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1- Mada hii inazungumzia hukumu za kula daku sehemu ya kwanza inazungumziya furaha mbili za mfungaji,na Baraka za kula daku,na ubora wakula daku.2- Mada hii inazungumzia hukumu za kula daku namakusudio ya Baraka katika kula daku,na muda wakula daku.
Mada hii inazungumzia kula daku na fadhila za kula daku,na daku bora kwa muislam,na uchache wa daku,hukumu ya kuchelewesha daku.
Dr. Michio Kaku is the host of Science Fantastic. He also is one of the world's leading experts in theoretical physics, and according to New York Magazine, one of the “10 Smartest People in New York.” Listeners from all walks of life tune in to hear Dr. Kaku discuss today's hottest and most relevant scientific/cultural topics covering everything from black holes and parallel universes to hip, provocative discussions on philosophy and the latest technology.
తేట తెలుగు లో మంచి కథలు, శ్రవణ రూపంలో, మీ పిల్లల కోసం.When my grandchildren of 6 and 3 years of age started to enjoy my version of classic Indian stories, I thought other children will like them too. I take a lot of effort to rewrite the stories. I make sure that the Telugu words are simple, often explaining uncommon Telugu words in English. I also take care that any violence in the story is softened to suit children. And most importantly, I am doubly careful to ensure that the values in the ...
Here some of the interviews we have done with the artists on Yadah Da King Radio
The Dak and Dunc Show takes you inside March Madness from the player's perspective. Michigan's Andrew Dakich and Duncan Robinson bring listeners along for their journey through the tourney.
Technical writer by day; aspiring comedian and TV producer by night.
Renewal Pureibiza! !Mix up the future here!Please press the Subscribe button! ! or [Homepage] [TWC Radio France] [facebook]                  
In all you do Rep Da KingWe are the generation that has the power to Rep Da King for our culture in a way that gives Him glory while still allowing us to be ourselves. It's time for us to be a living within our greatness.
Morning's with DaVu is where Motivation truth and self awareness starts your day
From the heart of the Valley Isle, comes a great collection of shows and hosts with a wide range of topics and discussions to choose from. From news and current events to important social and culture issues surrounding life in modern times, KAKU offers something for everyone.
Daikeem DaKing
An introduction
Your Japanese music podcast... hosted by Westerners... who speak English... Arrogance aside, we love music and live performance, and we will fight people in an alley if we think they're bashing our favs! (Metaphorically speaking... we're actually kind of nerdy, we don't know how to fight...) But you should totally listen in and explore music with us! Maybe you'll discover a new favorite band!
This podcast is a simple and convenient way to share the videos from Come, Follow Me on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It features the videos for the monthly gospel topic youth are studying in Aaronic Priesthood, Young Women, and Sunday School.
N Da Kut
To make a positive change, help our Youth realize it is more to life then being average, but to be themselves. We hope you brothers and sisters support us and our show. We are two positive young black males trying to be heard, and as well as delivering messages that are relatable, planting a seeds and for us as a Youth to grow and come together. Please comment and share, to contact us you can email us at
This is PaKu !
The best music for your mind.PaKu presents THIS IS PAKU !
Welcome to the Oko Bortei-Doku Podcast
Let Party with Music
Malan yayi bayanine akan Ladubban shiga ban daki da kuma ladubban biyan bukata a cikin daji da cukin gari Dakuma bayani akan anfiso musulmi ya zamanto koda yaushi cikin tsalki tareda cewa rishin tsanki baya cikin zuhudu Da wasu hukumce hukumne masu alaka daladubban biyan bukata wanda wajibine musulmi yasansu.
New podcast weblog
China paradigm is a podcast where Matthieu David-Experton interviews entrepreneurs from Asia with a focus on China on how they grew their business through a 1-hour interview. We focus on entrepreneurs who outperform their own market, what we call “alpha entrepreneurs”. Thanks to the network of entrepreneurs he has worked with as a CEO of daxue consulting, Matthieu is going in-depth into the reasons of the success or failure of those entrepreneurs. The colour given to this podcast is to talk ...
Joe Taku Sanhanga
Welcome to the Joe Taku Sanhanga podcast, where amazing things happen.
