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An informative weekly speedcubing podcast that provides interesting guest interviews with expert cubers, competition organizers, and even WCA delegates. Current cubing news, tips on improving, and updates on personal progress and achievements are frequent topics as well. Visit the podcast website for links and show notes: And send feedback and/or questions which Josh will answer on the show to: Thanks for listening!
Cube Critics
From Minnesota Public Radio News, Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr share a cube wall, and a passion for movies. Each week, they take a break from their day jobs to talk movies.
Cube Show
SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic dissects every aspect of football, specializing in the offensive line while comedian co-host Arky Shea debates daily his existence.
A south Florida-based podcast from Flint Stone Media aimed at motivating you to go from being a dreamer to being a doer!!! Let Curve the Cube inspire YOU to pursue your dreams!! Find your passion. Do your thing!! Enjoy!! Follow the show as CurveTheCube: Twitter ( | Instagram ( | Facebook ( Curve the Cube is part of the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network (http://www.FS ...
Inches & Cubes
Inches & Cubes is a Warhammer 40k podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in what is going on with Warhammer 40k. This could include hobby tips and tricks, strategies, tactics, fluff, rules reviews, event coverage and much more! Whether through our hosts or our top notch guests we want to push you forward in your hobby so that we can all get the most out of our games of inches and cubes!
Path to Cube
Path to Cube is a Magic: The Gathering Podcast with new ideas around building, designing, and drafting cubes. Join your hosts, Fernando and Kevin, every week while we discuss the latest news, developments and breakthroughs around MTG cubes.You can check out our modular cube list at: more info on modular cubes, listen to Ep 012 or read the description on the cubetutor link.
Joy of Cubing
Kranny and Jack talk cube.
Once aptly described as "Riff tracks for scientific papers" P-Cubed is a weekly session with the gang to tear through an interesting piece of science that has made the news. Will it withstand our tight lipped, brain teasing and muscle busting peer review? Come find out.
The Cubing Show
Cubing, discussed by three cubers.
Fight The Cube
Have you ever woken up in your bed on a weekday and stared at the slowly rotating fan while asking yourself....why am I working eight hours a day for just-over-broke wages? Is there any other way I could be making money that doesn’t end with two, hour and a half commutes? What would my life be like if I could live outside the prison cell of my office? Join us as we interview entrepreneurs, gurus, online profit makers, goat herders, farmers, woofers, tiny house builders, real estate mavens an ...
Every great presentation is the product of its story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of that (p3).
Do you day dream about how you too can Live Beyond the Cube?Hear from successful entrepreneurs that have gone from the 9-5 cube life to the freedom and purpose filled entrepreneur life.We interview the world’s best entrepreneurs on topics that help you solve the biggest problems you face in starting and running your own business. Visit us at
Join us each week as we go through the latest shonen manga chapters and discuss recent manga news.
Magic: The Gathering Podcasts
NWR Site Director Neal Ronaghan and Managing Editor Andy Goergen take two first party GameCube games and make them fight each other for your entertainment. Which game reigns supreme? Tune in to find out.
Views From the Cube
Being black in corporate America is never easy. You have to constantly bite your tongue and hold back on doing things you enjoy. We're two black men, Lonald & Thomas, currently going through this and to make things worse we are both piled into the same cubicle. This should be fun.Follow us on Twitter or Instagram: @ViewsFromTheCube
Point Cubed
Three friends sit down to discuss current pop culture events and generally get side tracked by a lot of other things. If you are into nerd culture this is your place as we tend to hang out there more than anywhere else.@popcultroulette
Pie Cubed
Pie Cubed is a podcast about science, technology and anything else that's quite interesting
ABC-cubed is our own weekly audio podcast about all-that-is-cool with any type of media that is out there now — audio, video, stop-motion, you name it.
Blah Cubed
Blah Diddy from GCF Talk hosts his own roundtable discussion show. It's funnier and geekier than you'd expect. Comics, Video games,Animation and various crazy things are discussed in length on Blah Cubed.
SHoE Cubed
A podcast about a podcast... within a podcast.
Geek Cubed
Welcome to Geek Cubed (or Geek with a little 3 on the end if you prefer long titles), the podcast for the geeky, the nerdy, and occasionally the normal. Featuring the gorgeously average looking Mikey O'Neill, the scantily clad but well dressed James Docherty, and the calm and cool maniac that is Matt Dennis as your hosts, join us for almost an hour of conversation, comedy, and harsh put-downs, as we delve into all things glorious and geeky, with minimal spoilers*.Get involved - email the Gee ...
Enigma Cubed
Rare make random videos because its fun and people like them. Please Subscribe!
Horadric Cube
Kyle Janzso & Jeremy Paris talk about everything they can in the Blizzard Entertainment universe.
