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Catherine North MashUP Audio Podcast
Take two musical artists who've never met. Challenge them to co-write and record a new musical work. In 60 minutes. In front of a live audience.Catherine North MashUP is an experimental concert/audio recording/video series held in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). The purpose of the project is to expose audiences in an innovative way to the inherent risk involved in all creative and collaborative processes, and foster a deeper appreciation for the contribution of music creators.For more info, cont ...
Write Night - Exploring Songwriting - with Greg Harned
Knowing how to write and play music truly is a skill set. Not everyone has it but just about everyone revels in the realm of music.Greg Harned has been playing music for a long time and provides a new, online stage for musical artists all over to share their process, their music and lives on Write Night.Are YOU a musician looking to get your music heard? Do YOU have interest in sharing with the masses?
Within the Wires
The hit audio drama Within the Wires returns September 5 with a new story told through found audio from an alternate universe. Season two, “Museum Audio Tours,” tells its story in the guise of ten audio museum guides. Over the course of a decade of worldwide exhibitions, these walkthroughs unravel the complex story of a mysterious disappearance of an artist’s mentor. Narrated by Rima Te Wiata (Hunt For The Wilderpeople, Housebound). Written by Jeffrey Cranor (co-writer of Welcome to Night Va ...
The Experience Points Podcast
A weekly video game podcast from the co-writers of
Nobody Knows What's Going On
A podcast where two bestselling cowriters try to figure out how they make books happen.
Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson: Meet the Author
Ahmir Thompson, a.k.a. Questlove, is the drummer and cofounder of the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots, as well as a renowned producer, arranger, and songwriter. Join him in conversation with moderator and co-writer Ben Greenman as they discuss "Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove." The memoir tells his story while expounding on his vast and opinionated knowledge of music, as well as important themes in black art and culture.
Artie Lange: Meet the Author
Comedian and veteran radio personality Artie Lange discusses Crash and Burn, his new hilarious and heartbreaking memoir. Co-writer Anthony Bozza moderates.
excuse the mess
A music podcast featuring a different composer each episode. We'll ramble a bit then attempt to co-write a piece in a day.
Portlandia: Meet the Co-Creator
Join actor Fred Armisen ("Saturday Night Live"), co-creator, co-writer, and co-star of IFC's "Portlandia", as he discusses the Peabody Award–winning comedy series, set and filmed in Portland, Oregon.
Just Between You & Me
An intimate weekly phone call mostly about art-making, between 10 Letters Project co-writers and friends, Jen Lee and Tim Manley.
Geek Like Me
A talkshow in which webcomic creators, writers, and fans can talk about what they geek out on . Hosted by artist and co-writer of Geek Like ME, Aaron WilsonThis Podcast was created using
Nick Stoller, “The Five-Year Engagement”: Meet the Filmmaker
Join filmmaker Nick Stoller (co-writer “The Muppets” and co-writer/director “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) as he discusses his irreverent comedy “The Five-Year Engagement”. Beginning where most romantic comedies end, the film looks at what happens when an engaged couple, played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, keeps getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle.
Pitch Session Podcast
Matt Roden, an amateur film critic, has gotten himself in trouble with some cats... Hollywood fat cats, that is. Harvey Weinstein and his brother have taken legal action after the part-time blogger claimed, in a review of their latest film, that he could literally come up with one hundred better ideas for a movie. Harvey Weinstein and his brother, alongside the American justice system, have taken him up on the offer, suing him for libel and demanding that the one hundred film ideas are deliv ...
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Meet the Filmmaker
Filmmaker Guy Ritchie and co-writer/producer Lionel Wigram discuss The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. A fresh take on the popular 1960s TV series; the action-comedy film follows a CIA agent and a KGB agent who reluctantly team up to stop a mysterious international criminal organization trying to proliferate nuclear weapons.
AM Radio with Anya Marina
Singer-songwriter, recording artist (and former radio personality) Anya Marina talks with her traveling, touring peers in music and entertainment about writing, working, loving, and living on and off the road. Guests have included award-winning singer/ songwriter Bob Schneider, radio legend Michael Halloran, recording artist Tristan Prettyman, and traveling troubadour (and co-writer of Jewel's hit "You Were Meant For Me") Steve Poltz.
