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Cursive Script Podcasts - Kingston Writing School - Kingston University London
New writing, brought to you by the Kingston Writing School
Curses In Cursive
A nod to one of the world’s biggest egos, Curses In Cursive gives you a perspective that you wouldn’t necessarily get upon first look. We delve into the world of business, politics, sports, and anything else we can fit into one hour that tickles our fancy… and hopefully yours too.
A Spoonful of Russian - Learn Russian Online from Russian Tutor
Learn Russian language from a Russian online tutor at your own pace. Natalia teaches via Skype and other video chat services. Russian lessons are tailor-made for all students. Experience authentic Russian pronunciation, see Russian alphabet written in cursive in real time, enjoy free supplemental YouTube videos.
The Obligatory RPG Show
You see a podcast labelled The Obligatory RPG Show. A block of small, cursive text beneath it reads: this podcast grants the bearer audible discourse about Role Playing Games including interviews with Designers, Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and Gamers, in-depth discussions, and high adventure. Your finger hovers over the “play” button. What do you do?
RTÉ - Podchraoladh I Measc na nDaoine
Muintir an Deiscirt a bhíonn le clos ar an gclár seo agus iad ag cur síos do Mhícheál Ó Sé ar a saol agus a saothar: a n-óige, cúrsaí oibre agus oideachais, taisteal, spórt, tógaint clainne, creideamh agus fealsúnacht i leith na beatha. Láithriú Léiriú Presenter producer: Mícheál Ó Sé.
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A Thousand Things to Talk About
Do you think cursive should still be taught in school? Show notes and links ...…
Hosts Rebekah and Mark sit down with Sharalee Marsh and discuss the benefits the fading art of cursive writing. Sharalee discusses how writing long hand increases brain function and has greater benefits for learning over typing. The shows dives into how writing in cursive can combat dyslexia and how it will keep your brain sharp into the later ...…
Jed and Debesh ask what happened to the wayans brothers, talk about times they had to bring people back to life, or in Jed's case, get BROUGHT back to life, and how Jed avoided a former martial arts instructor at a Comic Con. Then, Matt Macdonald from The Classic Crime calls in from the Canadian tundra(i may have embellished) to talk about Alco ...…
After a few weeks off, we are joined by Leroy, Matt’s cousin from The Mr BS Show. Someone is trying to call us over and over and over but can’t get through. Leo shares a for sale item on Facebook and the comments are great. Jimmy makes it on the show and we listen to his tribute to Glen Campbell as heard on BudEars Podcast. We get back to the p ...…
Author Carew Papritz shares scientific reasons why cursive is still important. A few reasons are that it develops motor skills, reinforces learning, cognitive development and self-esteem. Read more at THE LEGACY LETTERS
Travel The World + Work Online Podcast Introduction by Niall Doherty Travel The World + Work Online Podcast Introduction Length: 34:46 | Download MP3 (34.2 MB) | Subscribe on iTunes | Podcast Archive Notes & Links For This Episode This episode will serve as an introduction to the p ...…
Hr 1: Why does a looter need a 52" TV in a hurricane with no electricity? AND... The new head of the British Red Cross says they're TOO white and TOO British! As if they're turning away volunteers who are people of color? Hr 2: Maryland bar launches investigation into the lawyers who helped Hillary destroy all her emails. AND... Matt Bellis say ...…
This episode was recorded on August 14, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show! I’d like to imagine the anxiety of being an artist, never really knowing for sure how good you are, or what people are taking away from your work, is something you e ...…
Joy Clark talks with Alex Miller about Clojure Clojure clojure.spec Clojure Applied by Ben Vandgrift and Alex Miller Online Communities Editors: Emacs IntelliJ Cursive Eclipse Counterclockwise Nightcode Lighttable Tools: YourKit ProtoREPL Sayid CIDER Books: Clojure for the brave and true by Daniel Higgenbotham Living Clojure by Carin Meier Prog ...…
On this week’s episode of everyone’s favorite home improvement podcast, we answer listener questions about front doors and unwelcome house guests, why toilets sweat, and what our expertise actually covers. Elsewhere, Jeff tries to organize Matt’s toilet hammers and Matt makes it difficult. Plus, we share tips about choosing the right air compre ...…
Soma Dan finds out about less-than-conventional resources that may be able to help her find her family. Paul finds out what plans the gray-skinned man has for him. NewAlephChapterTwoBy (Andy Wright).
