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How To Change Your Sex with Lannie Rose
This podcast is an annotated audiobook of How To Change Your Sex: A Lighthearted Look at the Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do, as read and with commentary by the author, Lannie Rose. It's a practical guide for transsexual and transgender people, those who love them, and anyone who is just curious. The book is available at,, and Lannie's own website,
The Genderqueer Universe
Gender expression has expanded massively over the past few years. Society is better informed about crossdressing and the gender spectrum and people are getting more comfortable at expressing themselves. This is AWESOME! The Genderqueer Universe explores how this new gender world is evolving from a happy, positive perspective!
Preview of LANNIE! My Journey from Man to Woman by Lannie Rose
This podcast is an audiobook preview of LANNIE! My Journey from Man to Woman, read by the author, Lannie Rose. This memoir focuses on the five years Lannie spent changing her sex and starting her new life as a woman. Both poinant and funny, Lannie's story appeals to transgender people and normies alike. The book is available at,, and Lannie's own website,
Lannie's Website with Lannie Rose
Each week, Lannie Rose reads something from her website,, which has way more stuff on it than any rational person would want to read online. Lannie is a 52-year-old, post-operative transsexual woman, so most of what you find here will be about gender, sex changes, and Lannie's own sex change.
Sometimes, it's good to hear about the struggles and trials of others, especially if they've come through on the other side. This is such a podcast.Host Ele Nichols (Artist/Writer/Gender Confusionist) will recount some of his own misadventures and how he made it (or is making it) through.
Ladybeard's Kawaii Konnection
He's everyone's favourite cross-dressing, pro-wrestling, J-Rocker. Catch the latest on J-rock and Japanese Pop Culture with Ladybeard every Tuesday from 8PM (AEST) on SBS PopAsia radio
Time 4 T with Claire Parker
A monthly round up of news and discussion from the transgender world with a little music thrown in for good measure.
Sissys Femdoms And Bimbos
This is a free topic sex podcast about crossdressing being a sissy sub bimbo femdom or trans person here to get the stories and share with everyone
Failure To Launch
We’re all familiar with the idea of a pilot episode, the one-off test run of a series to see whether or not it could ever work as a television show. But what happens to the shows that never make it past that stage? Usually they’re cast aside and disappear from the public eye forever, doomed to fade into obscurity. But Melbourne comedy troupe The Consumption say “No more!” We are reaching deep into the bowels of television history to bring you back hot steaming piles of TV's many bizarre misc ...
The 1st Brazilian Crossdresser DJ , Singer & Electronic Music Producer with over 34 years of cabin (Yes! She's a Dinossaur!) started playing in the 80s with vinyl. Your music is a mix of electronica, house, tribal, progressive, creating songs that are specially made for the dancefloor giving the unique touch to his music and his biggest characteristic : JOY !
New Golden Boys (video)
Sketch comedy brought to you in easy to swallow capsules. If your into cross dressing flower eating man ladies, then this podcast is for you.
BadNostalgia's Podcast
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE 80/90s KIDS FILM???Chances are, you haven't seen them since childhood....In Bad Nostalgia we revisit the iconic films of our childhood and discover how creepy they actually are!!Be it Mrs Doubtfire - for its story of the creepy cross dressing father baby sitter OR Home Alone - for its toddler torturer nightmare tale.Every episode is hosted by comedians Lewis Charlesworth and Pete Phillipson, with us giving the film a rating at the end of each episode.
Rum, Rebels & Ratbags
Rum, Rebels & Ratbags is history not for the faint-hearted. Historian and author of 'Girt' David Hunt and ABC 702 Sydney's Dom Knight uncover the characters and events left out of your high school history class.Sir Joseph Banks wasn't just 'that plant guy', but a celebrity playboy botanist who decided Australia was just the place for a penal colony. The lady on the $20 note, Mary Reibey, was deported to Australia for horse theft and cross-dressing, but what she did next will surprise you. An ...