Cube Life
We talk about the life of working in a Cubicle and how outrageous it is.
Cubing Thoughts
Welcome! My name is Phillip and I talk about cubes!
Monthly podcasts from the Cube Microplex, Bristol, UK
F Cubed: fitness, finance, and faith. All the tools you need for physical health and financial well-being. From nutrition (macros, calories, treat days, clean eating and dirty bulks) to training (strength, hypertrophy, volume, intensity, and block design). From budgeting (saving, spending, credit, and debt) to investing (passively, actively, long-term, and short term) From a chubby kid turned bodybuilder with almost two decades of education and experience in the world of finance, Jim Schultz ...
Tea Cube Podcast
A weekly DJ Mix by Cubedout featuring the best in EDM
F Cubed Podcast
The secret to life is F Cubed. Food, Friends, Fun. That is what this podcast is all about.
Every great presentation is the product of its story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of that (p3).
Gaming News - Reviews - Videos
Cube of Death
It’s a quiz show! It’s a dungeon crawl! It’s both! James Carpio is your host and game master, leading a new set of victims, erm, contestants through dark and perilous encounters where they must answer nerdy sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture questions to survive.
A Magic: The Gathering podcast dedicated to the greatest format, Cube.
Friday After Cube
A podcast for people who know what it's like to work hard all week and want nothing more than an honest drink Friday After Cube!
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.1: Business Process Management
Podcast by Guy in a Cube
Alex B-Cube presents Pyramidal Podcast
Technical reviews
Monthly Deep, Tech and Progressive House music review by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.2: Adaptation and Monitoring
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.3: Service Infrastructures
A podcast about cubing, cubers, and whatever else comes up.
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.1: Engineering and Design
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-2.2: Adaptable Coordinated Service Compositions
S-Cube Learning Package: JRA-1.3: Quality Definition, Negotiation and Assurance
A podcast about cube drafting.
The Magic Box
Eck and TSG talking weekly about cube drafting, construction, and theory. Hopefully.
KnewAge Radio
Kenn Parra and Don discuss the world, the Illuminati, and everything in between.
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In this episode Gretchen reviews Granted by John David Anderson, a brand new release by one of her favorite authors. Penny discusses Keys to the Castle by Donna Ball and Michaela discusses Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass.We end the episode with a brief discussion on our drinking strategies and the pros and cons of various types of ice cubes.Mix ...…
This week on Brunchism was all about the music, well mostly! The host discuss crickets, bare minimum twitter, grad school, new music, and more! Main Course: This week the host keep it light and play a couple of music based games to test their rap skills and knowledge. Check: Starbucks and Orlando Brown get it this week! Tip(s): Saanjh (sort of) ...…
Musings Include: Office behavior. Breasts and the many uses there of. Bodily fluids in my sink. Breast milk is not like regular milk. Cube belching. Citizen Kane. The Idiots Review.
Keeping with last weeks theme and the run up to Infinity War we're taking a close look at Thanos and the first few of his comic book quests as a cosmic supervillain. From the 70's, including his possession of the cosmic cube, versus Captain Marvel and the Avengers leading to his first death, into the 90's and his reappearance with the Silver Su ...…
Today's expression is a phrasal verb and it's cool! Have a super day! The E-cubed PODCAST is UP and READY for YOU!! #LearnEnglish #ESL #LMEtoday #LetsMasterEnglish Coach Shane Today’s English expression and dialog: rustle up something You got anything to eat? Well…let me try and rustle up something here. What you got? Let’s see…an egg. Some ket ...…
Hip Hop Squares is coming back and Doughboy puts a warning out.
Back in part one, I laid out some general thoughts regarding what my general approach to training and nutrition would be, if I were starting over as a beginner again. But, I didn't get into too many specifics about the details surrounding what each session on that training split would look like, or exactly how I would look to execute a brand ne ...…
Karen Bosch explains why Merge Cubes are so hot, how they are being used in classrooms, and how she’s using them to build critical thinking and creativity in her school. Join Merge Cube Mania! Show Notes: Legends of Learning has awesome free science games and activities to celebrate earth day on April 22. coolcatteac ...…
Jimmy and Mark are gathering their cosmic cubes and taking on Thanos War! They'll talk door busting, girlfriend fights, and vampires! Oh, and Rick Jones. Rick Jones was also there. Tune in, True Defenders!
Season 2 Episode 7 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 7 of Rated Ark: Pix Ark Edition ! Today is April 6, 2018 We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast ! We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures! You can reach the show by emailed You can tweet the show @RatedArk ...…
The 18 year old rubiks cube genius tells us his tricks to solve a rubics cube.