Musician-artist Regan Matthews—aka Ta-ku—talks about his forthcoming EP, Songs To Make Up To.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje vrste šefa’ata ili zauzimanja, onih kojma Allah to dozvoli na Sudnjem danu.
Dj Paul Dauk from Buenos Aires Argentina.
Welcome to Kyoto! If you are planning on visiting typical Kyoto, there is no better area than Higashiyama, which is located at the west end of the Higashiyama Mountain Range in eastern Kyoto. This eastern part of Kyoto preserves a number of masterpieces of historic architecture, gardens as well as the classical atmosphere. Why not explore and enjoy Higashiyama area by taking a tourist-friendly city bus? The Kyoto City bus operates three gRaku Bus" routes: number 100, 101 and 102, efficiently ...
Muxaadaro ka hadlaysa: qofku sida uu u xifdinayo waajibaadka ilaahay, iyo natiijada ka dhalanaysa arintaas. Oo ah in ilaahayna xifdiyo qofkaas
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje i objašnjava nekoliko pravila po kojima će se vršiti polaganje računa i obračunavanje među robovima na Sudnjem danu.
Malan yayi bayanine hukumcin jinin dake fita ajikin dan adam najimuwa ba najasabane amma jinin haila da na aihuwa dana ciwo dukkansu najasane Dakuma jinin dabban dayahalitta acishi kamar rago ko saniya ko kaza da sauransu ba najasabane.
Malamin ya yi bayanine akan falalar watan Sha’aban, da kuma yadda musulmi ya kamata ya kasance a cikinsa, sannan ya yi bayanin halayan Manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su tabbata a gareshi da kuma halayan magabata a cikin watan, da kuma bidio’in da ake yi a watan.
U ovom audio klipu daija objašnjava ispravno vjerovanje po pitanju zauzimanja ili šefa’ata na Sudnjem danu, onih kojma to Allah dozvoli.
Kasamu: Asotwe ne mponsine a ewu daka minam.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje dijela kojima čovjek zaslužuje šefa’at ili zauzimanje onih kojima Allah to dozvoli, na Sudnjem danu.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje djela i vrste dijela koja će na Sudnjem danu biti vagana.
U ovom audio klipu daija objašnjava ispravno vjerovanje u polaganje računa na Sudnjem danu za počinjena dobra i loša djela.
Hosted by American Top Team strength & conditioning coach Phil Daru, and journalist Jason Burgos, Fight Strength Podcast is a weekly show featuring well-known fighters and coaches from MMA, and trainers from the strength and conditioning industry. Daru has been using his Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems as a S&C coach for nearly a decade. Having trained MMA superstars such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington, and Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. Burgos is a ...
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show series — This show look at access to funding, markets, and business finance challenges - including BEE obligations. How are these factors impacting the real state of entrepreneurship in South Africa? Joining Teboho Mafodi in Studio to unpack these issues is Moxima Gama - Senior Technical Analyst for The Money Hub, Xoliswa Daku - CEO o ...…
Tim Time goes international with a special trip to the Philippines to tour the ancestral home of Bacolod’s Villanueva family. Discover the first art deco house built outside of Manila in the 1930s in all of its grand detail and originality. We think you’ll be impressed.
An Nawawi 40 Hadith 31-40 - Recited by Sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi.mp3 -HADITH 31. - On the authority of Abi al-Abbas Sahl bin Sad Al-Sadi r.a. , who said :A man came to the prophet and said: "O Messenger of Allah, direct me to an act which, if I do it, (will cause) Allah to love me and people to love me." He said: "Renounce the world and Allah will ...…
An Nawawi 40 Hadith 16-40 - Recited by Sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi.mp3 - HADITH 16. - On the authority of Abu Hurairah, who said : a man said to the prophet :"Counsel me". He said : " Do not become angry". The man repeated (his request) several times, and he said: "Do not become angry ".(Bukhari). - HADIS 16. - Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. :Bahawa seo ...… of John 3:16 Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal. 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever bel ...…
RJO is joined by Bigcedric, Okaria and Daku as they discuss two weeks in WildStar. We look at what we've done, liked/disliked and put an eye to the future of what will come in WildStar
RJO is joined by Bigcedric, Sarvas and Daku and they discuss the upcoming MMO WildStar. We look at our expectations for the game, how core gamers will survive in a game made for hardcore players and a whole lot more.