You. Love. Life. - Podcast
"You. Love. Life." is an unconventional podcast that’s quickly becoming a can’t-miss listen on iTunes. Host, Roman Wyden is an LA-based marriage and relationship coach who takes a decidedly honest, uninhibited, and unconventional approach to conversations about love, marriage, divorce, family, intimacy, desire, and trust. Since launching in September, "You. Love. Life." has experienced rapid growth, surpassing the 2000 listener mark and more than doubling its audience each week. While his gu ...
Princess Passes, The by WILLIAMSON, Charles Norris and WILLIAMSON, Alice Muriel
An American heiress nicknamed the Manitou Princess (after her daddy's richest silver mine) is devastated to find that her fiancé only loves her money, so she does what anyone might do: she bolts for Europe, dons male attire and sets out on a walking tour of the Alps. Though professing hatred of all men, she soon falls in with a just-jilted English lord, aptly named Monty Lane, who is attempting to walk off a broken heart of his own. The Princess Passes presents the ups and downs of their alp ...
As You Like It (version 2) by SHAKESPEARE, William
Shakespeare's pastoral comedy was written and first performed around 1599, and presents some of his familiar motifs: a cross-dressing heroine, a wise-cracking fool, brothers usurping their brothers' power, a journey from the court to the country, and various romantic entanglements. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast Orlando: Arielle Lipshaw Adam/Hymen: Kevin Green Oliver/Le Beau/First Lord/First Page: Todd Touchstone/Dennis/First Lord/Forester: Kristingj Charles/Second Lord/Jaques de Boys: Al ...
Roaring Girl, The by MIDDLETON, Thomas and DEKKER, Thomas
The Roaring Girl is a rip-roaring Jacobean comedy co-written by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker and first published in 1611. The play is a fictionalized dramatization of the life of Mary Frith, known as "Moll Cutpurse", a woman who had gained a reputation as a virago in the early 17th century. (The term "roaring girl" was adapted from the slang term "roaring boy", which was applied to a young man who caroused publicly, brawled, and committed petty crimes.) The play combines the exploits o ...
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Men- And how NO means NO !!!
This episode is all about crossdressers , their stories, their experiences, and we are basically digging deep and finding out when it started and why they do what they do and uniting society as one and eliminating discrimination
We're Just Asking Questions
Is Stevie Wonder a liar, or is he Daredevil? These are the only two options, apparently. Our friend Kainoa joins us as we discuss Keegan's adventures in accidental crossdressing, and Matt shows off his problematic Stephen A. Smith impression. The controversial Stevie Wonder mic catch(?) video:…
Heather & Steve in the Morning
...just like Ma used to make!
Let's Talk About Sects: a podcast about cults
Ken Dyers passed away 10 years ago this year, but the organisation that he spearheaded with his partner Jan Hamilton lives on. In spite of a few parallels, this Australian organisation, called Kenja, has been listed as a suppressive group by the Church of Scientology. Jan claims that Kenja has faced decades of persecution by those who want to b ...…
(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica - DAY NINETEEN - NOV 2 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT) View all shows from Paul Duane, the Cross-Dressing Mormon Anarchist™, gives me a tour of Temple Square and shares the gospel, history, features and benefits of Mormonism in an attempt to persuade me to join the faith. Watch the full video version: View ... The post [PODCAST ...…
Animation is the Best
[Content advisory: language, sexual content]Let's get down to business! It's time for Mulan, the 9th film of the Disney Renaissance and the first to be based on Chinese epic poetry! We'll discuss Mulan's unique portrayal of the lead character, exciting music, and its place within the pantheon of crossdressing in cinema.[Outro: "I'll Make a Man ...…
Brendan and Mo takl about the almight god of thunder himself, Thor! Also, there's plenty of Ben Affleck, Stan Lee, and crossdressing to go around as well, so this Thanksgiving help yourself to a heaping spoonful of The Wikid Podcast!
