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Dada Land Radio
Monthly mixes - freshly fattened, greased up and unleashed straight from Dada Land.
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace discuss all aspects of parenting from toddler to teens.
The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project. Podcast) is a movement. It is a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Larry Hagner, founder of The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast), breaks down common challenges of fatherhood, making them easy to understand and overcome. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone. The mission of The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast) is to help you ...
O Podcast RPGista
The Dad Podcast
Comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime, KFIAM640 and Blue Collar Radio) is a husband and father. He gets down and dirty and sometimes pathetic about parenting.
As rewarding as fatherhood may be.. The call to explore DUNGEONS and slay DRAGONS must still be answered.
Dad Tired
Dad Tired is a community of men who are taking their faith, family, and marriage very seriously. We are equipping Christian husbands and dads to lead their family well. Past guests include; Bob Goff, The Bible Project, Jon Acuff, Jefferson Bethke, Paul David Tripp, John Mark Comer, Shane Claiborne, Tim Chester, Andy Crouch, and Jeff Vanderstelt.
The very best of Life of Dad…PODCASTED! Featuring your favorite hosts, Tommy Riles and Art Eddy.Life of Dad is the first ever and fastest growing social network for dads. Featuring thousands of blogs, videos, podcasts and more, Life of Dad is the one-stop entertainment destination for fathers. Sit back, crack open a brew, and connect with dads from all around the world who are sharing their funny, entertaining, and heartwarming stories on Life of Dad.
Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided variou ...
Dad Rock
Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan are two middle-aged guys who have not lost their passion for rock 'n' roll. They talk music in "Dad Rock," a weekly USA TODAY podcast.Subscribe to Dad Rock on iTunes and please rate/review us — it helps more people discover the show! You can also stream or download the show on SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn or AudioBoom.Twitter: @DadRockShowFacebook: learn more:
Nintendo Dads
Nintendo gaming and industry commentary from a parenting perspective!
Survive the twin pregnancy and thrive as a father of twins
A podcast for Dads covering parenting techniques, expert interviews, encouraging commentary, and entertaining anecdotes about the wonderful world of Fatherhood. This podcast is conservative in nature, but we believe there is something here for all Dads. New show goes live every Monday at 12:04 am EST. Special guests include Steven Maxwell, Dr. Meg Meeker, Reverend Tony McGhee and many more. If you are a Dad looking for a leg up in this crazy parenting world, this podcast is for you!
Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming.
Dad Bros Show
From the Frontlines of Fatherhood: Talk, Tips & Tech with Profession Dads
Cory is a husband, dad, and vegan athlete that loves life! His blog, Lean Green DAD™ is a blog about food, family and fun that helps passionate people, mostly parents, who have over-scheduled, busy lives to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Visit the blog or subscribe for tips on plant-based eating, fun family activities and other great ways to support each other to get the most out of life!
Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he's decided to read it to the world in this comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading a chapter a week and discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for.
Death Metal Dads
2 dads talk about metal. They have cool guests. It's fun.
A Bunch of Dads
A rotating cast of dads share their experiences and hard-earned lessons in all stages of fatherhood. Featuring Giant Bomb's Vinny Caravella, Jeff Green of 1Up fame, Hardcore Dave Snider, Will Smith from Tested, and regular dad guests.
Fight Dads Podcast
Talk shit, get hit. Middle-aged dads swap stories of life, love and fighting.
Welcome to the Cashflow Diary, where new and experienced investors come to take confident action towards their goals. Your host is a family man, a real estate entrepreneur, investor, coach and instructor. As a master facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 game, he’s inspired many to begin their journey into creating cashflow for themselves and their families. Mr. J. Massey has nearly a decade of experience in the areas of financial services and real estate. He currently serves as Pres ...
Digital Dads
Raising Kids in a Digital World
TechnoRetro Dads
Join shazbazzar and JediShua each week as they share the fun and fandom of their youth with their families. Topics range from the 70s and 80s to today's pop culture. From science fiction and fantasy films to TV & games, Shua and shaz reminisce, relive, revisit, and review their favorites at the beginning of each week.
Beardy Dads
A podcast about being a dad
Listen to 3 guys in a basement (Adam, Ben and Shane) talk gaming, fatherhood, and everything in between in this Bi-weekly family friendly podcast. Interact with our Videogame Book Club segment where they play and discuss games that are often overlooked. From retro to modern, handheld to console they love em all. Game hunting, collecting, memories, nostalgia, are discussed each episode and with 5 young kids, and 7 thousand games between the guys it's never a dull moment.
I'm Sorry Dad
Brandon Calvillo and Ry Doon have a podcast! Each episode we talk about what it's like to be in the social media world while pursuing bigger dreams. We're gonna gossip... a lot. And we'll have on guests from social media and standup comedy to ask them what it's like to be pursuing a goal that most people deem to be irrational. Our parents want us to have stable careers, so... I'm sorry dad!
