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Podcasts from CrossFit INC.
CrossFit Radio
CrossFit Radio is a free service of the CrossFit Journal. The shows are live interviews and discussions about all things CrossFit. The show's hosts interview a wide variety of guests, including community members, trainers, HQ staff and even opponents of CrossFit. The topics cover the full spectrum of the CrossFit world. Interviewees speak of their experiences, insights, strategies, approaches around all aspects of functional movement and elite fitness. The shows vary in length and scope, but ...
CrossFit Typhoon
We are CrossFit Typhoon!This is the portal for our official podcast, Burpees and Banter. We discuss topics related to CrossFit, and happenings in our gym (known as 'The Bunker') here in Hong Kong. We are a CrossFit gym specializing in health and fitness. We provide CrossFit and bootcamp classes, olympic weightlifting training, gymnastics courses, personal training and much more!We are located at G/F, 38-40 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun in beautiful Hong Kong.Email us at ...
CrossFit Radio
The shows are live interviews and discussions about all things CrossFit. The show's, Justin Judkins, interviews a wide variety of guests.
Is This Podcast Paleo? With Paleo Fat Kid, Everett Rosette and Kristin Kaschak, The Girl With the Butter
Welcome to Friendship CrossFit, where amazing things happen.
Podcast by Dave Aisenstat
CrossFit Perpetua
The podcast of CrossFit Perpetua
Humboldt Crossfit
The official podcast for Humboldt Crossfit bringing news and info to help develop the Complete Athlete
The coaching staff at CFIO discuss health, wellness and CrossFit.
"Fit for Life" - all things CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, and in between for everyday people. CrossFit Kanna is located in Ambler, PA.
CrossFit, Health and Fitness, Strength and Conditioning plus the special sauce...
CrossFit Aevitas
Welcome to CrossFit Aevitas, where amazing things happen.
Don't just exist. Flourish! Weekly episodes discussing what's been happening within our gym and where things are headed. General fitness and wellness info for our members and locals of Jimboomba, Beaudesert, Yarrabilba and surrounds. We talk programming, training, nutrition, lifestyle and interview guests on a range of topics of interest to our local CrossFit community.
Information on what’s happening at the gym.
De-mystifying all things fitness.
CrossFit Free
CrossFit Free's Podcast. Discussing Internals of CFF, updates, interviews, visions, along with informative content and education for our community.
Podcast by Crossfit Grandview
Welcome to the CrossFit Peabody: The Daily Hustle Podcast; motivation, inspiration, tips, tactics and all the secrets you need to achieve ALL your health and fitness goals.
This show is dedicated to helping our client’s continued success with the other 23 hours outside of the gym, which include, but not necessarily limited to; Nutrition, sleep, supplements, mindset and more!
CrossFit Ireland's official podcast, a chance to talk about the wonderful things that happens here enriching your Fitness, Health, and Happiness.
Crossfit and all things gaming. Focused on tabletop games.
CrossFit Petram
Hear tips, stories and advice about fitness, nutrition and the CrossFit community!
Welcome to ThatGuySlimm Does Keto and CrossFit! We're all in for an adventure!
crossfit irvine
One of Orange County's oldest CrossFit affiliates. Join us weekly on Friday as we talk all things gym life.
Onnit Podcast
Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.
Shrugged Collective is a network of fitness, health and performance shows that help people achieve their physical and mental health goals. Usually in the gym, but outside as well. In 2012 they posted their first Barbell Shrugged podcast and have been putting out weekly free videos and podcasts ever since.
CrossFit Algonquin
Semi regular rants and knowledge bombs from head coach Chase Tolleson.
Brenham CrossFit
Thoughts, Inspiration, and Information from Washington County Athletics and Brenham CrossFit in Brenham, Texas
Crossfit Dan
Welcome to the Crossfit Dan podcast, where amazing things happen.
Sequoia CrossFit
Various musings on the ins and outs of functional fitness.
A free, weekly podcast where Robb Wolf answers your questions about the Paleo diet, intermittent fasting, training, fitness, and more.
This Podcast talks about fitness and CrossFit. We will have guest speakers to discuss various topics from nutrition, daily maintenance, pain management etc.
Everything CrossFit Final Call. WOD intention and reviews, box updates, interviews with members and coaches, and more!
We talk to our members about what's going on at CrossFit Fortis and in the world of CrossFit.
