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For crochet enthusiasts of all skill levels & genres. #CCPodcast is here to entertain, inform, and inspire creatives. Listen while driving, working, cleaning, crocheting, anytime & anywhere. Showcasing a variety of guests to help better your crochet skills, sell creations, stay motivated, and finding fun ways to spread the art of crochet around the globe. Forever Hooked, Priscilla Prince
Crochet Crash Course
The fastest way to learn to crochet.
The Crochet Circle
A crochet podcast with a little bit of knitting on the side. You are in the right place for all things yarn based!
A blog to accompany a podcast from folks who work at Knit One, Crochet Too, the handknitting yarn company.
Crochet For Men is a weekly podcast featuring news stories for crocheters, stories from MenWhoCrochet yahoo group, interviews of Men Who Crochet and a question & answer session! I hope you all enjoy!
Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
The best new tunes in electro house and indie-dance!!
Bodhi Life Crochet
My Maker Tribe's goal is to speak to as many inspiring Makers as possible! We will discuss topics such as running a small business, Etsy and social media!
Mary Frances is a little girl whose Aunt Maria intends to teach her to knit and crochet, but she's very strict and demanding. It's a good thing the Knitting People are around to help Mary Frances out! This book includes real patterns which can be knit and crocheted for dolls and children. (Summary by wildemoose)
This podcasts is all about knitting and crocheting.
VeryPink Knits
VeryPink Knits, the companion podcast to the VeryPink Knits YouTube channel, focused on answering your knitting questions. With Staci Perry and Casey Bernard.
Never Not Knitting
A knitting podcast with funny stories, product reviews, project information, knitting help and much more!
In each episode of the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show, you’ll find great ideas for launching, managing, and evolving your indie yarn-related business, and tips for keeping yourself creative, productive, and sane. Share the unique joys and challenges of being an indie in the yarn industry, whether you’re a crochet or knitting author, blogger, designer, maker, podcaster, publisher, teacher, or tech editor; a yarn dyer or spinner; or the owner of any other indie business based around yarn. Top ...
This podcast is about knitting (and crochet), learning and the brain. Margaret and Catherine talk about what they are learning from their knitting, something about the brain, Behind the Redwood curtain, the area where they live along the Northcoast of California, and a knitting tip.
A little knitting with a LOT of heart
Great guests from the yarn industry, wonderful conversation, and doesn't get much better than this. Join MARLY BIRD, the first crochet podcaster on iTunes, as she hosts a live show every TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings. The show is and always has been a crochet and knitting podcast since 2007. Find Show Notes, Free Patterns, Class Schedule and my Blog at
The podcast that's all about making stuff.
Featuring inspiring interviews with Etsy shop owners who share tips and strategies for how to sell successfully on Etsy. Connect virtually on Twitter with @ConvoMePodcast ( as well as on Facebook (, Pinterest ( and Google+ ( with Etsy Conversations Podcast - Follow us, Like us, Pin us, and join our Circle to become a ...
A podcast about knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts. Hosted by Greg Cohoon (KnittingDaddy on Ravelry).
A crochet (and a little knitting) podcast
The Knit Shift
Laura is a news editor who works the night shift. Join her as she burns the midnight oil to sneak in some stitches. Show notes can be found at
Two fiber and craft obsessed individuals from the Pacific Northwest chat about knitting, spinning & crochet and explore what it means to live in a DIY Nation.
Knitting, spinning, crocheting and weaving with occasional Boston Terrier cameos
A podcast about knitting, crochet, spinning, dieting, food, family and fiber fun.
Based in the UK, Stitched Together is a podcast that has grown from a long established knitting and crafting blog. It covers recommendations, reviews and recitations of valiant endeavours on the front line of crafting. The schedule for the show will always be quite random. I'll only be able to do shows when health allows, but I hope to manage at least one show a month.
Musings of Knitting & Crocheting
Where knit culture and geek culture collide, and ADD meets OCD in the OC.
The Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast is produced by The Knitting Boutique, a local yarn located in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
Close Knit
The Close Knit podcast celebrates fibre artists from around the world. You'll hear from knitters, crocheters, natural dyers, weavers - all are welcome on the Close Knit Podcast.
Join me for my adventures in knitting, crochet, spinning, photography, and of course, parenting.
The Knit Wits
Welcome to our world. Pull up a chair, pick up your needles and get ready for a chuckle or two.
Dairyland Knits
Badger State Stitchery, Gardening, and Travelogue
Welcome to QuiltMoxie … a modern spin on classic quilting. The podcast where QuiltMoxie meets Craftsy.Join your host Ariana, enrolled in many classes and come along as she shares her Craftsy class progress with you. Craftsy is an online community dedicated to providing the best education and resources for crafters.You will find show notes and everything QuiltMoxie at . Get Social with QuiltMoxie and leave your comments and feedback at your favourite hangout, on ...
The Crafty Hive
Join your hosts Dana and Kristi as they discuss their never-ending passion for fiber arts. Each episode, we discuss our own crafty lives, such as what we've been making, as well as a myriad of topics related to fiber arts and crafting in general.
Welcome to our knitting space! Join the conversation!
Enabling your crafting addiction, one episode at a time.
The podcast for knits and nerds.
EMPOWER your knits and purls in this weekly podcast with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!
Nerd Wars Podcast
Where crafting and geekery collide: in your ears!
Julieanne lives in Adelaide, South Australia and talks about her various projects in the crafts of knitting, sewing and cross stitch. Also includes book reviews and musings.
Join Felicia Lo, founder of SweetGeorgia Yarns, as she explores the sweet spot between craft, creativity, and colour together with some of the most inspiring knitters, spinners, designers, shop owners, and makers in this handmade community.
The Collage Creative podcast is weekly interview show dedicated to uncovering the motivations, daily routines and practices of women and men who are living life on their own terms. They may do this through a business they’ve created or they may simply choose to live differently in some way. What I hope to learn is what gave them the courage to say the heck with it, I’m doing it my way. We will delve into their routines, habits, favorite books, podcasts etc. On the flip side, we’ll talk about ...
A podcast about crochet, knitting and hand stitchery for all kinds of yarn and thread lovers!
Knit Nerd Podcast
A Weekly Video Podcast about Nerdy Knitting Pursuits
A podcast about all things fiber. Shows include features on knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Members of the staff of Knitpicks are interviewed about various topics, as well as the general public. Tune in to hear about creative people working in all areas of the fiber community!
A taste of the craft scene in Ireland
a podcast about the fiber arts and other post apocalyptic skills
Schmevelyn Wees
The Yarnings Podcast is a videocast that talks about fibery/crafty projects, including knitting and spinning. With stories of cooking, geekyness, girly giggles, and more. Listen as Kristine loves on her hobbies and grows in happiness!