Interested in Java and want to know all the latest news and happenings? Join Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing, David Bryant, Sr. Director, Java Marketing and Jenn Winger, Marketing Programs for Java Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. as we host this weekly podcast to tell you all the latest in the world of Java. Tune in each week to see what surprise guests will be joining us as we discuss everything from this week in Java, to the cool new Java toys we can't live without, to what music has ...
A series of podcasts in which we'll go behind the scenes of brand new productions from the RSC and discuss the themes behind the plays of the world's greatest ever writer.
Internet Dads
Liam and Charlie are your new internet dads.While neither of them have fathered any real life children, having both grown up online, they do consider themselves to be quite experienced at all things internet. Thusly, they're here to guide you through the dank waters of the web by offering ill-considered answers to any questions you have to throw at them!Do you find yourself fretting about the possibly seedy origins of the freshest memes? If so, check out "Can I Meme This?" where the lads giv ...
Paul Reddick interviews parents and professionals about the best and worst things they've seen their sons and players do for training, dealing with injuries, and playing the game.
Welcome to The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast. Your number 1 guide to being a dad, brought to you by a few guys who haven't a clue. Join Seth Singh Jennings, Jamie Tucker and a different special guest each episode as they try to navigate the unpredictable and often choppy waters of fatherhood, whilst attempting to figure out what it means to be a parent in 2017. As well as full length monthly episodes, we have weekly 'Baby Bites' which offer additional content and a chance ...
A witty and intelligent podcast for moms...and some dads. ...keeping parents sane and entertained
Merry meet! This is my own personal journey in the Wiccan religion as a husband, father, and military service member. This is not Wicca 101. This is a channel for anyone interested in knowing what it’s like to be an everyday person following a beautiful but misunderstood religious path.
Dedicated to the overanalysis of films made for children Why are some movies made for children so good? Why do we love to watch some movies over and over again, and not others? What do the great movies have in common? Why do we shed tears over art? And why are there mattresses in the Cars universe? Matt Robison talks with other dads about these important questions. Dedicated to great kids movies and the dads who love watching them.
Dad is an exploration into the meaning of fatherhood. Each episode features interviews with fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who discuss parenting, life, loss, expectations and much more. Host Jonathan Greene is a father of two teenagers, a writer, speaker, and an entrepreneur who strives to live an authentic life without regret. That’s why he listened to his desire to leave standardized employment behind and move toward a creative lifestyle of writing and podcasting in order to spend m ...
Two Drunk Dads
Two Dads outlook on parenting , Gadgets, booze, food and life in all its glory. Trying do navigate the world as Men , husbands and Fathers.
MP3 download & RSS feed: vidya, some laughs, and some stories.Your hosts: George Weidman of five years, journalist of sevenMatt Visual video editor. Beautiful storyteller. Your #1 source for Guild Wars 2.Liam Edwards AAA. Current expat in Japan. Award-winning podcaster.Art by Strekks: https://twitter.c ...
I'm a father in my early fifties with a beautiful 9 year old daughter. I'm a returned Catholic, my daughter is a baptised Catholic, and I'm married to a wonderful woman who is, well, not a Catholic, nor did she have a religious upbringing. This presents some challenges! This is my life as a father, a Catholic and an air traffic controller.
Dad's Army podcast
This is a podcast dedicated to the classic British comedy, Dad's Army. James, Oliver and other members of the podcast team air their views about the characters, episodes and current Dad's Army news. Please get in touch with them at can follow James on twitter @iJamesRox and Oliver @olivercrocker.
Three veteran fans re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire and podcasting our adventure along the way. Each episode covers five chapters. Spoiler-free, relaxed, and irreverent!
Welcome To The Black Dad Podcast!The hosts, Jamal Press and Murphy are two brand new dads who don’t know anything about being dads but are taking it one sleepless day/night at a time... It's all sleepless. Listen in every week as they discover with each podcast what it truly means to be a father.
Dads Being Dads
A weekly show about the fun and challenges of being a dad.
Dads on the Air
The world's longest running radio program on fathers' issues | Australia’s leading radio program for fathers | 9 - 9:30am Thursdays | CRN
Being a solo parent might have come to you unexpectedly or it may be what you have always planned. Even the most resourceful parent may find themselves in need of support, ideas, and resources. No matter the circumstances, this is the right place to find everything you need to be an outstanding solo parent. Host Robbin Rockett brings on a different guest each week to discuss all the aspects of being a single parent. You may be solo in your parenting role, but you are not alone. Listen to the ...
Expats Chance and Dan discuss their adventures teaching English, working in broadcasting, and exploring the wonderful city of Seoul (and now Busan). Did we mention it's cheap? Did we mention there's tons of expats here?
Feel more joy and peace when you listen to these expert interviews that teach parents the latest tools and strategies for lasting happiness.
Commune Dads
Welcome to the Commune Dads podcast! Hosted by adder Oaks and Keegan Dunn, this podcast explores parenting and education in alternative culture. We live in an income-sharing intentional community and want to share our experience with the world. Each episode we pick a topic to discuss and do a very good job of getting off track. From those interested in hearing anecdotes about life on a commune to those wanting to hear about the challenges that all parents face, this show has something for ev ...
