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Mind Feliated Podcast
the first of many episodes!
AU2AZ Podcast
A podcast created by @jjash (Jennifer Ashby) and @techyturner (Rodney Turner) on different continents, seventeen hours apart, but who have one purpose; to share how learning and people are the same no matter where you are.
Fantasy Millionaires: Daily Fantasy Football
Listen in as the most credible trio in sports (Jamie, Ben, and Dusty) demonstrates how to craft the perfect daily fantasy football lineup each week, setting themselves up to win big money. The fantasy talk is real and the money isn’t (yet). We're all getting rich through football, just avoiding the CTE.Follow on Twitter:@MillionairesDFS
Around the County Podcast
Bradley County Schools CTE Website
STEMwire Live
STEMwire Live, a podcast from CNA Education, features career and technical education (CTE), how CTE can be improved and supported through research, and innovative people and CTE programs that are helping students prepare for success after high school.CNA Education provides applied research and tools to help policymakers and practitioners improve public education.
The Podcast of 1004 Holds
This is the podcast of 1004 holds, join us weekly as we discuss the world of professional wrestling. The New Show The CTE Show will be discussing CTE and the many cases that it affects in all sport. In addition we will be covering sports and Entertainment news.
Hillbrook Center for Teaching Excellence
The Center for Teaching Excellence at Hillbrook School is dedicated to the continual, intentional growth of educators at Hillbrook and beyond. The CTE supports lifelong learning, with an emphasis on programs that promote cultures of thinking, co-teaching, and that develop cultural competency, and teacher inquiry.
DMEC Career & Technical Education Podcast
This podcast contains a variety of episodes developed to assist you, the CTE teacher, as you strive to incorporate 21st Century Teaching/Learning, Common Core Standards, Literacy & Math, and other areas of focus that seem the change from year to year.
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Los Angeles Chargers starting Right Guard Kenny Wiggins is here, and we get into sports really fast. We talk about the common misconceptions of NFL players. We talk about Kenny’s story from undrafted Free Agent to starter over 7 years (which is pretty incredible). We talk about the growing concern of CTE in the NFL, and some of the misconceptio ...…
On The Couch: Inside The Head of American Sports
In Episode #11 of "On The Couch: Inside the Head of American Sports," The Sports Doc & Scotty Boombox take a deeper look at the current state of CTE in America, including Aaron Hernandez's diagnosis, the retirement of an ESPN broadcaster, youth football's affect on its players, the CFL switching to padless-practices, and insight on a new CTE me ...…
We Continue Our Discussion From EP25. In Part II, We Discuss MLB, And The Art Of Hitting, Until We Launch Into An Exploration Of “Joe 6-Pack” And His Reaction To NFL Player Protests, Greedy NFL Owners, Player Salaries, Sports Talk Radio And Being A FANATIC!!! WHOOOO GO TEAM! NUMBER 1 FAN! We Explore CTE Through The Lens Of “Toxic Masculinity” A ...…
Joe Cortez and John Zemel discuss boxer head injuries and CTE
Drum & Feather Podcast
This week, the boys are quite tight-lipped as they sift through the ruins of the Arizona game, and then take a probing look at the chilling effects of CTE and it's negative impact on college football. Just kidding. Nobody wants to hear anymore about that bullshit. Except maybe Will Smith. Mostly they just play a good-spirited game of grabass an ...…
Straight Outta Hitch
In this episode of The Straight Outta Hitch Podcast, Alec and Darryn launch into the Spotlight Segment by going deep-dive mode into the big college basketball recruiting scandal that has brought down Louisville and Rick Pitino plus a number of other big name schools and coaches (1:00). Then, they launch into a discussion of the NBA voting to pa ...…
AEI ‘New Skills Marketplace’ — Alex Hernandez on charter schools and CTE In this episode of the “New Skills Marketplace” podcast, Andy Smarick and John Bailey sit down with Alex Hernandez from the Charter School Growth Fund to discuss Career and Technical Education (CTE) in charter schools. Alex first analyses shifts in the charter school secto ...…
Bernie Kosar on his reason for writing the book, dealing with “The Drive” and “The Fumble”, trust & betrayal, communicating without speaking, how growing up in Youngstown shaped his NFL career, his national championship at Miami, why he wasn't involved in the Browns' ownership, and whether he is worried about CTE.…
Big Vito Lo Grasso shares his heartwarming Campaign to bring CTE Awareness to Pro Wrestling through #TakeAKneeForCTE. We also have the self professed "Most Jewish Man In The World", Indy Wrestler Mathias Glass talking gimmicks, Jewish delicacies & training. Show Highlights:* John Cena visits Devon, a kid battling DIPG* Boston BadBoy Calls Out H ...…
In this episode: Indecent Proposal and McDouble, Sons a Bitches, NFL Protests, CTE, Damn it Doug! Twitter: @podcastmit
Well you have made it through the End of Days and come out the otherside, now saddle up and ride with The Conspiracy Horseman! Plans changed last minute for this episode so we cover a wide variety of current topics including: Jim Carey's Mental Breakdown, Celebrity Cloning, Aaron Hernandez CTE, Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison, N ...…
Undrafted podcast is back with a packed show! We're diving into the hot topics of the sports world/Panthers this week, including: - Rick Pitino's "unpaid administrative leave" and does Louisville deserve the death penalty? - CTE news and a possible breakthrough - Players taking knees and locking arms across the league during the anthem, the NFL ...…