Help and advice with your health and fitness from CrossFit Chiltern, Amersham. UK
CrossFit Oconee and Oconee Nutrition are a health and nutrition facility located in Watkinsville Georgia with the sole purpose of helping people reach their health and nutrition goals through proper nutrition and exercise. Together we help those that want to live healthier lives achieve their goals
Anything and everything related to health and Beast Mode Crossfit!
CrossFit Droitwich's Official website. Mettabox is home of CrossFit Droitwich
CrossFit Eta is a functional fitness gym designed around quality coaching and building better lifestyles.
If you CrossFit, the Wodcast Podcast is the show for you! The Wodcast Podcast is a fun show about functional fitness hosted by Armen Hammer, Scott McGee, and Eddie Ifft. The hosts are knowledgeable (well except for Eddie), experienced, and like to laugh with “sport of fitness.” They blend CrossFit experience and insight with humor, providing meaningful content without taking themselves too seriously. Each week the Wodcast Podcast hosts some of the biggest names in CrossFit including Games at ...
Real Mindset Training For Functional Athletes. Whether you're a CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or whatever else, this is for you. No woo-woo bullshit. No manifesting. Just proven methods to improve your performance. Why mindset? Because without it, fuck all else matters. Coming soon - Mindset Rx'd: A Complete Guide To Mindset For Functional Athletes
The ultimate business podcast for gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs.
Tyngre Radio
I Tyngre Radio snackas det om styrketräning. Punkt. Värdar är Alex Danielsson och Andreas Guiance.
Ben Coomber Radio
The UK's #1 rated show and top 10 in the world interviewing the worlds best guests in health and fitness as well as Q&A shows with Ben Coomber and his co-host Tom Bainbridge. This is a full fat show on everything nutrition, food, mindset, exercise, human performance and generally being awesome on every level (hopefully containing a few laughs too). Ben Coomber is a nutritionist, coach, speaker, writer & owner of Body Type Nutrition, a nutrition education and coaching company as well as Aweso ...
We believe that every human being is designed to be extraordinary. That means you reading this right now… yes you! Have you ever been scared about the health of a loved one, or about the health of your children? Have you ever felt hopeless about your health and wondered… why am I not healthier”? If you are at all interested in health, life, success, and happiness, this podcast is for you! Dr. Jamie Richards and Dr. Kresimir Jug never shy away from an interesting and fun conversation that wil ...
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Board-certified nutrition specialist, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach Rachel Gregory is our guest today in Episode 1382 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Rachel Gregory from has a vast knowledge on the science and application of the Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, performance and overall health. She co ...…
On this Episode, I interview Benjamin Bunn. His journey in the military and how he found a passion for fitness. Tips for anyone struggling with PTSD. -U.S. Veteran-Green Beret -Former Paratrooper -Cigar City Crossfit (owner+coach) -Certified Badass -Soon to be dad -Philanthropist
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the AlliN3 Podcast! This is our preview episode where Jason and Teddy give you a sneak peek of what to expect moving forward plus. Jason and Teddy also discuss CrossFit in all facets. From workouts to recent changes, to the business side of it, they cover it all. Jason also shares some of his experiences at t ...…
Coach Andrew had some questions on Programming and sat down to discuss. Episode 3 covers programming inside the wall of CFF, the years build out and progressions with some thoughts on where we came from and where we are going.
Partnering with Cuore I am very excited to have Yann Kai Oh with me today from Cuore. She has been helping me immensely the last few months as we have worked on strategy and design for the BOOST Health Performance Apparel line that is now live at the website shop. She is also one heck of an athlete, well known around Hong Kong as one of the bes ...…
Cutting Weight If we are going to discuss cutting weight, we must first discuss some basic physiology of gaining weight. There are two main ways to gain weight: Muscular growth Increased body fat What makes muscles grow? Progressive tension overload (lifting heavier and heavier weights over time) Muscle damage (micro-tears of muscle fibers that ...…
Hey Welcome to the Launch of "MindFit," I'm Brandon Jackson owner of CrossFit Valley Park in St. Louis, MO. We're glad you're listening and look forward to helping you strengthen your mind as I interview Crossfiters and learn tips about their mindset.