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Bendice cada hogar "haced discípulos" (Mateo 28:18-20 Tenemos el poder de hacer discípulos “Jesús se acercó y dijo a sus discípulos: «Se me ha dado toda autoridad en el cielo y en la tierra.Por lo tanto, vayan y hagan discípulos ..." (28:18-19a). El poder de Jesús es declarado El poder de Jesús es compartido Tenemos el plande hacer discípulos " ...…
We sit down with Dado, who is directing the currently running Little Match Girl Passion with Facility Theatre. We talk about the work, taking a bath in David Lang, multidisciplinary work,…
(English) When we enter Christ, we become a holy room of God. Therefore, you are a Temple of God and you have been designed to live in divine healing. In your body there is no sin, this is only an instrument used by the enemy. The Spirit of God lives in you and rejects evil, as a result there is no place for sickness or disease. Discover, throu ...…
A finales de los 80’s, la forma en la que uno podía conocer nueva música, o alguna música, era escuchando la radio o yendo a las tiendas de discos. En mi caso, la radio era una gran compañía, una gran fuente de información. Primero, cuando solamente existían radios AM, escuchaba Radio Capital, 710AM en Caracas. Luego con el nacimiento de las FM ...…
Bueno chicos, hoy os traigo otro cuento del mismo nivel que el de ayer. Quiero que escuchéis varios para que veáis que se puede aprender algo de cada cuento. Igual que en los anteriores episodios, tendréis la transcripción para que podáis seguir lo que voy diciendo. EL REY SABIO Hace muchos, muchos años en una ciudad de Irán llamada Wirani, hub ...…
Bienvenidos una vez más al podcast de Yourspanishguide. En el episodio de hoy os traigo un cuento. ¿Recordáis que os comenté la importancia de adaptar el contenido a vuestro nivel? Bien, ver dibujos animados para niños u oír cuentos para niños es algo muy útil. Recordad que durante esta semana os estaré dejando las transcripciones de los podcas ...…
En el segmento de esta semana le hablo de lo que pienso sobre las personas que deciden “pitchear” y no estudiar bien pa’ los finales… ¿Tú sabes lo que separa a los mediocres de las personas exitosas en la vida? No es nada que tenga q ver con un don que le haya dado Dios, no es nada que tenga q ver con poderes sobre naturales, ni nada que sea mu ...…
To set the foundation of today’s lesson, we’ll watch this clip from The Pursuit of Happyness. These statements are so powerful: Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, not even your Dad. O how many dreams have died in just one conversation. How many men live with the voice of their father ringing in their memories? Fathers, do y ...…
En el programa de hoy, Julio Muñiz reflexiona sobre los momentos más destacados en el podcast durante el primer trimestre del año, recordando algunos consejos clave que nos han dado invitados como: Miquel Nadal, Tania Zapata, Bibiana Guzmán, Juan Gabriel Moreno, Davina Aryeh, Fabiana Elisa Martínez y Mauricio Hammer.…
Cristo, nuestro Mardoqueo, nos ha dado razón para celebrar, razón para tener gozo y alegría.
En el episodio de hoy os voy a presentar una de mis aplicaciones favoritas: Iwopi: la primera plataforma para poder canjear tus km por dinero. Uno de mis secretos ha dado a la luz, todos tenemos un lado tierno y sentimental encima de nuestra bicicleta. Me encanta llegara casa actualizar Strava y sincronizar con Iwopi para apoyar las causas soci ...…
A remuneração de um colaborador é um aspecto muito importante em uma relação de trabalho. Porém, estabelecer parâmetros para uma remuneração adequada, que seja viável para a saúde financeira da empresa e competitiva para atrair e reter os melhores talentos exige muito conhecimento. No programa que foi ao ar no dia 10/03, às 10h, falamos sobre a ...…
Talking about the dominance and recent penalty of Kevin Harvick, who will win Phoenix, and the amazing squatty potty and how it has changed Dado's life.By
Read more: to Trancentral's new "Out of the Box" monthly mixes series, where Psytrance artists/DJs will feature a mix of music people are not expecting to hear from them. We're here to open people's minds and break patterns and "boxes" - how can it be psychedelic i ...… In this episode, Jessica was in Havana, Cuba interviewing Marta Ortega, a dancer with Acosta Danza. Acosta Danza was formed in 2016 when international ballet star, Carlos Acosta retired from a highly regarded 30-year ballet career with the Royal Ballet and moved back to C ...…
Este 4° episodio se titula, “Mártires.” Las tácticas del marketing moderno han producido, y ahora alimentan la obsesión de la cultura contemporánea de tener “lo mas nuevo.” La etiqueta de “nueva y mejorada” es una característica frecuente en los envases. Era el caso contrario en el 1° siglo en Roma. Los Romanos, y en verdad la mayoría del mundo ...…
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