2 Live and Pod in L.A.
we are back with another one!! this week we discuss the Aaron Hernandez CTE situation, and the Kevin Hart cheating scandal. this week in white people problems: a RIDICULOUS story about a group of high school kids that wanted to play KKK. join the convo! join the movement!!! ENJOY!!! DON'T BE SELFISH!!! SHARE!!!!! Find us on social media: twitte ...…
I’m back after taking a needed week off. I had hoped it would be a slow news week so I could take my time picking stories. Instead, I feel like I’m drinking from a firehose. Do you think there will ever be a week where Trump doesn’t make headlines by saying something colossally stupid? No, neither do I. On the show: Become a Patreon supporter o ...…
All Four Quarters
We predicted it last week - once again, the anthem protests have dominated discussion around the NFL this week. We revisit the situation in light of more statements from the players, owners, fans and politicians in what promises to be an ongoing saga.We also visit a few issues around transactions, injuries, off-field incidents and CTE, as well ...…
Rip City Mornings
IT'S HUMP DAYYYYY! We are almost done with the week and Nigel's phone is CRAP! GET AN iPhone bro! Also on the show, Blazers first day of training camp, A new discovery with CTE, Rick Pitino ha been fired, Dwayne Wade is in Cleveland, and Dan buys us Breakfast. The Barbershop crew is here and joined us this morning to talk about the craziness go ...…
New CTE research | 10,000 what? | Singing with Rick
In the 4th hour of the show guest hosts Steve Simmons and Matt Cauz discuss the Maple Leafs season, the Blue Jays win over the Red Sox, Boston University announcing they have possibly found a way to test for CTE in living patients and more. Guests include TSN Contributor Michael Farber and TSN Baseball Analyst Dirk Hayhurst.…
In this mini-ep, we discuss the latest news on the findings of the study done on Aaron Hernandez's brain by the foremost expert in CTE. Listen as we discuss the lawsuit filed against the NFL, and our personal theories surrounding this case. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter! We're working hard on the next full episode and shoul ...…
On this week's show Julie DiCaro, Lindsay Gibbs, Shireen Ahmed and Brenda Elsey talk about NFL protests, #TakeAKnee and the importance of solidarity. Shireen talks to Essence Carson of the LA Sparks about her The Players Tribune piece, athlete activism, music and the WNBA finals. The BIAD team discusses the latest news from Aaron Hernandez' fam ...…
The Press Box with Frank Cusumano
Dr. Rick Lehman joins the show to discuss CTE in athletes
Chillennials Podcast
This is the 3rd episode of the Chillennials Podcast, co-hosted by Colton Krupp and Joey Trusk. Colton and Joey discuss Netflix and the fact they are taking FNL and OTH off streaming. Also some sports stories involving bigger crowds at a D3 football game than NFL games, NBA offseason moves and CTE. Plus the guys chime in on some celebrity gossip ...…
The Chris Mannix Show
Jamie Dukes, former NFL player and NFL analyst, joins Mannix to discuss CTE, #TakeAKnee and more.
Pop Culture Politics
This week we discuss Jordan Peele's new Nazi-hunting TV series, Rhianna's new (inclusive) beauty line, Aaron Hernandez has stage 3 CTE. And for our main topic we discuss the Alien and Predator films!
