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The Cracked Podcast is facts, jokes, and more from the Internet’s leading comedy website. Every week, host Alex Schmidt brings together comedians, authors, scientists, and Cracked staffers, to celebrate the awesome truth that being alive is more interesting than people think it is. Fill your week and your brain with hilarious, mind-blowing revelations that’ll make you the most interesting person in every room you’re in.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found e ...
Almost every movie you love is secretly insane. Cracked Movie Club is here to show you why! Join co-hosts Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson (plus special guests) for a journey through the secrets, strangeness, and fan theories behind movies you’ll never see the same way again. And every month focuses on one director’s work, building a case for exactly why Hollywood’s greatest minds are weirder than you ever thought possible. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found ...
On Cracked Gets Personal, co-hosts Brandon Johnson (Rick & Morty, NTSF:SD:SUV::) and Robert Evans (Cracked Personal Experiences) ask the questions you'd be too scared to ask of sources ranging from modern-day slaves to drug-addicted doctors. Is my garbage man keeping tabs on me? What's it like to kill someone? How good is sex on heroin, really? Brandon and Robert combine compassion with comedy to serve you answers to these questions and more, from real people with unreal lives. Looking for t ...
Irish / Sheffield climber Niall Grimes in conversation with characters on the UK and international climbing scene. Also classic climbing stories read aloud.
Real dudes, real facts, real questions.
What's the Crack
Barely a week goes by without legal highs, binge drinking, or the latest celebrity rehab hitting the headlines. But have you ever wondered what the facts are behind drug and addiction news stories? Three researchers from the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London – Rob Calder, Elle Wadsworth, and Lindsey Hines – want to know: What’s The Crack? By applying their expertise in drug and addiction science to the latest media hot topics, their conversations reveal the complexities behi ...
True crimes- cold cases and other.
Welcome to Black Mirror Cracked - the podcast for all your Black Mirror needs. We alternate between episode analysis and interviews featuring journalists, actors from the show and even Charlie Brooker himself! For more Black Mirror stuff, follow our Twitter @BlackMirrorCrrr, join the conversation in our Facebook group or read more at Thanks for listening! Black Mirror Cracked is hosted by Suchandrika Chakrabarti and produced by Daniel Jackson
100:1 The Crack Legacy traces the roots of today’s violent policing and mass-incarceration back to “the war on drugs.” Journalist Christopher Johnson delves deep into how our government’s war on crack cocaine in the 80s and 90s ushered in a slew of laws that helped militarized police forces and erode basic constitutional rights for certain Americans. Through the stories of people who were on the ground when these laws went into effect, this series investigates how the aggressive policing and ...
Me and my sister Joni have always tried to one up each other with our gory true crime stories, so we decided to record them! Hope you enjoy, like and subscribe! If you have any stories you want us to cover a crime comment below!p.s. We upload the podcast every other week.
The Cracking Creativity Podcast shows you how creatives turn their ideas into action, create interesting projects, and build an engaged audience through shared passions.
MTG Cardboard Crack House is a weekly podcast that focuses on everything Magic has to offer. The faces of the Crack House are The Truth, Erebos, Black Anthony and Earl Grey. If its Standard, Modern, Legacy, or EDH. We tackle all subjects from newbie guides to getting into the game, all the way to the advanced player deck techs and tricks. So grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the ride!Patreon Account:’t forget to also add us on:YouTube:https:/ ...
TechRepublic Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler dissects the latest tech products and analyzes the internal hardware, giving consumers a look inside their favorite gadgets and helping them make smart tech purchases.
There is some incredible talent and creativity here in Christchurch, and so many different musicians that deserve their time on the air. Falling Through the Cracks gives musicians a radio platform where they can share their talents. It’s a show dedicated to explorations, works in progress, experiments, new concepts and hidden creativity.Proudly sponsored by ARA Music and Arts, the programme plays tracks that you would not hear on mainstream radio: jazz, improvisation-based music, big band, w ...
Cracked Up
Join Monroe Martin and Becky Astphan as they interview comedians about their interesting lives and how that translates to comedy. You might cry, but you'll definitely laugh.
Crack the Customer Code is dedicated to helping business professionals, small business owners, and customer-facing professionals learn the ins and outs of creating great customer experiences. With interviews and insights from a wide range of experts in the field, Crack the Customer Code will explore both timely and timeless topics, from how to increase customer loyalty through social media to why customers are more prone to lose control with companies nowadays. Crack the Customer Code provid ...
A podcast with two therapists, cracking into fandom.