1. Garry Gritness - Sing Sing2. Krystal Klear - Neutron Dance3. Tom Trago - The Creation of Lalibela4. Frank Agrario - Fela Rock5. Easy Going - Gaytime Latin Lover (No Ears Dub)6. Tessuto - Discussness7. Harry Parsons - Eden8. Vaults - One Day I'll Fly Away (KDA 35 Dub)9. Letherette - Feel It10. Nature Boy - Tobago11. P.M. Dawn - A Watchers Poi ...…
The first look into the lives of Fergy Fresh and Brazy Bill. Topics include: “Cube chronicles” where Ferg and Bill discuss how much they dislike their jobs and how one of them could potentially be fired very soon. The possibility of a very famous dick pic is explored. A St. Patty’s day adventure that ends with a hilarious sexual encounter story ...…
Boat refrigerators are small, usually less than a quarter of the size of a home refrigerator. But grocery stops are less frequent than when living ashore. Carolyn Shearlock, with ten years of living on a boat and cruising, tells how it can all works . . . and give you the foods you want! Links: Storing Food without Refrigeration ebook Mold for ...…
In this podcast, Wayne Eckerson and James Serra discuss myths of modern data management. Some of the myths discussed include 'all you need is a data lake', 'the data warehouse is dead', 'we don’t need OLAP cubes anymore', 'cloud is too expensive and latency is too slow', 'you should always use a NoSQL product over a RDBMS.'Serra is big data and ...…
In this episode I fill your ears with all my favorite joints from the 90’s, hence calling it “The I Love The 90s Episode.” What are you waiting for take a ride back down memory lane and turn the volume up loud and hit the play button as I continue feeding you the culture on The Hip Hop Snack Podcast. Tracklist 01 8Ball & MJG – Pimp In My Own Rh ...…
Kole, Ben. Dennis, and Jala talk about A Way Out, the Oculus Go, and we ask you to name your funniest game moment in four words or less. The Brief: Indiana school teacher gets results from gamifying education. Hori is making an actual d-pad . Occulus Go is a $199 VR entry point. alt.ctrl.GDC gives us the bartending game wii deserve. The Multipl ...…
Ice cube hip hop squares Follow us @doitforthecult2 IG and TwitterBy (The Real DEE).
Welcome to to "Tonight We Dance" a radio show all about sexy house music.Promos for TWD---> sba.musicpromo@gmail.com1. Federico Scavo - Bambola (Remix)2. S.B.A - Creme De La Creme (Original Mix)3. Glovibes & The Cube Guys - The Drums (Original Mix)4. David Tort & DISCOMMON - You're A Killer (Original Mix)5. HXTN & James Hurr - Pussy Lovers (Ori ...…
Are you challenging yourself to learn and do new things? JoJami and Lana chit chat about their difficulties and the humor they experienced learning the technology to produce their Ladies Road Map Podcast. Who knew it could be so challenging? New endeavors are unfamiliar and can be trying but also invigorating and rewarding once you get a handle ...…
This week we dive into Mezcal, the wild and smoky and often misunderstood cousin of tequila. I spoke with Cecilia Rios Murrieta, founder of Oaxacan brand, La Niña del Mezcal. Cecilia established one of the first blogs about Mezcal and the culture that surrounds it. She is a certified Mezcalier, and a proponent of preserving the traditional prod ...…
Man, you guys are in for a treat today! My man Angelo Liloc from MOD3RN NUTRITION joined the podcast today, and this dude has been on an incredible journey. He holds nothing back and shares an inspirational story of overcoming adversity that highlights his own path that lead him to an intersection of fitness and faith, where he came face-to-fac ...…
The Unleaded Logic Podcast – Episode 3 – Download New month, new episode! Mike Mertes covers a few different topics for this episode: Star Fox’s 25th anniversary. Unleaded Logic remixes a song from the SNES Star Fox. Unleaded Logic’s brand new single: The Lead The monthly Unleaded Logic DJ Mix. DJ Mix track listing: Num.TitleArtist1Story (Origi ...…
Two of the original team members behind the iconic 626 Night Market has launched an innovative food retail concept, matching top-quality local talented chefs and hungry consumers with a straight-forward, efficient storefront concept. In this talk, Patricia and Albert will be talking about their entrepreneurial journey being at the start of 626 ...… 08 by Ghostface Killah and MF Doom2The Dog’s of War (Ft. Shawn Wigs & Kool G Rap) by Ghostface Killah3Beyond Real by Jigmastas4'97 Mentality (Extended Instrumental) by Cappadonna5Super Brooklyn (Instrumental) by Cocoa Brovaz6Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers by Crooklyn D ...…
In this episode we tackle the croissant! It is a monumental undertaking, but the good news, that even your failed attempts will be wholly delicious AND they are really fun to make and practice. Melody also talks about our first fan visit from out of town! The sisters also give an update on the business and announce our Bad Ass Baker of the epis ...…