This week we sit down with Dani Horan and her Fiance, Jade Jenny. Dani is a multi-time CrossFit Games athlete and Jade is the owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit, the second affiliate in Vermont. We talk about the old days of CrossFit, How they both got their start in the sport, the history of CVCF, Dani's history as a competitive athlete, deali ...…
Simon "Thor" Damborg is a former competitive CrossFit athlete, small business consultant, and the owner of Raincity Athletics and the Functional Fitness League in Vancouver, Canada. In this episode, which isn't your typical TFF conversation, Simon opens up about the challenges of building his businesses, dating in a culture of toxic masculinity ...…
Ollie, Jovana, and Lisa join me for a conversation about self-evaluation and goal setting in the context of CrossFit and the Open.
This episode goes into General Physical Preparedness and why it is the best way to train, as well as some core tenets of CrossFit!
Jay Laden, owner and head trainer at Crossfit Milford, sits down with Dino and Vin to talk about the specifics of coaching crossfit and his journey from European basketball prospect to competitive crossfit coach.
Summary In this episode, I continue my interview with Mike Bledsoe, one of the co-hosts of the popular strength and conditioning podcast, Barbell Shrugged and host of his own podcast, The Bledsoe Show. We get into topics like relationships, running your own business, and being purpose driven. Transcript This is Episode 55 and I'm Josh Newton We ...…
In this episode we talk about the history of both Crossfit and weightlifting as sports. What it takes to be a top level competitor in both. Mindset involved and the type of person that takes up either Crossfit or weightlifting.
The 2018 CrossFit Games Open has come and gone. Listen in for the coaches reactions to the WOD's and what they personally learned about their fitness and their goals for the next year.If you have any questions you want answered on the podcast, be sure to leave them in the review section of iTunes.Subscribe/rate/review Finding Fitness on iTunes ...…
Today, we have an incredible guest. Shante Cofield, AKA The Movement Maestro, is a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from NYU along with having her CSCS. Her other credentials include being a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, and Certified RockTape Doc! Her passion is all things human movement and performance ...…
Functional fitness competitions have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Participants set out to “prove their fitness” by partaking in these competitions that test a broad range of fitness challenges including gymnastics elements, heavy lifts, strongman style events, and sprint workouts. While I at one time competed in both the Cros ...…
Functional fitness competitions have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Participants set out to “prove their fitness” by partaking in these competitions that test a broad range of fitness challenges including gymnastics elements, heavy lifts, strongman style events, and sprint workouts. While I at one time competed in both the Cros ...…
n her teenage years, Alexandria Tolton suffered from a serious eating disorder. She believes that CrossFit has helped her overcome bulimia and understand how to live a healthy life.Notable mentions:Sevan Matossian, Alexandria Tolton, Matt Bischel, Eric Maciel, Greg Glassman, eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia, nutrition, Windsor CrossFit.…
This episode goes over the way that I like to look at personal development, and some strategies to begin working on yourself, your marriage, your business, your fitness and your life.
Our very own version of Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk joins the gents on Episode 15 of Black Flag Radio. Tom, Pete and Pawel welcome Coach Jim Leuenberger to the show as we celebrate the 2018 Open at Black Flag Athletics, our community, what we accomplished, and the incredible opportunities we have experienced over the past five weeks. W ...…
Chris and That Black Guy talk about the myths and benefits of CrossFit.By (Chris and That Black Guy).
We interview Shane Miller in this podcast, and learn about his passion for baseball and personal training. Shane grew up in Colorado, and has an extensive resume in baseball as well as CrossFit, and strength and conditioning. A great listen!© 2018 Gameday Baseball
Charlie and Chris are back discussing the 2018 CrossFit Open. Several people (including us) who participated in the open realized they have some weaknesses that were exposed. Are you looking to improve on those weaknesses? Listen to this episode if you are wondering what the next step is...enjoy!