Cracked Spines
It’s a dangerous world out there. Especially if you’re a novel protagonist. From your garden variety apocalypse to attack by demon polar bear, two English majors are going to teach you how to survive. Through literacy. Because it's literally all they're qualified to do.
Stephan Watson sits down with creative individuals in cosplay, costume design, prop making and more. Sharing origin stories and methods of creating costumes and effects.
Interviewing comedians and comedy writers in Los Angeles, about comedy, funny junk and the comedy business. A must listen for a aspiring comedians and lovers of comedy.
Crack Talk
We are here to look at the human condition through psychological, physiological, biological, theological, astrological, and even meteorological means all in an effort to make you smile, give you hope, or if nothing else, raise your blood pressure a little. :) Visit our website for more information or to get in touch with us ( Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, iHeartRadio,,, follow us Facebook ( ...
Crack Mix
An independent platform for contemporary culture.
Cracked Interviews
The Cracked Interviews Podcast gives you an all-access pass into the world of tennis. Dalton Thieneman sits down with the sport’s biggest players, coaches, and academies to bring listeners inside the processes, personas, and stories that you won’t get anywhere else. Produced and Published by Daniel Westhoff.
Cracking The Vault
Tony, Minnie, Ryan, Patty, & friends, talk comics & other pop culture, weekly, from the friendly confines of Empire's Comics.
Cracking Local
That’s right, it’s another sales and marketing podcast. We know, we know! But trust us, this one is really good! Cracking Local helps marketers, agencies, sales teams and entrepreneurs navigate the local online world through illuminating interviews with interesting people. No muss, no fuss. Enjoy! Head over to to get more free content and even some stuff you can buy from us (it’s top shelf white label marketing software).
Two Cracked Pots
Hosts Christi and Beth live out their friendship LIVE discussing a wide range of topics while ultimately turning it back to God. Episodes are unrehearsed, raw material of how these friends do life together and they want to invite you in.
iRadio's Cracked i
iRadio's Cracked i with Ed and Fitzy
The animated duo of Wallace and Gromit have their own fantastic podcast! With news, information, letters from fans and more, this is the best podcast avaliable for fans of the dynamic duo! Presented by Sebastian Hamilton, and more coming soon, it is a definate example that you don't need high-tech studios and utensils to make a great Podcast! DON'T FORGET! Subscribe to our sheepcast too! Just search for 'Sheepcast' on iTunes for all the latest Shaun the Sheep news!
Chicago-Based writer Quinten Rosborough sits down with friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers to have conversations and drink malt liquor.
Orange is the new crack. Redmeph and Babylegs talk trash and obsess over Netflix' show in this new podcast.
New podcast weblog
Cracked Spines
It’s a dangerous world out there—especially if you're a fictional character. From your garden variety apocalypse to attack by demon polar bear, two English majors are going to teach you how to survive. Through literacy. Because it's literally all they're qualified to do.
Chick Crack
things that girls love & boys hate!!!!!!!!!!!!(girls go to college to get more knowledge... boys go to jupiter to get more STUPIDER) xoxoxo
Falling through the cracks will help you take back your health and thrive through every day, instead of surviving. Each week we’ll give you tools and advice on how to get your health back. In our society a lot of people are feeling unwell, and their doctors aren’t able to help them. Given bills of health, their lab tests are normal, but they are in excruciating pain and debilitating fatigue. This is Dr Risk’s story, and she eventually had to help herself through a very long journey to the he ...
Reality Cracking
Coches autónomos, inteligencia artificial y energía.
Deal Junkie focuses on Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and access capital. Private Equity firms have over $1 trillion to invest and are the dominant form of middle market financing, yet it is one of the least transparent markets. What makes the difference between companies who succeed and those who fail in this market? Join Kevin Fechtmeyer, a 27 year industry veteran and his partners on Deal Team 6 who will dissect the deals that come in with thoughtful but brutal honesty and ...
SecuraBit Before It Bytes!
Cracked Bell Crew
Podcast and Internet Radio Network
Life In The Cracks
As humans, we struggle. We hurt. We fail. We crack. We miss the mark in life. But, we are not defined by these cracks. What defines us is the hope, healing, and growth we experience from the cracks in our lives. This podcast exists to share stories of hope, healing, and growth from the cracks of life.
"Cracked with the Laughters!" is the brand new radio comedy about Luke, Des, and Norm Laughter and the zany characters that inhabit their world each week.
Crack the Code
Unleashing the entrepreneur in everyone. Startups, bootcamps, talks, tools, events and coaches to help you design the future.