In this episode we tackle the croissant! It is a monumental undertaking, but the good news, that even your failed attempts will be wholly delicious AND they are really fun to make and practice. Melody also talks about our first fan visit from out of town! The sisters also give an update on the business and announce our Bad Ass Baker of the epis ...…
Get your boards and hit those empty pools, it’s time to gleam the cube with Tony Hawk and… Christian Slater? This 1989 cult-classic about a skateboard punk trying to solve the murder of his adopted brother features a bunch of skateboarding legends and a bunch of Pizza Hut product placement. Philly’s own comedy legend, Joe Moore, glimpsed a worl ...…
This might be the biggest episode of Power House Radio yet!! Gearing up for Miami Music Week and the can’t miss Aqua Beach Event, where Styline and CID will be headlining, the two have prepared an hour of the best house music. With fresh selections and special Miami edits from Denney, Kideko, The Cube Guys, Dean Mason, Samuel Dan, GM, and Tolst ...…
XTRAFIT Clubbing Ep.010 01 : AGELO FERRERI - Positive Humour 02 : FRANCO MUSACHI - Beggining Of All 03 : MIKE VALE - Can’t Stop The House 04 : MASSIMO LIPPOLI - Let It Ride (Dario D’attis Remix) 05 : DAVID PENN, THE CUBE - Ah Feel Like Ahcid 06 : DAJAE, DETLEF - Deep Dip 07 : KEVIN MACKAY - Freaky Dancers (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 08 : AKER69 - My ...…
Firefox blocks Facebook, Telegram goes terminal and we recap SCALE 16X. All this, plus your emails! Special thanks to: Testus Maximus (latest patreon) Betty (increased pledge) Subscribe: Listen: Download: //
We're all familiar with the ritualized public outcry that follows mass shootings. For some reason, we marginalize the day to day shootings, and thereby put it out of our minds. In this episode, Dr. Sheets explains this phenomena as we take a closer look at the daily/weekly gun deaths. We also discuss the continuing importance of Ice Cube's 1995 ...…
Previously in Revelation 8But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Day 28 – 6th Wednesday Revelation 21:9-27 9Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls ...…
Today, we are talking about air travel. Airports bring out the worst in people and we are here to help you not be a dick in 3 easy tips: Be organized - bring your passport! You planned this whole trip don’t let a simple organization hiccup trip you up. Have your essentials accessible - make yourself comfortable and have the items you need near ...…
Everyone is always so focused on how much money they make. Everyone is so fixated on making more and more money that they so often forget one key thing: how much money you make doesn't much money you keep does. If you make a bunch of money, but you spend it all, then you won't move any closer to any of your financial goals. In toda ...…
What's up everyone! In Episode 3 of Hustle Up, CUBE discusses the importance of a team and how vital it is to make sure the right people are on board when it comes to building a long-lasting brand and company!
In this episode of Conversations on the Avenue, Anna Seaman speaks to Abbas Akhavan about his practice and current show at The Third Line.Abbas Akhavan's exhibition comprises several disparate pieces from his recent practice that loosely discuss themes of belonging, property and objectivity. Although the artist usually works with site-specific ...…
Noyan is away, so Eden hosts fellow blog editor, Nick Cusworth! This gives the two opportunity to talk about stuff that usually doesn’t come up on the cast which they use to shine a light on Jim Grey from Caligula’s Horse releasing a video for the A Capela segment on their latest album, Plini releasing a new track, and a deep dive on the change ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...The crew talk about Nintendo's first foray into the disc based format, THE GAMECUBE. Easily the most underrated console of its generation, Nintendo's purple porpoise turned down the tech and turned up the fun! Figuring out how to function in 3D with a not quite twin stick control sceme is half the fun! Can 3 guys with ...…
This week James is talking about a rubix cube solving computer AND healing a monkey's spinal cord!
Here is my mix from my mixshow "Beat Konection" every Sunday & Wednesday at 9PM EST on Find my show schedule at: search DJ Bryan Konrad on iTunes Journey Into S ...…
The image of Jesus as a Shepherd is pretty well-known within the Christian faith, as it's directly in Scripture...a few different times, I think. Well, thanks to Priscilla Shirer's Voice of God study, I learned a whole bunch about the relationship that shepherds had with their sheep back in the early days. This special bond has all kinds of int ...…
On this segment of Get On The Mic, I talk about Toys R Us and the return of a former competitor, two WWE stories, Frank Oz talks about Disney and The Muppets, my very first Comic Con with “Storytime with Geno”, Quick Hits, an update on The Reel Geno YouTube Channel and much, much more. DNA Digital Network: Help ...…
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