DJ Kervyn Mark - The Real
Welcome to DJ Kervyn Mark's "The Real NYC Podcast". Sweet, soulful melodies and a profound, jazzy vibe are what you can expect from internationally acclaimed DJ Kervyn Mark. After 30 years of devotion to the underground music industry, he has carved his niche as a renaissance man who has done it all. The boundlessness of his skills does not go unnoticed in his hometown of New York City where he is labeled “the world’s busiest DJ”. In terms of his music library in term of deep soulful house a ...
Inside Funny Minds
Comedy writer and innovation coach, Tim Reid, chats to other comedy professionals about how they keep the ideas flowing. As well as being co-creator and co-writer of Peter Kay’s Car Share, Tim trains teams in creativity and innovation. And Tim believes we can all learn how to be more creative by finding out how comedians and comedy writers think, behave and the methods they use for coming up with a steady stream of new material. So he’s getting inside their funny minds to see where their ide ...
Every Monday morning, Jack and Albert watch a movie from the Criterion Collection currently streaming on Hulu Plus and talk about it for an hour. It's the conversation over drinks you always want after watching a good movie. For film lovers and film newbies alike. Jack and Albert sometimes make stuff together, check out their 6-episode web series LA Famous here: Jack Lawrence Mayer is the co-writer and director of 'Single Long,' an HBO GO original series. He currently liv ...
The Perfect Host - Featurette
Warwick Wilson is the consummate host. He carefully prepares for a dinner party, the table impeccably set and the duck perfectly timed for 8:30 p.m. John Taylor is a career criminal. He’s just robbed a bank and needs to get off the streets. He finds himself on Warwick’s doorstep posing as a friend of a friend, new to Los Angeles, who’s been mugged and lost his luggage. As the wine flows and the evening progresses, we become deeply intertwined in the lives of these two men and discover just h ...
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American Rapper/Songwriter whom performs under the sobriquet, Reek I’van. Hailing from the streets of Southwest Philadelphia, Reek quickly captured the attention of industry enthusiasts with his fiery lyric presentation and diverse flow style. Once known as Khaos in the DVD ERA, he won every battle that came his way. At the age of 18, Reek was ...…
On today's episode I talk to comics writer and artist Sina Grace. Based in Los Angeles, Sina is the author and illustrator of a number of books for Image Comics including Self-Obsessed, Not My Bag, and Nothing Lasts Forever. He acts as the artist for Shaun Steven Struble's cult hit, The Li'l Depressed Boy, and handles art chores along with co-w ...…
Write Through The Roof | For writers who want to improve their writing
Welcome to Write Through The Roof, the podcast for writers who want to improve their craft. Episode o6 with Harmony Williams – Period romance, cosy mystery & ghost writer Romance, Co-writing and Regency Research “I want to lift you up from your daily problems for a few hours and drop you off feeling better” Episode 06 – Interview with Harmony W ...…
The Empire Film Podcast
Some bears just deserve a spoiler special. With Empire still lingering under the spell of Paul King's entrancing Paddington 2, this very special episode sees Chris Hewitt talk to King and his co-writer Simon Farnaby and grill them mercilessly — or bearcilessly, if you will — about how they crafted such a marvel of a sequel. After that, Chris is ...…
Alisa Turner loves playing music because it creates an opportunity for others to share back. Her love of people and music all starts from the same place – being a 13-year old at her family’s piano. She would write songs and play her heart out for the joy of it, and for the hope of how her music could impact someone else. Alisa, a self-proclaime ...…
Hanging Out with Nolan Hong
Michael Ng is an actor, director and high school drama teacher. We talk about his approach to writing and directing, how he recognizes and encourages talent in his students, how self-doubt affected his career, and getting his dream role in The King & I. The HIFF screening of Michael’s short film, “Peace by Piece,” with Colleen Fujioka (actress) ...…
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Friday November 10th, 2017) Dennis Tzeng, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha and Sinead DeVries discuss the following: 1) Rian Johnson to develop new Star Wars Trilogy; will write/direct first installment 2) Denis Villeneuve Is Interested in Bond, but Says ‘Dune’ Is Next 3) First posters released for Deadpool 2 4 ...…
face – andThe unchanging voice – of singer/songwriter Cassandra Lucas is back on the music scene in 2017, gifting listeners with three new hit singles, paving the way for her solo debut CD. Known as one-half of platinum selling R&B duo Changing Faces, she has returned to claim her rightful position as one of today's top music talents.Outside of ...…