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Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Episode 35. In this episode, Kristi and Dana are catching up on life, WIPs, & FOs. All of our show notes are given below, with information and links to everything we discussed in this episode. Let us know if you can't find any information you need. As always, we would love to hear from you! Is there a top ...…
It was so hot that I didn’t do much knitting. I was busy with a number of other projects, however, and managed to find some air conditioned crafting situations over the course of the past two weeks. As I’m typing up these show notes, it’s a dark and stormy morning here in Delaware Water Gap. … Continue reading Episode 201 →…
The Knitting Boutique's Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast is an extension of our online yarn store. For more information about the yarn, books, patterns or industry designers discussed in our podcast, visit our website at
Today on the show I have Mandi Smethells, she is a sculptural fiber artist – in her etsy shop you’ll find just that – they are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and they are crazy cheerful. This episode is jam packed with so many take aways – like following her own curiosity and joy to create this unique art and saying goodbye to the rest. ...…
We’re Shaking Things Up Today. Rather than myself interviewing a guest today I recruited Jewell from Our Maker Life to interview me! We’re both so excited for the Our Maker Life Event 2018 happening this weekend and we chat all about it. If you’re attending the event this year, leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You’ll Learn About the ...…
Ep. 71 is up! Finished Items: Jill finished her True Friend pullover by Veera Valimaki! She used Dream in Color Jilly in Brilliant and MadTosh Tosh Merino Light in Silver. My Current Fix: Jill is done with the knitting portion of her knit French Bulldog using the Karen's Frenchie pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. She used Cascade 220 yarn from ...… What’s in Our Cup Diana has some Buddha’s Blend iced tea from David’s Tea with frozen berries instead of ice. Jocelyn has Madame Butterfly from Tea Desire in Saskatchewan. Woolly Workings Jocelyn: #acrosstheprairiesKAL (Exploration Station by Stephen West) out of Dye for Ewe in Now ...…
Episode 221: Slow Start and Iris Kal Canadian Heritage Minutes What’s in Our Cup Diana has an Iced Matcha Latte from Little Sister. Jocelyn has some Buddha’s Blend iced tea with frozen raspberries instead of ice. Woolly Workings Jocelyn: #acrosstheprairiesKAL (Exploration Station by Stephen West) out of Dye for Ewe in ...…
Learn 5 amazing ninja tips to eliminate the "fly by the seat of your pants" approach to creating last-minute content for your creative business. Check out this must-listen-to episode if you struggle with staying consistent. Want to get a free mini business coaching session with Kara? Sign up at You ...…
Today on the show I have Jewell Washington a stunning knitwear designer behind North Knits and the creator of Our maker life, a blog and movement dedicated to creating community and connection through making. Show notes here.
Create a design collection to take it to the next level! Creating a design collection is one way you can strive for bigger and better things both for your business and customers! There aren’t a lot of designers out there doing it so this is one way you can be different! With a little time investment and planning, a design collection could be ju ...…
Welcome to the Etsy Conversations Rewind Series. For the rest of Summer 2018 I'll be featuring interviews with Etsy shop owners from way back that you might have missed. This week's rewind is my convo with Catch Me Studio. Connect With Me Instagram: @EtsyConvo Twitter: @ConvoMePodcast Visit for more information.…
In Episode 41, Greg and Pam talk about broken ribs, reference books, and needles. Sponsors I am a Knitcrate Ambassador! Are you the kind of knitter who would enjoy receiving a surprise package of yarn in the mail every month? Then you need to sign up for a Knitcrate subscription. Every month, you will receive a selection of curated yarn, a patt ...…
Brainy Thing: 19:24 Behind the Redwood Curtain: 36:24 What We’re Learning from Our Knitting: Catherine is almost finished the heavenly Heaven Scent by aand is switching to blocks for her charity blanket. Margaret switches from birds to eggs with a decorative knitted egg, again from Arne and Carlos. She offers a giveaway on the book. Brainy Thin ...…
Thank you for your part in the Yarns at Yin Hoo community. It has been nearly five years and I’m so grateful for the friendships, knowledge, skill, and inspiration I’ve acquired as a result of deciding to start a little audio podcast about the fiber arts and other post-apocalyptic skills. This week, I talk about … Continue reading Episode 200 →…
