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Topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamer's hearts.
A West End Games Star Wars D6 RPG podcast. Primary podcasts consist of actual RP sessions, playing out a campaign from inception including discussions of character, plot and theme.
D6 Podcast
From the creators of this show is focused on helping Children's Ministers and Youth Ministers build an excellent Family Ministry. Filled with useful tips and great interviews, we help ministers take quick action to help Parents.
Epic d6
The H28 Digital Network
D6 Desperados
A bi-monthly show about a cavalcade of topics that include: banter on what the gaming group has been playing, board game reviews, discussion on Kickstarter projects, digital gaming reviews, and a look back at an '80's movie in throwback theater.
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Riding Chimeras
A dungeons and dragons podcast
Shooting Womp Rats
The ONLY Star Wars D6 Podcast!
Delta6 #001
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Legacy Church GA
The vision of Legacy Church is to be a D6-Church, energizing and equipping people to love God with all their Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. To learn more about Legacy Church, go to
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It is not unusual to have a Nobel Prize winner write a book. But what about those who lose the Nobel Prize? Not too many write that book. Dr. Brian Keating did. He is an astrophysicist who teaches at the University of California at San Diego. He almost won the Nobel Prize, but not quite. Professor Brian Keating is an astrophysicist with UC San ...…
(WEG D6) The Vandreen sisters are reunited and Yuan Dual comes face to face with the truth of the Empire as the crew of the Seconds Out discover the existence of the Purity Virus and Emperor Palpatine's plan to wipe out all non-human life in the galaxy.
(WEG D6) The Vandreen sisters are reunited and Yuan Dual comes face to face with the truth of the Empire as the crew of the Seconds Out discover the existence of the Purity Virus and Emperor Palpatine's plan to wipe out all non-human life in the galaxy.
Shari, dropping some serious knowledge on you. Also three great reads!
Great things coming from Chris this week - pretty boring content from Jakey boy. Nevertheless, your guys cruise through tons of new music (Courtney Barnett, Skepta, Drenge, Backstreet Boys, and I'll be honest with ya - a hell of a lot more). Plus another Icebox visit from Billy. Absolute can't-miss episode, ya dorks.…
Fellow Monk-heads Scott Davis and Charlie Greenwald join the fellas in the studio to dissect the brand new release by Arctic Monkeys, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Great listen for Monk-heads, Ice-heads, Davis-heads, and Greenwald-heads alike! Deep, deep stuff, my dude.
Your guy Jake runs through some live shows he saw and hits hard on the IANOICSWGALTMTMBOTMC - MMITB E (It's All Nice on Ice Canadian Shaman [Who Gave a Little Too Much to Me] Book of the Month Club - Meet Me in the Bathroom Edition). Chris forgets the keys again so sorry for the short show, guys! Double debut here - Childish Gambino & Billy to ...…
21 Wade Wilson Today we talk about Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, he's most well known for gratuitous violence, making jokes, breaking the fourth wall, and being played by Ryan Reynolds in the hit movie franchise Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Fabian Nicieza helped create Deadpoo ...…
Hi all, the conversation continues with Episode 39 Big D. This one is all about Deadpool, we cover DeadPool 1 and DeadPool 2. We first get into a bit of entertainment news, in which we go over Iron fist’s return, Pennyworth the new Batman family show and the chance of a Lando solo film.Then we jump into Deadpool one.Trailers this week.Robert’s ...…
Jesus and Dylan are joined by Carlos as they begin the saga of Bluejohn Canyon - the canyon that took so much of their time and energy that it will take several chapters to cover. Find out how three idiots stumbled through more than twenty miles of desert and came out with nothing but a hatred for cows.…
Elder Male and Youth Male species explore more digital divine with generational takes on this reality!Show Notes:-Fortnite for ALL!-Sea of Thieves update-CoD 4 info-Spiderman Merch-Android love!-Fortnite Solo showdownDeal of the weekNew Releases for wk of 5/27/18
Spoiler Discussion: Justice League: No Justice #2 (27:27) Non-Spoiler Discussion: The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1, Superman Special #1, Harley Loves Joker, All-New Wolverine #35, X-Men: Red #4, X-Men: Wedding Special #1 (1:04:12) News: Adventures of the Super Sons, More DC Comics/Looney Tunes Crossovers, DC's Creative Refresh If yo ...…
This week, Lucie shares her BYOP, 36 Questions, a full length musical podcast! Let us know what you think on FB, Twitter, Instagram, our website (, and via email at
Terrance and Tim discuss the top stories of the week:Ye vs the people, Young Thug and Future's tattoos, and Beyonce and Solange in therapy as well as a problematic top 5 that is filled with foolishness!!!