Welcome to Episode 14. This brutally honest conversation with former professional football player Robert Reed goes to the next level. First we talk in depth about his life as a kid and in football, especially with the University of Texas Longhorns. Then he opens up about his injuries, Martial Arts, Chronic Pain, his addiction to pain killers an ...…
The Young OGs Podcast
Trolls on our FB page, NFL protests, Melo to the Thunder, Aaron Hernandez's CTE and the future of the NFL, plus so much more.
Jerry and Kevin discuss:-recap week 3 in the nfl-Preview Week 4 in the NFL-Aaron Hernandez and CTE-Cris Carters comments of CTE-Fantasy Lineups for week 4and of course our Picks and Predictions for week 4
Foul Decision | Brain Damage Get my FREE eBook “The 5 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History“ HEADLINES — NFL – Week 2 review, Week 3 preview — Astros’ AL West title serves as reminder they could still be baseball’s best team — Dallas Cowboys: Judge denies NFL stay request in Ezekiel Elliott case — Charles Barkley on players: ‘Poor babies’ can’t ...…
The guys are back this week and kick things off talking safety in sports, both for players and fans. They debate if the MLB needs more safety netting to protect spectators, if the NFL’s CTE problem is larger than they think and why concussions are a much larger problem in the NFL than in other contact sports, specifically the NHL. In addition, ...…
We flap our gums about the national anthem protests that swept through the league on Sunday, and the counter protests, and Trump's pro-concussion stance. Then we get into Aaron Hernandez's CTE diagnosis and his daughter's forthcoming lawsuit against the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr.'s piss dance, PLAYS OF THE WEEK, Week Three's installment of America' ...…
Cold Brew Chronicles
It's Show #29! And we get into my walk on Rock, talk about Aaron Hernandez and the new CTE findings, play some games and have our usual fun. Hope everyone enjoys! Like us on Facebook, rate us on iTunes, and buy a t-shit and help the show out! Hope everyone has a good week!
This week Christian returns and we talk about how economies collapse, if there is a way for NFL football to evolve in the face of the mounting evidence of CTE, how people try to do you dirty in corporate jobs, and movies. Patreon: If you like this podcast and the other content I provide in the form of my novels (second one on the way), stand-up ...…
Topics include: feedback, 45 talkin’ again, privilege to not see racism, KD’s ghost accounts, Hernandez had CTE, youth football, The Straw supports 45, robbers pose as DEA, BBQ truck stolen, teacher’s racist post, inmates break out and in jail, serial shitter, Strong Island doc, Fuck Yo Review, porn recommendation, Thirsty Thursday Twitter: @Do ...…
This That and Thoz
Hey guys! This is a fun quick episode about sports, Jon covered Aaron Hernandez and CTE, talks about the Post Malone concert, and a breakdown of UFC fight night 117. Enjoy it ya’sweeties!
Aaron Hernandez CTE diagnosis and what that means to the NFL. Do the Houston Texans have any at beating the New England Patriots in Foxboro? Cowboys vs. Cardinals on Monday Night. The start of the intense debate regarding Cinncinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis. [3:25] Aaron Hernandez [23:30] Texans vs. Patriots [30:53] Cowboys vs. Cardinal ...…
1- NBA- Kevin Durant admits he had 2nd thoughts on his decision to leave the OKC Thunder and go to the Golden St. Warriors and win a title and Finals MVP??!! 2- Boxing- Andre Ward retires from Boxing as the Light Heavyweight champ at 34-0 16 KOs??!! 3-NFL- Aaron Hernadez and CTE?? His family will be suing his former team the New England Patriot ...…
Jason and Jeff are joined in studio by Phillies Director of Fun and Games John Brazer. Then the guys talk about Aaron Hernandez and CTE, followed by breaking down the Eagles and upcoming games for this week.
Friday, September 22nd, 2017- Evan and J-Mart open the show by discussing the recent findings that Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE.
Hour 1: Our last full day on the planet. Yay! ...Miracle in Mexico City was a hoax? ...The legacy of CTE among football players ...Where is the sport of football heading next? ...Apple CEO's special words about immigration ...Fat Little Douche vs. President Trump ...Are Americans sick of the hypocrisy yet? ...Rep. Keith Ellison compares illegal ...…
The Bob Frantz Extravaganza
Bob talks on Aaron Hernandez and CTE, and NFL player activists. Bob then talks Browns with beat writer Scott Petrak. bob also talk high school football matchups with Bill Clark.
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