Over Beyond – Episode 007 Should We Eat Animals? Length: 1:55:07 | Download MP3 | Subscribe on iTunes | Podcast Archive In this episode we talk about eating animals. The ethics, environmental issues, health concerns, convenience factors and social dynamics. You won’t find many definitive conclusions in our conversation, but it should get your w ...…
慢速中文 Slow Chinese
琴、棋、书、画是中国古代“四艺”,而其中的书法是最受重视的艺术之一。甲骨文是最早出现的成熟文字。到了秦朝,人们开始讲究字体的造型美,文人们都沉迷于练习书法。一般来说,书法的技艺高低能反映出写书法的人修养的深浅。写书法时需要一心一意、心神合一,这也是修身养性的方法。 今天我们就来谈谈中国最著名的书法家之一颜真卿,他是唐代著名的书法家。颜真卿的书法非常特别,一眼就可以看得出。他的字体方方正正,但是却方中见圆。用笔非常有力,一般横比较细,但是竖、点和捺等笔画都很粗。不管是他的行书还是草书,都给人一种大气的感觉。 中国人常说“字如其人”,我想这也代表了颜真卿正直、勇敢的性格。他除了是一名书法家,也是一个爱国为民的好官员。最后他因为追捕一个叛乱的官员而被杀,人们都感到非常难过,并为他修建了一座 ...…
I used to go to the Comedy store by myself to catch a show. Its great because you really never know who will pop in. Dave Chappelle. Louis CK. or any other comic that you never thought to see a couple feet away from you. Its a magical place that is embedded with so much history, you can literally see it all over the walls, all the comics names ...…
Episode 41 is part of the Spring 2017 issue! Read ahead by picking up your copy here: A Spell to Signal Home by A.C. Buchanan “Ash.” The voice is at once close beside me and yet muted, as if the sound is being filtered through a dream or a long stretch of time, a universe drawn out like an endless vibration of mu ...…
The Parent Report With Doug Cope
WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with author Carew Papritz who believes learning cursive is essential for kids and plays a vital role in developing the finer things in life.
WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with author Carew Papritz who believes learning cursive is essential for kids and plays a vital role in developing the finer things in life.
The Parent Report With Doug Cope
WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with author Carew Papritz who believes learning cursive is essential for kids and plays a vital role in developing the finer things in life.
We may be in the early days of summer, but marketing expert Emily Cretella, Cursive Content, urges every school communications pro to start planning now for the fall. Emily is our guest on Episode 47 of Blackbaud’s Get Connected Podcast, and she’s here to share her top tips for getting the most of the summer planning.…
Yo, just listen to the first 5 seconds and try not to laugh! No really...just do it haha! Here at the NoShamePodcast we like to poke fun and laugh a little, no--matter of fact, we laugh a lot because that is what life is about! C'mon you need a good laugh. We tell our stories of how technology has affected the way we raise our kids, how cursive ...…
Painted Bride Quarterly’s Slush Pile
This week at the editorial table, we discuss three poems by Matthew Kelsey, “Confessions of a Giant,” “Giant Gets Adopted,” and “Giant Loses His Virginity.” Matthew Kelsey, at 6’7”, is something of a giant and, as can be gleaned from his poems, is also his own uncle… Present at the Editorial Table: Kathleen Volk Miller Marion Wrenn Tim Fitts Ja ...…
Law and Order: Special Viewing Unit
On this weeks episode the guys view and review season 3 episode 10 - Ridicule! Aviv comes hot out the gates witha horrible Irish accent attempt and then abandons that immediately. Matt fully admits that he and Aviv have zero idea about the law and they infact are not lawyers. Matt shares his experience taking the LSAT and writing in cursive. Av ...…
In this episode Tommy and Sam have some more hot takes on some of todays coldest issues If you like music Bing Bugs or Cursive this is the podcast for you
Over Beyond – Episode 006 Learning To Fight Length: 1:44:42 | Download MP3 | Subscribe on iTunes | Podcast Archive In this episode we talk about violence and learning to fight, despite the fact that neither of us have been in a fight for at least fifteen years. It’s a bit like listening to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant talk about cricket for two ...…
Seattle-area native Ed Brooks has engineered, mastered or lent a hand on some of the biggest indie records of the last two decades, such as Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism, the self-titled Fleet Foxes debut and dozens of releases from Minus the Bear, Cursive, the Decemberists, Mastodon and more. His résumé also extends to albums for R.E. ...…
The Parent Report With Doug Cope
WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with author Carew Papritz who believes learning cursive is essential for kids and plays a vital role in developing the finer things in life.
With Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, and Char Green-Maximo Guest Lisa Amesoli Producer Robert Mehling Art To Art: Robert Mehling Native Hip Hop Spotlight – B of Dakota South – Come And Get Your Love Top Story: ...…
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