. Today, an exhausting discussion of The Southern Sea, couples-casting, nicknames, domain names, The 4-Hour Work Week, NASA, mathematics, Love & Logic, Babywise, housewives, NYE, ChamPONGne, frat parties, house insulation, Florida vs. San Francisco vs. Hawaii, The Office [UK], Schrodinger’s ...…
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