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An informative weekly podcast all about solving the Rubik's Cube. This speedcubing podcast provides interesting and in-depth interviews with expert cubers, YouCubers, and even WCA delegates. Current cubing news, tips on improving, and updates on Josh's progress and achievements are frequent topics as well. Visit the podcast website for links and show notes: And send feedback and questions to: Thanks for listening!
Cube Critics
From Minnesota Public Radio News, Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr share a cube wall, and a passion for movies. Each week, they take a break from their day jobs to talk movies.
Cube Show
SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic dissects every aspect of football, specializing in the offensive line while comedian co-host Arky Shea debates daily his existence.
A south Florida-based podcast from Flint Stone Media aimed at motivating you to go from being a dreamer to being a doer!!! Let Curve the Cube inspire YOU to pursue your dreams!! Find your passion. Do your thing!! Enjoy!! Follow the show as CurveTheCube: Twitter ( | Instagram ( | Facebook ( Curve the Cube is part of the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network (http://www.FS ...
Inches & Cubes
Inches & Cubes is a Warhammer 40k podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in what is going on with Warhammer 40k. This could include hobby tips and tricks, strategies, tactics, fluff, rules reviews, event coverage and much more! Whether through our hosts or our top notch guests we want to push you forward in your hobby so that we can all get the most out of our games of inches and cubes!
Joy of Cubing
Kranny and Jack talk cube.
Once aptly described as "Riff tracks for scientific papers" P-Cubed is a weekly session with the gang to tear through an interesting piece of science that has made the news. Will it withstand our tight lipped, brain teasing and muscle busting peer review? Come find out.
Path to Cube
Path to Cube is a Magic: The Gathering Podcast with new ideas around building, designing, and drafting cubes. Join your hosts, Fernando and Kevin, every week while we discuss the latest news, developments and breakthroughs around MTG cubes.You can check out our modular cube list at: more info on modular cubes, listen to Ep 012 or read the description on the cubetutor link.
The Cubing Show
Cubing, discussed by three cubers.
Fight The Cube
Have you ever woken up in your bed on a weekday and stared at the slowly rotating fan while asking yourself....why am I working eight hours a day for just-over-broke wages? Is there any other way I could be making money that doesn’t end with two, hour and a half commutes? What would my life be like if I could live outside the prison cell of my office? Join us as we interview entrepreneurs, gurus, online profit makers, goat herders, farmers, woofers, tiny house builders, real estate mavens an ...
Every great presentation is the product of its story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of that (p3).
Join us each week as we go through the latest shonen manga chapters and discuss recent manga news.
Magic: The Gathering Podcasts
Do you day dream about how you too can Live Beyond the Cube?Hear from successful entrepreneurs that have gone from the 9-5 cube life to the freedom and purpose filled entrepreneur life.We interview the world’s best entrepreneurs on topics that help you solve the biggest problems you face in starting and running your own business. Visit us at
Views From the Cube
Being black in corporate America is never easy. You have to constantly bite your tongue and hold back on doing things you enjoy. We're two black men, Lonald & Thomas, currently going through this and to make things worse we are both piled into the same cubicle. This should be fun.Follow us on Twitter or Instagram: @ViewsFromTheCube
NWR Site Director Neal Ronaghan and Managing Editor Andy Goergen take two first party GameCube games and make them fight each other for your entertainment. Which game reigns supreme? Tune in to find out.
Point Cubed
Three friends sit down to discuss current pop culture events and generally get side tracked by a lot of other things. If you are into nerd culture this is your place as we tend to hang out there more than anywhere else.@popcultroulette
ABC-cubed is our own weekly audio podcast about all-that-is-cool with any type of media that is out there now — audio, video, stop-motion, you name it.
Blah Cubed
Blah Diddy from GCF Talk hosts his own roundtable discussion show. It's funnier and geekier than you'd expect. Comics, Video games,Animation and various crazy things are discussed in length on Blah Cubed.
Pie Cubed
Pie Cubed is a podcast about science, technology and anything else that's quite interesting
SHoE Cubed
A podcast about a podcast... within a podcast.
J Cubed
J Cubed, J^3 is a trio of Weeb friends, Jason, Juan and Jon who come together every week to share their likes, dislikes, and everyday lives with the listeners! Get ready for every thing: Anime, Video Games, Movies and tons of Laughs with your new favorite Trio of pals J^3!
