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Natural Remedies at dvaughn.org to support the immune systems, cognition, and emotional health of black LGBTQ people. Send you questions to host@centersun21.com
Welcome to Maximum Security, the podcast of Strategos International. We’re your partner in protecting people and property in the workplace, schools, houses of worship and beyond. Maximum Security covers topics including: defusing workplace violence before it starts; executive and VIP security; event security; security cameras and surveillance; intruder response. We'd love your comments on our show. Learn more about us at www.strategosintl.com.
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You feel motivated to do something creative, and no one seems to be able to affect your drive. host@centersun21.com
Stop regretting your bad eating habits because fermented foods can help detoxify your body. https://www.secretenergy.com/?ref=dvaughnhouse
With two mass shootings in two days, the U.S. Secret Service’s report on active shooters is extremely relevant. In this interview, Strategos President Vaughn Baker discussed recent events, the report and its implications for making workplaces, churches and schools more secure. Learn more at www.StrategosIntl.com…
Collective Consciousness can heal depression because it helps you discover your uniqueness. visit my affiliate: https://www.secretenergy.com/?ref=dvaughnhouse
Understanding the collective consciousness is the first episode in this drama called, Life. https://fund.secretenergy.com/?ref=dvaughnhouse
Before harvest, farmers spray crops with an herbicide containing the chemical compound, glyphosate. In food, this chemical is poisonous because it kills the good bacteria that live inside of you.
Autophagy is the best detox cleanse because it is your body’s natural recycling process.
Until recently, the words “church” and “security” were seldom seen together. Now they’re a permanent fixture in the English language. Strategos’ Barry Young eats, sleeps and breathes church security. In this interview, he shares the “Top 7 Questions About Church Security” and answer yours as well. In addition, you may be interested in a related ...…
In this episode called, Time Restricted Eating—Coffee too, I explore the ways human cells heal automatically through a system called Autophagy. You literally do nothing, which is harder than it sounds. host@centersun21.com
You can tell by the look in the smokey-eyes of beauty bloggers that happiness is much deeper than layers of skin. It seems like the people just sitting there yelling at their pet goats are the truly happy ones.
Having houseplants will not only look pretty, it will help you breathe better, and capture more light into your home. host@centersun21.com
www.StrategosIntl.com When workplace violence strikes, our first concern is the safety of our employees. But after the smoke clears, businesses discover the challenges have only begun. These include the threat of government fines and litigation. How can we be prepared to protect ourselves from active shooters and also lawsuits and regulatory pe ...…
Many threats you cannot even prevent, but you are a supreme being.
Fortunately, I have some new research that inspired me to find an Acai bowl in my area that was packed with antioxidants, fats, and several other health benefits.
In the aftermath of school shootings, many new "security" products are flooding the market. They're being quickly swept up by parents and schools. But will they make students and teachers safer? In this interview, Mark Warren, executive VP of Strategos, addresses the topic "Bulletproof backpacks, bulletin boards and panic buttons: Security solu ...…
This organic cold-pressed virgin coconut healed my skin nearly instantly and it keeps it moisturized. host@centersun21.com
We are inundated with a superficial and toxic culture. Where is the balance when everything is good and well? How is that authentic or honest? email your questions to host@centersun21.com
The other day I dead ass met a hypochondriac; I asked him if he wanted to die. host@centersun21.com
www.strategosintl.com Guy Beveridge of Strategos International explains how to improve awareness of your surroundings. He addresses: •The difference between awareness and paranoia •Environments that present threats •Viewing everyday activities through the lens of awareness Strategos International is a leader in training businesses, schools and ...…
In addition to supplements, exercise, and a healthy diet, brain food can be in the form of religion and self-awareness too. The path towards helping yourself starts with understanding how, why, and what to think. Its a process called initiation and I explain it this recent podcast. Thank you for listening!…
I truly believe that I will be a billionaire one day. For some reason. I am seeing all these terrible rich people be exposed by truth. It makes me happy not because they are being summoned to court (r. Kelley), but because they are moving out of the way so that normal people like us can be successful.…