The Crack Attack Crackcast is the premier podcast for the John Madden's Butt League Fantasy Football league, which includes only ten people. But the Crackcast will be fun for all!
Cracking the Cocoon is focused on mindset and mental health, especially in the areas of anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress management. The goal is to provide fun relatable content offering actionable tips, ideas and suggestions to improve your daily life. Brought to you by Embrace Your Passion with Mentoring Metamorphosis, this podcast will also aim to help you do just that, uncover and embrace your passion for each day. Some of our segments include: Dear Butterfly - A Q&A feature with our ...
The Cracks of Light Podcast uncovers ideas for a new thriving paradigm from some of the world's leading thinkers. New leadership. New ideas. New business models. New systems. All stories represent the cracks of light of a new and better world where people, planet and profit collectively thrive. Find out more on
TechRepublic Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler dissects the latest tech products and analyzes the internal hardware, giving consumers a look inside their favorite gadgets and helping them make smart tech purchases.
Get in. Sit down. Shut up.With your host Jamie Harper.
TechRepublic Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler dissects the latest tech products and analyzes the internal hardware, giving consumers a look inside their favorite gadgets and helping them make smart tech purchases.
Welcome to Cracking the Echo Chamber, where Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and Elad Nehorai speak to guests who are trying to help us all break outside of our personal echo chambers. From politics to religion to psychology, our goal will be to get ourselves and you wonderful listeners to stretch our hearts and minds with each guest.
Podcast by Keith Keller & Annemarie Cross
#CRACKtheCROWD is a long-form conversation about the growth, dynamics, and people in crowdfunding hosted by Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, and Innovation Strategist Dan Baird.
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Your favorite Oklahomies are back with episode 4! Ben and Jess tell each other fun and weird news stories! From there the two chat and do a short improv scene based on their conversation. In this episode we cover urine mishaps, mall clubs, Ben's hopes and dreams for when he dies, and asking cardboard cutouts to be our prom dates. So crack open ...…
Today is just James and Oscar, but a new challenger approaches as a special guest Yoshi Johnson appears to talking about casting decisions in moves and to talk spoilers in Deadpool 2 and some Star Wars. Sit back, relax crack open a Dr. Pepper and listen to Oscars majestic voice as hopefully soon everyone will show up for the next one!…
This week we talked more sex than psychics and got right into a common question almost all guys have had: why did I get friend-zoned? You’re getting to know a girl, you have great convos, and you finally muster up the courage to tell her you like her, and next thing you know, she tells you: you’re just friends. Why does this happen to me and ho ...…
It's Google's turn to receive the Facebook treatment. In a series of rapid fire leaks, lawsuits, and PR blunders we re-cap Google's awful bad week. Plus MoviePass's desperate grab for data seems to be going bust, and IBM warns of cracking encryption with their Quantum Computer. Then we wrap it up with our Kickstarter of the week, that wants to ...…
This week @the-boy-illinois is in the building to give his take on a number of topics, tour life, new music and more! This weeks rotation features music from:The Boy IllinoisAce da VinciChris CrackL.A. Van GoghR.O.E.Solo the DweebtheWHOeversAngelo MotaXander YoungDutchboyTo submit music please visit We do not accept submissi ...…
Cops are cracking down on "Left Lane Driving." by Ken Evans & Rachael Gray
David Murray is an expert in sports rights. He led the BBC’s negotiations between 1999 and 2014, sealing deals with almost every major governing body during his time. Sports rights have always been a contentious issue but now, with social media platforms and new OTT players entering the market, the conversation has taken a very different turn. ...…
​Crack open your brain and get ready to upload the top three stories you need to know on a Thursday. Dana & Jayson hop back into the anchor's chairs for another edition of ADD News! This morning on Alt 949, we talked about how burger royalty has been dethroned for the second year in a row, what guests of the Royal Wedding are doing that has som ...…
It's Google's turn to receive the Facebook treatment. In a series of rapid fire leaks, lawsuits, and PR blunders we re-cap Google's awful bad week. Plus MoviePass's desperate grab for data seems to be going bust, and IBM warns of cracking encryption with their Quantum Computer. Then we wrap it up with our Kickstarter of the week, that wants to ...…
If you’ve ever run a Facebook ad campaign, or want to, this episode is a must-listen. Entrepreneur Mari Connor is the go-to maven of Facebook advertising, and she shares what works, what doesn’t and why. We talk about her leap from copywriting to building an agency, and how she did it.