We're BACK!!!! The Mix Reviews returns where they left off with Lil Wayne D6: Reloaded. Can Wayne keep the fire going?
It's the 4th annual OHL Fanboys Memorial Cup Preview Show!Join Steve, Brian and special guest Neate Sager as they take you through the end of the OHL Final and dissect whether Hamilton has a fighting chance against the other three teams!Then Steve does some opposition research, inviting back on Cape Breton Screaming Eagles play by play man Patr ...…
In this episode, Leann Walsh provides an overview of the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) new Payroll Audit Independent Determination Program (PAID). PAID is a six-month nationwide pilot program of the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the DOL. The program aims to facilitate resolution of potential overtime and minimum wage violations of the fede ...…
Hi all, Today we continue the conversation with the films Man-Thing (yep I found it) and You were never really Here.Lots of entertainment news this week. We get the giggles from Marvel’s Man-Thing, its so bad its good. We then do a bit of trailers. Robert - MI6 the mermaid: lake of the dead https:/ ...…
Brookville Road Community Church - May 6th, 2018 - Pastor Kris Sorensen
SUMMARY The party enters the bustling port city of Norsal, having gained a new member, Tempest, from the crew of the Whispering Winds. Their first order of business is to secure some sort of travel to get from Port Norsal down to Starrengeld in the South West. After purchasing a cart and a couple of horses, which they have been told they can se ...…
Spoiler Discussion: Justice League: No Justice #1 (44:17) Non-Spoiler Discussion: Barrier #1, Clusterf@#k, Despicable Deadpool #300, Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1, Rough Riders: Ride or Die #4, Exiles #3, Old Man Logan #39 (1:09:24) News: July 2018 Previews Preview Part 2 If you want to join the club, contact us in the store, on our ...…
This week, Lainey, Alex, and Lucie sit down with Rob Righthand, DYEP's own master theme music composer. After the weekly listening recap, Rob tells them about the sports podcasts that he listens to and what you can find in the world of sports podcasts.Here's a list of podcasts he covers:-ESPN FC-The Total Soccer Show-Caught Offside-The Manchest ...…
By early 1965, the Rolling Stones had scored a couple of hits, but they were still Just Another British Band Covering a Bunch of American R&B Songs. Then one night Keith Richards literally wrote something in his sleep, and it became the start of something that turned them into a worldwide phenomenon.…
something I have been meaning to say for ages - the book 98% Pure Potato started its life in 2012 but it took until 2016 before it came out. So here are some learnings for fledgling authors
Sermon over Acts 4:23-31 by Pastor Billy Elkins.
Brookville Road Community Church - Pastor Andy Flink - 04.08.18
Brookville Road Community Church -Pastor Andy Flink - 4.15.18
Brookville Road Community Church - Pastor Kris Sorensen - 4.29.18
Hi all, Today we continue the conversation with the films Law Abiding Citizen and Bad Samaritan. We also get back to form and get into some entertainment news.For this weeks Indie Corner we cover Clownado, yes you read that right. Directed by Todd Sheets then dive right into Law abiding Cit ...…
Timothy Paul Jones talks on where family ministry has been, where it is now, and where he sees it going in the future. Jim Wideman discusses the influence of grandparents.
Elder and kido spend a few minutes talking over each other in a battle ROYAL of video gaming review mediocrity! Well most seem to like it....Show Notes:-Fortnite 4 UPDATE review-Strategy and Tactics WWII MOBILE-CoD4 date release-Sea of Thieves Update and Patch reviewDeal of the week: Rainbow Six Siege for Steam and other stuffNew Releases for w ...…
We celebrate ONE YEAR for the official comic club! We talk about the origins and why we formed it. We have no spoiler picks for the week so we dive into a large non-spoiler list of reviews! Non-Spoiler Discussion: DC Nation #0, Action Comics Special #1, Darth Vader Vol. 2, Death or Glory #1, Prisoner #1, Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1, Amaz ...…
There was nobody named Thompson, and there weren't any Twins. But they were a part of the Second British Invasion of the 1980s, and this is how they got there.
New Intern Mike Kitrick & Papa John Schnatter joins the boys in stude to talk about the NFL draft real quick. Intern Mike also does some solid analysis on new The Internet, Snail Mail, and Jack White. The crew also tackles a Tuna Melt for some brand new K-Pop. And it's confirmed: there is love in this club.…
Sermon over Acts 4:13-22 by Pastor Billy Elkins.
Sermon over Acts 4:1-12 by Pastor Billy Elkins.
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