The Knitting Boutique's Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast is an extension of our online yarn store. For more information about the yarn, books, patterns or industry designers discussed in our podcast, visit our website at What’s in Our Cup Diana has Gato Negro sauvignon blanc. Jocelyn has Orange Cinnamon Spice from Twinings. Diana is wearing a Peony Pink wig from Arda Wigs Canada. Woolly Workings Jocelyn: Virus Meets Granny Shawl by Jinty Lyons out of Caro ...…
The Close Knit podcast aims to hold space for conversation about the ways we use fiber to process world and life events A huge thank you to this episodes' sponsor, Sugar Candy Mountain. Sugar Candy Mountain is a sustainable women's clothing line, made in LA from natural fibers. I love the attention to detail that they take with their clothing t ...…
If you're stuck in a creative rut, it could be that you're trying to do too many things. In this episode, Kara and Tabetha discuss the value of starting with just one offering and how to take that idea, get ninja and spin it in multiple ways to get in the habit of repurposing your content. This not only saves you time producing new material, it ...…
Today on the show my sister Jessie and I dive into transitions. We get into my big transition into this new house and how it hasn't all been rainbows along the way. We also go into the transition she went through this fall from teacher to working with me at Knit Collage, something she knew very little about. Click here for show notes.…
Extreme Amigurumi? Yes, it is a thing! My friend, Stephanie, from All About Ami opened my eyes to this new world on last week’s episode and I just had to explore it a little more. Why didn’t I think of this? Who doesn’t want a giant, cuddly ami? Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Holly, creative lady behind Storyland Amis. Ironically enough, she got ...…
Casey’s interview this week is with Heather Zoppetti, the Yarn Group Chair of TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) and the owner of Stitch Sprouts. Our lovely sponsors this week: Stitchcraft Marketing Skylar Visit and try the Skylar Sample Pallet with free shipping and earn a $20 credit toward your next full-sized perf ...…
Learn how EtsyRank can help improve your Etsy shop and your buyers' experience. Anthony Wolf is the founder of EtsyRank and discusses the suite of tools offered and how Etsy sellers can navigate and best leverage them. Visit for more information.
Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Episode 34. In this episode, Kristi and Dana are catching up on life, WIPs, & FOs. We're also discussing Kristi's recent visits to the Estes Park Wool Market and Denver Comic Con. All of our show notes are given below, with information and links to everything we discussed in this episode. Let us know if y ...…
Spinning and weaving projects are working down Kelly's stash, while Marsha finished a cardigan. The Ewes also discuss linen, based on a listener question. They're also in planning mode, thinking ahead to the trip to Black Sheep Gathering and projects that will work for that trip. Contact Marsha and Kelly here if you have a topic you'd like disc ...…
On Thursday, July 19th, I’ll be facilitating an introduction to spinning on a Turkish spindle at Hope’s Favorite Things near Bangor, PA. If you’re interested in the class, contact Hope’s shop! The Back Porch Brise cardigan designed by Hannah Fettig Chevron Fringe necklace designed by Susanne Sommer scarf woven with handspun and alpaca from Spin ...…
Ep. 70 is ready! What I've Finished: Jill made a tiny little boot from a Style Leather Craft kit she bought at Tokyu Hands in Tokyo. She found a helpful tutorial for hand-stitching at Martha Stewart. She used a Dritz silicone Needle Puller and it helped out. She finished a Mother Bear for the Mother Bear Project. She used Knit 1 Crochet 2 Paint ...… What’s in Our Cup Jocelyn has a cup of Salt Springs French Roast coffee. Diana has Orange Mint iced tea from Tea Desire in Saskatchewan. Woolly Workings Jocelyn: a granny square lap blanket out of last year’s granny squares and some Caron Cake in Blue Macaron a plan for the Virus M ...…
How do you know if your idea is viable? If you have an existing yarn crafting business, own a yarn shop, or you're a budding designer, this is a must-listen-to episode! If you struggle with confidence in an idea, and you're not sure if anyone will want your stuff, this episode explores 6 tips to gain confidence, and why being a perfectionist is ...…
Today on the show I have Julia Denos, an illustrator and writer. It’s a far ranging conversation and we cover a lot from making a living as an artist to coping with life’s ups and downs through her own art. Show notes right Collage Creative Podcast.
