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A podcast about all the weird crap from history that sometimes can't be explained. From mysteries in ancient times to people missing in present day. From doomsday cults throughout history to Unicorn cults. From Bigfoot to Dropbears. If it's weird, we want to talk about it.
Kevin's Cryptids
An immersive adventure audio drama that follows self-proclaimed Cryptid hunter Kevin Weathers and esteemed journalist Taylor Hunt as they travel across the United States in search of proof that creatures like Bigfoot and Chupacabra walk among us. Best enjoyed with headphones.
What do you believe?
The Cryptid Keeper
What common ground do an Appalachian folklorist and a horror-savvy scream queen have? Cryptids. Come laugh, learn, and get creeped out!
Rhys Darby, David Farrier, Dan Schreiber and Buttons bring you The Cryptid Factor, a radio show dedicated to the weird and the wonderful - and in particular, Cryptozoology.Expect plenty of references to the Mongolian Death Worm, Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and the Fiordland moose. But also expect to learn a little more about the odd and the weird. Not limited to cryptozoology, sometimes they they are distracted by just plain old odd.The guys describe it as their passion ...
The Cryptid Cases
The Cryptid Cases tells the story of Mia Miller and Lucas Campbell. Old college friends who reunite after the disappearance of Mia's grandfather, Mia and Lucas set off to explore the world of monsters and myth in America.
Cryptid Addicted
They're weird and sometimes frightening. They've been spotted in our forests, our oceans and even in our cities. Are they in your neighbourhood? Rarely seen or photographed, some dispute that they even exist at all... They're Megan and Paddy, and they want to talk to you about Cryptids.
Cryptid Zone
Cryptid Zone (@cryptidzone) is a monthly podcast discussing the important issues: cryptozoology, folkloric creatures and conspiracy theories. Hosted by extremely pro monster hunters Lois Stone (@supitslois) and Jeremy Hewes (@jeremy_hewes), in a manner which is very serious and not at all dumb.
Counting Cryptids
Two lifelong friends discuss creepy creatures, fictitious figures, and monsters of myth.
Thought Leaders of the Media discuss topics often overlooked. Paranormal Presentations on Bigfoot, Ghosts, Haunted Travel, Spooky Sasquatch, Scary Stories, Creepy Cryptids and Beyond.
Cryptozoology podcast, join us as we explore the strange and fantastic world of the unknown...
JJ Cryptid Emporium
Two friends in a traveling Cryptid Emporium describe, and attempt to sell, these ookey spooky beings.
JJ Cryptid Emporium
Two friends in a traveling Cryptid Emporium describe, and attempt to sell, these ookey spooky beings.
Thought Leaders of the Media discuss topics often overlooked. Paranormal Presentations on Bigfoot, Ghosts, Haunted Travel, Spooky Sasquatch, Scary Stories, Creepy Cryptids and Beyond.
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
Jessie and a friend talk about a cryptid for a while and learn about creepy critters from around the world
Monsters' Advocate
A podcast about the unsung heroes of myths and legends-the monsters! We'll take a look at some monster-centric myths and legends, some not so ancient cryptids, and everything in-between and try to sort out possible origin species, biological impetus for why they do what they do, and why we love to hear about them.
The HIdden Creatures Podcast is a cyptozoology show, looking into mythological and undiscovered creatures, taking a look at the folklore and evidence, to see how likely the animal is to exist
Subject: Found
Subject: Found is a bi-weekly audio drama. Each new season will feature a new subject, a new story, a new monster. In Season 2, Janis Herring pursues the monster terrorizing Memphis, Tennessee, and the story will make her a legend.
Podcast 1289
Dan, Mike, and Jesse, along with a panel of special guests, discuss everything from the Kennedy Assassination to Cryptozoology on this NSFW comedy podcast.
A podcast for the morbidly curious. From serial killers to ghosts, ancient remains to obscure medical conditions, let us satisfy your curiosity. (Some episodes may not be appropriate for children. Listener discretion is advised.)
Vibe Radio Network
Listen every day of the week. The Vibe radio network is home to some talented hosts with awesome shows with a wide range of topics.Monday Nights: 10-11 pm The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show with Ryan Jones, Celestial McBride and Ange Parker Tuesday Night- 8pm-9pm Beyond the Spectrum with Brandon Johnson 9pm-10pm Freqs n Geeks with April Mooneyham and Keri LongestWednesday Night- Night Visions with Wendy Young and Eric Josef Haas from 10-11 pm Saturday Night- Hour of Enlightenment with Jake ...