Andy Reed has a hard on for Brad Hand, Franmil and Franchy crack homers in DC, What happens when Myers comes back? Renfroe? We update you on our rally to a .500 record for May.
Atlas Balked Episode 38: Tequila! And the Gallo Shift In this episode we talk about Joe having way too many nicknames, the most lovable dictators of all, hate watching the royal wedding, there may be some cracks in Rearden’s facade, the curse stings Scottie again and create more intrigue around the wildcard, Gregg makes a bold playoff predictio ...…
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM MINDS STEEMIT CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here i ...…
The Associate Minister for the Environment says she's inclined towards a ban on plastic bags, but work on the issue is still underway.
Something that we have faced over recent times is being able to have an understanding that not everyone will have your same level of understanding!
Guest-host Kennelia Stradwick, Guest co-host Kal HamiltonHot Topics: An unimpressed audience member, women in comedy, comics dating comics, men rebounding & being lonely, defining a "good woman", Jonnae recaps the first half of our Belly room show, comedy mentors, Kanye's antics, Creed, comedy goals and the wind down with producers Nichelle & B ...…
Both NBA Conference Finals are tied 2-2 in both the East and West — and breaking that down is not even the best part of this podcast. That's because NBA champion Metta World Peace joins us to talk about his new book, "No Malice: My Life in Basketball or: How a Kid from Queensbridge Survived the Streets, the Brawls, and Himself to Become an NBA ...…
In this episode of COL Drag Race ‘T-Time’, the guys shine like silver as they spill the earl grey tea on this week’s challenges. From a hip-cracking, booty shaking mini-challenge to a cyber-fantasy main acting scene, we find out which queens are golden and which have dulled with age. Who’s a nifty 50 and who’s … Continue reading COLDR: S10E09: ...…
Welcome to Pass The Aux, your monthly hit of Urban beats, piss take chat and jokes. This month features an exclusive interview with legendary turntable extraordinaire DJ Q-Bert live from the states plus a chat to our man on the street the infamous Barry Peters. Music beds provided by Mr Slips 'It Don't Stop Instrumentals' on Yogocop Records. So ...…
Fashion Fave or Flop: Butt Crack Cleavage Is In! by Ken Evans & Rachael Gray
We are proud to present: Banana Split - Afew-Store „Year Of The Orange Koi“ Capsule Collection Pre Release Party at Oh Baby Anna in Dusseldorf on Friday May 25th with music by Rafik and Crack-T. Consider this mix as a little warm up...By ( (Ching Zeng)).
Like many of the things born in Silicon Valley, you might say Strava, the favorite app of millions of athletes, is a happy accident. Strava’s co-founder Mark Gainey, set to run cross-country as a freshman at Harvard in 1986, was sidelined by an injury. This led him to the crew team, where a junior rower named Michael Horvath took him under his ...…
Tech breakthrough sessions are advantageous to both the guest and the Tech of Business audience. We do something concrete for you in your business and the audience come away with an option to implement something similar in theirs. Geraldine’s tech struggle is: In her coaching practice, she relies on technology to get paid, do intake and schedul ...…
Group therapy session after watching Black in the Crack 4.
In this episode, Ben Dover-Richie is kidnapped and held in Laurie's Mum's cellar as the boys make him listen to their NRL round 11 podcast. In an effort to take one of the last spots available in Ben's crack cricket commentary team, the lads must produce under pressure...or else. Please subscribe to the podcast if you are enjoying them.…
Aaron & Spencer discuss Contingent99's Wizard of Legend. Along the way Spencer laments the loss of Christian, Aaron invites you to his audio secret, and the boys learn that cracking necks on a podcast sounds wildly sexual out of context.Our intro music is a remix of "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger made by our guest, Aaron Ewing. Aaron m ...…
Have you wondered how to get out of the rat race as an employee to start investing in the real estate? In Episode 031, Jack has invited Lane Kawaoka who is a civil engineer as well as a real estate investor. He currently has a 11 single-family home portfolio with experience in Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, […] The post Episode 031 – How Did Lan ...…
I am a recovered crack cocaine addict. I have been sober for 16 years and working on 17! After my recovery all i wanted to do was be able to share my story to hopefully help someone in the same position or inspire someone to stop what they are doin ! I discuss how I was introduced to it, what kind led me that way, and how i was helped.Don't for ...…
On the show tonight you’ll be greeted by the sultry tones of Tim and Tom. What with Will being away in Tokyo and Danny insisting on remaining in the UK. The lads look back at last weekends fixtures and discuss their huge loss. They globe trot to France, Spain, Italy and China, looking at all the top flight football there. They give their views ...…
Scott talks to Nell Forster, resident live sound engineer of The Bearded Lady, about cracking into the local music industry, living a nocturnal lifestyle and how to record an orchestra.
