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Cura Caos
A live podcast. Sundays 6-7pm• campfire conversations • music • deep times • Shining a light on the inspiring and vibrant creators of San Diego + Baja. On both sides of our border, we have unbelievable chefs, musicians, artists, and educators. We've got superhero activists, flow-experts, mead-makers, political pioneers, regenerative businesses, and ultra-innovative farmers. We are so much more than good weather and tacos. By amplifying these voices and raising their work into greater visibil ...
Small Cities CURA
Mapping Quality of Life and the Culture of Small Cities — A Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). The Thompson Rivers University-based research program focuses on mapping quality of life and the culture of Canada's small cities, with a specific emphasis on Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George, Port Moody, and the cities of the Comox Valley. The Research team includes 37 community research partners and 26 ...
This Is Everything with Daniel Cura
This Is Everything is a podcast hosted by Daniel Cura who talks with guests about, well, everything. Less formal interivews, more friendly chats with people who go where the conversation takes them. The conversations dabble in music, comedy, religion, society, culture, and more! #ThisIsEverything|SPONSOR US!If you'd like sponsor This Is Everything or any of the podcasts on the State-Lines
Eurizon Capital - Mercati
Interventi a cura del Team Strategia di Eurizon Capital.
Literally Dying with Chelsea Quinn
Death is one of the most universal experiences we have, yet nobody talks about it. We run, we hide, we push dead people away and ya know what? That's dumb. This is going to be a place where we don't do that. We're gonna talk about it, cry about it, jump into the weird hard stuff, and hopefully laugh about the inevitability of it all. Every week, host Chesea Quinn will cover a different theme or topics related to death and meet a few different people who have stories and experiences to share. ...
Detailing Guy Show!
Benvenuti sul Detailing Guy Show, il podcast dedicato al detailing!
“MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!” is a show about everything, something, and occasionally, nothing at all! Hosts Shawn Talley and Matthew Hevey share their unique perspectives on all things pop culture -- including, but not limited to: movies, music, television, comic books, sports, and politics. New episodes release every other Monday, exclusively on the State-Lines Network! | #MMtB|SPONSOR US!If you'd like to be a sponsor of MULTIMEDIOCRITY or any of the podcasts ...
Strategia Digitale
Idee, novità e consigli per imprenditori e professionisti appassionati di Web Marketing e Business Online. A cura di Giulio Gaudiano.
Social Media Offline with Jonas Arca
Welcome to Social Media Offline where blogger Jonas Arca, and guests, explore the prevalence of social media and virtual communities in today's society.|SPONSOR US!If you'd like to be a sponsor of Social Media Offline or any of the podcasts on the State-Lines
State-Lines Podcast
Rare bloggers and other guests talk about sports, pop culture, and life with host Jarrett Haas.|SPONSOR US!If you'd like to sponsor the State-Lines Podcast or any of the podcasts on the State-Lines
Seminole Perspective
In today's sports media and fan culture, overreaction is the norm. Seminole Perspective brings a rational point of view and the ultimate perspective on Florida State football.|SPONSOR US!If you'd like to be a sponsor of Seminole Perspective or any of the podcasts on the State-Lines
Network Marketing Breakfast
Podcast della Network Marketing Academy a cura di Luciano Cassese
Fellas Galore
Fellas Galore Reggae Radio Show in onda tutti i Martedi dalle 21 alle 23 su o sui 105.7 FM a Cosenza e dintorni a cura di One Drop Fellas,Mella & Rosco from Dancehall Soldiers.
Urban Futures Podcast
Welcome to the soundcloud page for De Montfort University's Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) – the UK’s only centre dedicated to urban austerity research. This page contains our podcast series, beginning with our pilot on “Urban Futures” where we promote cutting edge research and action on the issue of the future of urban development in the UK, and beyond. The series is made up of interviews with leading critical academics and practitioners working to deliver an alternative, mor ...
Kwanza 2.0 (mp3)
Trasmissione di economia africana a cura di Fortuna Ekutsu Mambulu. Breve viaggio alla scoperta dell’economia delle afriche: approfondimenti tematici con esperti, curiosità e retrospettive dell’informazione economica africana. IN ONDA SU AFRIRADIO.IT DAL LUNEDI AL VENERDI ALLE 11.00 E IN REPLICA ALLE 18.00 Fortuna Ekutsu Mambulu è giornalista, originario della Repubblica democratica del Congo.
Ministério Paixão e Compaixão - MPC
O Ministério Paixão e Compaixão é uma Igreja que existe para ser canal de cura, restauração e vida do Senhor, olhando para as necessidades da sociedade, desejando levantar uma Geração com o coração queimando de paixão pelo Senhor e de compaixão pelas nações, cumprindo a Grande Comissão, pregando e ensinando os princípios da palavra de Deus.
PodcasTixi by Tixi
Nicola Montisci aka Nick Tixi is an italian DJ and speaker.DJ resident in tanti locali e discoclub del sud Sardegna come, tra gli altri, Tsunami, Lido, Jko, Spazio Newton (attuale Cocò), Hangar (attuale Zero), Linea Notturna, Movida, Sciabecco, Peyote , Charlie, Old Square, Buddha del Mar (San Teodoro), Buddha Beach e negli storici Sa Illetta, Bounty, Sa Launedda, Su Meriagu, Varadero, Crocodile, Rotondina del D’Aquila, Officina, Smell, Eurogarden, Aquilone e Monastero, Baretto, Linea Nottur ...
Hood Healers Podcast - Hood Healers
The Hood Healers Podcast was created to provide a space to dialogue about transformational healing in our community. We must reclaim and reconnect to our traditional culture as we create new cultural norms in order to heal from generational trauma that has inflicted our community for many years. Using the philosophy "La Cultura Cura", we can bring about a systemic change. Building a movement of healing, we must recognize that this is a generational movement. We need our elders as well as the ...