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. We take stories from listeners, share out own experiences and discuss famous haunted and paranormal locations as well as some lesser known myths, legends and spooky tales!
A Podcast That Tells You Scary Stories
Know Your Legends
KZOM Radio’s “Know Your Legends" series is all about the study and re-familiarization of Crytids, Mythologies, Government Conspiracies, Creatures of Legend, Ancient Gods, and anything else that comes up.
The HIdden Creatures Podcast is a cyptozoology show, looking into mythological and undiscovered creatures, taking a look at the folklore and evidence, to see how likely the animal is to exist
Though these two brothers have never seen or experienced any firsthand proof of the supernatural, their minds have always remained open to the possibility. Unsatisfied with the so called "evidence" on television and the internet, they have chosen to take matters into their own hands and conduct their own interviews and research. This podcast brings their quest to you, as they hear the stories of these unexplainable events from those who lived them - no Hollywood effects or exaggerations and ...
The wackiest Paranormal podcast yet! In depth discussions on UFOs, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy Theories, Ghosts and all other things Paranormal. Ron, Christopher & Jon-Mark welcome you into the disorienting, yet strangely comforting world of the bizarre!
Every month, Mick Munter explores the untamed wilderness looking for monsta's! From the Devil Dragons of his native Australia to the creeping cryptids of North America, Mick searches out the strangest creatures, the most mighty bities, the superest supernaturals, and he brings you all along for the ride. Some people think he's mad as a cut snake, but we all know that magic is out there in the wilds, just waiting for an adventurous kiddo to track it down. You may also know Mick as the wonder ...
Crypto Ghost of Alien Bigfoot.It stands to reason.
Madlogic Mysteries
Join Madlogic as he investigates and researches the paranormal, conspiracies, cryptids, serial killers, the occult, true crimes, aliens, angels, demons, atlantis, crop circles, dreams, nightmares, ghosts, spirits, magic, near death experiences, occultism, prophecy, prophecies, psychic, stonehenge, UFO, vampires, werewolves, witches, bigfoot, loch ness monster, jack the ripper, killer clowns, night terrors, sleep paralysis, alien abduction, black dogs, black eyed kids, monsters, parapsycholog ...
Each week, Ellie and Jesse explore the supernatural and paranormal through interviews and personal experiences. Together, we invite listeners to join us on an adventure into the unknown.
Smoke and Mirrors is a podcast that dives deep into the world of the paranormal, the unusual, and the unexplained to separate the facts from the fiction. To be a part of the show, email us your paranormal stories to
Beyond The Edge Radio with Eric Altman, Lon Strickler, and Sean Forker - takes you into the world of the unknown and unexplained each and every week - LIVE!
A podcast featuring a conspiracy nut and her skeptic son talking about all things creepy and nefarious, as well as the issues of the day, current movies and pop culture, and anything that comes to mind, generally descending into argument and heated conflict unbecoming a typical mother/son relationship. For your enjoyment.
Massachusetts natives and sisters Laura and Susanna tell you about all the things that make them feel uneasy.
Bedtime Stories
Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime story. For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases throughout history. From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way. Join us every week for a new scary
Miami Ghost Chronicles' Stories of the Supernatural features interesting stories and interviews in all fields of the paranormal and the unexplained.
Jonny 5 takes you on a ride into the world of the Unknown, and is asking you for directions. He will be taking emails and calls and talking about what you talk about in the world of the paranormal, whether it be on TV, in Movies, on Youtube, personal expierences, and Urban Legends
Your Favorite Monsters is a podcast about Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc. as watched by two friends: Betsy has never watched it before, and Blake has seen all of them. But they do have one thing in common! They are both major nerds when it comes to facts about monsters, movies, comics, legends, and all sorta of other things weird and spooky. And this incarnation of Scooby Doo has plenty of references to all sorts of media and mythology. So pull up your favorite listening device, and be sure to chec ...
Dark Windows
Just a couple enthusiastic idiots talking about Paranormal, Cryptids, Serial Killers, and the darker side of History.
Conspiracy theorist Carl tries to convince his skeptical best friend Justin of the REAL truth!
A radio show that bases it's discussions and guests on serious scientific inquiry in the field of cryptid research and investigations. Our goal is to stringently adhere to the scientific method and its tenets in our research and ideology.