Answers lie between your memories and emotions. What the hell am I talking about? Well, I try to explain by reverting back to childhood......**host@centesun21.com**
There's plenty of food good for the brain and I am going to tell you how to increase brain power, not with fatty fish tho.... Foods for brain health come in several forms. This week i am giving your some tips on how to increase brain power and memory through guided mediation and mindfulness. Thank you for listening! host@centersun21.com…
If you suffer from a lack motivation, I have a few tips this episode to get you back into your swing. Its really not hard. You don’t have to be making moves like Killer Mike. Some people are built for running a business. email me your questions: host@centersun21.com
www.strategosintl.com/conference Barry Young, vice president of Strategos International, shares about the tactical training and keynote speakers at the National Christian Protectors Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, April 25-27. Are you a protector? A Christian? Then this conference is for you. It’s designed for: •Law enforcement •Military p ...…
Your Youniverse is not something you should ignore. The Law of Attraction is a great way to understand your power, but please believe in order to change your life, you must continuously update your youniverse channel. #lawofattraction #2 Please send your questions to host@centersun21.com Thank you for listening!!…
A few episoides ago I think I mentioned something about humans being really good a constructing worlds made of numbers. host@centersun21.com
The fire still burns. My ancestors gave me a voice. (host@centersun21.com)
In this episode, I try to explain esoteric energy systems. You possess esoteric energy. There is a such thing as esoteric energy healing. These esoteric systems can help you understand the truth around you. It is not easy, but the bottom line is that you are a supreme being that cannot be contained in this physical reality. please send your que ...…
Public Health research is not perfect, but its promising. send your questions to host@cenersun21.com
Happy Year 2019! For the full text of this meditation, please email: host@centersun21.com
You don’t know it yet, but you are a fucking sheep. Or a robot. Or a cog in this cosmic machine. Either way you cut it, you are being tricked! ...Its Season 3 of Center of the Sun and I am sharing with you my take on the top 4 twitter personalities. host@centersun21.com
I'm excited about what the future holds. What are your plans for the new year? this is the season 2 finale. thank you for listening. send your questions to host@centersun21.com
Language It’s the glory of our species We crowd into cities to jabber We flock to digital spaces to see what Cardi B and offset are doing these days Why is this? send your questions to host@centersun21.com Thank you for listening!
Trying to understand life expectancy. send me your questions: host@centersun21.com
www.strategosintl.com.com/active-threat Mark Warren, Sr. Vice President, and Vaughn Baker, President, of Strategos International, discuss their new book "Active Threat: Workplace 911." The book is an expert guide to preventing, preparing for and prevailing over active shooters and other workplace attackers. This new work shares practical advice ...…
Look, how did God create water, over the waters, before there was water? You want to know this answer. Please send your feedback: host@centersun21.com
*updated audio file* Substance Dualism is the idea that our bodies and minds are just parts of a substance. Not the whole substance. Send your feedback to host@centersun21.com.
thank you for listening. please send your feedback to host@centersun21.com
Thanks to @knowkingJai on Twitter for being my Number One Fan! Also, for sending me through a rabbit hole of YouTube conspiracy theories. Thank you for listening! please send your feedback and questions to host@centersun21.com
I'm excited, but here are a few things I cared about more. Thank you for listening. Send your questions to host@centersun21.com
You are better off accepting yourself. Even the parts Oprah told you to minimize lol please send your questions to host@centersun21.com thank you for listening
Is your perception reality? do you feel called to course correct? get into this. send your feedback to host@centersun21.com thank you for listening!!
Please send feedback and questions to host@centersun21.com thank you for listening!!
If you are a loved one need help with accessing quality mental health care, please email host@centersun21.com Thank you for listening! New episodes every Sunday and whenever I want to connect with you all.
send your questions to host@centersun21.com. Thank you for listening!!
Send your questions to host@centersun21.com thank you for listening!
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