Entertainment Cube
It's all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Show about web series, short films, sketches, music, stand-up, media and Entertainment houses, everything you wanted to discuss about Entertainment online.
Geek Cubed
Welcome to Geek Cubed (or Geek with a little 3 on the end if you prefer long titles), the podcast for the geeky, the nerdy, and occasionally the normal. Featuring the gorgeously average looking Mikey O'Neill, the scantily clad but well dressed James Docherty, and the calm and cool maniac that is Matt Dennis as your hosts, join us for almost an hour of conversation, comedy, and harsh put-downs, as we delve into all things glorious and geeky, with minimal spoilers*.Get involved - email the Gee ...
Enigma Cubed
Rare make random videos because its fun and people like them. Please Subscribe!
Horadric Cube
Kyle Janzso & Jeremy Paris talk about everything they can in the Blizzard Entertainment universe.
Cubing Thoughts
Welcome! My name is Phillip and I talk about cubes!
Cube Life
We talk about the life of working in a Cubicle and how outrageous it is.
F Cubed: fitness, finance, and faith. All the tools you need for physical health and financial well-being. From nutrition (macros, calories, treat days, clean eating and dirty bulks) to training (strength, hypertrophy, volume, intensity, and block design). From budgeting (saving, spending, credit, and debt) to investing (passively, actively, long-term, and short term) From a chubby kid turned bodybuilder with almost two decades of education and experience in the world of finance, Jim Schultz ...
Monthly podcasts from the Cube Microplex, Bristol, UK
F Cubed Podcast
The secret to life is F Cubed. Food, Friends, Fun. That is what this podcast is all about.
Tea Cube Podcast
A weekly DJ Mix by Cubedout featuring the best in EDM
Every great presentation is the product of its story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of that (p3).
Cube of Death
It’s a quiz show! It’s a dungeon crawl! It’s both! James Carpio is your host and game master, leading a new set of victims, erm, contestants through dark and perilous encounters where they must answer nerdy sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture questions to survive.
A Magic: The Gathering podcast dedicated to the greatest format, Cube.
Friday After Cube
A podcast for people who know what it's like to work hard all week and want nothing more than an honest drink Friday After Cube!
Gaming News - Reviews - Videos
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.1: Business Process Management
Podcast by Guy in a Cube
Alex B-Cube presents Pyramidal Podcast
Technical reviews
Monthly Deep, Tech and Progressive House music review by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.2: Adaptation and Monitoring
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.3: Service Infrastructures
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.1: Engineering and Design
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.2: Adaptable Coordinated Service Compositions
A podcast about cubing, cubers, and whatever else comes up.
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.3: Quality Definition, Negotiation and Assurance
The Magic Box
Eck and TSG talking weekly about cube drafting, construction, and theory. Hopefully.
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In this week's episode, the Man Dem discuss:• The Anniversary of Sammy Davis Jr., Chinx Drugz, and Chris Cornell's untimely deaths(R.I.P.).• The 28th Anniversary of Ice Cube's debut album "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted".• The Humboldt Broncos trademark dispute with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) over the rights to the #HumboldtStrong sl ...…
This week we watched the 1970s Captain America made-for-TV movies. Brad has some thoughts on how this fits into the greater MCU, and Brian becomes an Avenger with a new cocktail recipe. 'Murica Punch: 2 oz red Mtn Dew Kickstart 1 oz coconut rum + 1 oz Gatorade Ice Punch 1 oz gin + 1 oz Cool Blue Gatorade Mix separately and pour slowly into laye ...…
What is up everybody, we are back with a dope episode where we talk with #SkipEngblom & @MattWessen about their art project #LACounty, the spirit of the surf sub culture, changes they have seen and launching an art show in Japan on an ill timeframe. We also have some short takes with surf film #Nausicca, @awalkonwater, a dope video posted by @b ...…