Inside The Paranormal
We talk about many genres of the paranormal. Ghosts, UFO's, Cryptids, Psychics, Mediums, and much more. We're also on FM radio based in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday nights at 8pm on 95.7 FM.
GraveYard Tales
We tell the stories of haunted places, ghost encounters, cryptid encounters, the paranormal, preternatural, and down right creepy happenings in this world. And have a few laughs while we're at it! Join your hosts Adam & Matt in their discussions of these topics and email them your thoughts at ( thank you for joining us in the GraveYard!
Paranormal Talk Radio Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor? Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @KoolParanormal Stitcher: iTun ...
Crypto PTSD
Hello everybody, welcome to Crypto PTSD. This will be a show for people who have had encounters with cryptids. A place to share their stories without fear of ridicule. If you know someone, or you yourself would like to share your story, email us at Thanks for listening, and don't forget to subscribe and share us with your friends!
What goes bump in the night? Whether it’s Bigfoot, a ghost, or Patrick Bateman, the FRIGHTDAY crew, armed with their EVP recorder and flashlights, will investigate. When Sam, Byron, and Captain Kelly aren’t investigating cryptids, aliens, hauntings, and serial killers, they have lighthearted discussions with film lovers and makers, and review current and classic horror films.If you love the horror genre in any medium, you can't miss this podcast.
The online source for news, articles, information and other resources about the paranormal.
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Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author/ Researcher Linda Godfrey up upright canine cryptids including Dogmen and werewolves. She offers insight as to their origin and intentions. 4/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV JohnsonBy (Beyond Reality Radio).
Join Dr Brian D. Parsons for Episode #357 of the Paranormal News Insider. All of the NEWS in the Paranormal, Cryptid and UFO fields PLUS all of the stories of the strange and anomalous. Stay tuuned for Dr Brian's Book of the Week! The passing of Art Bell.
Nonfiction Friends is an educational, library-based podcast that seeks to help the public learn interesting, quirky, and sometimes bizarre facts that can be found in the nonfiction section of their local library. This week things get spooky as we highlight our very first local author by talking about cryptids! Music credit:"Digital Lemonade" Ke ...…
An episode that is long overdue! We basically just gush about how great Kings is for 45 minutes. But it's still good! You should listen to it! We talk about Cryptids! We talk about Shakespearean Clowns and their random love! We SINCERELY apologize to our Knight Defender, Sir Knee! AND...We kiiiinnndaaaa do Firefly! (?)…
Colin is back from Ireland! Join him tonight as he welcomes his Special Guest Matt Bille. The Topic will be 'Exotic Travels in Search of Cryptids!
Episode 4 - Tales from the Cryptozoologist - It's the one we've all been waiting for... Sasquatch, Yeti, The Abominable Snowman! Join us as we try to solve the mystery of cryptids, and of course the one and only, Bigfoot!As mentioned in the podcast:Shooting Bigfoot - -…
Our friends from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing, Phil and Nick, help us simulate the battles for our 8 cryptids in our first ever... MONSTER MADNESS TOURNAMENT! Our 8 contestants are: Wampus Cat Honey Island Swamp Monster Hawkesbury River Monster J'ba Fofi Mongolian Death Worm Flatwoods Monster Jersey Devil Dover Demon Who will win? Also, who wil ...…
Contender # 6 - The Kraken This time, we talk about one of the most iconic creatures in all of folklore, the Kraken. From ancient manuscripts, to modern day satellite photography, humanity has been trying to warn generations to come of this behemoth beneath the waves. With documentation of this massive creature flooding the pages of fictional a ...…
Gather 'round the campfire for this week's episode as we delve into the mysterious history of several cryptids! From mermaids to the Mothman, listeners will have their cryptozoology degree in no time! (P.S. our audio issues of the week are due in large part to Bailey being an actual ghost...ok bye)
Gather 'round the campfire for this week's episode as we delve into the mysterious history of several cryptids! From mermaids to the Mothman, listeners will have their cryptozoology degree in no time! (P.S. our audio issues of the week are due in large part to Bailey being an actual ghost...ok bye)
Welcome to the classroom motherfuckers! In episode nine we talk about cryptids and the wemon that love them! Enjoy!