In today's politically correct culture, apparently it is more than tolerable to sexualize children, as long as it pandering to homosexuality and transsexualism, if it's heterosexuality, then is it intolerant. We discuss events happening all around the globe where cross dressers and drag queens are being put in front of children at public events ...…
The program is conducted in both Spanish and English. Anthropologists have traced the Meso-American acceptance of people of mixed gender back to pre-Columbian Mexico accounts of Aztec priests and Mayan gods who cross-dressed and were considered both male and female. In the shifting landscape of gender identity, what might we learn from the indi ...…
Sometimes I Think About It (Graywolf Press) Building on the extraordinary storytelling that characterized his breakout book, The Adderall Diaries, Stephen Elliott tells a powerful story about outsiders and underdogs. Elliott traces his childhood with an abusive and erratic father, his life on the streets as a teenager, and his growing interest ...…
Show 1981 Thanksgiving, The Wall, “Democratic” Socialism, Guns and Crusades. Steven Crowder. This ACU show consists of 5 segments from the Louder with Crowder Show. Segment 1- Thanksgiving: A Politically Incorrect Guide Whilst you carve that Thanksgiving turkey, lets scalp some buffalo crap myths about Pilgrims and ...…
In this episode, we talk to Heidi Klum about her desire to join the Upper Crust, discuss the necessity of pre-wired pedalboards, and Cole finally explains Acoustic Ray Theory. Also, Andy Kim drops by to give his opinion on many things, including Aaron's new blog column ideas. This episode is brought to you by SINASOID. They have amazing cables ...…
In this episode I talk to one of my Niteflirt callers about Cross Dressing. Follow us from the first sparks in childhood, through the teens years, into a vanilla marriage and even surviving trauma. We dig into the origins, feelings, fears and connections to stress and loss, pleasure and release. Join us.…
This week we were joined by our buddy Jeff Bunny Carr who has been developing a table top game for the last 17 years called Figure Fight. Jeff let us test play a couple of rounds of the game and we did so over a couple of pies from Blackbird Pizza. Tune in to find out more about Jeff himself (spoiler alert: he's interesting) and the game he's b ...…
Welcome to FirstOff! Your host, Jordan Witt is joined today by the unofficial Co-Host Matthew Barry. We dive into some second chapters in Aliens & The Two Towers, a man trapped in a television show, a Curry Western, and a couple of cross-dressing musicians running from the mob! All that and more, this week on First Off! Go to ...…
Do Work Media Podcast Network
this episode is sorta like throw up tackle on the mic. We talk about Kevin Durant "catfishing" himself. No foul play sought in the death of Kenneka Jenkins and President Trump addressing the U.N. picking on North Korea and Iran. recap of the NFL week 2 and Young Joc new lifestyle choice of crossdressing. Enjoy! Peace!…
Movie City Maniacs
Welcome Movie City Maniacs! Welcome to our nightmare as we are hunted by killer spheres, cloaked dwarves, and the sinister Tall Man in Don Coscarelli’s classic Phantasm (1979). Joining us on the journey is Adam Bentley of Auteur Research, who discusses his first time viewing of this divisive film. We also chat about Demi Moore’s […]…
Vampires don't exist, do they? That is a question Private Detective Tony Mandolin finds himself pondering as the evidence piles up in a case involving a string of dead redheads and the usual dose of weirdness San Francisco has to offer. To complicate things, Mandolin has to deal with the perception that he has become the latest golden boy of th ...…
In this episode we discuss age, fiancés, and cross dressing.
Chick Lit Murder Mysteries
Steph has a lot to deal with in Janet Evanovich's Four to Score: douchebags, scorned exes, a vengeful scavenger hunt, cross-dressers and drag queens, and Lula stun-gunning anyone in their way. Music: Candy (c) by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SACandy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International License, ...…
Cutting through the Bull in the Post-Truth Apocolypse
A lapsed quasi-satanist, a self-proclaimed science buff (with only a GCSE grade B in Physics) and a drug-addled lunatic attempt to navigate the irradiated wastelands and dung-hills of ignorance that is the Post-Truth Apocalypse. A smorgasbord of colourful language, drunken ramblings and the occasional "fact". Fact. Hosted by Ben, Gaz and Mike.T ...…
Zahvia: BDSM, Fetish and Sexuality
10 steps on how to explore feminization and discover what you truly enjoy. This episode focuses on genuine exploration (not fetish). I am welcoming and affirming of people who are crossdressers, LGBTQ+ and/or questioning their identity. For in-person or long distance guidance, visit for session details. Enjoy!…
The One Where we talk about sexual taboos and time-old traditions and practices across cultures. Topics of discussion include: - the transgenders of India,- the dancing boys of Afghanistan, - the gender-less youth of Tokyo,- the holy sin of sex, and - Sara's pressing desire to try out cross-dressing. So make sure to tune in!!!Contact us onTwitt ...…
Paul Duane gives us his take on the new Nazi's.Plus, should Confederate Monuments be taken down?
