Best ctfxc podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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MEAL Uncensored
Melissa Trippy and Allie Wesenberg here talking about whatever the hell you guys want!
A PodCast by youtube vlogger and sketch maker Bashlet!
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Hey guys! Allie here! Mel is out of town doing awesome things so its just a short little swet podcast from little old me. Touched base on being Kind this week and how to deal with being bullied! Don't worry though Mel will be back soon and good news there are many more podcasts to come! Send emails to : Twitter: @mealun ...…
So on this episode special guest Charles Trippy hangs out with me (Suiggs aka Allie) and we chat up about our awesome trip to Mexico and all that we did along with the CTFxC turning 7 years old tomorrow. Did I mention that he annoys the crap out of me the entire time......ut you guy knew that would happen didn't you. Here's a fun, smelly and ob ...…
Colette & Shay spend more quality time with Charles Trippy of CTFxC!WTKGTS FACEBOOK! WTKGTS YOUTUBE! WTKGTS TWITTER!
Colette & Shay sit down with the one & only Charles Trippy!WTKGTS FACEBOOK! WTKGTS YOUTUBE! WTKGTS TWITTER!
Why am I awake? Maybe drinking a gallon of DayQuil wasn't a great idea. #MFPod #YouTube #DailyGrace #CTFXC #Shaytards #Merch
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