We at Talking Movies are all huge fans of the indie horror hit Creep, and if you feel the same way we do, we have a real (ugh) treat for you this Halloween! We're celebrating the season this year by checking out the brand-new, critically acclaimed sequel Creep 2 and bringing director/co-writer Patrick Brice back to the show to discuss his film. ...…
ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast
Time to hit those bumpers, ARGonauts! We're diving into our long awaited pinball episode this week with Zen Studios VP of publishing Mel Kirk. Not only do we share our own favorite tables, but also yours with listener responses! We also get into what Zen Studios is doing to make virtual pinball work, as well as some hints on what to expect in t ...…
The Girls on Games Podcast
We travel to Ancient Egypt and witness the very beginning of the Brotherhood in this week’s GoGCast as Jeyson Acevedo of Ubisoft Canada joins us to talk about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Origins. We talk about Bayek, the setting, the changes made various systems including combat and character progression. This week in news: Mixer’s Xbox fall ...…
We Should Jam Sometime
Scarecrow Invasion, Holy Smokes, Best Rock Band, Toronto Indie Awards, Spooky Music, Looking like Your Parents Don't Love you, Jaime being "fucking dark" as per usual Song: What I Miss- Holy Smokes Check Out Those Links! Love, C Alex Hamnett- Drummer for a killer Alt. Rock band from Burlington Ontario Canada and Leader of Spooky Psychedelic gro ...…
GameZilla Podcast - Motor City Gaming
Microsoft Takeover This week we talk all about Microsoft and nothing else except Microsoft! Maybe some Destiny 2... and about LEGOs.... and maybe some Star Wars games.... Some League of Legends Worlds.... and about a shoe company. But like a lot of Microsoft. ...…
Hobbit and Scotty P. (Monster Scott) talk via phone with filmmaker Nick Hunt. We discuss his coming film "Safe Place" and his other future projects. Us Every 1st and 3rd Monday at Fallout, and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at Wo ...…
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday October 10th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jeremy Jahns, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha, Ashley Mova and Wendy Lee discuss the following: 1) The Hulk will have special arc for Thor Ragnarock, Infinity War and Avengers 4; should Marvel try to get rights back for stand-alone? 2) Disney pulls the plug on animated f ...…
Going out in style. Join your Host, Alex Lynch, and the 'All Glory' team as they finish up the series by delving into the retro trends of FASHION. Remy learns about Model Behaviour, Charlotte gets a makeover she'll never forget and Tom is invited to a wedding. But what does the future past hold for the team at 'All Glory'? Special guest: Marie ...…
Published on 30 Mar 2017. On Today’s episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast, we’re releasing a behind-the-scenes QLM group coaching call to the Miracle Morning community! For those who don’t know, The Quantum Leap Mastermind (QLM), created by Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff, is an expertly designed mastermind created for high achievers who want t ...…
Self-Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer, Eddie Bower stops by Uncontained to talk about some exciting projects that he is working on including co-writing the score to the new Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope. We also talk about the road he took to get to where he is now. Eddie Bower (BMI) began his music industry career in 1999 as a Traffic Manager fo ...…
Nashville native and co-writer of "Something Rotten" Wayne Kirpatrick and Brian Kennedy, the music director, discuss songwriting, producing the show, and more!
Was Hitler a drug addict? Were his troops fighting whilst high on crystal meth? In this podcast, Norman Ohler discusses his provocative new book on the use of drugs in Nazi Germany.This podcast features an exclusive event recording from 31/5/2017 with Norman Ohler in conversation with Dr Kieran Mitton and a follow up interview where the author ...…
Off Camera with Sam Jones
Struggle is just how Zoe Lister-Jones rolls. She watched her parents struggle to make a living from their art, and tussled with her own decision to pursue acting versus stability. She struggled to break into film, finally deciding that instead of fighting the system, she'd create one, co-writing and acting in her own projects. The biggest yet i ...…
This week we chat with tabletop roleplaying game creator, Dave Kizzia. Dave is the co-founder of Monkey Fun Studios and the co writer of the super groovy RPG Spirit of ’77. Rate and Subscribe to the pod on iTunes!