The Gender Rebels Podcast
How can an LGBTQ person figure out what label really works for them? In this episode, we answer a listener question from Sasha. She asks "Faith, you've mentioned several times that you spent many years identifying as a cross dresser and some time identifying dual gender. I'm wondering if you could share more about that time of your life and wha ...…
Another no-guest show today – just heaps of great tracks, including many new and recent ones by Australian artists. Katie also announces a two-hour k d lang special on Sunday 16 July – get your requests in by tweeting @MissChatJOY or emailing! Here is today’s playlist: We Can’t Stop – Postmodern Jukebox ft. Robyn Adele ...…
Another no-guest show today – just heaps of great tracks, including many new and recent ones by Australian artists. Katie also announces a two-hour k d lang special on Sunday 16 July – get your requests in by tweeting @MissChatJOY or emailing! Here is today’s playlist: We Can’t Stop – Postmodern Jukebox ft. Robyn Adele ...…
The Gender Rebels Podcast
Creating a new look isn't cheap, especially if your goal is to be more feminine. This week, we answer a question from listener Zoelle who asks "What are some feminizing tips for looks and clothing for someone who can't afford clothes or accessories?" In this episode we'll share some great ways to feminize your look for free and for super cheap. ...…
Meet Rachel. Rachel is a 40 year old divorcee´, and single father of two beautiful children who also happens to be a closeted cross-dresser. In this episode we discuss very deeply the notion of what Transgender actually is, and how a photo shoot fully dressed in women's clothing with full hair and make-up was one of the best nights of her life. ...…
On the Shelf Episode 13a The first of a new expanded schedule of episodes, now appearing weekly! In this episode we talk about The organization of the new weekly schedule A summary of the publications covered in the blog in July Stepto, Michele & Gabriel Stepto (translators). Catalina de Erauso. Lieutenant Nun -- Memoir of a Basque Transvestite ...…
For hypnotic help fast- What is your problem? It is now my problem and I plan to help you! If your problem is featured here, send me a message to get your $50 gift certificate! Also, post your problem for future episodes on the discussion area at Today, we help a cross dres ...…
Well That Happened
Today on "Well That Happened:" Garbage, Prank Calls, Boar Hunting, Cross Dressing Pandas, and what it is like to work a 9 - 5, Mon - Fri (We don't actually know)
Cross Dressing & Gender social experiments
Free for all this week as List discipline breaks down. Peter Parker misses a lot of school in SpiderMan Homecoming. Caesar gives the hoomanz one last ass kicking in War for the Planet of the Apes. David Beckham cross dresses in King Arthur. Girls take it from the top rope in Glow and stylists take it a little too far in 100% Hotter.…
Free for all this week as List discipline breaks down. Peter Parker misses a lot of school in SpiderMan Homecoming. Caesar gives the hoomanz one last ass kicking in War for the Planet of the Apes. David Beckham cross dresses in King Arthur. Girls take it from the top rope in Glow and stylists take it a little too far in 100% Hotter.…
Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a cross-dressing Eternian, this is a half-man/half-machine hybrid that Taylor is a tiny bit obsessed with. Pull out the ripcord and let the show zoom by as we discuss Dragstor! Apologies for the sound level issues. We have a fix in that we hope will stop the problem, and we appreciate your patience. Don’ ...…
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