We’re answering as many of your amigurumi questions as possible in one episode! Stephanie from All About Ami and I reached out to you on Facebook and Instagram to find out what you’re number one question is related to amigurumi. Then we compiled a list and answered as many as possible! Today’s Guest Stephanie is the kind and talented lady behin ...…
Casey’s website is To get your knitting question on the show, just email it to We’re still taking voicemail questions! Leave your question, and please be sure to tell us where you’re from. 361 420 0128 Our lovely sponsor this week: Green Chef For 50 dollars off your first box of Green Chef, go to ...…
If you've ever lost data on your computer or a website, then you know the frustration. This week, my guests Sigal & Noam Zakai are talking about Backtsy, the Etsy shop data backup service they created specifically for sellers like themselves. Visit for more information. For all audio Etsy tutorials, visit The Seller's Resource.… What’s in Our Cup Diana has some Seabuckthorn Cherry from Tea Desire. Jocelyn has some Blueberry Dream also from Tea Desire. Cool Threads Jocelyn: Cocoon Cardigan Diana: Wonder Woman Wrap Woolly Workings Jocelyn: June Socks out of Dye for Ewe in Dreaming of Spring Triple Treat Shaw ...…
Brainy thing: 14:25 Behind the Redwood Curtain 25:16 What We’re Learning from our Knitting Margaret is playing around with Embellishing Birds from Arne’s and Carlos’ book Field Guide to Knitted Birds. arne and carlos\ embellish Judy’s magic cast on https://w ...…
The Knitting Boutique's Saturday Morning Breakfast Club Podcast is an extension of our online yarn store. For more information about the yarn, books, patterns or industry designers discussed in our podcast, visit our website at
That special time comes but once a year, an occasion for the celebration of our skills and some crafty camraderie, a chance to let our fiber flag fly: Knit in Public Day! In keeping with recent Knit Picks tradition, we hosted a knitting potluck at a nearby park, with everything from previews to prizes. A few members of our team are here to tell ...…
Etsy just came out with some major news this morning. This episode is a summary of what they announced and how it could possibly affect you... And me! Visit for more information.
We’re Exploring Amigurumi today with Author, Lauren Espy! Whether you’re an amigurumi pro or have no idea what the word means, you’re in for a real treat today. You may know Lauren from her viral crochet chemistry set and she’s on the show to share some of her infinite amigurumi wisdom. In this “brainstorming session” of all things amigurumi we ...…
In Episode 40, Greg talks about fender benders, perfect socks, and travel knitting. Sponsors I am a Knitcrate Ambassador! Are you the kind of knitter who would enjoy receiving a surprise package of yarn in the mail every month? Then you need to sign up for a Knitcrate subscription. Every month, you will receive a selection of curated yarn, a pa ...…
Learn ways to use your car like a mobile university and maximize your time to make it more productive by listening to educational podcasts and audio books, and even take it a step further to verbally record a business plan wearing your headset! If you want to use your time wisely, you can treat your car like a learning machine! Want to get a fr ...…
Today on the show I have Mary Kate Kinnane, the founder of the Local Bouquet, a florist who also teaches flower classes based in Little Compton, RI. I’m more than a little estatic to have a florist on the show – she tells us all about the field to vase movement and why locally grown flowers are so special. As a mom of 4, she has some stellar ad ...…
Casey’s website is To get your knitting question on the show, just email it to We’re still taking voicemail questions! Leave your question, and please be sure to tell us where you’re from. 361 420 0128 Our lovely sponsors this week: Turtlepurl Yarns Use the coupon code VERYPINKJUNE for 15% your order! These so ...…
Danielle Spurge is craft business consultant who, after ramping up her embroidery business from $8,000 in the first year to over $74,00 in her second year of business, now helps entrepreneurial craft-based business owners create their very own sustainable businesses. Visit for more information. For all audio Etsy tutorials, subs ...… What’s in Our Cup Diana made an almond milk latte with Ayurvedic Chai from Amsterdam Tea Room. Jocelyn has Chai Mate from McQuarrie’s Tea and Coffee Merchants. Cool Threads Jocelyn: Cocoon Cardigan Tracie Shawl Diana: Sockhead slouch Lindsay Slouch Bloomsbury Mitts On The Lamb Podc ...…
The combo spin discussion last week prompted some great discussion about color, design, knitting, and spinning. So after the project updates, the Ewes talk about some of the ideas shared by listeners and the inspiration they provided. For full show notes with pictures visit our show notes blog. Kelly has done a lot of finishing! Not saving the ...…
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