Playlist: HAIM - Walking Away - Mura Masa Remix Kidswaste, featuring Sophie Simmons - Beautiful Life Midoca - The Feeling Is Gone Follow Me - Somethin' Bout You (Satin Jackets Remix) Laarsen - Peace of Mind noll - Breath Kultur - Off to Get Lost Latir - I'll Be There Wendy Sarmiento - No Scrubs (Mowe Remix) Ruchir, BUTO - Chicas (Silcrow Remix) ...…
In the first hour, John and Lance recap the Western conference series game 2 and argue that game 1 was not a good representation of how the Rockets really perform. Ice Cube calls into the show to comment on Rockets in the series and the changes made to the Big 3 league for year two. They end the hour talking about the Western Conference series.…
In the first hour, John and Lance recap the Western conference series game 2 and argue that game 1 was not a good representation of how the Rockets really perform. Ice Cube calls into the show to comment on Rockets in the series and the changes made to the Big 3 league for year two. They end the hour talking about the Western Conference series.…
CUBE hostsStu Miniman (@stu) and Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) sit and discuss at Nutanix .NEXT conference 2018 in New Orleans, LA. TO see more of our coverage from .NEXT please visit
Tracklist :01. Tyking You Podcast’s jingle02. Dont Look Down – Drink talk (extended mix)03. Funkin Matt – Coda (extended mix)04. Ayak, Low Steppa – No love feat. Ayak (extended club mix)05. Lika Morgan – Go with the flow (extended mix)06. Jack wins, Rae Hall – Feel my love feat. Rae Hall (extended mix)07. Weiss (UK) – Feel my needs (original mi ...…
In this episode the Coopers discuss some of their goals in life, the work they're doing to achieve them and what they do when roadblocks come. Derrick and Nikki hit a marriage rough patch and Anais and DJ have a Kyrie size disagreement. Did Coop and the Wednesday Night Warriors get the Cship and what's up with Anais' Easy Ice Cube Chocolate Cup ...…
EVERYTHING I'VE HEARD #5Music curated by Fabio Pezzella & mixed by Andrea Setti aka Gege.Tracklist :01 - Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Original Mix)02 - Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Original Mix)03 - Dopehead & Nick Speed - Guttah Guttah (Original Mix)04 - Jennifer Lara - I'm In Love (Original Mix)05 - Anne & Anice Pet ...…
Today's topics: *Avenatti's breaking news about the Qatari's trying to bribe Bannon and others, Ice Cube's odd involvment in this one, and what it might mean for Trump/Russia *"Where is Avenatti getting his information?" *"Is Avenatti endangering the Mueller investigation?" *Ezra Cohen-Watnick and his investigation of his colleagues at the WH f ...…
Tracklist: 01. Format:B, DJ PP - In My House02. Tough Love, GUZ (NL) - Dancin' Kinda Close03. Duke Dumont ft. Ebenezer - Inhale - (TCTS Remix)04. Redondo - Just Hold On05. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss06. Dajae, Detlef - Deep Dip07. Rene Amesz - Hype Don't Let Me Funk (Double Pleasure Edit)08. The Cube Guys - Sax Delivery09. Sunnery James ...…
So a lot has been going on, like too much, so we kept it light this week with another "Episode about Nothing" (shoutout Wale). Topics include but are not limited to: DJ Khaled's childish ass, Lil Tay's bad ass, Kanye's dumb ass, Donald Glover's creative ass, Melo's trash ass and more. Enjoy! Check: Saanjh checks white moms for calling the polic ...…
This ferociously upbeat mix of styles gets down with its bad self while aiming for the sky.PLAYLIST01. Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) - Funk Forever02. Joe T Vannelli - Take Me Home (Piano Tool)03. Joe T Vannelli - Take Me Home (Piano Tool) (Piano Joe T Vannelli 2k18 Mix)04. Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project), Angelo Dattuomo, Giancarlo C ...…
Two hours of trashy garage, punk, rock, soul, and fury! Outrage Radio with host DJ Jdub – playlist May 10, 2018:1. Ron Gallo – Youtubular (2018) [0:00]2. Fuzz – Preacher3. Dion Lunadon – Com/Broke (2017)4. Buzzcocks – You Tear Me Up5. The Real Kids – She’s Alright (2018) [12:06]6. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – What Love Is7. Archie & The B ...…
In this fantastic AFAA episode, we discuss the first 6 episodes of C3 CubexCursedxCurious. The show was well advertised by it's name, as there were Cubes, Curses and Curiosity.