Greg is the creator, executive producer and director of The Guest Book, which just premiered on TBS. Prior to that, he created three back-to-back syndicated comedies: Yes, Dear, My Name is Earl and Raising Hope. In 2006, Greg won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the pilot of My Name is Earl. Garcia has also recentl ...…
The New Music Industry Podcast | | with David Andrew Wiebe
I recently received a few general questions regarding music and the music industry. In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I field four questions that came through my email, and offer my own perspective on the subject matter. Podcast Highlights: 00:14 – Listener questions 00:31 – What makes someone a great musician? 02:03 – How can ...…
Following a path towards a ministry in Christian music can begin in many different ways, but for most the actual destination is Nashville. While Hannah Kerr was born in Buffalo, NY, her family moved to "Music City" before she started high school. Now a full time student in college, Hannah balances a new career in music.…
RMPodcast: The Official Red Moon Productions Podcast
Welcome to the RMPodcast! Reviews: Bambi Blu-Ray Release (@ 10:40) We're still on location this week as we discuss the biggest announcement recently made by Lucas Film! The Return of JJ Abrams! Trevorrow was ousted from Episode IX and Abrams returns to co-write and direct! What are our thoughts on the matter? Join Brandon, Keith, and Sean as th ...…
Watch. Review. Repeat.
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week! This week, Colton and Andrew react to the madness that is the latest film from visionary director Darren Aronofsky, mother! 00:00:00 - Intro 00:02:54 - J.J. Abrams to Write and ...…
Scruffy Looking Podcasters: A Star Wars Podcast
The fellas discuss... Episode IX: - JJ Abrams officially writing and directing ep ix - Chris Terrio co-writing - Release date moved to Dec. 20th, 2019 The Last Jedi: -Rian johnson tweet about porgs - Joseph Gordon Levitt in TLJ alien voice Han Solo: Paul Bettany wrap and photo Rebels: First 6 episode titles leaked..2 per week released at 12:30a ...…
It's Comic Con season and, as we adventure through the Southern California area events, we're bringing you special episodes along the way. On this episode, we journey around the exhibition floor at Comic Con Palm Springs, to catch up with friends from last year's event and hear about an influential movie from new friends we've just met. You'll ...…
Jess and Chuck talk with Bulgarian/Kentucky poet Katerina Stoykova, about her books, her publishing house Accents Publishing, co-writing and starring in the film Proud Citizen, as well as what it was like to win Bulgaria's Ivan Nikolov National Poetry Book Award!By
In the end, she only remembered that husband and son-in-law. Until the last days she’d score them with her wasp tongue. Wasp Tongues by Chaille Bos This story is in response to the death of my grandmother. It was my way of working through the reality that I never knew the real her and never had a chance to, and yet I found myself in a part of h ...…
DC Joss Whedon getting co-writing credit for Justice LeagueNightwing has been castPatty Jenkins on potential Oscar nominationWarner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio for their Joker movie, and Jared Leto isn’t happy about it Marvel Marvel’s Inhumans first reviews are in. It’s shit. Misc For only $799, you could own the largest lego set everWWE HoF ...…
Before we could even finish musing on the firing of Colin Trevorrow, #Lucasfilm hired JJ Abrams to complete the #StarWars #SequelTrilogy, having him co-write and helm #EpisodeIX. What do we think? We think we argue about it, and maybe one of us has to be bleeped. We also talk about #Apple's big "news," studios blaming #Netflix, rocking with a # ...…
In this episode Jo-Anne M. Harvey shares her miscarriage story and what inspired her to co-write an eBook named "Joy Comes in the Mourning: Using Scripture to Overcome Miscarriage and Infant Loss." Jo-Anne is also the founder of Financial Promised Land which seeks to empower women using the life of Moses to free themselves from financial bondag ...…
In this episode Jo-Anne M. Harvey shares her miscarriage story and what inspired her to co-write an eBook named "Joy Comes in the Mourning: Using Scripture to Overcome Miscarriage and Infant Loss." Jo-Anne is also the founder of Financial Promised Land which seeks to empower women using the life of Moses to free themselves from financial bondag ...…
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