Josh Test Podcast
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Alan and Kathryn Knowles on zombies, gnomes and quirky financial services marketing - MAF145 This week on the show my guests are Alan and Kathryn Knowles. We talk about how they became an award-winning specialist financial adviser firm by using zombies, gnomes and advent calendars to create some quirky marketing campaigns. Welcome to episode 14 ...… In an effort to create wealth and assets, people are always on the lookout to buy property. Either to live in or as an investment. Leading buyer’s agent Ramon Cura from Cura Property gives us an overview of the property market in some of the major Australian ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… MY ESCORT con L’ESTATE STA FINENDO Un velo di sana malinconia che caratterizza la fase di passaggio fra quello che è stato e quello che sarà, avvolge la personale ed origi ...…
Recorded Wednesday, October 4th at The Space Concert Club‘s Green Room For those of you following along, Austin Rich has left the building. Austin is a busy guy with his Mid-Valley Mutations radio show on KMUZ, Friday nights at 10pm (tune in some time), online zine The Cherry Picker Zine, and he has a variety of his own podcasts including The C ...…
Ric Scales is a wizard, & not just because of his jedi-level hip hop skills. Go anywhere that has anything to do with local hip hop here in San Diego and this dude will appear there. Given his musical magic, it makes every party better. This week is round 2 of my quest to bring more attention to the vibrant world of local hip hop. San Diego is ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… VALLANZASKA con ASSESSORE Una delle band ska più famose del panorama musicale italiano torna a far divertire con il secondo singolo estratto dall’album “Orso giallo”. Il p ...… Ramon Cura from Cura Property explains the concept of ‘rentvesting’ and how it helps in wealth creation and allowing you to live the life you want. You can listen to the podcast here The post What is rentvesting & how it helps in wealth creation appeared first o ...…
This cura caos local hip hop special features the one and only, the realest of the real, the incomparable Real J Wallace. Real J blew my mind last year when I walked into a little record store where he was performing. There were 10 people in there, but from watching him you'd think he was in front of a freakin' stadium. He was bouncing off the ...…
I podcast di Radio Incredibile
Donne che raccontano le donne. Marcella, Anzhelika, Alice, Eva… Storie vere. Storie di sacrifici e dolore ma anche di dignità e coraggio, di anime in lotta con la disperazione, la violenza, la malattia, la pazzia. Cento ali di libellula (L’erudita) è il romanzo scritto a quattro mani da Elvira Apone e Olga Merli, due scrittrici di San Benedetto ...…
San Diego is obviously crushing it in the craft beer scene. Some of the biggest companies in the world came out of our fine city. But our knack for crafting pioneering drinks does not stop at beer. Misadventure Co. is a the world's most sustainable distilled spirit company. They do something no one has done before. They take excess baked goods ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… GLORIA ZACCARIA – AMORE DISEGNATO Dopo aver partecipato a numerosi concorsi che l’hanno portata anche a guadagnarsi un Premio Mia Martini, arriva ora un brano che racconta ...…
This week’s guests are a lovely couple who started a magical, exotic in an unlikely place. Trilogy Sanctuary is a delicious vegan cafe (even non-vegans love it), yoga studio, aerial playground, and a haven for seekers of a different kind of social nightlife, where uninhibited dancing and a real sense of community are at the forefront. In just t ...…
Cramela Mix Show
Siren - Lulu (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix) [CompostFrank Butters presents Cult of Glamour - Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall Vocal RemixTensnake - MachinesNick Höppner- From Up and DownCurses - Canini (Dreems Beautiful Mens Club RemixBenoit & Sergio - Dancing Shoes Clarian DubJona Sul - South Zone (Bewilderbeast Remix) Southern Fried ...…
Objectively speaking, Mexican food is the universe's greatest gift to us. The only problem is, I can't always eat all of it because I refuse to support the industrial meat machine that's proven to be so harmful to our planet and to animals. I'm not a vegan, but these two hermanos make the best damn vegan California burrito I've ever had, among ...…
Red Six to Golden Corral
2 BOYS 1 COUCH CO-OP This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral cozy up on the couch and prepare to smash. No, not like that Becky. It’s Couch Co-Op served up as the boys discuss the finer points of building friendships and crushing them in one of gaming’s oldest traditions. From the moment home consoles took root, the couch has been the ch ...…
¿Existe la cura para la calvicie? A ver, que se te caiga el cabello y quedes como rodilla al sol a tus 30's o antes... no es una enfermedad; es una cuestión genética del cabello y puede corregirse. ¿A poco sí puedo volver a tener melena acá de comercial? Sí... sí puedes. Existen varios métodos para que la calvita desaparezca; entre el famoso tu ...…
Styrofoam is supposed to be the worst of all materials - known to never break down and sit in landfills forever. No more. Eddy Garcia - the surfing agricultural jedi - returns to the show to enlighten us on the magic of his superworms, which can turn styrofoam back into organic material. Joining us this week is our good friend Nathan Wright, wh ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… LA DIFFERENZA – SOLE SPENTO La canzone-culto dei Timoria, a cui viene data nuova anima, fa parte de “Il tempo non (d)esiste”, nuovo album della band pubblicato da Smr/Univ ...…
All’interno di Radio Incredibile, si viene a creare un programma per band emergenti che si chiama Suoni All’Alba a cura di L’Altoparlante. In questo podcast gli artisti sono… NANCO – TI INVITO IN ABRUZZO Una ballade dalle atmosfere graffianti presenta la meravigliosa fotografia di una regione colpita purtroppo negli ultimi anni di molteplici ca ...…
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