Bible News Radio for May 11, 2018On this Free for All Friday edition of the show we recapped our interview with Doug Hershey and his book Israel Rising, we talked about a cool device called Cube Tracker and told you how to get it and we talked about the woman who founded Mother's Day.We also share some personal stories about our mothers and off ...…
Hello and Welcome to Engage!: A Family Gaming Podcast! This is episode 130. This week we are talking board games! Stephen and Rob are joined by the crew at Runaway Parade Games! Host: Stephen Duetzmann @EFGaming Co-Host: Rob Kalajian, A Pawn's Perspective Runaway Parade Games Around the Horn The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena Streets of Ste ...…
Today they changed some rules for Brawl, and changed the Ban these cards were unbanned: Aetherworks Marvel Attune with Aether Felidar Guardian Rampaging Ferocidon Ramunap Ruins Rogue Refiner "Smuggler's Copter" is staying banned, and they also banned Baral, Chief of Compliance Sorcerous SpyglassYour life total is now starting at 20, and ...…
Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle nudists, air pollution, the world’s oldest prime minister, Iran, Black Cube, test drones, Russian oligarchs, Essential Consultants, AT&T, dirty boy, torture, zero tolerance, TPS, Pot Screw It, Schneiderman, primaries, Be Best, Ollie’s NRA, McCain, and more.
Here’s over an hour of discussion focusing solely on the Super Smash Bros. for Switch announcement! We’re excited for what it will bring to the table… and cautious about what it may leave behind. I’m also trying a new format where I touch on recent releases and news before jumping into the actual topic, so I hope you enjoy! Also a big thanks to ...…
Ferg explains an experience at the movie theatre where he almost had to fight some toddlers. A few interesting news topics are discussed in Headline Rewind. Ferg and Bill also throw out a movie script idea for Bad Boys 3 involving DJ Khaled. The boyz also stumble upon some intriguing conspiracy theories as always. Ferg shares his best Cube Chro ...…
We normally travel to spend time with family, be with nature or just explore the new place, the unknown. Off late, we have seen a trend of people clicking more selfies, doing check-ins and posting photos and videos. Be in the moment when you travel, enjoy and cherish it. Create your memories irrespective of others liking, sharing or commenting ...…
Loved the modern interpretation. It was even more interesting to see how it is connected with the original story line. this one made me think about what was the thinking and the rationale and what message the movie intends to give. Left me with mind puzzling possibility. What I liked about this movie is the message it carries and the way you ca ...…
HEADLINES 00:26 Dr. Borntein’s “extraordinary” Trump medical report was unsurprisingly dictated by Donald Trump 03:33 Trump pulls out of Iran nuclear deal without a Plan B, endangering relationship with U.S. Allies 08:08 Israeli spy firm, Black Cube, launched smear campaign against former Obama administration officials to discredit Iran deal 17 ...…
Your favorite drinking buddies return from a hiatus, but not a dry-atus... sorry, I'll see myself out. This week's brews: Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA by New Belgium, and Bloom IPA by Parish Brewing. This week's views: "The Florida Project" (2017) [Amazon Prime], and "The King of Comedy" (1982) [Amazon Prime]. Next week's assignments: "Anon" (201 ...…
Sex is taboo word in India especially in front of kids where we normally tend to say that babies are gift of God when asked how babies are born. The delicate age of 7 to 12 comes with lots of inquisitiveness and questions, if not answered correctly, it will leave your kid uneducated. There is an art and science to have sex chat with your kids w ...…
This is part 2 of our cube series. This week were taking a look at some cards from Oath of the Gate Watch & Battle for Zendikar. This is a great first cube for someone who has only been playing a couple of years to start with and upgrade overtime. Nothing goes in that's over $5.00 and most of it will be pulled from sets that are still in your L ...…
CUBE hosts Dave Vellante (@dvellante), Stu Miniman (@stu), Peter Burris (@plburris) & Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) discuss what they have seen and learned from this year's Dell Technologies World To see more coverage of this show please visit:
This is the Tom Da Lips podcast! Tom Da Lips is represented by Six15 // TracklistVince Watson – Another RendezvousCamelPhat Feat. Au/Ra – Panic RoomJosh Butler – Switch OffDetroit Swindle Feat. Seven Davis Jr. - FlavourismSco ...…
In this episode of The Third Power, Usman and Anthony discuss what Dominaria brings to the table for cube! Usman’s Dominaria Review article for Gathering Magic. 2:54 – Crack-A-Pack (peasant, featuring Usman’s new Peasant cube.) 23:05 – History of Benalia 33:03 – Dauntless Bodyguard 36:40 – Lyra Dawnbringer 41:56 – Benalish Marshal and Knight of ...…