Bob and Corey continue sharing some of the great anime we have known, and discovered in the last few months. And then share some of the shows they loved as kids but upon recent viewing, fell out of love with. The 2018 Nerd Playoffs will be best animated series! You can submit your favorites on twitter using #NerdPlayoffs VOTING BEGINS NEXT WEEK ...…
Fritz talks about the emergence oh Homo Sapiens and a news story out of Georgia about a possible cryptid, Nick Spry discusses why so many Italians are possessed each year, Kaz tells about the latest desire to digitize and control insects for various purposes, Angela professes her adoration for the works and life of Stephen Hawking, Mandaddy giv ...…
Join Host Dr Brian D Parsons for all of the news in the Para, Cryptid, UFO fields and his 'Book of the Week' Episode #354
After Jess recovers from illness, the boys are back! This week, your horrible hosts cover two cryptids, tell the tale of a gym rat turned Ghostbuster, get a taste of Japanese rock music, and try to curb an addiction. This and much more await the congregation so have a listen! SEGMENTS INCLUDE:UNHOLY BEASTS AND BLASPHEMOUS THEORIES- The Crawsfor ...…
“Melissa’s Darkness Follows Me” and 9 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness IN THIS EPISODE: A woman begins receiving strange text messages shortly after her husband dies. Could they be from him? (“My Husband Wanted Me To Find Love Again From The Other Side”) *** The Coast Guard sees something completely unexpected when on t ...…
In which we talk about the Pukwudgie, a cryptid most common in Massachusetts and Indiana, explain the basis of this podcast, and introduce you to the “Yeti Rating.” | Open Player in New Window
This podcast is blurry, and that’s extra scary to you! Thanks to the Super True Stories podcast, we celebrate Bigfoot and ape-like cryptids with tracks from THE MONSTER KLUB, WOOD CHICKENS, X RAY CAT TRIO, THE EXSTATICS, and more. Monstermatt Patterson gets mistaken for a Yeti and captured in THE MONSTERMATT MINUTE, while Kraig Khaos goes surfi ...…
In our debut episode, Ben covers the disturbing case of Howard Hawk Willis, convicted in 2010 of murdering a newlywed teen couple and hiding parts of their bodies in a Johnson City, TN, storage unit. Cam discusses Appalachia's scariest cryptid kitty — the Wampus Cat! This episode was recorded live at Elderbrew in Johnson City, TN. Thanks to eve ...…
WANT TO HELP FUND SEASON 2? CLICK HERE! The Navajo have brilliant and successful minds in their culture, yet there is still a mass belief in a terrifying demon. Are the beliefs misplaced, or is there more to the legend than we know? What do you believe? New episodes every other Saturday. Want more Cryptid Creatures? Check out www.cryptidcreatur ...…
In this episode, we talk about arguably the most famous of the cryptids, and our best friend. Mothman has terrorised (blessed?) the small town of Point Pleasant, WV for the last few decades with his red eyes and majestic feathery wings. We talk about Richard Gere a bunch too. Regular features: Would You Date…
CreaturePasta Episode 4 - The Wendigo Welcome to CreaturePasta, an incomplete field guide to creaturepasta critters, gaming beasts, and horror monsters, brought to you by Digital and Dice. In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a mythical cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great L ...…
Special Guests: Emma Parkin, Joy Aston, and Sarah Leach.By Catherine Webb.
The Church Absurd is in service with special guest and alter server, Jonathan. The terrible trio talk Dear David, the Bear Lake Monster, the Child of Rage, and more! The party continues a game of Is It On Pornhub? and the karaoke punishment that follows.Segments:UNHOLY BEASTS AND BLASPHEMOUS THEORIES - The Bear Lake Monster- Dear David (https:/ ...…
Faith( Grace's Wings) joins Jessie in talking about 3 spider and horse themed critters. Music is by Fnsh Lne Art by Daily Cryptid DrawingsBy jessie.
Episode watched: #141 "1980 Moscow Revelation" In this episode, Lupin aims to steal the chandeliers made entirely of diamond from the Kremlin. Along the way we encounter just, so many Russian stereotypes. This week we talk about how cryptids are bullshit, the 90's-est anime, snake romance, water see-through glasses, crank that basil knob, evil ...…
IT'S A CRYPTID. In this episode we take a look at the legend of the Goatman. Is there a wild half-man half-goat in the woods? Does he carry an axe to slice up his victims? Does he eat ass? All that and Ryan's vegetable soup slushy poop. WARNING VERY NSFW
David ( Stasis Pod ) joins Jessie in talking about an Ani/Shinto octopus lady. Music is by Fnsh Lne Art by Daily Cryptid DrawingsBy jessie.