Lars Gunnar Bodin - "Bilder" - V/A The Dartmouth Digital Synthesizer Electronic Music George Todd - "Creati" - Music For Kurzweil And Synclavier [Creati inspired by a kinetic sculpture at LaGuardia Airport in the summer of 1985.] Cut Hands - "Impassion" - Afro Noise I Dominic Frontiere - "Jaguar God" - Pagan Festival Debris - "One Way Split" - ...…
One of the most wide spread shows we've had since the Golden age of Daku and Zampson, the three of us tear into Chronicle with our wide and varied opinions. It's good times.
Another first without Daku. For this episode The Geek somehow managed to pick a strip I just found and was ready to review myself. IT's a whimsical and yet intellictual strip with it's on role playing game. That's right, and I know you're dying to get your hands on it. Dresden Codak (…
The first all new Digital Strips News show. This has been a long time coming and the first show not to include Daku since the beginning of last year. That's right, this brand new episode is stutter free except that there were some technical issues you will hear that makes everyone have that famous stutter. We promise to give this show it's own ...…
Daku, Phil and Brandon analyze and discuss the wildly popular Webcomic, The Order of the Stick, by Rich Burlew with a live internet audience
We keep you dreaming about Ireland by telling you about a special coach tour of Ireland, several downloable resources, our comment line and music by Culann's Hound.
Phil pulls a guaranteed success out of his daily read which happens to be on Daku's as well. If cleavage is any measure of success then this strip is going to rule them all.
Daku, Zampzon and Phil venture into the Big Apple for the NY Comic Con 2006. In this episode we interview some of the guys from the Blank Label Comics booth. We talk with Steve Troop, Dave Kellett and Kristofer Straub.
Daku, Zampzon and Phil venture into the Big Apple for the NY Comic Con 2006. In this episode we interview a few webcomic creators that were on hand at the con promoting thier stuff. In part 1 we talk with Clay Yount and Danielle Corsetto.
This episode has Zampzon and Phil taking out the pitchforks and pooring alcohol on their torches. That's the last time Zampzon drinks 3 Guiness before a show. If you're wondering where Daku is he is the one playing both sides laughing in the background.
In this episode Daku chooses the online comic 24 1/2 Water St. for a full review. Zampzon starts his first gig on the west coast so he's MIA
In this episode Daku chooses the online comic The Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible for a full review. We also announce some plans for our one year anniversary and welcome Phil Kahn as a recurring co-host to the show.
In this episode Daku chooses the online comic Ballad of for a full review.
Zampzon has taken off to Ireland to try and find his lucky charms. In the mean time Daku has two picks to review which are definitely something Zampzon is glad he missed.
This week both Daku and Zampzon are back from their respective journeys and we can have a regular show. We have four picks to review this week and we know we'll have something for everyone with this show.
In this episode of Digital Strips Zampzon flies solo. Daku is on vacation in Europe and Zampzon is travelling in Mexico with very spotty internet access. But, Zampzon traveled prepared uploading several comics to his laptop to take with him for just such an occasion. That's just the kind of dedicated tropper he is.…
We start off this week's show with an announcement that both Daku and I will be in the Digital Strips IRC room this Wednesday night at 9:00pm ET (New York, US time). We'll be on hand to talk about this week's show, the comics we mentioned, or anything else you guys want to talk about.
Ok, this week's show is missing, well, me. I had family visiting all week and I didn't have time to get prepared. So, Daku recorded his thoughts and discusses this week's contest entry and other comic related podcasts. Next week we'll be back with a regular show. Thanks for listening!
In this show we return to our roots. The change in format focuses on the reviews of web comics, as it should be. If you want the news you can read the blog. Daku starts us off with a brief discussion on what it takes to get started learning to draw for your own comic.
Thanks to everyone that sent in links to new and interesting web comics. Please keep them coming! Let us know what you like and if you have your own web comic let us hear about it.Ok, on to our picks of the week. Every show Daku and myself choose two strips for discussion. If you are listening to the show on your computer we encourage you to ch ...…
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