In this episode of The Third Power, Usman and Anthony discuss what Dominaria brings to the table for cube! Usman’s Dominaria Review article for Gathering Magic. 2:54 – Crack-A-Pack (peasant, featuring Usman’s new Peasant cube.) 23:05 – History of Benalia 33:03 – Dauntless Bodyguard 36:40 – Lyra Dawnbringer 41:56 – Benalish Marshal and Knight of ...…
In honor of Childish Gambino's masterpiece, This Is America, we rank our Big 5 Actor/Musicians. The Weird World This Week features a man who has eaten 30,000 Big Mac's, an armored truck that spilled thousands of dollars onto the interstate, and the arrest of the "Mystery Pooper." Plus, Ken Jeong is our Hero of the Week. Nerd stuff reports on th ...…
Wendy Darling is a speaker, author and recognized transformational results expert on navigating change and achieving your desired results. She is the founder of the Miraculous Living Institute and Method, a personal and professional growth organization providing a systems to achieve results with greater ease and speed. Wendy has over 35 years o ...…
I will guide you through some basic steps which will make you able to organize a Rubik's cube competition affiliated with the WCA on your own
Can someone offer you good luck? It's not blessings, not prayers and as they say in the short film not a black magic. What price are you willing to pay for it? The four letter word that excites and attracts most human beings, Free is the cause of many addictions as well as sufferings that we have today. I am not going in to the whole contravers ...…
Green Door Network Monday Show Joe and Mike talk about J.Cole’s new album. The guys discuss different J.Cole hip hop influences and some artists that are in his playing field and some that came before him. They discuss other albums that are superior to “KOD.” It’s a great conversation because Joe and Mike are polar opposite on the spectrum of h ...…
Musically Meditated - Episode 28 - The J.Cole "KOD" album review with special guest Mike Barth. Joe and Mike talk about J.Cole's new album. The guys discuss different J.Cole hip hop influences and some artists that are in his playing field and some that came before him. They discuss other albums that are superior to "KOD." It's a great conversa ...…
Retrospectives and Feedback - "Its the most important thing we do".
Tracklist: 01. MC Fioti Ft. Future, Stefflon Don, J Balvin, Juan Magan - Bum Bum Tam Tam (Jax Jones Remix)02. Antranig - Big Ass Drums03. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss04. New Machine - Chance (feat. Hamzaa)05. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Mayra, Bruno Martini - Savages feat. Mayra06. Leandro Da Silva - Yemanjà (Jude & Frank Remix)07. Ha ...…
Humanoids or Robots are the most complex piece of programming and creation by human beings, but we have a lot to learn from them about the simplicity with which they follow the basic rules of human interactions and relationships. This topic is covered in multiple movies like iRobot, Robot, Anukul or as old as Terminator 2. Humans are the most c ...…
What is with all these hats around here? They are big, floppy, and kind of useless. Wait, there is only one time of year people wear anything like that in Kentucky. I guess it’s Derby day. Today we plan to talk about the Run for the Roses, though we might rather run for some Four Roses as we talk about the race itself and all the drinking that ...…
On this week's episode DeVon, D-Boi, Jumablaq and Chef Kenny discuss Trump wanting to hold a race summit that includes Kanye West and Colin Kaepernick, NBA playoffs and LeBron's game winning shot to go up 3-0 over the Raptors(1:05:00), lastly Mike Epps and Ice Cube on set for Last Friday the movie? Is it too late for it?(1:23:45)…
FatFly's House is brought to you each & every Saturday 4-6pm by FatFly on 2hrs of quality upfront house music. In The Hotseat This Week I Bring You ZEDRIK.1. Let Me Show You (Mark Taaffe Remix) - K Klass2. Under A Groove - In It Together & Jas P3. Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix) - Piem4. A Beautiful Place - Mark ...…
Cube Lock counterplay and Even Dreams in HCT. Kristian is starting to build some beastly Hearthstone decks and Eugene remains UNCONVINCED that Odd Paladin is any good. EU Crucible is a harsh mistress for Worst Positioning and Kristian shares elite pro strats for winning on Temple of Anubis. IBM issues challenge to solve water shortage with Ethe ...…
A new Podcaster has entered the arena! Kristian introduces himself and talks about Overwatch. Joey's an internet grandpa and doesn't know about HCT is going off the chain with Cube lock vs Quest Rogue. Joey discusses HGC Europe and Zealots dream run. Kristian gives our first overwatch analysis. Crypto talk we talk about social media ...…
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