All the casual magical chats for casual magical players! This weeks topics include spikes in card prices across the board, the (actually maybe not so) crazy idea of a commander draft using Dominaria, EDH deck-building ideas and updates (Slimefoot intensifies), at least one Star Wars prequel reference, and of course it wouldn't be an episode unt ...…
Three dentists talk teeth, fractures, good times and bad. Dr Richard Eilenberg shares his wisdom while Dr's John Malcolm and Jacob Grieve chip in with wet-fingered logic on the topic. Richard and I (Jacob) are presenting this course on the 22 June 2018, and give a teaser of the content to be covered, as well as some giveaway clinical tips and e ...…
After a grueling Week 42, where KC and DC were no more than 1 point apart through Saturday, DC gets a ‘golden’ blast from the past to seal the week by 2 points. This week: * DC laments his car troubles (2:00) * Then he hates on everything to do with the number 42 (5:15) * Everyone loses the game and 2 minutes of their lives (6:45) * Rain delays ...…
With a 3 man crew this week the boy try making E3 plans, discuss IRL video game Easter eggs, and play a TV themed end game.
Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters hits rock bottom on this fast paced and exciting episode of the Coup! First, Eddie kicks open the show with a bit of both song and dance before getting cracking open a case of “This Day in Rock”. Find out what happened in rock history and how you can apply it to the real world today. Get your hot and cold liquid ...…
Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters hits rock bottom on this fast paced and exciting episode of the Coup! First, Eddie kicks open the show with a bit of both song and dance before getting cracking open a case of “This Day in Rock”. Find out what happened in rock history and how you can apply it to the real world today. Get your hot and cold liquid ...…
Week 3 of the Mother's Day Marathon brings Betsy Chasse to the show. Betsy is full of knowledge and stories to help you remember what's really important about your role as a parent.
Comedy writer Ed Voccola stops by to play some dominoes and talk about his career in Hollywood. Ed wrote several episodes for the hit FOX comedy THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, and has worked on several other TV shows, sketches, music videos and movies in various capacities. Ed manages to crack Danielle, Kyle, and Payroll throughout the episode as he di ...…
Your hosts from Geeking Poetic Podcast give their thoughts on the new Avengers: Infinity War movie. Was it all it was cracked up to be? Was Thanos a sympathetic villain? What does this mean for the future of the Marvel universe? Listen now to find out! Come follow us on social media to keep up to date with all of our shenanigans. All the links ...…
This week, two nerds discuss the mind bending nature of optical and audible illusions! We discuss the strange sensation of hearing or seeing something completely different than what others tell you they are hearing/seeing. We bring up that reality and the way we perceive it is entirely subjective, noting that it can be a hard concept to accept. ...…
Anger, Greed, Mr. West & a Crack Story Hosted by AJ & ArmShark
Average Joe’s Drive-In Episode #67 (Reviewcast) Excalibur: The Evil House Of Desolation On this episode I review: Conan The Destroyer, Desolation, Baywatch. I also crack open the VHS vault and review: Excalibur, House On Haunted Hill, The Evil That Men Do & Westworld If you enjoy the episode be sure to rate it on whatever app you listened on! S ...…
Here we are with our good friend Ron, the Creator of "Speaking in Tongues". Through all of the work that Ron does, he surely is on his way to cracking that ceiling open. Big Brand Awareness on the horizon and we are here for it! Get to know Ron as we know him. On the Mic...
Christopher Ryan has always been a storyteller. Whether "ranking" on friends as a teen, covering street crime and dirty politics in The Bronx as an award-winning reporter, or teaching High School English, he serves the story above all else. I recently chatted with Chris about his time as a journalist during New York City’s violent crack epidemi ...…
Ingredients: Cracked Shell, Looking to Prey and Rotten Egg Trash from Plenty of Garbage!
When pressure grows, don't hesitate to share the weight.
It's SUNDAY FUNDAY! Which means another look back at an AWESOME week here on the Journey Into Comics Network! Hopefully you are grilling out in your back yard or cracking open a few cold ones with your crew while you experience the Best of the Week! Also Links to the Full Episodes Below! Journey Into Comics 191 - My Mom Calls Me AP The Puhr Rep ...…
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