For centuries people have reported sightings and encounters with an unexplained creature in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia known best today as Ogopogo. Could there be such an ancient monster lurking in the depths of this mountain lake? Join us for Episode II of Into The Portal where we investigate the most compelling encounters, sightings hist ...…
This episode is brought to you by big birds. Shelby jumps back into cryptids this week with the Mothman an ominous creature that foreshadows doom. Jenni keeps it in the wings with the tale of La Lechuza an owl/witch creature that is out for revenge.
This week, the gang talks about books that they were reading at the time of the recording (Travis is such a slow reader that he's still reading the same thing). Travis tries to discuss episode nine of Supernatural, while Ben and Ari continue to throw him off the rails. Seems like great revenge for last episode. Travis forgot to get all the link ...…
Elevator Pitch is a podcast that pits Tristan Miller and Miles Neuvirth against each other to create the best fake movie. This week the boys make movies based off of Cryptids!
This week, Things get pretty deep as Faye and PP discuss the legend and mythos of the chupacabra, the goat sucking, creepy walking cryptid from Latin America. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher and your favorite podcast app! Follow the show on Instagram, Twitter and join the Facebook!
Daniel Na ( Audiomorphs ) joins Jessie in talking about a strange bird snake thing with sometimes tall legs and a gun for a mouth. We also discuss their mating habits and medical degrees. Music is by Fnsh Lne Art by Daily Cryptid DrawingsBy jessie.
Episode 2! Hayley still sounds like she's recording in the middle of Mammoth Cave. We apologize to loons, discuss Chicago cryptids, remember flicks from the early 2000s that let us down, and, finally, introduce a new segment that will (hopefully)appease the people. We are who we are! Love us! We're Scott and Hayley. Closing Track: Mothman - Ric ...…
We are back after a holiday hiatus! This episode we're covering a couple horror subscription boxes we got while we were gone! Join us as we take a look at the Cryptid Crate (two of them!) and the Horror Bam Box! Keep it creepy!Download for free on The Artist Union
Half man, half goat, all cryptid, this thing has a thirst for blood.@BeerCityMedia@ConspiracyTshow
On this edition we won't try to prove things exist, we will debunk stories that keep getting posted month after month and year and year. From ghosts, cryptids, ufos and more! This edition will debunk them all!!!
Dan ( Knowledge Fight) joins Jessie in talking about The imfamous Jersey Devil Music is by Fnsh Lne Art by Daily Cryptid DrawingsBy jessie.
Trailer for creepy CrittersBy jessie.
Mike, Ryan and Palmer get Jolly as f**k this week as they talk about a bunch of the dopest Christmas Monsters you've never heard of. Why do Icelandic kids need socks every year? Did a witch hang out with baby Jesus and the Three Magi? How would Dre fight a zombie horse? Bake some cookies and bake yourself with these sweet piney nuggets of dank ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Bigfoot: Surprising Encounters with Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the United StatesAuthor: Tom KingNarrator: Weston GrittFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 45 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-18-17Publisher: Level Up LifestyleRatings: 2 of 5 out of 1 votesG ...…
Mike, Ryan and Palmer answer the questions that have been burning inside of your brain box on our first ever Q&A Bonus episode! What Conspiracy was our first love? The Marry, Fuck, Kill Cryptid Game. Would we rather be probed by aliens or fuck a bigfoot? Be careful what you want to know...
In this episode of BTE Radio, we welcome back Author, Researcher and Folklorist Ron Murphy for the full two hours. Marie is not with us this week as she is remains under the weatherand Marie welcome back Author, Folklorist, Lecturer, and researcher Ron Murphy. Ron is an eclectic and Fortean Author who writes about a variety of subjects from Gho ...…
Mike Miler joined Special Mikey and Super Vegan Brian to talk about Cryptozoology and it was a tangent filled fantastic conversation. We went from Nintento, to women who can turn into horses, to the actual topic of Cryptozoology. We all love monsters so this was a great topic. Mike Myler's InfoWeb Site - - ...…
This week as we welcome back our good friend and researcher Dr. Brian Parsons. Brian was scheduled to be on with us in October however due to technical issues, the interview never aired. Brian has graciously agreed to return to talk all things UFO, Cryptid and Paranormal with us this week. Marie will not be joining us this week due to an illnes ...…
In this episode we discuss the mysterious CHUPACABRA ("goat sucker"), the legendary livestock exsanguinator of the Americas. We trace from its origins in Puerto Rico, across the ocean to the United States, and then around the world, and conclude that, to be honest, it's not all that. Please donate to the ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico ...…
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