On this weeks episode of the Team Soul Podcast our coaches sit down and debrief the CrossFit Games Open and discuss our plans for Phase 1 or off-season training. We discuss our thoughts on the open in general, favorite and least favorite open workouts, how our clients, athletes, and teams finished, plus more. We also discuss and explain what th ...…
Nigula Babayeva has quite a tale. She was working as an auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm in her native Azerbaijan, but she wanted more adventure in her life. She applied for a scholarship to an international MBA program in Beijing, and while she waiting for a decision from the school, she had a near-death experience, nearly drowning in the Ca ...…
🎧 Listen Time: 22:30 | In this episode, I interview Mike Bledsoe, one of the co-hosts of the popular strength and conditioning podcast, Barbell Shrugged and host of his own podcast, The Bledsoe Show. From the Navy, to IT, Exercise Science, CrossFit, and Podcasting, we'll talk about Mike's journey, his his 'why' and how he makes that a daily par ...…
Summary In this episode, I interview Mike Bledsoe, one of the co-hosts of the popular strength and conditioning podcast, Barbell Shrugged and host of his own podcast, The Bledsoe Show. From the Navy, to IT, Exercise Science, CrossFit, and Podcasting, we'll talk about Mike's journey, his 'why' and how he makes that a daily part of his life. Tran ...…
Thats it! A bittersweet goodbye to the 2018 CrossFit Games Open. But theres some really good things that happened this week! Listen!
In this episode, we talk with Nate Andreu. Nate is an Engineer turned Crossfit Gym Owner. Nate bought Crossfit Eternal Davidson and began the massive turnaround while still holding down his full time engineering job. We talk about the evolution of his priorities and what pushed him over the edge to leave his comfortable career to pursue his pas ...…
On today's episode of the "Fat Radio podcast, Joe interviews Men's Health Contributor and personal trainer at the Anatomy Gym in Miami. Sean shares his incredible story from Firefighter to successful Cross Fit Gym Owner To Strength n Conditioning Coach to Closing A Gym to moving his entire family across the country and all the life ...…
The CrossFit Open has come to a close and we are here to wrap it up and begin the Road to Regionals and The CrossFit Games.
It's Episode 12! We asked to hear from all of you listeners out there about body image and fitness! Now don't worry, this is a positive and uplifting discussion...these topics don't always have to be about eating disorders and dysmorphia. Today we talk all about how focusing on fitness can change how you think about your body and it's purpose. ...…
Crossfit: Is it a cult? Is it a trend? Is it a fad? Is it license to get hurt? We try and find out on UnFriend me today!
Call it fate, serendipity or whatever, butall to coincidental to be coincidence. Billy was 400+ pounds and ran into a co-worker who was "jacked" and ended up meeting Mike and getting hooked up with Jason as a coach. From not being able to find a scale that would weigh him, to CrossFit, Spartan Races, running and cycling, this is a truly inspira ...…
In today's episode, I interview my boyfriend, Derek Saffold ,about his career as a civil engineer and how health and fitness plays a roll in his everyday life. We talk about his side job as a weightlifting coach at a local Crossfit gym and more! Check out Derek's Instagram account here Check out Crossfit On The Hill here.…
Kylie is a 2014 Commonwealth Games Athlete, Australian CrossFit OG and a successful club Coach. In this episodes we cover quite a few topics, from competing to running a club and how ACT developes the Sport.
Former kickboxer, Claus Starling, joins the show to talk about why he does Crossfit and why his focused has changed. Topics include: Crossfit, kickboxing, health, fitness.
Benjamin Bunn served as a US Army Special Forces Noncommissioned Officer and then, following his commission as an Airborne Infantry Officer. Ben served in a variety of Special Operations and conventional leadership roles on multiple tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the military, Ben founded Cigar City Crossfit, a successful gym ...…
He is a chiropractic physician, certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He recently has moved from Tinley Park, IL to Austin, TX. His goal is to provide the Austin community of NW Hills with the best conservative orthopedic, sports medicine, rehabilitation and soft tissue based care possible. Dr. Pappas bl ...…
The most important thing to know this week is that I think I beat Peter Verile in the Crossfit Open this year (but only on the gym team, not the world wide leader board, which he would want you to know).
Recovery Rockstar Kristina shares her inspirational story. From years of battling alcoholism, she is now over 2 years sober with the help of Crossfit and Faith.
CrossFit Free - Episode 2 BECOMPLETE / Post Class Check out the CrossFit Free Youtube channel @
In this episode we talk about the Crossfit Open and programming around it for all types of athletes. We talk about the training differences between sport athletes and people that are just looking for general fitness.
In this episode we go into why Squat Cycles are an important part of changing up your training!
For this episode, we are joined by Crossfit Athlete Ondrej. Formerly the 5th fittest person in Czech Republic we talk to Ondrej about his fitness routines and eating practices. We also learn about all about Ondrej's fascinating WOD Time Calculator which provides workout analysis, goals and benchmarks for athletes of all abilities. We even put i ...…
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